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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Advent! The No-Goddess Next Door


Here~ comes~ the detestable~ morning~ the morning of....hooooooope♪
Hello, it's Nobusada who still isn't used to the youthfulness of this body and its morning tent.
This body's too much of a wild kid.
Anyway, let's do my best today.

"Oh, Minerva-chan, morning!"

"Ah, Nobu-san. Good morning."

You're brimming with vigor again today, girl. It makes me feel energetic too.

"We can prepare the breakfast right away, would you like one~"

"Yeah, I'd love to."

The same seat yesterday was vacant so I took it immediately. I'm looking forward to the breakfast.

"Thank you for waiting, here you go~"

The menu she brought out looked like eggs Benedict, salad and herb tea. It's way different than the black bread and soup I've been having until yesterday.
The fatty meat and the egg yolk in the slit are dripping onto the muffin. Rich taste of the yolk and the sauce overflowed in my mouth as I bit into it. Way too good. What's this, the inside of my mouth is already a fantasy.
It's been an enjoyable morning. Ah, bliss. Good breakfast is a man's happiness.

"Today was a feast too. Tell your father my thanks."

"Yes, I got it~. Oh and also, dad was really pleased with the meat yesterday you know. He's going to give it his all, please look forward to the dinner tonight~"

"That sounds awesome. Then I'll be heading out."

"Have a good day~"

I head to the guild while feeling quite pleasant. I'd like to do some quest if I can take the baptism today.

"Good morning, Eleanor-san."

"Yes, good morning. Nobusada-san. Let's start right away, here is the payment for the wild boar and everything else from yesterday."

I got 25,000 mani in total. I'm grateful to Futsuno-san and Mitama. I should go see them along with some gift once I've settled down.

"And for the matter about baptism, I've prepared a map for you. The places marked on this map are the guild and the temple. The priest-sama of the temple should be staying permanently there, please hand over this letter of introduction to the priest."

I accepted the map and the letter of introduction that were probably written by Eleanor-san herself. I'm thankful that she's prepared me many things. I should bring her a present next time.

"Thank you very much. I feel bad for having imposed you on everything."

"Please don't think about it, it's my duty as a guild staff member to support adventurers."

"Then I'll be going to the temple."

Phew, it's the baptism at last huh. It seems to be an unpopular god, but I'm sure that it should be effective for my leveling style. But well, even if it didn't meet my expectation, I'd be fine as long as I learned the life magic.
While thinking that, I relied on the map and arrived at a solemn temple...tem...ple...?
Huh? The building looks unbelievably like a hut though.... Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?
The Aren and Ordis temples I saw on the way here were of fantasy standard y'know?
Even if it's unpopular, this much difference is strange.

I knock on the hut's door timidly.

"Excuse me, is the priest here?"

"Y-yesss, I thought we already paid the interest this moooonth."

I heard a feeble voice that sounded very unreliable. Or rather, interest!? Is the temple covered in debt or something!?

"Err, I'm Nobusada who came here for baptism as referred by the guild."

"Aaah, I'm sorryyy. Someone did contact meee. It's been awhile since my last baptism, but I'll be sure to do it properlyyy."

The one that appeared before me was a small female priest? But, it's been awhile since her last baptism huh...

Name: Bell - Gender: Male - Race: Half Elf
Class: Priest Lv13
Title: Believer of Levelitt
Life Magic - Holy Magic Lv4 - Water Magic Lv2 - Singing Lv3 - Animal Knowledge Lv3 - Housework Lv2 - God Blend

A man!? And a half elf!? People who like shota probably won't be able to resist him.
BL? No no, I'm normal! But what is this 'God Blend' I wonder?

"You're Nobusada-san right. Umm, I'm the priest who is in charge of this temple, my name is Bell. I will confirm once again, you can't undo it once you've baptized once, are you really sure about it?"

Bell, why'd you need to make doubly sure that far?

"It's fine, but why are you being so timid about this?"

Bell begins to talk timidly.

"There have been only three adventurers in total who received baptisms ever since I got assigned here three years ago. Even if you complain later, it's not possible to cancel the baptism once it's done you knoow. The one before you was the daughter of the former duke-sama, but she decided on it on her own. I was severely reprimanded by the people in duke-sama circle for not explaining enough...."

Uwaaah, that's.... Guess it's a miracle enough that the temple remains. The biggest problem is that he did the baptism, which can't be changed once done, to an arbitrary whim of the duke's daughter. When you're a duke, you'd probably associate with each temple, and temples must have power struggles among them too.

"I choose Levelitt-sama since I think she fits the best for my objectives. Thus, please proceed with the baptism."

"I understand. Then first, we would like to ask 2000 mani as a donation."

I took out two silver coins from the rucksack and gave it to Bell.

"Thank you. With this I can repair the leaking roof.... no no, it's nothiing."

Hey hey. Your inner voice is leaking out big time. I'll give him the remaining fruits I have when I'm leaving. He looks like an abandoned puppy somehow.

"Then please stand before the idol. And kneel with one knee and close your eyes pleaase."
I look like I'm praying after doing what he told. Looking again, I couldn't sense any shred of dignity from the Levelitt's idol for some reason. A relatively attractive girl with a slightly comical feeling to her. She looks like that. Is it really fine for the idol to be like that?

