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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.13


"Let me hear your reasoning."

"Were we ask Lecan-dono to investigate further, we would likely find out about Yufu's present situation. However, what does that entail exactly?"

"I'd like to contact our loyal retainers and rescue father. Then quell down this rebellion."

"We may be able to gather allies with Lecan-dono's help indeed. By doing thus, we will likely break free of this siege and halt the rebellion. But that's a path of much bloodshed. And there is no guarantee townlord-sama will stay safe in the meantime."

"Regardless, we cannot leave this rebellion be."

"Presently, we do not know who planned this revolt and for what reason. Viscount Waido apparently wishes to revive Holy Yufu Kingdom, but he's not the type who has the ambition to replace the townlord."

"But Viscount Waido was the one who gave the orders to the Peacekeeping Knights to launch an assault on Yufu Palace, capture father and even besiege us here in this tower. Many have lost their lives along the way already."

"We do not know whose subordinate was it that attacked knight Estfarin during that crucial moment."

"Ah, sorry to interrupt here. My spy's investigation found that it was a mage affiliated to Southern House that shot the magic attack aimed at knight Estfarin. That is if you can trust his source."

"Southern House. I see. I thought as much. Your Highness."


"We must avoid conflicts that would lead to the death of Yufu knights or Yufu citizens on either side. A great many individuals must have gotten mixed in this incident due to misunderstanding and falsehood. I do not believe it's wise to paint all those people in the same brush and hastily judge them responsible for this rebellion."

"Well, yeah I see your point."

"Our best course of action here is in line with Her Ladyship of Northern God's opinion, we must call back Dungeon Knights. The sheer strength of Dungeon Knights is simply overwhelming. This upheaval will die down with the least amount of resistance. Thereafter, we shall carry out a thorough investigation, discern right from wrong, and hold a tribunal before God Raikores and the people's eyes."

Ashidgrein fell into silence.

"...However. Not even Lecan-dono can possibly get to where Dungeon Knights are. Was that not your opinion as well before."

"With all due respects, I have changed my mind after finding out Lecan-dono's abilities. And if I may be bold, I would like to bet on Lecan-dono's prowess here. I have honed my strength over decades in Dungeon Yufu and even fought against the Three Giants, and yet I don't think I could last over three exchanges of blades against Lecan-dono."


"Lecan-dono's prowess is exemplary. I have been made fully aware of that after my encounter with Lecan-dono earlier. And if he also has the ability to detect magic beasts 2500 steps ahead, he may very well accomplish the feat of arriving at the innermost part of Dungeon Yufu by his lonesome."


"Lecan-dono answered Her Ladyship's prayer through their connection, and even made his way into this Northern Tower, something unthinkable to ordinary men. I am in the belief that Goddess Raikores must have sent Lecan-dono to us through Her Ladyship. Then it is all the more reason for us to choose the most ideal path here even if it is a thorny one."

"Umu. Very well then."

Ashidgrein looked over his aides. Everyone nodded.

"We shall proceed with Nodlein's suggestion."

"Sir. Lecan-dono, it is as you have heard. Will you be willing to go into the dungeon? Once you're inside and believe it cannot be done, please withdraw. Please think up another plan if it comes to that."

Lecan looked at Lady Rubianafale.

She nodded back.

"Got it. But I won't get in the dungeon on my own. I'm going with another companion who conquered Dungeon Palcimo with me. She's a reliable one. It'll be both of us into Dungeon Yufu."

"Ooh. That's reassuring to hear. I shall get you a map."

Nodlein stood up and went to a cabinet along the wall. <3D Perception> cannot look inside the cabinet.

(Those are <Boxes>.)

(Each of the drawers is a <Box> on its own huh.)

Nodlein took a document out of a drawer and unfolded it on the table next to Lecan. It's a map.

"Sure is vast."

"It is vast. <Warp>-ing from the Ground Floor into the dungeon will take you to this Red Sand Dune here. You can <Warp> to the Ground Floor from this area. You can also <Warp> to the Ground Floor from the other Red Sand Dune located deep inside the innermost part of the Temple area. You cannot <Warp> to this innermost Red Sand Dune directly from the Ground Floor. And from the entrance Red Sand Dune to the Temple, even the shortest route should take you one month in walking distance alone."

"That's if you're walking huh."

"Of course. The spawned magic beasts are mostly predetermined depending on the areas. This list written on the left enumerates these magic beasts. Keep in mind however, that some of them may sometimes spawn outside their designated areas."

Desert... Apparitions, Sand Insects, Earth Dragons.

Meadow... Demon Wolves, Sacred Deer, Demon Lions.

Mountain... Demon Boars, Demon Bears, Soaring Dragons.

Rocky Mountain... Blight Bugs, Rock Masses, Flame Dragons.

Valley... Raptors, Sky Fish, Soul Specters.

Forest... Demon Apes, Bizarre Trees, Demon Tigers.

Lake and Marsh... Bewitching Waters, Odd Mud, Water Snakes.

Temple... Giants.

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(Some unfamiliar names in there.)

"Now then, this is the route Dungeon Knights took this time."

Nodlein ran his finger through the map.

"But as it has been two months since, they are undoubtedly here now."

Nodlein's finger stopped at the Meadow Area right before the Temple.

"They won't stop hunting here until they have ten God Cures on hands after which they proceed to the Temple."

Nodlein moved his finger onto the Temple.

"They will then defeat the Temple's Guardians, the Three Giants, move into the innermost Red Sand Dune and return to the surface from there."

(Guess that means the magic beasts that drop God Cures are in the Meadow Area.)

"I'm sure Lecan-dono has already noticed it, yes God Cures are dropped by Sacred Deer. Sacred Deer only spawn in the Meadow area located just before Temple. These magic beasts have high treasure chest drop rates, which always contain potions without fail. Blue Deer (Raskar) drop Blue Potions, Red Deer (Urkar) Red Potions, Yellow Deer (Paukar) Yellow Potions, Green Deer (Okar) Green Potions, Magenta Deer (Meakar) Magenta Potions, Gold Deer (Biukar) Gold Potions, Silver Deer (Sarakar) Silver Potions, and lastly White Deer (Surkar) drop God Cures. However, White Deer rarely ever spawn, and Gold Deer are even rarer."

"I see."

"I shall lend you this map. Please make sure to return it to me. In the event you deem that unfeasible however, please burn it up."

"Got it."

Lecan chatted with Lady Rubianafale while Ashidgrein and Nodlein wrote a letter addressed to the commander of Dungeon Knights, Duo Bahn in another room. He got an idea when he heard about how Marinka shot some extra large <Fire Arrow (Veyart)> during their escape to the Northern Tower. Rubianafale congratulated Lecan for his engagement and asked all kind of things about his fiancees.

After a brief wait, the letter was ready. Lecan asked more things regarding Dungeon Yufu. Nodlein gave him some tips and even provided several Grace Gear.

Afterward, Marinka shot out <Fire Arrows> into the night sky from the veranda of a south-facing room on the fifth floor. An extra large sized one. She shot another one after a moment. She took a Blue Potion and then shot two more.

As the watchmen outside gathered at the southern side to see what was going on, Lecan used <Concealment><Float><Move> to quietly fall out of a window on the northern side, went into the forest and ran on top of the rampart before arriving back at his inn. Yufonia's night on month two was bone-chilling cold.






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