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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.15


"Chief, you sure about this, leaving the mistress behind."

Chubby asked as he warmed his hands over the campfire, Lecan replied after chewing his share of grilled meat.

"I did not leave her behind. She's staying there to take special training on <Purification>."

"But don't you have the option to remain there until that special training is over?"

"Yeah right, I know you know. There's nothing good to be had with me being there in that atmosphere, not to Rubianafale nor Eda."

When Rubianafale found out about how Lecan declined an offer of <Purification> from Guide Skalabel, and even gave away a <God Cure> to someone else because he's waiting for Eda to take her <Purification> further, Rubianafale was deeply moved and recommended Eda to train her <Purification> under the temple head's guidance.

The temple head himself cannot use <Purification> but the old Raikores Temple in Yufu houses accumulated knowledge of <Purification> over a long period of time. In fact, it was the temple head who guided Rubianafale's <Purification> toward the zenith. The process of which involved taking five God Cures, something unattainable at anywhere but Yufu.

As part of reward for Lecan's deed, he was given five pieces of God Cures, which he refused and gave to Eda instead.

Eda was full of motivation and applied to study under the temple head. She will be staying at Yufu for the time being.

On the other hand, there's nothing more for Lecan to do at Yufu.

With the defeat of Three Giants, Dungeon Yufu has gone dormant for a period of 120 days.

Dungeon Knights including the Might Unit are fully occupied with supervising public order, monitoring suspects and such it even affected their sleep schedule.

The only thing Lecan could do was getting the Great Flame Dragon's leather he got at Dungeon Yufu's Rocky Mountain turned into armor.

His Petitfire Dragon's armor was in tatter, it was unfit to be worn. Seeing that Marquis of Yufu gave Lecan an armor similar to the one Duo Bahn had. An adjustable free-size armor made from Great Flame Dragon's mat and Dylan Silver Steel.

It's an extremely well made armor for sure, but weight-wise it's more a heavy armor. It's awfully sturdy yes, but putting it on and off is a pain, it's on the heavier side, and it restricts movements to a degree. It's just not suitable for traveling. A leather armor made entirely of Great Flame Dragon's leather tailor made for him is all what Lecan wants.

The best craftsman in Yufu was tasked to make that.

That was fine and all, but Duo Bahn got really angry when he found out that Lecan got his own Great Flame Dragon's leather. 'What the heck were you doing during that time of emergency', he asked.

'We came across a Great Flame Dragon by pure chance when we took a shortcut, so we went and beat it', even Lecan himself found the excuse his mouth uttered lame.

Afterward, Duo asked him what about the rest of the leather, fangs, bones, blood and entrails. Lecan replied they left it behind since they had no time, Duo got angry again, 'what a waste'.

As for the leather, even after accounting for the amount needed for Lecan's and Eda's armor as well as spares for maintenance, there was still more than twice the amount left, so Lecan asked to leave the rest.

When Lecan complained how bad the Great Flame Dragon's meat tasted, Duo got mad again, 'That's the best magic catalyst ya know.'

The Three Giants' dropped three treasure chests containing <Timeless Bag>, <Thunder God Spear>, and <Charm of Hippodora>, all of which Black handed to Lecan.

<Timeless Bag> is a <Box>-like bag that preserve the freshness of objects stored within. It's got a big capacity as well.

By reciting a spell, an orb on the <Spear of Thunder God> will be enveloped in lightning, generating thunderbolts whenever it's used to attack.

<Charm of Hippodora> is a ring. Equipping this allows the user to breathe underwater.

At first Lecan planned to take it easy until his armor is done. Even if he couldn't get in the dungeon, there should be some powerful magic beasts lurking deep inside Mt. Yufu. There's an abundance of good quality herbs growing in the vicinity as well. And he's got to process the herbs he had on him already. Yufu should house first class facility for it. There were plenty of ways to kill time.

However, as it turned out, neither Yufu's palace nor the downtown was welcoming to Lecan.

It was bad in Palace due to his action of killing Viscount Dantesta Waido. Yufu had spent hundreds of years without domestic conflicts nor had it been invaded by outside forces. There was no precedence of nobles getting killed by violence. Lecan, who blew the viscount's head off, got to be called <Overlord> by the palace's personnel, abhorred by them.

And it wasn't welcoming in the downtown because of his killing and wounding of the Peacekeeping Knights. To Yufu's townspeople, the Peacekeeping Knights are a reliable ally who kept them safe from magic beasts and maintained public order. Lecan who drove those knights to near collapse became an object of hatred to those people. There was not an insignificant number of people who were indignant when they found out about Lecan killing knights they knew or severing their right arms.

The investigation is still taking place even now, but the more they dug deeper the more it made clear the scope was bigger than they realized. Were all the supporters punished, the entirety of Yufu would become dysfunctional. Moreover, those who are under control of Geitglein through <Amulet of Soul Shatterin Bug> will eventually come back to their sense overtime.

The ritual magic assault on the Northern Tower marked a year since the amulet was used. It appears Geitglein didn't really care about what happened afterward as long as he could get the townlord and his heir, Rubianafale, viscount Ruka and his heir and the temple head under the amulet control.

They could not erase the fact that a revolt took place.

Geitglein and his son Wolglein will be granted a honorable death after the investigation is over. By letting them take poison themselves.

Wolglein's little sister, Lady Anafol will be wed to a husband and continue the line of Southern House. However they will not have a seat at the Elder Assembly. Their wealth will be severely diminished, and they will have no more special privileges besides being a relative to the townlord.

