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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.7


Lecan would love to skin the whole dragon, but that would have taken a humongous amount of time, thus they only strip off a bit from the intact part. Lecan had to use <Solid Sacred Silver Sword> in the skinning process, it was awfully tough. It would be nigh impossible for ordinary swords to cut this hide.

<Comet Cutter> was incapable of cutting through the hide. Likely due to its extreme resistance against magic.

Lecan couldn't wait to turn it into an armor.

They took a bit of the meat as well. A bit relative to the dragon's size that is, in reality it's enough to feed Lecan alone for one whole year.

They also got its magic stone.

The two resumed their march.

The dragon likely won't respawn in just one day, but who can tell. They can't exactly rest peacefully in a spot where a Great Flame Dragon could spawn anytime.

They crossed the Rocky Mountain's summit, and had lunch after taking some distance.

Of course it was the grilled meat of Great Flame Dragon.

It wasn't good.

The meat was way too hard. And the mana within was way too concentrated, it left an unpleasant aftertaste.

"Yeah, this ain't it."

"Guess it's gotta be Petitfire Dragon when it comes to meat, huh."

"Yeah. Too bad I left all I got in the Northern Tower. Guess I gotta pay Dungeon Rotor a visit soon."

"What do we do about the leftover meat?"

"I don't need it. Gonna give it to Nodlein later."

"Lecan never wastes food, do you."

"Never, you don't waste food."

After lunch, the two ran down the Rocky Mountain's slope. They arrived at the foot without engaging a magic beast even once since they were taking their distance. They arrived at Meadow in the same day and camped there. Climbing the Rocky Mountain took them one and a half day, yet descending only took half a day.

Dungeon expedition, day seven. 14th of month two. They dashed through Meadow. Engaged with magic beasts twice, exterminated them.

Dungeon expedition, day eight. 15th of month two. They ran through Meadow. Engaged with one powerful magic beast, exterminated it.

Dungeon expedition, day nine. They sprinted through Meadow and arrived at Rocky Mountain.

Dungeon expedition, day ten. They went around Rocky Mountain's foot. They couldn't cover that much distance that day since small insect monsters swarmed around them all day.

Dungeon expedition, day 11. They circled around Rocky Mountain's foot and arrived at Meadow.

They had their first relaxed camping in a long while.

Eda had been asking everything about Lecan even now. He talked about his adventure at Tsubolt that night. Eda's eyes popped open in surprise when she heard about Zoltan, an adventurer from Lecan's world. She didn't seem surprised when it was revealed that Chubby was unexpectedly evil, saying 'Ah, I see now', like it clicked.

Dungeon expedition, day 12. They ran through Meadow.

She asked about Lecan's old world that night. 'What a brutal world that was.' Eda gave her impression.

Dungeon expedition, day 13. They rushed through Meadow.

During their chat that night, Lecan realized that Eda has noticed the fact that Shira and Nike are the same individual. Otherwise, there would have been times when their conversations wouldn't make any sense. Lecan thought he let it slip by mistake, but he couldn't recall doing of sort. Which means, Eda has reached that conclusion on her own. Eda's growth isn't limited to battle prowess, but also her thought process.

Dungeon expedition, day 14. They arrived at Desert in the morning, went through it and reached Meadow.

Nodlein had calculated that it would take them 28 days to get to this point. Meaning they have shortened that estimation by 14 days.

Eda said something weird that night.

"I really gotta thank Rubianafale-san."

"What? How come."

"I mean, she summoned you Lecan to this world and all."

"I jumped into the <Black Hole> of my own will. That brought me to this world. No one summoned me."

"Un. That's what it looks like to you Lecan. But I personally see that Rubianafale-san called out for you."


"Still, wonder which country this Boudo person fell to anyway."

"He might be somewhere in this kingdom."

"Unn. But isn't that man an adventurer on Lecan's level. His name would have been well known by now if he did fall here."

"It's not like I'm well known myself."

"What are you saying now. The name Adventurer Lecan's gotten quite famous between high ranking nobles of this country, or so I heard, you know."

"Oh yeah?"

"Un. How you're an adventurer who reached the hidden last floor of the <Sleepless Dungeon> Tsubolt, got his hands on a <Comet Cutter>, and how you conquered two grand dungeons Tsubolt and Palcimo and how you're a <Descender>. Since this rumor is gradually making their way down, you might actually get treated as a celebrity the next time you visit the Royal Capital."

"Sounds like a pain."



