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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.11


The knights who were about to charge at the creature fell down.

The knights who were blocking the creature's path were also acting weirdly.

The creature kept walking on unhindered.

All the knights who attempted to get close to the creature dropped to the ground one after another.

Peacekeeping Knights' commander, Zakwald could not process the event unfolding before his very eyes.

(Is it using some sort of curse?)

(But those with Curse Resistant equipment have fallen down as well.)

(Just what has this creature done to them?)

The sword the creature held in its right hand shot out light, then the blade expanded to twice, or maybe thrice its length.

(A magic sword!)

(Still, a magic sword with expandable blade?)

(I've never heard of such things.)

(No... it can't be.)

The creature swung the magic sword at the knights standing in its path.

After which, the swords those knights held flew off in the air along with their cut arms.

Its sword moved at speed human eyes couldn't hope to catch, and it was so sharp even magic defense was meaningless before it.


(That skill is inhuman.)

(I thought it looked human.)

(But it really is a demon in reality.)

The knights would without fail fell to each and every swing while failing to even get a hit on the creature themselves.

The creature kept walking on toward the Northern Tower. Firm and steady steps.

Another knight unit eventually stood in the creature's way.

The creature recited another spell, but Zakwald couldn't catch it from his location.

A vortex of lightning enveloped those knights at once and raged on.

(That's <Ligthning>!)

(How could a <Lightning> be that expansive.)

More knights fell down.

Several knights with excellent equipment managed to endure the creature's magic and swung their swords at it.

The magic sword in the creature's right hand danced.

Sliced and diced, those knights' right arms dropped down the ground without any resistance.

The creature never stopped. It shook off all the knights that came attacking while walking on casually.

It's the very meaning of a beatdown. The elites of Peacekeeping Knights were swatted off like annoying buzzing insects to it.

The creature recited another spell.

Then it jumped up high, leaped over the knights and landed on the ground.

But ahead of its landing spot was a dense formation of shielded knights, blockading the path to Northern Tower. Not even this creature could possibly break through such a heavy shield formation head-on. They'd cut off its path of retreat and then they'd cut it down while it stopped moving. The knights are expert in arrest tactics. The creature will surely get caught.

The creature kept on advancing ahead as if those shield knights were never in its vision. And just when it was about to come in contact with the shield knights, Zakwald could hear another faint sound of spell being recited from the creature.

The creature vanished.

And emerged behind the shielded knights formation.

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(Just what in the world just happened?)


(Was that a teleportation magic!)

Such a magic is impossibility. At least humans cannot command it. Or so as far as Zakwald's knowledge goes.


(Is that thing... Overlord?)

The creature arrived just before the Northern Tower and halted.

It might have recited some sort of spell, but Zakwald couldn't hear it.

The creature floated up and slowly moved in the air toward the Northern Tower.

Then it climbed up on the cracks and fissures on the tower using its leg and landed on the crumbled veranda on the fifth floor.

Zakwald could only stare dumbfounded at this implausible scene.

The creature stared silently at the base of the tower. As if it was capable of seeing through the tower's first and second floor from there.

Eventually the creature walked to the edge of the veranda and surveyed the surroundings.

"N-not good! All units, fall back! Get out of its magic range! Get away from the Northern Tower!"

Zakwald's strained voice almost sounded like a shriek.

The knights promptly mobilized. Leaving their positions while dragging the fallen knights with them.

The Peacekeeping Knights regrouped and surrounded the Northern Tower at a 60 step distance away. Magic can't reach them there. Only ritual magic or mass casting magic are capable of such.

Viscount Waido personally visited Zakwald. Viscount Waido wasn't wearing an armor. He simply needed to bark orders from a safe spot behind the line, no need for armor.

"Zakwald. What in tarnation is that thing?"

Zakwald was about to reply, 'I am unsure myself.'

That was when Viscount Waido's head burst open, scattering gray matter and blood everywhere.

A moment later, something zoomed flying in and the <Amulet of Isha> Zakwald had on him got activated, stopping this something.

He just got hit by a magic attack seeing as the anti-magic barrier was activated.

Zakwald turned to look at the Northern Tower and saw the creature holding its palm open in their direction as it kept shooting magic.


(This range should be far outside any magic besides ritual ones!)

However, the magic attack kept landing in their encamped position, hitting the knights there. Even shields got destroyed or blown away. It's a savage onslaught.

The shot magic resembles <Flame Spear>. But it's colored blue instead of red, with firepower and thickness beyond ordinary flame spears.


(How come it can shoot such a powerful magic in rapid succession like that!)


(An overlord has made its advent.)

The prideful and powerful Peacekeeping Knights scattered about everywhere without caring about their appearances.

The chaos continued on for a while before the knights managed to get out of the real range of the magic attack.

The creature's true range was within a 100 step radius.

The damage they suffered was enormous.

They couldn't maintain the siege any longer and all units were ordered to retreat to treat the wounded.

With Viscount Dantesta Waido dead, his heir, Erantesta Waido was tracked down, given the lowdown and asked for instructions. Erantesta is a mediocre individual with no ambition nor resourcefulness. He kept asking Zakwald what to do. Zakwald along with Erantesta went to report to the head of Southern House, Geitglein Shadrest. Geitglein persisted on the order to secure the <Maiden of Solace> by all possible means. But how would that be done even.

They sent out a scout unit that night, but the creature came out and started shooting magic at them.

They had to give up trying to get near the tower.

The encirclement has already crumbled down. They could only watch the Northern Tower from afar and nothing else.

Zakwald couldn't sleep that night out of frustration and chagrin.

The Overlord's intention is obvious by now. It's trying to keep the Peacekeeping Knights away from the Northern Tower.

No one must get close to the tower, no matter who.

(Just what.)

(What kind of being have we made an enemy of?)

The situation took a drastic turn the following morning.

Dungeon Knights have made their return.

They arrested everybody occupying the Palace starting from the head of Southern House. The seriously injured Peacekeeping Knights couldn't put up any resistance as they swiftly got disarmed. Many retired Dungeon Knights live all over Yufu. They had gathered in Yufonia after finding out about the revolt but as there was no one who could give them information or lead them, they were at a standstill. These retired knights joined up with the Dungeon Knights. Their  total combined force was utterly overwhelming.

The noble undertaking that is revival of Yufu Holy Kingdom has now come to an end.





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