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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.1


Lecan and Eda ran through the sprawling meadow.

The view is extremely clear here since the overgrown grass only reach waist-level and the meadow sits on a flat plane.

The view is oddly unobstructed to distant far.

Lecan has <Life Detection> in highest gear ahead of him. When he first came to this world, its range was 1000 step in radius, 2000 steps in diameter. He could shift the detection area to a degree, but it would top at 1500 steps.

However, this range extended to 2000 step distance after conquering Dungeon Ninae. It further expanded to 2500, and then 3000 steps after conquering Dungeon Tsubolt and Dungeon Palcimo.

In other word, Lecan is currently detecting area 2500 steps ahead and 500 steps behind while running.

There are some spots without grass growing in this vast Meadow. There are also some trees here and there too. And even flower beds.

A cool breeze is blowing and the air is fresh despite being inside a dungeon.

Lecan kept running while enjoying the exhilaration.

(Oh. There's a herd of magic beasts.)

Finding a herd of magic beasts ahead, Lecan raised his hand to signal Eda, and slowed down before making a complete stop. They're still outside <Life Detection> range. In this flat Meadow, your eyesight can see farther than <Life Detection>'s range.

The herd got into range before long.

It was originally going to pass diagonally by them, but the few leading beasts started running straight at Lecan's direction. The entire herd thus followed.

Now that they've been found out, fight is the only choice here. Lecan has no plan to rush headlong into every battle, but neither can they possibly avoid fighting forever. Then might as well get a taste of it early on.

Lecan started retreating. Eda followed him.

They stepped back to a spot with no grass growing. Eda is ten steps behind Lecan. They didn't make an arrangement beforehand. These two are already in sync by this point.

Nothing obstruct Eda's view here, and they've got firm footholds.

Eda took <Exorcist Bracelet>, put it on her left arm, then she took a stance with <Bow of Yelvitz> at the ready.

The magic beasts were Wood Wolves (Torje).

It's a big pack. A bit more than 200.

Once the pack got within 1000 step distance, Eda launched offensive.

<Bow of Yelvitz> is a magic bow. The speed of which arrows fly from it surpasses even <Flame Spear> let alone <Fire Arrow>.

Each shot can launch from one to five arrows, and Eda has it set to always shoot five. The arrows strength depends on the amount of mana poured into them, unrelated to how far back one pulls the bowstring. At first she couldn't generate magic arrows without pulling the bowstring to maximum arc, but she gradually mastered shooting them just by flicking her fingertip.

The current Eda shoots Bow of Yelvits using four of her fingers all together, plucking the bowstring like she's playing a stringed instrument. Despite the barrage of five arrows per shot, each of those arrows has a lot of mana poured into it. Meaning they've got high penetrating power. Doesn't matter if it's faces, heads, or torsos, every arrow pierces through these Wood Wolves. A hit on their forelegs completely blows them away.

This incessant heavy rain-like barrage poured down from the sky. The incoming big pack of wolves shrunk down before their very eyes.

Several wolves finally reached Lecan after a great many sacrifices along the way.

Lecan put the <Lightning Dragon Gauntlet> away and grabbed <Comet Cutter>.

The first lunging wolf got cut in two.

Since Eda is standing behind Lecan, the wolves who came straight to Lecan's front survived her barrage. More and more wolves came attacking from this side.

Slice. Slice. Slice. Slice. Slice.

<Comet Cutter> gleamed with every swing Lecan made.

Anytime a Wood Wolf was slightly outside <Comet Cutter>'s range, Lecan would instantly expand the magic blade's length, and cut the wolf down before erasing and regenerating the magic blade again. Instantly lengthening and shortening the magic blade like Nike showed him is still impossible to current Lecan. Hence he chose to erase and immediately generate the magic blade back instead. Much faster that way.

The entire wolf pack was annihilated before long, Lecan erased <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade and sheathed it while feeling slightly lacking.

"We didn't have a chance to test out <Exorcist Bracelet>."


He completely forgot about that.

<Exorcist Bracelets> are Grace Gear that occasionally get dropped in Dungeon Yufu, Nodlein has lent Lecan one. It possesses the effect to ward magic beasts' advance. Nodlein loaned it to Lecan when he found out Lecan's partner specialized in ranged attack. Lecan gave it to Eda. They need to test its effect but they ended up exterminating all the magic beast without leaving any behind by momentum.

"Well, there's always next time."

"Yep, there sure is."

"Keep that bracelet on you at all time."
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"I got it."

"Some treasure chests got dropped huh."

"Should we pick them?"

"Go pick two."

"Just two?"


The enemies were nothing special so the treasure chests must be nothing of note either. They've got no time to pick them all up and check the insides. Thus they won't be picking up treasure chests. Or carve out the bodies for mats. However, Lecan wants to check on two of the treasure chests here to verify something.

Eda picked two treasure chests that looked like they would have swords inside.

And two swords there were.

Lecan recited <Appraisal> spell.


But nothing happened.

"Lecan. Wasn't magic unusable here?"

"Oh right."

Lecan drew the two swords and compared the two in both his hands.

They're different.

There's just something about them.

Lecan hit the two swords on each other.

One of the swords broke.

(It's Depths.)

(There's probably a huge gulf difference in Depths between these two swords.)

(Magic beasts in the same herd can have a varying degree of strength.)

(Nodlein mentioned that.)

(Always suspected as much though.)

(Figured this Dungeon Yufu.)

(Is that kind of dungeon.)

He received several objects from Nodlein last night.

The results of appraising those objects showed that some has a Depth of 120 and some 55. He found that odd when Dungeon Yufu only has one floor, and the reason for that has been made clear just now.

"What's up, Lecan?"

"If it were in other dungeons, one of these swords is an item dropped on the first floor while the other gonna be on floor 50 to 60."

"Eh? You mean magic beasts from all kinds of floors strength-wise could crop up together here even on the same floor?"

"Exactly. That's how it works. We mustn't let our guard down since some of those magic beasts could potentially be much stronger than other in the flock."

"Gotcha. I'll stay on my toes."

They resumed their advance.

They slowed down soon after as they arrived at a zone with tall grass everywhere.




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