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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.14


Lecan got back at his inn near dawn and went right to bed.

Once he got up, he had breakfast in his room while explaining the plan from then on to Eda and Chubby.

They waited for knight Futsla's arrival who then led to the west gate. Knight Futsla had two squires bring horses with them but Lecan refused to ride on those horses.

Departing the west gate, he ran with Eda toward the dungeon. Knight Futsla was on horseback but his horse couldn't gain speed on the steep roads. They left him behind. He was screaming something, Lecan paid it no heed.

To begin with, there's no point to Futsla guiding them once they've left the west gate. He got a map detailing a route from Yufonia to the dungeon's entrance from Nodlein and the road was very straightforward.

Running on hill roads was tough but both of them took Stamina Restoratives and had <Purification> cast multiple times along the way, they arrived at the dungeon entrance by noon. It was covered in snow. It only took them half a day to traverse through a path that should have taken two days. They had a light meal and entered the dungeon.

The area beyond the entrance was dimly lit.

Lecan and Eda joined hands before reciting <Warp> just in case.

A slight floating sensation and then they were on top of a Red Sand Dune before they knew it.

It's bright.

There's not a lot of dungeons this bright.

Neither were there many dungeons with a ceiling this high.

And he's never stepped inside a dungeon this spacious in his life before.

There's a sprawling meadow before his eye, with a mountain as a backdrop in the horizon. There should be the Valley area beyond that mountain and Lake and Marsh area to the right of it. Looking back greeted him with a sight of Desert.


Lecan recited the spell and confirmed that they were able to warp back to the surface from here.

They must check up on several things while they're still in this Red Desert.

Magic beasts don't sense nor attack you while you're here.

And Lecan's <Life Detection> won't see beyond the Red Sand Dune. Which means this would be the stairway area in ordinary dungeons.

"<Appraisal><Ignition><Barrier><Float><Recovery><Lightning><Graph Make><Pure Water><Move><Concealment><Lamplight><Flame Spear><Fire Arrow><Draw><Flash><Wind>, what."

"W-what's wrong?"

"No. Nevermind."

He was panicking for a moment there but <Life Detection>, <Mana Detection> and <3D Perception> all worked normally. No problem there.

Phew, Lecan inhaled greatly.

Lecan realized that the magic he learned in this world wouldn't work in this dungeon during his discussion with knight Nodlein yesterday. However, he didn't expect <Gust> which he got in his original world turned out unusable as well. His detection capability still works as intended. Apparently <Gust> is deemed as this world's magic while his detection isn't.

At any rate, he sighed in relief once it was clear <Life Detection> was usable. He had figured it would work, but if by any chance it wouldn't, their path ahead would turn extremely difficult.

"Eda. Try shooting your magic bow."


Eda took Bow of Yelvitz, took a stance and shot it.

The magic arrow shot out just fine.

Lecan had figured this would work from his discussion with knight Nodlein as well, but if it didn't, he'd have to send Eda back.

Next, Eda tried to cast <Purification>, but there was no response. This was within expectation since Lecan couldn't cast his <Recovery> either.

Next he took <Wand of Cordysie>, and recited a spell, but the anti-physical barrier loaded in the wand wouldn't activate.

Next up, he grabbed <Wand of Red Fireball>. This is an item he brought from his world that allows non-mage to shoot magic by reciting a spell. This wand is loaded with elementary magic <Red Fireball>.

"Eda. You've got <Necklace of Intuador> on, yeah? I'm gonna shoot this near you. Do not move."


Lecan readied the wand and recited a spell. Then the <Red Fireball> flew out, and dispersed away when <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier blocked it.

Magic loaded in <Wand of Cordysie> wouldn't work, but <Wand of Red Fireball> would. <Necklace of Intuador>'s anti-magic barrier also worked. Meaning this dungeon doesn't strictly make you unable to cast magic, and more like it inhibits the mana and magical procedures necessary for magic to manifest.

"Alright. <Necklace of Intuador> works fine huh. Let's move on to the Meadow."


They walked for a bit before stepping into Meadow area. From here on is the true floor 1.

And <Life Detection> works fine here too.

There's no magic beasts nor human within its range.

"Try shooting your bow again."


Eda shot Bow of Yelvitz again. No issue.

Lecan took the <Gauntlet of Thunder Dragon> and put it on his left arm.


(The mana flows just fine.)

Lecan crouched down and punched the grassy ground.

Causing a flash of light and an explosion with sparks flying everywhere, sending grass and soil into the air.

"Pe, pe. Lecan, what's the big idea doing that without warning?"

"My bad."
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"My head's full of grass."

Lecan crouched down and picked up grass leaves off Eda's head.

"Now then, next up. <Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

Lecan teleported 30 steps ahead instantly.

Genesiac Grace Gear are usable too.

Lastly, Lecan took <Comet Cutter> out and generated its magic blade.

He mowed down a clump of bushes.

It's working without any issue.

He erased the magic blade.

"That should be everything we gotta check for now."

(Gotta be prudent to start off.)

Mountain Area and Valley Area are the two routes he was warned not to take at all cost.

Mountain area has Soaring Dragons. They can fly very fast and sense humans from very far away, thus combats are unavoidable. You simply cannot advance in a small group.

Valley area has Raptors. They fly around without forming a swarm yet can attract more Raptors relatively quickly when engaged, they're nothing but trouble. A small group cannot go through this area.

Desert should be avoided too. It's hard to walk on and saps your stamina, taking you a long time to pass through. On top of that the spawned magic beasts are extremely tough to deal with.

The Lake and Marsh area is perilous as well, the Knights can't march well there, but Lecan should manage somehow.

Lecan took the map and glared at it.

According to Nodlein, it takes Dungeon Knights two days from departing Yufonia to reaching Dungeon entrance. Despite Lecan's swiftness, Nodlein estimated that it would take Lecan two days as well to arrive at the dungeon entrance.

Then five days from the first Meadow to the right foot of Mountain. That is if there was no issue along the way.

Afterward, Nodlein estimated it would take Lecan eight days to traverse through Lake and Marsh area, arriving at the Rocky Mountain and going right around the mountain foot to arrive at the second Meadow.

Then from the second Meadow to second Rocky Mountain, and circling around the mountain foot again would take seven days.

Crossing the whole Meadow until entering the part of Meadow that intersects the Desert area would take six days.

Or so Nodlein forecast. Lecan then must search for Dungeon Knights once he arrived at the last Meadow area. Even if he managed to find them in six days, it would have taken them 34 days by that point.

Afterward, it would take two days to enter the temple, and three days to defeat the Temple Guardians, the Three Giants, conquering it. Then, from the dungeon entrance to Yufonia would take the knights two days to travel. 41 days in total.

Today is the eighth of month two. Nodlein predicted that their besieging party would likely take a drastic measure if it got to the middle of month three. There's 52 days left until the 20th of month three.

The sooner they could get Dungeon Knights back, the less risk lady Rubianafale would face.

Lecan greatly breathed in to fill his lungs. The air is fresh.

There's some breezes here even though they're inside a dungeon.

"Now then, let's go."


Lecan and Eda broke into run.

There's a sprawling dungeon without end before his eye.

Eda next to him.

He's got a home he could return to at the end of this adventure.

'I'm glad I came to this world', thought Lecan from the bottom of his heart.

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