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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 27

Chapter 27  Angry Celica is Cute too, Likely


I woke up to the chirping of small birds.
I got up and yawned.
And then Celica who was sleeping beside me moved slightly and opened her eyes. Bright blue eyes.
"Good morning."
"...Good morning."
Celica raised her body while rubbing her eyes with her slender fingers.

The sheet fell.
Her big breasts shook, her nude white body got exposed.
She's looking at her own body in astonishment for a while.
Only the disordered red skirt hides her white body.

But then she suddenly took the sheet as her face reddened.
"Au.... Yesterday, it's um...."
Seemingly embarrassed, she hid her shapely face behind the sheet.

That reaction was too amusing, I said while grinning.
"Ah, I got to enjoy it. To every corner."
Celica shook her head while remaining hidden. Her blond hair shook under the morning light.
Celica mutters tearfully.
"E-even though it was my first time.... I don't remember anything.... It's not painful either.... Was I, a shameless woman....?"
She began to sniffle under the sheet.

I felt bad just looking at her.
I apologize while scratching my head.
"Ah, no, sorry. I got a bit carried away with my prank. I didn't do anything, don't worry."
Celica looked up at me with a blank expression.
"No well, like I said, I didn't do anything. I was just trying to surprise you. I'd never thought you'd faint."
"...After that, you did nothing?"
"Yeah, nothing."

Celica fell silent for a while.

But then she suddenly hit me with a pillow she held on both hands. Her blue eyes are turned up with anger.
"Keika-sama you're really, really!"
The soft pillow hit me. Her blond hair is prancing about. Her big unbalanced breasts relative to her slender body also sprang about.

I could only apologize while running away from the bed.
"My bad! Forgive me! I apologize!"
She hurled the pillow when I got to the door.
The white feathers scattered about under the peeking morning sunlight.
"I don't want to look at Keika-sama's face for a while!"

I don't think I can manage her when she's like this.
I went outside the room.
Running from the angry crying voice inside the room.

I sit at the counter on the first floor tavern.
The old man brought some bread, salad, cheese and the mushroom soup from yesterday.
"Mornin'. Yer' up early."
"Morning. Many things happened.... Also, I need to ask you something."
"What is it?"
"Is there any town or village in trouble in this country?"
"Hohou. Working hard as a hero already eh. Troubled town huh.... It seems Droas the port town to the south is having trouble with an increase of sea monsters. Also, I heard the towns and villages to the western are troubled with sightings of a dragon. And also, this is a bit different, it seems the number of monsters at the northern great forest area has decreased."
"The northern great forest area. If I'm not mistaken, that's the buffer zone between the demon king and the kingdom's army."
"That's right."

The northern forest was the place where I beat one of the four devas right after I came here.
Its subordinates probably had no choice but to return to the demon king after their leader got defeated.
That means, the northern part of the kingdom should be safe for a while.

I ask while biting bread with cheese.
"South and west, which one has more people?"
"You sure ask some strange thing. I think they're about the same?  The western area has a lot of farming land. The southern Droas is a trade port, so there's a lot of foreign ships entering the port there."
"I see. Thanks."
"No worries."
The old man laughed with his squared face.

It seems the troubled villages to the west are scattered over a wide area. My name will be spread in one go.
However, it's hard to ignore the bustling trade port either.
I need some conclusive information to decide this.

--Before that, there's a place I have to settle scores with first.
Because god's grudge is tenacious.

And then Celica who has groomed her appearance is coming down the stairs.
Her long legs walk down step by step, her red skirt elegantly waves. With her charming blond hair behind, the big breasts covered by the white blouse are shaking.
However, her forehead is cutely furrowed, her cheeks are somewhat puffed.
That angry face is still beautiful enough to hang as a picture.

The old man mutters in whisper.
"Are you two fighting? You'd better take her to some place with good scenery or else it'd be baad."
"You serious.... Then it's just right."

Celica dropped her smallish butt on the farthest seat from the counter with a thud.
She glares at the old man while frowning.
"Master! Breakfast!"
"Alright alright."
The old man quickly returned to the kitchen.
Awkward silence sweeps in.

