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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.9


The group reached a huge hall.

Ahead of them is a wall with a giant mirror embedded on it.

"That mirror is the entrance. The Three Giants are inside. You can go in and out without restriction, but you can't see or hear what's going on inside. The Giants can't get out of the room."

"I see."

Lecan was but an onlooker by this point.

Dungeon Knights have full knowledge on the ins and outs of Dungeon Yufu. No point in Lecan butting in. He just gotta wait for them to defeat the Three Giants now. So he believed.

That was when Lecan heard the voice of a woman in his ears.

A nerve wrecked voice close to yelling.

A desperate voice trying to call out something.


Yet, neither Duo standing next to him or other Dungeon Knights seemed to hear that.

(That voice sounded real.)

(A voice begging help.)

(I know it.)

(I know that voice.)

(The same voice I first heard in this world.)

(Ruby is calling for my help!)



"The Three Giants lie beyond that mirror, yeah?"

"Yea, that's right."

"You can get out of the Temple if you beat them."

"Yea. The door behind Three Giants opens up."

"Do these Giants have a trait that makes them invulnerable to physical attacks?"

"Invulnerable to physical attacks? Nah, nothing like that. They're stupidly sturdy though."

"Do they have preset conditions that make them immortal."

"Conditions, immortal? What the heck's that."

"A trait that makes them unkillable until you satisfy certain conditions. Like say, the order you defeat them."

"Nah, there's nothing of such. You can kill them in any order."

"Sorry, but humor me some time. Right. A slow count to 30 will do."

"Don't tell me, Lecan. You're gonna head inside by yourself."


"You're just gonna rush to your death. What's the deal anyway."

"Felt I could hear Rubianafale's voice, asking for help."

Duo turned his head and stared hard at Lecan's face.

"So I'm going to use my aces up sleeve here."

"Aces up sleeve?"

"Passing through."

Lecan cut his talk with Duo short and walked toward the mirror.

Vice Commander, Black Ormoa and the other five knights were awaiting for Duo Bahn's order. Lecan passed by them and went in the mirror.

Duo's voice could be heard right afterward.

"No one interferes! Afford Lecan time."

Noise disappeared once Lecan was inside the room. This place is in another space.

Three Giants were lying in wait. Each of them is twice as tall as Lecan.

One Giant has a giant sword.
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Another Giant has a giant shield.

And the last one has a giant wand.

The Three Giants quietly stared at Lecan. They're waiting for him to start the battle.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

After activating <Ring of Undying King>, Lecan took a Bombshell out of <Storage>, took off its safety plug and pushed the discharge button. He left the firepower setting alone. In other word, at maximum power. Ordinarily he can't set maximum power unless he's at a considerable distance away, but <Ring of Undying King> has made it possible.

Afterward, he regulated his breathing, counted the timing and threw the bombshell at the Three Giants.

A flash of white light ruptured.

Lecan got blown away, and hit the wall hard before rolling on the ground. He stood up after a bit, and saw Sword Giant and Wand Giant having been torn down. Only Shield Giant alone could still move despite losing its right leg and left arm. Its shield has been blown into pieces, and its right arm was bent unnaturally, but it was still alive with fighting spirit intact.

It threw the shield's wreckage at Lecan which he dodged. Then <Ring of Undying King>'s effect ended.

"<Gaspario Raaf>."

Shield Giant stopped moving once Lecan activated <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

Lecan drew <Comet Cutter> while walking, generated the magic blade and slashed at Shield Giant's neck. The first and second slash couldn't cut it, but the third one did the trick.

Afterward, only three treasure chests remained in the room.

There was no joy on Lecan's face even though he just beat three powerful foes.

Lecan has imposed a certain rule on himself. A rule that states he will only use <Genesiac Grace Gear> against adversaries he cannot beat through his own strength during dungeon expeditions.

<Genesiac Grace Gear> are powerful. Too powerful. They shouldn't be used often.

He had to fully rely on <Ring of Undying King> during his fight on the last floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. There was no joy in that battle. He aimed for the deepest part out of a sense of duty, beating enemies like it was his job to.

Lecan doesn't want to experience such a fight ever again. Hence using <Genesiac Grace Gear> is akin to him saying 'I cannot win against you without resorting to this.' a belief he strongly upholds now.

And he used two of those <Genesiac Grace Gear>. This was no fight. It was a removal of obstacles for the sake of getting out of the dungeon asap.

Lecan walked out of the mirror door, going back to the hall.

Everyone present including Duo Bahn and all the knights looked at Lecan with astonished looks.

Which surely would turn into admiration.

Ill humored of such, Lecan had a sour look on his face.

However, Eda had a blooming smile as she saw Lecan. Lecan's expression softened after he saw that.

"I beat the Three Giants. Eda. We're leaving this dungeon right away."


He took Eda back into Three Giants' room, and hurried back to the exit in the back.

Red Sand Dune spread before their eyes beyond the door.

Lecan joined hands with Eda and recited spells.


The dungeon's Ground Floor was dim.

He ran toward the exit. The sense of restlessness wouldn't cease.

The wind is blowing outside. Mixed with powdery snow.

You can see the whole of Yufonia as well as a parting sea of clouds below.

The Northern Tower situated in the northern edge of Yufonia at the boundary with Mt Ron was tiny but caught clearly in Lecan's vision. His extraordinary vision clearly saw it. How the upper half of Northern Tower was crumbling, with smoke rising from it.


(The Northern Tower, crumbling?)

Duo Bahn who was behind Lecan before anyone realized whispered in suppressed rage.

"Those bastards! They went... and shot Ritual Magic at Northern Tower!"

Lecan inhaled greatly. He made his decision to do what he has to do in that moment.

He took two of his self-made mana restorative pills, and chewed one. And then the other one.

Rage filled his entire body. His abdomen is fiery hot. Like it's blazing up.

The world is painted red. Everything in his vision is red. That is because Lecan's right eye has been dyed crimson in blood.

He spread his arms up high and recited a spell.


Lecan's body floated up high into the sky.

His overcoat flapped uncontrollably from the winds.

A strong gust blowing from behind pushed Lecan forward. Lecan's body fluttered in the air, way high above the mountain slope.

Lecan converged his mana while allowing the mountain wind carried him. Converged, converged, converged, and converged even further.

Then he recited a spell unto the heightened convergence of mana.


A blast blew off, hurling Lecan's body ahead as he flew in the blue sky.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

He cast <Gust> magic in rapid succession, propelling his body forward.

He's never flown this high.

He's never flown this far.

He's never flown this fast.

Lecan continued to cast <Gust> while desperately controlling his direction.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

(I see now.)

(The reason I trained flying in Dungeon Tsubolt stairways.)

(All while suffering griveous wounds many times.)

(Even I wondered why did I go to such length.)

(It was all for this moment.)

Lecan glided down at high speed toward the Northern Tower.

<Overking Bear Overcoat> flapped violently in the winds, getting torn off. It hadn't been restored enough from the damage it suffered in the dungeon, and this would be the final nail in the coffin.

Once the ground was in sight, Lecan cast <Gust> in the opposite direction to decelerate.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

And yet his falling speed wouldn't slow down. Lecan took out <Wand of Cordysie> as he endured the wind pressure. The one loaded with anti-physical barrier.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>!"

Lecan's body crashed into the ground, producing a loud booming sound.





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