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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.3


The two of them reached a spot with knee-tall grass. The view is clear to quite a distant away. Meaning they're easily spotted here.

They took a short break before resuming.

Before starting their advance, they drank Stamina Restoratives they had stocked up at Yufonia.

There's a herd of magic beasts ahead. It's coming straight in their direction. The herd must have detected Lecan before he could.

Lecan halted his advance. Eda stopped too.

"Incoming magic beasts ahead. Around a hundred."

"Got it."

Eda retreated ten steps back and readied her <Bow of Yelvitz>.

Lecan put <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet> on his left hand, and <Blazing Sword> in his right hand. It's a sword he obtained as a reward for completing a certain quest in his original world. It doesn't have an amazing sharpness or anything, but it has been Enhanced with a function that will set the blade ablaze by pouring mana into the sword. As a lot of magic beasts don't do well against flames, they usually flinch when they're up against this sword. A handy sword to have when you're surrounded from all sides.

Lecan poured his mana into it. A flame blazes up from the blade.

The magic beasts kept getting closer.

(Silver Wolves (Saraje) huh.)

(A pack of hundred.)

(These Silver Wolves don't seem to be that strong.)

(But there's a few relatively powerful individuals among them.)

Lecan lightly swung down his sword from upper right to bottom left.

A huge crescent-shaped flame manifested mid-air.

The leading Silver Wolves flinched for a bit.

Some wolves went around to the left and right, lunging at Lecan.

Lecan swung the <Blazing Sword> round and round. A giant serpent of flame danced around him.

The wolves jumped at it. But they were clearly daunted. Some of the wolves even halted their charge.

Lecan slashed at the right wolf with his sword and punched the left one with <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet>. He promptly raised his sword and stab at a wolf coming from his front, struck another coming from left with the gauntlet then kicked up a wolf sliding in from the bottom right.

They're nothing special. <Comet Cutter> would have made a very quick work out of these wolves. But this is their chance to test out <Exorcist Bracelet>. Hence Lecan purposely dragged the battle longer.

<3D Perception> told him Eda had retreated back.

The Silver Wolves began surrounding Lecan from behind. Yet they wouldn't get close to Eda.

He kept fighting while maintaining this for a while, then Eda marched forward.

The Silver Wolves retreated. They eventually even stopped attacking Lecan.

Eda started shooting <Bow of Yelvitz>. The magic beasts got culled out in the blink of an eye. Lecan put away <Blazing Sword> changed to <Comet Cutter> and took care of the remaining Silver Wolves.

"Fumu. Silver Wolves are upper ranked Demon Wolves, but these wolves we just fought should be around the ones on floor 30 of Dungeon Palcimo or slightly above. About three at floor 80's level mixed in. So, how was it?"

"Un. This thing's amazing. The effect starts around 15 steps distance, and by ten steps, they pretty much won't get close anymore. Silver Wolves that got within ten steps by chance ran away in a fluster."


<Exorcist Bracelets> are said to not work well against powerful magic beasts, but its effect is pretty much guaranteed against magic beasts that flock in a herd of hundreds or thousands.

In Lecan and Eda's case, against one or two opponents, Lecan can fight just fine while luring them, and there's no need to worry about Eda since she's good at positioning herself. The issue is when they're up against many. Eda doesn't specialize in close quarter combat. And Lecan would have been burdened with guarding Eda while fighting.

But with <Exorcist Bracelet>, Eda can focus on ranged cover fire and Lecan doesn't have to mind his back. Furthermore, this bracelet doesn't need mana supply. It's a very handy item.

The two took another short break before running again.

"Phew. Eda, what time is it?"

Eda took the <Time Slab>. Nodlein lent it to them.

"Lemme see. Err, oh we've just got into Yellow Frog period."
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"What? Not good. Got a bit too eager there. We're setting up camp."


The inside of this dungeon is permanently bright. Though even if dungeons this bright are uncommon, this brightness doesn't come from the sun. In this dungeon's case, the entire structure itself emits lights. Hence you could easily be fooled to think it was natural lights. And they might have also been a bit eager there. At any rate, they must rest their bodies otherwise they'd wear themselves thin.

Lecan and Eda prepared their camp. All the tools from pots, metal fittings, meat, skewers and even firewood came from Lecan's <Storage>. They made fire using a magic tool borrowed from Nodlein. Eda grabbed some ingredients and utensils before skillfully cooking with them.

Lecan found a withered tree nearby so he cut some branches and tried setting it on fire with <Blazing Sword>.

(Oh, it's burning nicely.)


(There should be plenty of firewood in Mountain and Forest seeing this.)

(We won't run out of firewood supply.)

The two put on their mantles and huddled in them as they went to bed.

Around two herds of magic beast came close to their location during the night, but the herds just passed by their camp seemingly unaware of them.

The second day of dungeon expedition. On the second of month two.

They were relaxing after having breakfast.

"Now then, let's get a move on."

"Ooh you do really get up on Small Turtle (Fengel) period."


"I mean, remember what Heles-san said during our Ninae expedition? 'Lecan-dono will without fail get up on Small Turtle period when it's time to go into battle'."

"Aa, yeah she did huh. Ah. Now that you mentioned it, someone's gonna propose to Heles."

"Eeeeh. Another weirdo?"

"No, a decent one this time."

"Decent by Lecan's standard is a bit outside other people's though. So who's this person?"

"I had a duel at the royal palace back then, didn't I."

"Un un. You fought that viscount something right?"

"That's the guy. I'll get into more detail in our next lunch break."

"Eeh~. But I'm curious~~."




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