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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.13


"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

Lecan started reciting the spell before Geitglein could finish his. Lecan's voice was low yet audible, resounding clearly inside the quiet <Celestial Chamber>.

Dungeon Knights commander, Duo Bahn next to Lecan turned his face with a look of askance, 'What are you doing'. Though not as obvious as Duo's, there were many other glances censuring Lecan as well.

Geitglein also sent a sharp raptor-like glance at Lecan after he was done reciting his spell, but he quickly turned back to face the front and opened his deeply wrinkled mouths.

"Hark my words! Heed my orders! By the name of great Goddess Raikores, I hereby declare the revival of Holy Kingdom of Yufu! I, Geitglein Shadrest, shall become the founder king! My son, Wolglein shall be the crown prince! Release those who have been detained and return them to their posts! They are loyal subjects in this noble undertaking! Parkugrein and Ashidgrein are to retire and confined at the Eastern Tower! <Maiden of Solace>'s engagement with Ashidgrein is annulled as she shall be wed to my son! Eternal glory and prosperity to Holy Kingdom of Yufu!"

After howling that order without pause, Geitglein's face was full of rapture then he turned his line of sight at the throne.

"Parkugrein. Step down there. That throne is rightfully mine."

He put his foot on the first step as he said that.

But then he frowned when he noticed that Parkugrein wouldn't stand up, he opened the Book of Prophecy on his hand once again.

"<Bagrad Boa>! Parkugrein, get off my throne!"

Lecan was startled for a second there when Geitglein recited the spell again. However, nothing happened.

Lecan spoke to Duo Bahn in whisper.
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"Duo. That Book of Prophecy thing is bad news. Take it off him."

"What? Alright, on it."

Geitglein shouted out even louder.

"Parkugrein, get down from that throne! Surrender it to me!"

With that as the impetus, Wolglein who was standing behind Geitglein rushed out. Some of the senior statesmen who were overlooking the event also started running toward the throne.

"Submit to me! Prostrate before me!"

Geitglein kept wailing even now.

Lecan stayed still.

The Dungeon Knights are standing by in <Celestial Chamber>. Along with the Townlord Knights. There's no need for an outsider like him to butt in. Though he won't hesitate to blow away any ruffians dare to approach Rubianafale.

Duo remained perfectly composed. You can rely on men who have gone through hell and back at times like this.

All the rioters got detained.

Duo only watched.

However, he surely has ways to stop anyone who dares to climb up the steps. He must have some tricks up his sleeve. No doubt about it.

As the detainee struggled and flailed around, Duo calmly walked up to Geitglein and grabbed his Book of Prophecy.

Geitglein twisted his body in an attempt to stop him, but he didn't resist further.

Duo opened and looked at the Book of Prophecy before he cocked his head in puzzlement.

"The heck is this? Is there a significance to this thing, Lecan."

"Mind if I appraise it?"

Duo turned to look at Parkugrein atop the steps. Parkugrein nodded.

Duo submitted the Book of Prophecy toward Lecan.

"Nah. Keep that on you."

"Got it."

Meanwhile, Vice Commander of Dungeon Knights, Black Ormoa cast <Bind> magic on the rioters with a dagger in his right hand. It seems Black is a mage who uses dagger as his casting medium.

Lecan took the thin wand he got from Shira out of <Storage>, breathed in deeply and kneaded his mana before reciting a spell.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"

The result of <Appraisal> magic came up on his mind. Lecan narrated it out loud while still holding the wand up. His voice clearly resounded throughout the <Celestial Chamber>.

"This object is called <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug>. Type is Prayer Book. Spawn Spot is Dungeon Finkel Floor 180. Grace is <Reign>. All those who heard the recited activation spell will submit to the user. The effect gradually weakens until it vanishes in several years. Activation spell is <Bagrad Boa>. The prayer book must be open for the Grace to take effect. This Grace can only be cast once a year. This Grace can only be activated by men. This Grace is only effective on humans. That's everything."
<TLN: The gear was initially translated as Amulet of Annihilation Spirit Bug.>

No one uttered a word for a while.

This was the secret. Something about the revolt didn't feel right. And it was all due to this <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug>. Either Geitglein set his sight on Yufu's throne after getting his hands on it or he sought out the amulet to fulfill his ambition, regardless one thing is for sure now, Geitglein is the one behind everything. The actions he took in this place were all the proof needed.

"Lock up Geitglein and Wolglein in the Tower of Sinners. Those who showed disgraceful behaviors earlier are to be deprived of their court ranks and posts, then lock them away individually."

Thus Marquis of Yufu, Parkugrein Shadrest ordained.




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