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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.9


Even the most skillful of <Concealment> user will get found out if someone stares intently at them in a well-lit spot. And once the other party comes to believe that, <Concealment> loses its effect against them.

In addition, staying still makes <Concealment> lasts but moving around will weaken its effect. Speaking or making the motion to attack with swords or magic will immediately undo <Concealment>.

Lecan is not the most skilled user of <Concealment> but it's currently night out. And the watch guards are all focusing their attention at the tower. This situation is ideal for his chance at infiltrating the Northern Tower.

Slowly, slowly, Lecan proceeded ahead.

The promenade ended. <Blessing of Coll> goes underground from here on, flowing through the Northern Tower, several ponds in the palace, and to the whole of Yufonia city.

Thankfully, the winds are blowing tree branches, creating swatting noises. Sounds of water from <Blessing of Coll> are unending as well. Hence, Lecan's subdued footsteps go unnoticed by the watchmen.

Slowly, slowly, he headed for somewhere sparsely populated.

He arrived at a spot where the Northern Tower is within his <3D Perceptions>'s range.

Lecan has grasped the accurate range of <Leg Bands of White Devil> activated while staying still. However, he should prepare for a slight margin of error still. He'll pick somewhere with no furniture or objects as his destination.

He eventually found an empty warehouse-like room.



(Gotta step ahead a bit more.)

The nearby watchmen would have found Lecan had they slightly turned their heads.

He took quite a long time just to cover the five steps.

Once he got at the right spot, Lecan stopped and exhaled.

(Now then, let's do this.)

(They might find me out.)

(I'll just deal with it if it comes to that.)

He bent his right arm and covered his mouth with the hem of his Overking Bear Overcoat.

He threw a pebble he picked up along the way behind him.

It made a sound.

"Who goes there!"

Lecan whispered a spell just as the watchman yelled out loud.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

Lecan got teleported inside the Northern Tower.

The mana enveloping his body vanished. It seems using <Leg Bands of White Devil> undoes <Concealment>.

(Warped just fine huh.)

(I was sure it could go past magic barriers.)
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(But I never tested it out.)

(Genesiac Grace Gear are something else alright.)

This room inside this stone tower has no windows so it's pitch black.

Lecan walked to the doorway while probing the surroundings with <3D Perceptions>.

He lightly pushed the door but it wouldn't open.

<3D Perceptions> shows that it's locked. Just a simple lock of a bar holding down the doorknob though.


With it unlocked, Lecan opened the door and proceeded ahead.

There are people on the first and second floor.

The ten people on the second floor are gathered in a group.

They all must be in the same room. Maybe they're having a meeting. The two mana bearers are among these people. Which means Rubianafale is on the second floor.

Lecan walked toward the stairway. Then after a few steps walking on the stone steps, his foot sunk on one of the steps, creating a loud 'Giii' sound.


(That shocked me.)

(These are stone steps.)

(Why'd it make a creaking sound like wood?)

(But walking seems like a bad idea here.)


Lecan floated away above the stone steps and reached the second floor.

He started walking again after landing.


(Someone's heading my way.)

Lecan stopped moving.

Starlight illuminates the stone corridor from a small skylight above.

The other party is heading straight to Lecan's spot.

(Well I'll be.)

(This presence is not unlike that of a depths-walking adventurer.)

(Who in the world?)

They're holding a candlestick. The light is flicker-less. Must be a magic tool.

That light shone on Lecan.

Lecan isn't moving. Neither is he attempting to hide.

The candlestick light pricked Lecan's right eye.

The man stopped eight step away from him.

"Unbelievable, it really is an intruder. How did you get in?"

It's a dignified sounding voice. He must be around 40s.

"Pardon me for coming uninvited in the middle of the night. The name's Lecan. An adventurer. I'm here to check up on an acquaintance of mine that's allegedly here."

"What? Who's this acquaintance."

"Lady Rubianafale of Zaidmahl Household. I'm told that she's the first wife of the townlord heir here."

Though it's hard to see due to the backlight, it seems the man had a surprised look for a moment there.

"Acquaintance you said?"


"I take it you're aware of Ladyship of Northern God too then?"

"If that refers to Lady Rubianafale, yeah."

"How about Marinka-dono."

"Oh right, she's with Marinka. Of course I know her too."

"Do you. Then I'll have you wait here."

"Got it."

After a while, the man came back. Along with a mana bearer behind him. A woman.

Once the man shone on Lecan with his candlestick, the woman put both her hands on her mouth.

"No way. It's really Lecan. Her ladyship's prayer... came true."

Her voice sounded familiar.

"That you, Marinka. Been a while huh."

"Long time no see, Lecan. I cannot believe that you'd really come here. Nodlein-sama. This man is without a shadow of doubt Lecan. The person her ladyship has been waiting for."

"Waiting for? What does that mean, Marinka-dono."

"Please direct that question to her ladyship. Right now we must bring Lecan to her ladyship first."

(Waiting for me?)

(Rubianafale has been doing what?)

With Marinka leading the way, Lecan walked to the room where Lady Rubianafale waited.




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