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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Getting Slaves and Preparation Complete


As a penance for the village, I had them to swear to uphold the [Keika Festival].
The day after that, we went back to the royal capital riding on Bu Horses.

Lapisia had to leave that Mejed Box (named by me) after all. She got quite sullen, but there's no helping it.
I can't stand being together with that Mejed-like appearance from Egypt myth.
I'm not Osiris you know.

We brought Bailey with us since he didn't know the old man's inn.
As we got back to the inn, Minya jumped into my chest with her tail raised.
"Welcome back..."
"We're back. We were just gone for a day weren't we?"
"But... It was lonely."
Her slender arms wrapped around, hugging me. The swelling chest are pushed on me.

The old man came out of the counter.
"Oh, you're back Keika. A messenger from the slave trader came just now, he said 'something bad happened please come quickly' ya see?"
"Oh. Is that true. That sure was fast. I'll be going there now."
Minya's triangular cat ears flopped down.
I pat and brush her black hair.
"Don't worry. I'm gonna be back soon."
She's saying that with her mouth but her tail is weakly swinging lonesomely.

I turn around and say.
"Bailey and Lapisia, come with me with the luggage cart."
"Got it" "Okay!"
"Now then, Celica, let's go."

At the slums along the outer wall of the royal capital.
The slave trader's shop is located there. It's a two-storied building that looks like a jail.
I knocked on the door and then the skinheaded slave trader peeked from the small window.
"Ah, Hero-sama. Let me open the door."
Clank, the door opened.

I ask Bailey and Lapisia to wait outside as I enter.
"Anything happened?"
The slave trader speaks about his trouble while patting his skin head.
"Thank you very much for coming. Several slaves' conditions have turned for the worse...."
"Let me see them."
"This way please."
We're guided to the room in the back.

The slaves are tied to the wall with chains.
The five of them are groaning painfully. Their bodies convulse sometimes.
"Today they suddenly looked like they were in pain."
"...These five are infected. Let's dispose of them before it's too late."
"Eh, dispose.... Can't you do something like, purifying them?"
"It's already over when they're like this."
"This is a heavy loss.... This middle aged woman is particularly, she's good with cooking and worth 40 big gold coins...."
I don't have that much money. That's why I planned all this.

I glare at him with the dignity of a god.
"It's your responsibility for bringing a monster disguised as a child into the city. Normally you should have been punished severely."
"I-I understand."
"Then I'll carry them out."
I made a sidelong glance at the sweating slave trader, after that I brought the infected people outside with the help of Celica, Bailey and Lapisia.

The traffic under bright sunlight.
We put the slaves on the parked luggage cart.

And then I talk to the slave trader who was watching beside the door.
"Any information about Sinners?"
"Ah, that's right. There will be a festival to extol Hero Razan at Droas the port town. It's said that Sinners will be sacrificed there."
"Hou. When is that festival?"
"A week from now."
"Good job with the nice info. Thanks."
I presented my hand while smiling.
The slave gave his hand after looking a bit bewildered.
We shook hands. And I returned his modified status to normal.

I speak to the slave trader with a smile.
"And now, for the information fee. Including the fee for the slaves, how about 10 gold coins instead of small ones?"
"Thank you very much. Even a little bit of money will help."
"In that case--Celica, take out 10 pieces of 『that gold coins』."
Celica took out five big gold coins (500,000) and five mid gold coins (100,000) from the bag and handed them over.
They're worth as much as 10 gold coins.

The slave trader's face looked complicated but he respectfully lowered his head. The back of his skin head shines from the sunlight.
"As expected of Hero-sama. You know how to do business. We're looking forward to hearing from you from now on."
"Inform me again if you have new info."
We pushed the cart where the slaves were dying hurriedly toward the inn.

Back to the inn.
"Carry them to the vacant room."
"Yes" "Okay"
We carried them to the second floor.
Two women, two children and one man.
I invoked <<Complete Recovery>> and <<Detoxification>> on the suffering slaves.
Their complexions immediately become better.

Aunty Clarissa was among them.
She gets up and thanks me.
"Thank you very much, Hero-sama."
"You're acquainted with Celica aren't you?"
"Yes--It's err, we met often in the place I served at in the past. Celica-sama, it's an honor to meet you again."
"Clarissa-san.... I'm so glad you're safe."
Celica smiled with all her heart.