"One among the six pillar gods, goddess of growth and talent, Levelitt-sama. Give your blessing and protection to this the new believer.
New believer, Nobusada. Do you swear not to indulge in your talent and continue to grow righteously?"
Oh, he looks like a priest for once, I can even see something that looks like a halo. I don't understand what the heck 'grow righteously' even means, but I'll tread the road I believe in.

"I swear."

"Do you swear to not entrust the power you obtain from growing to evil and wield them righteously?"

"I swear."

Isn't he shining brighter now!? Is this the state called trance?

"『....Would you swear to be eternally loyal and donating toward the righteous, noble and beautiful Levelitt-sama?』"

"Wait a minute, oy!"

"『A a, test. She sells seashell aiueOH! Hello, it's the star of hope for 23,000 people in the countrywide, Levelitt-sama here.』」


"『You over there, don't make that disappointed face!』"

"Ventriloquism? Some kind of illusion?"

"『The one borrowing this child's body and talking is Levelitt without a doubt you know. I mean, I don't have much time to do this God Blend, so I'd appreciate it if you can make it short! This child's mind would be deleted if it passed three minutes time you see.』"

"From which Nebula you came from anyway. Why'd you do such a dangerous thing."

"『Well y'see, you looked like you'd become an extra-large singularity when I was watching from above, I thought it was amusing, tehee.』"

So she really did mark me!?

"Amusing hey.... I mean that singularity thing sounds ominous!?"

Who'd have thought that Goddess Levelitt's personality would be like this! I'm quickly regretting hurrying the baptism at this rate. I was in daze since things progressed too quickly.

"『So then, Nobusada-kun, won't you become my apostle?』"

"But I refuse!"

"『Instant reply!? Can't you think about it a bit more? This onee-san is sad.』"

"I'd appreciate if a goddess who's been around since the beginning of the world not calls herself onee-san thank you!"

"『So cruel, Levelitt-sama is eternally 20 you knoow.』"

"I'm not fit to be this apostle or such."

"『So you're just going to ignore my age are you. You'd get many privileges when you become my apostle. I'm good at improving growth you know. You should just nod while thinking you're being tricked 'k.』"

Goddess Levelitt coaxes me through Bell body. However, my mind won't waver cause I know the body is of a man!

"So I'm still being tricked in the end? I've nothing to lose not getting growth improvement."

"『You're terribly frank. Muu, I don't have much time left, this is it for today. I won't give up okay. The creator god told me that it'd be the end of the match if I did.』"

"Creator god, what are you teaching her...."

"『For now, think about the apostle matter more cause you'll get many privileges okay. Don't forget about occasional offering to the temple. Levelitt-sama likes her sweets you know. Dorayaki particularly, that one's her favorite.』"

"Yea yea, Doza*mon."

"『You got the part that needs retorting all wroong. And that's the parody drowning one~. Well, see you again adios!』"

Levelitt-sama left after talking like a storm. Un, any respect I have is already disappearing like dust in the wind. She does seem interesting though.

"Ha! I felt like something descended just now... My head is.... Feels like it's unbearably...."

"A-are you alright?"


"Whaddya mean by itchy!"

I reflexively retorted. I was worried for nothing!

"Please continue with the baptism."

"Yes, I'm sorry. ...Strongly wish to God once again. Give your blessing and protection to this new believer."

Particles of light float and converge around me. It shined once and got sucked into my body.
Bell looked dumbfounded somehow looking at it. Huh? Was this not a baptism?
I appraise myself to see if there's any change.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv7 - Condition: Healthy
Titlte: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 70/70 MP: 82/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv2 - Life Magic (new!) - Disguise Lv2 - Magic Clad Lv2

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv3 (up!) - Levelitt's Blessing (small) (new!)

Levelitt's Blessing (small): Improvement to class experience point acquisition, skill acquisition, and skill level increment.

Additional Title
【Levelitt Apostle (Temporary License)】
Proof of someone who has become a messenger of Goddess Levelitt. However it's a temporary license. The power balance among gods change depending the actions of people who have become apostles. However, this has little influence since it's just a temporary license. Effective just by possessing it.

That no-goddess.... I'm thankful for the Blessing, but the (Temporary License) is most baffling. Just how far did that no-goddess marked me down.
Power balance exists even among gods huh. How fresh.

"....Many things happened, but the baptism is now over."

"Was baptism always like this?"

"....No, this was a first for me too. Nobusada might be especially favored by Levelitt-sama."

You got it right, and I got some weird thing added to me without my permission you know. Not gonna tell anyone though.
Afterward, Bell taught me about the life magic and I left the temple(?).

The life magic are

Washing magic - Clear
Ignition magic - Pom
Drying magic - Dry
Springwater magic - Water

Etc, it seems to consume little mana and plenty of people could use it. These magic are plain but extremely convenient.

I shove the matter about Goddess Leve to the corner most region of my brain and head to the guild. I should still be able to make it to accept some quest at this hour. I feel like doing some quests devotedly right now.

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