"If say, by any chance. By any chance, a <Black Hole> showed up in front of you, what would you do?"

Zoltan had prophesied that a <Black Hole> would manifest before Lecan one day. A word that came from his own experience. And Lecan would likely get back to his original world if he jumped into it. Or perhaps it would be a whole other world instead.

Eda asked this while putting up a nonchalant front. In reality she's trembling inside. Only Lecan could undo that. His decision was prompt.

"I got not reason to go back there. I'm having fun adventuring in this world. Doesn't matter if a <Black Hole> shows up, I'm not going in there."

"Ohh really. But there might be someone who wishes for your return in that world too, you know."

"There's no one like that."

"And what if you're already tired of this world's adventure by then?"

"I don't think that'd happen, but if I did jump in that <Black Hole>."

"If you did jump in?"

"It will be with you."

Eda looked dumbfounded for a moment before blooming into smile.


Dungeon expedition, day 15. 22nd of month two.

"We're supposed to meet up with the knights here, right."


"It's soo big."

"It is."

There's no telling where in this vast Meadow the knights are.

"We should go to this Temple first of all."

"The temple must be super big if this map is any indication."

"Yea. We should find our bearing if we just run in general direction. We'll go look for the knights afterward."

The two ran in the meadow.
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"Ah. Isn't that it?"

A gigantic building could be seen in the horizon of the Meadow. A temple indeed.

"That's it."

"It's surprisingly close, huh."


But they never got any closer to the Temple no matter how much they run.

"Lecan. Is that thing maybe huge, like really really huge?"

"Seems so."

They camped in Meadow that night. Great Flame Dragon was just as unpalatable boiled.

Dungeon expedition, day 16. 23rd of month two.

They've finally arrived at Temple.

"It's huge."


The size is simply out of this world. They can't tell its exact shape unless they go around it but it's probably square shaped. Each side should be at least 4000 step long. It's enclosed by sturdy looking walls. The walls have reliefs of ancient patterns on them, and are about 30 step tall.

And according to Lecan's <Life Detection>, magic beasts that surpass even the Great Flame Dragon are roaming around inside.

"Wonder if we could climb it."

"What? You mean this wall?"

"Un. Feel like it's not really impossible."

"Oh yeah. But. Hm?"

"What's up?"

"Sensed something over there. Let's take a look."

They went to the direction of the presence and found the Dungeon Knights hunting magic beasts.

Part of the knights protect the 100 Might Unit as most of them fight around 20 magic beasts. There's a lot of these knights. He's been told Dungeon Knights has 100 personnel, but there's about twice of that number here. Half of them are likely squires. Their armor are different colored and shape. They're hunting magic beasts that have impressive looking horns, some are colored red, some blue, some yellow and some green. Those must be Sacred Deer magic beasts. The knights are refraining from killing these magic beasts, they're just holding them at bay.

(I see.)

(They're waiting for those magic beasts to call their kin.)

(They farm potions by repeating this process huh.)

(That's efficient for sure.)

Lecan walked up to a big knight who seemed to be their commander.

Naturally the other party had noticed Lecan and Eda.

"Hey there. Are you Duo Bahn-dono?"

"I am. And you are?"

The man was indeed the Dungeon Knights commander, Duo Bahn.

He's got an overwhelming aura.

He's slightly taller than Lecan.

The strength Lecan sensed from this man does not fall behind Boudo and Zoltan. His armor is a mix of Great Flame Dragon's hide and Dylan Silver Steel, his helmet is made entirely of Dylan Silver Steel.

On the other hand, Lecan is wearing a worn down overcoat and a tattered leather armor. But the presence emanating from Lecan was intense, even the knights standing in the rows looked nervous in the eyes.

"I'm Lecan. An adventurer. I've been entrusted to deliver this to you."

Lecan looked at the fighting knights.

All of them is a mighty warrior. An assemble of 100 knights of this level would be unbeatable for sure.

Dungeon Knights serving under Marquis of Yufu exists only to hunt magic beasts in the Grand Dungeon Yufu. They spend half of the year inside the dungeon, and the remaining half training for that purpose. Marquis of Yufu has provided these knights with the finest equipment and an abundant supply. Each and every one of them is a Depth-walking Adventurer who has traversed through the depths of a Grand Dungeon.

Duo raised his visor and took the letter.

His eyes, nose and moustache are visible. There's a huge scar on his nose.

Duo Bahn read the letter Lecan gave him.





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