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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.10


The room he was led to had a long joined table with seven people sitting on them and two people standing  up. Two very dim candlesticks were put on the tables.

"Ladyship of Northern God-sama, we have brought adventurer Lecan-dono with us."

Urged by Marinka, Lecan stepped inside the room.

Two of the sitting seven are in the interior side. Meaning these two are the highest ranking ones.

Of the two, the one sitting to the right of the other person stood up and walked up to Lecan.

It's a woman. She has a familiar face. A nostalgic face.

The mana and presence from this woman brought back some old memories within Lecan.

Lecan instinctively knelt down, put his right open palm on his left chest and bowed deeply.

The exact same posture Lecan gave Lady Rubianafale five years ago when he first descended upon this world.

Lady Rubianafale also bowed back. A perfectly graceful bow unlike the adolescent bow she showed five years ago.

"You have come here to my rescue, Lecan."

"Yes (Yale)."

"Will you lift your face, my wolf (Ra Gido)."

Lecan raised his face.

Lady Rubianafale stood before him. She has grown beautifully. She should be 17 this year. 18 on month five. Her majestic figure belies that age. She's the very picture of a queen. And what an unwavering and plentiful mana she bears. What in the world managed to guide her to such zenith.

"I bid you welcome, adventurer Lecan."

The young man sitting on the seat of honor greeted. He must be lady Rubianafale's spouse, the next marquis head.

Still kneeling, Lecan bowed at Ashidgrein before standing up.

Ashidgrein introduced Lecan to the people in the room.

A descender from another world, he saved Lady Rubianafale when she was being attacked by a magic beast, he was then invited as a guest of Zaidmahl house and as Lady Rubianafale's bodyguard, he also prevented four assassination attempts and instructed Zaidmahl knights on swordsmanship.

(This man must know about me.)

(From Rubianafale.)

Lecan surveyed the people present as Ashidgrein introduced him.

All of them look young. With will of steel on their expressions. But they look emaciated.

There are plates, forks and silver goblets on the table. They must be having meal. All the plates have been emptied already, but it's obvious that they didn't have much from how little stains each of the small plates had.

"Now then, Lecan. I would like to hear how you got in here. And to what end."

Lecan turned at Ashidgrein who asked him the question.

"Before we get to that, I have some gifts."


"Seeing as you've been besieged in here since month ten, I figured you'd be running short of food so I've brought replenishment with me."

Lecan took a <Box> from <Storage> and put it on the side table. Then he took out the content.

Oooh, everyone exclaimed.

"I've got lots of fresh vegetables. And meat."

"Meat! Did you say meat?!"

"Is there anyone who can cook."

"Of course. There's our kitchen head and two cooks on the first floor."

"Then lead me to the kitchen. I'll take out the food there. We'll get them grill meat and vegetables. We can start with the talk once you've had your fill."

"Much appreciated. But is there really enough meat to go around for everybody?"

"But of course. An especially tasty kind at that."

Lecan was referring to Petitfire Dragon meat. Lecan's <Storage> has a great variety of meat inside, but it's gotta be the dragon's one for lady Rubianafale. Fortunately, there's still a lot of meat he got from Dungeon Rotor on month nine. And since he got it processed right at Rotor, it's pretty much fresh.

Led by the House Aide of the Northern Tower, young man Pein Osasim, Lecan got down to the first floor. Peine called the kitchen head, the cooks, maid and page then they went to the food warehouse. It was the room Lecan teleported into earlier. Lecan put all the foodstuff out. The employees received it while raising shouts of joy.

"T-there's still more? What is going on with that <Box> of yours anyway."

Peine could only stare in amazement once Lecan took out all the foodstuff he got from Eda.

"M-my goodness. With this much food, we can last another month, no, even longer than that even."

"Peine. Where should I put the meat?"

"We have received much jerky already."
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"Not jerky, fresh meat."

"Fresh meat, is it. I would have liked to leave it in the cold warehouse, but we do not have any more magic stone to spare as it stands. We will have to cook it right away. It may last for a bit longer mixed with herbs however."

"Magic stones? Speaking of, it's dim inside this tower. You guys saving on magic stones or something?"

"Yes. All the remaining magic stones must be put to <Guardian Wall> use. And even that's already..."

"I've got lots of magic stones."

Lecan grabbed four <Boxes> full of medium magic stones and two <Boxes> full of large ones.

"One of these got about 200 magic stones inside. Take them."

Peine's eyes popped open when he grabbed some magic stones inside the <Box>.

"A-are you sure we could use these?"

"Go ahead and use 'em all. I've still got lots."

"Please excuse me as I go report to his highness."

Peine carefully carried the magic stone <Boxes> as he left the food warehouse in a hurry.

Calling a son of a townlord 'highness' is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's probably a habit left from Holy Yufu Kingdom's era.

"You must be the kitchen head."

"Yes. My name is Suruten."

"Grill this meat."

Lecan took two huge lumps of Petitfire Dragon's meat. They're carefully wrapped.

"This much should be enough for everybody including you guys."

"Will it be all right for us to have some as well?"


"Thank you very much."

Afterward, it was a huge merrymaking.

Dazzling lights filled the entire tower as the scents of grilled vegetables and meat wafted in the air.

First-class wines were brought out, then after an introduction from close aides, the feast began.

Lecan was given a seat as well.

"I've had dinner already. I'll just have a little bit of the grilled meat."

Lecan's seat is near the entrance, at the opposite end of Ashidgrein and lady Rubianafale.

He drank his wine with meat as snack. Every single soul in the tower were focused on carrying food into their mouth.




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