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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 10

Chapter 10 The March of Wild Boar


"One~day♪ Inside a forest~♪"

As usual, we're walking on the highway.

"I cooked a hotpot~♪ Made of bear-san~♪"

Futsuno-san, what kind of song is that.

But really, the people of this world sure can walk. I know that people of Edo era were good walkers as it was normal for them to walk dozens of kilometers a day, and these people are similar. Or rather, I'm surprised that I could walk this far myself. Come to think of it I don't see many horses. Maybe cause this is a remote place.

"Me think these much firewood should be good enough."
"Aye aye, you can take some rest now~"

The menu today are boiled gyoza and steamed buns.
I had prepared the gyoza and bun's dough yesterday. Actually, it's just half of the udon's dough, processed.
The meat inside is made from dried jerky. The meat itself isn't that good, but I've dipped it in the dashi stock to change the texture. Ummu, it came out fairly well. I've made the boiled gyoza smallish to make it easy to swallow. On the other hand, the steamed buns are thickish to satisfy the stomach. I'd like to get my hand on better ingredients in the town tomorrow. If there's leftover of the boiled gyoza's soup, we can use it as our meal tomorrow morning after heating it up. Yup, if there's leftover that is....

"*mokyu mokyu*"

Yes, as you'd expect, Mitama gulped them all.
Futsuno-san also ate a lot. Are all the women in this world like them? But well, as the one who made the food I should be happy that they ate them with great relish.

We rest at the camp once we've had a satisfying dinner. That said, there's no bedding so I just lay down on the ground. Hmm, wonder why. Lying on the ground like this feels nostalgic somehow. Ah yeah, when I was little, I ran out of my house at midnight and gazed at the starry sky like this too. I did some rash things back then. I'm dozing off while recalling that. It seems I'm tired after all. Well


It was a sudden explosive roar.

"Woo, w-what!?"

I woke up and checked the two immediately.

"Aa, you're awake. I was going to wake you up."

"....Some distance away. 300 meter to the north. There's something big."

"Something big? Do you know what it is?"

Shake shake. Mitama shook her head.

"I see, now then, what do you think we should do Futsuno-san?"

"'Course!! We're running away!"

Futsuno-san thumbs up at me. I don't have any objection at all, but she sure decides fast!

We get ready to depart in a hurry. We had made it so we could depart anytime. We're dressed lightly and don't have many baggage after all.
In panic, we run at full speed while being careful not to tumble in the pitch black highway.

"...This might be bad, it's coming closer. Straight here."

Mitama muttered when the morning dawn.

"Is it targeting us?"
"...I don't know, but it's going to clash with us soon. Nee-san what should we do?"
"It's obviously faster than us eh. Even if we run at full speed, we don't know if we could outrun it.... huh."

Mitama got lost in thought.
It's imprudent of me, but I thought that a beauty would still look beautiful even when she was lost in thought. Yup, gotta pull myself together. It's a matter of life and death.

"No choice but to ambush it eh. I'll wait here to receive it from the front and start casting a spell. With the magic invocation as the signal, I'd like you two to make a surprise attack from behind the rock."

"Got it."


I understand from the sound that something heavy is coming here, but what are the gwoosh gwoosh?
I can't check it from behind the rock. I wonder if Futsuno-san alright?

"Manifest! Flame Wall!!"

Futsuno-san invoked a magic which also acted as a signal. The thing that was running made a sudden break at the wall of flame that appeared out of nowhere. Alright! It's wide open.

Mitama draws her bow. I activate the Magic Clad.
I jump out with sword in hand when Mitama has set her aim.
Futsuno-san shot out a fire arrow from the front.

I stare at the thing while rushing in....

Rampaging Big Boar Lv14
HP:43/84 MP:0/0
Condition: Enraged
A wild boar that became gigantic after getting influenced by Magic Essence. It's not a monster but its degree of danger is authentic.
The meat is rich of protein, it also tastes good. Its fur is useful for winter clothing.

Looking closer, a steel trap that was probably set by a hunter is snared on one of the boar's legs. It was probably enraged by the pain and got us dragged into this.

As I was on the verge of coming into contact with the boar, I felt Mitama's atmosphere behind me changed slightly.

"....Weapon Skill 『Piercing Arrow』...."

The arrow shot from the bow that was drawn to its limit passed by me and rushed on the boar.
The 『Piercing Arrow』 didn't pierce through the boar completely, but it gouged its skin and got stuck in its buttock.
Well then, lemme deepen that wound with my sword!


I push my sword in one go and cut!


The big boar rampages from the pain and kicks its hind leg with all its strength toward me. However, I couldn't evade it since my sword was stuck in its body.


"Oh n....GUHA"

The big boar's hoof hit my body, I got blown away backward. The iron sword stuck in its butt fell down.
I couldn't even breathe due to that powerful strike, my consciousness is fading.

No! I hold my trembling knees. Hold it me! I clench my teeth, keeping my consciousness up!



The two are calling me sorrowfully. The two aren't attacking the big boar, probably because they were worried about me. Damn it, I didn't want to drag them down.

I secretly use magic without letting the two hear it.

"....Heal (whisper)"

I kept my hand inside my clothes to prevent the light leaking out. Thankfully I'm wearing black clothes.
Alright, I can still go on.
I can't be the only one lying down when the two are fighting hard against the big boar.

I don't have any weapon. However, I still have my magic.
If its skin is thick, then I just need to strike from inside!
I don't wanna get hit by that counterattack from behind again, but let's do this! Prepare for the counteroffensive! Here I go!

I brace my aching body as I run toward the big boar.

The big boar has retreated to the back to restrain the two.
It doesn't seem like it's paying any attention to me, looks like it considers me to have left the battle.
I thrust my right hand that's been clad in Magic Clad as strong as possible into the big boar's wound. The warm living flesh and slippery blood coil my hand.


The big boar is rampaging at the attack that came outside its awareness, I'll finish this now!

"Eat this big guy. Wind Arrow (whisper)."

I invoked Wind Arrow from my thrust hand. The arrow of wind I pictured from Mitama's weapon skill earlier penetrated through the big boar's body from the inside.


I pulled out my hand, at the same time the big boar fell down. It seems the wind arrow hit the big boar's heart.
I timidly look at my hand, but there's no obvious injury. It's probably thanks to the thick Magic Clad.


Oh I guess winning against a more powerful enemy raised my level.... But, I can't anymore. I can barely hold my consciousness, maybe because I almost run out of MP due to the magic and Magic Clad.
I fell down and fainted just like that.

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