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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.7


"Who's that."

"Don't you know about <Miracle of Muntus>?"


"Knight Estfarin Umber has an unusual career in that he was originally a commander of Dungeon Knights who later became the commander of Peacekeeping Knights."

"Is that unusual."

"Apparently it is. Because Dungeon Knights are under House of Viscount Rukka while, Peacekeeping Knights are under House of Viscount Waido. You usually pick the commander from your own subordinates and proteges. But the townlord had decreed for knight Estfarin to rear the Peacekeeping Knights, believing that House of Viscount Waido would agree if it were him. In fact, the knights themselves welcomed him with open arms."

"So what's that miracle of something about anyway."

"There is this town called Muntus to the west of Dungeon City Wado. One time, a large upsurge of magic beasts occurred in the vicinity. I believe two towns and several villages were razed to the ground back then, and Muntus's fate was also all but sealed. They had sent request for help to neighboring towns, and the one who answered that call and came running from Yufu was Knight Estfarin. Knights from other territories were in awe at Knight Estfarin's might as he ran through the battlefield and he was eventually selected as their supreme commander. His leadership was said to be peerless. They suppressed the magic beasts. And Muntus survived. Ever since, Knight Estfarin Umber of Yufu was famous as a Knight among Knights in the whole kingdom."

"Hou. Sounds like an amazing guy."

"After retiring as the commander of Peacekeeping Knight, Knight Estfarin worked as the townlord's aide, he also retired from that position recently and stayed in his abode at District Holt. Once he found out about the crisis facing the townlord, he pushed his old body and rushed out to Yufu Palace. He remonstrated the knights occupying the palace, 'O knights of honor, you shall not raise your blade against the royal blood of Holy Yufu Kingdom, our townlord.' Just when the situation was about go under control, a mage serving Southern House shot a lethal magic attack at Knight Estfarin."

"Hou. That's cowardly."

"It is a cowardly act. Naturally the Lord Knights attacked back. And the Peacekeeping Knights didn't back down either, turning it into a deathmatch."

"So there was no battle until then."
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"There wasn't any it seems."

"But from then on, they crushed the Lord Knights through brute force, took the townlord captive and had him do as they say."

"That's right."

"An insurrection."

"It's an insurrection."

"I don't get why the town seems pretty calm though."

"'The Lord Knights misunderstood Peacekeeping Knights' sincerity and imprisoned the townlord, and despite them turning to violence against the Peacekeeping Knights, the Peacekeeping Knights never return that in kind. Now the Peacekeeping Knights are exerting effort to persuade the Lord Knights into letting them see the townlord.' or so the explanation goes."

"And the citizens accepted that?"

"Several members of influential individuals in the town are apparently commanding the Peacekeeping Knights."


"The Lord Knights should have been quickly suppressed due to the sheer difference in numbers. But under Knight Estfarin's commands, they managed to take position in one corner of the palace and gave some real tough resistance."

"He didn't die huh."

"He must have a magic resistant armor on. And perhaps a God Cure was expended as well. Also, some of the knights sent by the nobles switched side to townlord-sama's, prolonging the battle for seven days. But they were still outnumbered at the end of the day. The townlord fell to the insurgent army. But then another unexpected event developed here. At the very end, Knight Estfarin managed to let the townlord's heir, Ashidgrein-sama and several of his aides escape to the <Northern Tower>."

"Northern Tower?"

"It's where the first wife of townlord-sama lives. It's currently the residence of Ashidgrein-sama and his first wife, Lady Rubianafale-sama."

Lecan grabbed Yufonia city map from <Storage>. Northern Tower is situated to the north of the biggest palace, with the forest and the lake to north of it. In other word, Northern Tower is the northernmost building in Yufonia.

"They never took control of Northern Tower before then?"

"Lady Rubianafale is a <Maiden of Solace>. She has the populace's overwhelming support. So they refrained from moving in and just besieged the tower from outside. Ashidgrein-sama and his aides managed to flee there."

"Hmm? But there ain't no way to defend themselves without manpower."

"That belief was shared by the Peacekeeping Knights as well. They thought they simply needed to walk into Northern Tower and capture Ashidgrein-sama and Lady Rubianafale. But as it turned out the Northern Tower had a secret unbeknownst to everybody; a mechanism that enacts a magic barrier which bars anyone from entering. Ashidgrein-sama activated this mechanism, and no one could get in the tower."

"When was that."

"Err, let's see. The armed conflict was around the end of month nine last year, and Ashidgrein-sama started barricading themselves in Northern Tower around the start of month ten."

"But that's 80 days ago."

"That's right. The insurgents could have broken through this barrier by shooting a powerful magic cast by many mages at it, but they couldn't exactly do that to the <Maiden of Solace> as such they resorted to starvation tactics instead. Ashidgrein-sama would have to surrender once they ran out of food either way."

"How'd they manage to last 80 days."

"About that, you see. Later on it was found out that Lady Rubianafale-sama had sent her servants to secretly bring foodstuff into the palace with <Boxes> during the seven day siege at the palace."

"Hou! She'd foreseen it'd turn into a siege war huh."

"That would be the only logical explanation. She is one amazing lady."




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