"Now then. Let's talk about your future. Do you have anywhere to go?"
The two children waved their heads. The man and the woman look anxious.
Clarissa speaks as their representative.
"As we've been bought by Hero-sama, we will help Hero-sama."
"However, I can't take you along in my journey. Yet you might get found out by the slave trader if you stay in this inn. Go to the village with Bailey and help with the construction of my mansion for a while.... Bailey, can you take care of this?"
"Of course."
Bailey answered cheerfully. Clarissa speaks.
"What about the slave contract?"
"Ah, using the magic seal to restrict actions huh. I don't really care but the villagers might be afraid if there are slaves running loose huh.... But, is it alright for a hero to be accompanied by slaves?"

Celica puts her slender fingers on her cheeks and thinks.
"I have... never heard of such a thing. It might not look good for a world-saving hero to employ slaves."
Well I guess that is only natural.
It's not a good thing at all for me who wants to gain fame in order to become a god.

"That'll be troubling.... Alright, everyone should just be contracted to Clarissa."
"Eh, is that alright?"
I look at Celica.
"This Clarissa is somebody we can trust right?"
"Of course, Keika-sama."
"Since Celica said so, I have no doubt. Clarissa, you be the slave head and lead them. You guys too, follow Clarissa."
"Yes" "I understand"
The man and the woman replied.
The children nodded in agreement.

I canceled Clarissa's slave contract and made her be the slaves' master.
Thus, her Job changed from 【Slave】 to 【Royal Court Chef】.

After it's over, Bailey speaks while heading to the door.
"Then we should get back while it's still bright outside."
"Well then Celica-sama, until we meet again."
"Please do your best."
"I'm counting on you."
When I told Clarissa that, she shook her fat body and nodded.
Clarissa took the four slaves out of the room.

The room became quiet.
Only Celica, Minya aand Lapisia remained. The two children are playing a rock, paper, scissor game quietly.

I speak after nodding once.
"Now then. We're done with things here. It's about time to depart."
"Where are we going?"
"Droas the port town. To rescue the Sinners."
Celica holds her big breasts. Her white blouse wrinkled.
Maybe she remembered her situations and felt pained.
"Don't worry. I'll save them all."
"I beg of you, Keika-sama."
Celica lowered her head. Her blond hair drifted.

"Still, since it's located at the coastlands south of the continent, looks like this will take some time. We've got to arrive before the festival in one week. --Maybe I should prepare a carriage."
"If we're going to Droas, how about by riding a ship?"
"Hou, going downstream on a boat huh. That sounds nice."
I like that since I'm a river god.

And then Minya hugged me.
"I'm.... Going too."
"No no. The old man will be troubled."
She's hugging tightly without letting go. Her slender arms are unexpectedly strong. Might be because she's a beastfolk.

I stare at Celica.
Celica shook her head while looking stumped.

Only Lapisia is jumping up and down happily.
"With Minya, together! Always together!"
She smiles brilliantly.
Haa. It sure is nice for children to be carefree.

I pat Minya's head. Lustrous black hair. When I touched the sharp ears on her head, they twitched.
"Ask for permission from the old man. That's the term."
"Got it.... I'll persuade."
"Then let's have some meal."
Minya parted with an expressionless look on her face. However, her black tail was coiling me as if it was reluctant.
The supple coat of fur felt ticklish.

At night.
Celica, Lapisia and me are sleeping in one bed, they're hugging me.
It's hot, but since the two are clinging, there's nothing I can do.

Lapisia is hugging without minding her rolled up dress. Her skin is smooth and she has high body temperature like a child.
On the other hand, Celica's pushed big breasts are distorted, her breath and heartbeat are directly transmitted on me.
The two are sleeping peacefully. Innocent sleeping faces.

Conversely, I couldn't sleep at all even thought it was past late night.
That is because I could hear the sounds of a quarrel from the tavern on the first floor.

The voice was only of the old man. Minya is probably obstinately refusing in silence.

Well, reasonably speaking, there's no way the old man would allow a 13 year old child to go on a journey with the hero.

Lapisia looks 10 outwardly, but she's a special case since she's a god. There's no need to worry cause she's strong.
However, as strong as Lapisia is, she's not growing at all.
Even though Celica leveled up.

I know that she has a Lv, but I don't know what to do about it.
Can't it go up with the experience point from defeating monsters?

I gradually felt asleep while thinking about that vaguely.

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