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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.11


After a moment of repose to savor the after meal period, Ashidgrein straightened himself on his chair and spoke up.

"Lecan. You have my gratitude once again. I have never had food this good in my life before. It's as if I have been reborn anew. And I had no idea Petitifire Dragon's meat was of such delicacy. They do spawn in Dungeon Yufu as well, I will make sure to have some of their meat from the dungeon next time."

Naturally dragon's meat is good. But this satisfaction Ashidgrein experienced is something that could never be relived again. Ashidgrein himself must be fully aware of that. Him praising the food was a way to express his gratitude to Lecan.

"Now then, allow me to ask you once again. How did you get in here. And to what end."

"Read this first before I get to it."

Still on his chair, Lecan produced a rolled up letter from his <Storage>.

The House Aide Peine received that on a silver platter and brought it to Ashidgrein.

Ashidgrein's eyes opened wide when he saw the seal embedded on the letter.

He carefully opened the letter with a paper knife Peine offered, untied and unrolled it before reading it intently. Once he was done, he tied and rolled it back and put the letter on the silver platter Peine submitted.

Then Ashidgrein stood up. Urged by his eyes, Lady Rubianafale also stood up. Two pages pulled their chairs from behind.

Ashidgrein bowed deeply. Lady Rubianafale followed.

"Lecan-dono. My most sincere apologies for my previous show of impoliteness. I beg your forgiveness."

"I didn't step in this tower to demand apology. I should be the one asking that for intruding."

"All of you here, listen well. Otherworld noble, Lecan-dono is soon to be wed to the cousin of the family head of Wazrof Household as well as a lady known as <Saintess of the North>. Lecan-dono has also been invited to the Royal Palace for his achievements of conquering Dungeon Tsubolt and Dungeon Palcimo, where His Majesty conferred him the Green Silver Medal. Lecan-dono is a relative and representative of Wazrof Family Head as well as an adventurer who has been recognized by His Majesty. Show your respect."

Everybody in the room besides Lecan bowed. Having no choice, Lecan also stood up, saluted back and then sat back. Everyone besides Ashidgrein sat back.

"I owe Lady Rubianafale a great deal for her help when I first came to this world. Around the 25th or 26th last month, I came across Ezak, a knight of Zaidmahl Household."

"Oh my, Ezak."

"Ezak told me. That there was something amiss at Yufu. Thus I came here to check on Lady Rubianafale and found out she was besieged at the Northern Tower. So here I am to offer my assistance. Lady Rubianafale, is there anything I can do."

"Lecan. Thank you very much. I do have a request to ask of you. But before I do, please tell me one thing. Has the jewel hanging on your neck now been of use to you at all?"

"It has. I didn't realize at first, but this <Guardian Jewel of Zana> holds some extraordinary Graces. This jewel was the reason I managed to survive in several occasions. This jewel was the stepping stone toward an even greater height of power for me. It's an indispensable item for my adventure now."

"Is that true. Thank goodness... Thank goodness."

A single teardrop fell down Lady Rubianafale's closed eye.

Lecan was shocked to see that.
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(Why are you crying?)

"I refer to the red jewel I obtained for you in exchange for that jewel, <Wolf Gem (Gidlad)>. Ever since the moment I had it on me, my condition improved and my mana would quickly recover. With it, I made progress with my <Recovery> magic, awoken to <Purification> and eventually reached the zenith. As such, I am only here because of you Lecan. Even Yufu's prosperity is interlinked to that. And yet, 'has the <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> I gave  you been of any use to you at all?' That doubt had always tucked away in my mind."

Lecan slowly digested her words.

(So this girl has been worrying all this time.)

(Whether the jewel she gave me was of value.)

(Glad I came here.)

(Glad I could talk to Rubianafale.)

"I see that you call that jewel <Guardian Jewel of Zana>."

"Yea. That's what it said on Appraisal."

"My mother told me that jewel was <Guardian Jewel of Overlord>. But that jewel was something that belonged to the hidden daughter of Zaka Founder King who supported the kingdom from the shadow. I believe the name <Guardian Jewel of Zana> is much more apt. Lecan."

Strong lights dwelt in Rubianafale's eyes as they looked straight at Lecan.

"Ever since the moment we were confined in this tower, I have never missed a day praying to Goddess Raikores-sama with <Wolf Gem> in my grip. Imploring her to send adventurer Lecan to save us."

Lecan was deeply moved to the point of shaking. Lecan was the person Lady Rubianafale would rely on when she's in danger, not anyone else. And Lady Rubianafale likely truly believed that Lecan would come from the bottom of her heart.

"You are like an avatar of Argent Flame Wolf. I have but one request to you."

Lecan stood up while wondering what's this avatar business about and bowed toward Rubianafale. When a veteran warrior like Lecan gracefully made the gesture, the scene looked very picturesque.

"What is your wish, my princess (Ra Scherrer)."

"Please go into Dungeon Yufu and call Dungeon Knights back."




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