I speak while scratching my cheeks.
"What is it!"
She answered with puffed cheeks. She looks quiet angry.
"I'm planning to go the northern village today, do you wanna come with me?"
"Yes! I'll go wherever Keika-sam is!"
The content of the words is sweet, but her way of speaking was very thorny.

I sigh inwardly.
--Let's not tease her again.
I realized that it's quite troublesome when she's seriously angry.

Midday sunlight is beaming down.
We're walking on the road to the north from the royal capital.
There are verdant wheat fields on both sides of the road.
The wheats are shaken like a wave by the wind under the sun.

I walk while tightly grasping Celica's hand.
Cause the old man taught me that it'd be easier to make up if I forcefully touched her.
Celica is still angry, she's turning her face away.
However, her white cheek is slightly tinged with red color.
Her joined fingers are gripping stronger than usual.

At first Lapisia also joined hands with me.
But she ran when she found a bug, she ran when she found a bird.
She chased after them while her blue twintail fluttering on the sides.
I heartily think that a child is energetic.

Lapisia ran back from afar with both her hands closed.
"Keika! Caught it!"
"What is it this time?"
"Flying bug!"
There's a big bee between her small fingers. About 15 centimeter big. The red and yellow stripes look ominous.
I frowned while looking at the bee.
Name: Death Hornet
Elemet: 【Fire】

Attack: 400
Defense: 50
Vitality: 30
Willpower: 20

Gliding Stinger: Stab one enemy.
Stinger Strike: Shoot countless stingers. Ranged attack.
Instant Death Stinger: High probability of activating instant death.
Celica screamed, 'Hii'.
I was also surprised at the 【Instant Death】 part.
"Uwaa! It IS a monster! Let it go, no, crush it!"
"Okay! Eii"
Splat, the bee is crushed. Scattering green juice.

I looked at Lapisia's stats in a hurry, but there was no abnormality.
I guess the stinger wouldn't put any dent on a defense power of 30,000.

Celica admonishes her while washing her hands with a water bottle.
"There are dangerous bugs and animals around, you have to be careful with your surroundings okay."
After saying that, she ran again with fluttering white dress.

I sigh.
"Did she really understand."
"It's worrying isn't it. She caught many things after all."
Celica also smiled in astonishment.

I felt like Celica was blinking somehow.
I look at the 【Emblem of Hero】.
『A member leveled up』
『Learned a new skill』
Were displayed.

"Celica. Looks like you leveled up from the bee just now."
"Eh. Did I really?"
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Class: Princess Knight Lv23 (High)
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 94 (4) Growth Limit 375
Agilty: 71 (3) Growth Limit 290
Magic: 47 (2) Growth Limit 215
Wisdom: 48 (2) Growth Limit 180
Luck: 24 (1) Growth Limit 051

Vitality: 825
Willpower: 475

Attack: 399 (259+140)
Defense: 321 (236+85)
Magic Attack: 257 (142+50+50+15)
Magic Defense: 258 (143+50+50+15)

Cut: Cut with a sword.
Stab: Stab with a sword.
Double Stabs: Stab quickly. Twice.

【Princess Knight Skill】
Stardust Sting: Five stabs at the same time.

"You learned Stardust Sting."
"Oh my! It's the star-shaped stab attack....! I can't believe I learned the legendary technique of Princess Knight I read in the book...."
Celica smiled joyfully.
And then she looked down like she was stumped. With a complicated look on her face.
Looks like she's troubled whether to keep being angry or to forgive me.

But then she raises her graceful face and speaks to me with blue eyes fixated on me.
"This is thanks to Keika-sama. Thank you very much."
"I didn't do anything great--and also."
"Yes? What is it?"
"I'm really sorry for teasing you. Please cheer up."
I embrace Celica's delicate shoulders.
I put my arms around the pleasant softness, sweetly hugging her.
Celica's breastplate is pushed against me without any gap.

And then she sighed sweetly "auu" on my ears.
"Me too, I'm sorry for my childish behavior. Please don't hate me Keika-sama."
"You said you'd always be on my side right."

Afterward the two of us walked together.
Then Celica tied her hand on mine.
Smiling while looking slightly embarrassed.

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