Lady Anafol was a fiancee of Ashidgrein, but their engagement had now been officially called off. Also, there was that time when a father of one of Ashidgrein's fiancees sent assassins to Lady Rubianafale which the townlord, Parkugrein stopped after issueing a stern warning to that noble, turned out Geitglein had been pulling the strings in the matter behind the screen so that warning extended to him as well.
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Lecan felt like this news cleared up some doubt he had deep in his mind.

The daughter of that warned noble was formally taken off the engagement as well this time. As such, Ashidgrein is now left with two fiancees. He's expected to take in a princess in the near future.

It was announced that Peacekeeping Knights had been fed false info, and thus became an unwilling accomplice in the revolt. It was also announced that adventurer Lecan went to fetch Dungeon Knights in Dungeon Yufu, and fought against the Peacekeeping Knights to protect <Maiden of Solace> until Dungeon Knights' arrival.

However, people gradually started to believe that it wasn't the truth and the rumor was true instead. There are several reasons for that.

First of all, a surprising amount of people witnessed an ominous black object falling down from Mt. Yufu. After which the Northern Tower collapsed. The order of things should be reversed in reality, but the more people talked about it, the less that became the truth to them.

Secondly, his abnormal strength at routing the Peacekeeping Knights in a very short order. The <Overlord> rumor from the palace gradually leaked out as well.

Thirdly, the damage Peacekeeping Knights suffered was too extensive. At first, every one of those knights was arrested, but later the lower ranked personnel was released and given duty. Among them, those who were aware of the Peacekeeping Knights' damage by Lecan's hands spoke of how he resorted to violence without even attempting to negotiate.

Lastly, Viscount Dantesta Waido's faction insisted on Lecan's cruelty and terror. As if they were the victims here. But to those unaware of Dantesta being under mind control naturally saw him as a noble individual while Lecan a villain.

Once Marquis of Yufu found about the infamy Lecan garnered among Yufu's populace, he suggested to make Lecan's dedication to Rubianafale and the debts Yufu owed him known. But Lecan declined the suggestion. There is no way he'd allow that when it could harm Rubianafale's reputation.

Marquis Parkugrein decided to keep the existence of <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug> strictly confidential. Everybody present in the <Celestial Chamber> was imposed with a gag order. Thus so long as the amulet's existence is not disclosed, the people will never accept that what Lecan did was just.

Though to Lecan himself, these bad rumors mean nothing. At worst, it only made it difficult for him to enjoy shopping. The marquis, his heir, the important people, and most of all, Rubianafale know what Lecan did, and they're all grateful for it. That's good enough.

Lecan decided to leave Yufu on his own. He asked to get the armor delivered to Wazrof once it's done.

Lecan asked Nodlein if the checkpoint would still be closed, to which Nodlein replied yes. Thus he asked Nodlein to let a knight named Ezak sent by Zaidmahl townlord pass by the checkpoint when he came by. After knowing the circumstance, Nodlein offered to send someone to find and fetch Ezak at Sopdemoa. This was a welcome offer since Ezak is likely waiting at Sopdemoa until the checkpoint is open again.

Nodlein promised that he would give the utmost hospitality to this Ezak, being someone Lecan owed a debt to. Apparently, he was very grateful as well as guilty to Lecan for the matter this time. So it was a good thing he never complained about the stuff with overlord.

Marquis of Yufu rewarded Lecan handsomely. He even promised that Yufu would lend its power to Lecan should he need it in the future. Eda and Chubby were also rewarded generously.

By the way, Chubby didn't just loiter around during the time Lecan delved in the dungeon. He investigated people who had deep connections with Geitglein, those who were under his influence and those whose behaviors turned radical in the past several years. That despite him not knowing about the <Amulet of Soul Shattering Bug> until Lecan told him, his insight was astounding as ever. The result of his investigation was delivered to Nodlein per Lecan's order. Nodlein was astonished by Chubby's investigative prowess and even offered him a position under Marquis of Yufu House.

"You could have stayed at Yufu. Human resource capable of your investigative expertise must be in short supply there."

"Oh no no. That place is a bit too peaceful, not anywhere I want to stay for too long."

"Weird guy. Peaceful is good if you want to settle down."

"A place too beautiful. A place where justice goes unmentioned. A place where men get along with one another. I just can't live somewhere like that, see. On that note, I can rest easy staying close to Chief Lecan."

"What do you mean."

"Everywhere Chief Lecan goes, there will be without fail, an incident. A swirling vortex of hatred and grudge, where people hurt and prey on one another. No matter how peaceful that place was, wherever Chief goes, there be a strife."

"Don't treat me like a God of Misfortune, you."

"Yufu had been enjoying peaceful times for so so~ long."


"Then suddenly it was chaos, people died, all hell broke loose. There were betrayals, a revolt. What do you think those accustomed to peace would come to believe then?"

"Beats me."

"'This bad thing wasn't due to us, it was brought from outside', that's what, see. Thus Chief was appointed the villain role. They wanted to make it all your fault, Chief."


(Is this guy.)

(Consoling me?)

"Some of those people even seriously considered asking the Palace when will the summoned overlord go back to the underworld, y'know."

(Scratch that.)

(He's just poking fun of me.)

"Speaking of which, where do you plan to go now?"

"Rotor for now. To where meat is."


This was the moment Lecan's expression shifted. He stared at the thing that suddenly emerged in the depth of darkness, full of overwhelming bloodlust.

Chubby registered that it was some sort of emergency when he saw that expression.

"Chubby, get away from here. I'll run off on my own as well. Do not go after me no matter what. Else, you're dead meat."

(I'll finish you off this time.)

(I've got Sword of Toron and Magic Mirror of Ryin on me now.)

(Go ahead and rage your flame on.)

Enveloped in bluish white flames, Argent Flame Wolf stood in the darkness of forest.

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