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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.2



(Found a magic beast.)

(Quite a strong one.)

Lecan got a reaction on the edge of <Life Detection>'s range, somewhere 2500 steps ahead of them.

They're moving diagonally right from its position. If they keep their course, they will pass by about 1000 step to this magic beast's right.

They're gradually getting closer to the magic beast. But it's not giving any response.

Lecan shifted their trajectory slightly to the left.

A mold like scent drifted.


(We should try fighting a strong specimen at least once.)

Lecan slowed his advance and course corrected to the left. Eda matched that without saying anything.

The enemy still won't move even at 500 step distance.

(It should've noticed us by now.)

Lecan slowed down even further as he approached the magic beast.

The distance between them was cut to 200 steps.


It got in <3D Perceptions> range. The enemy is in crouching position, staying still.

Lecan drew his sword. <Sword of Rusk>.

His left wrist had <Shield of Wolkan>, left ring finger had <Ring of Rozan> with <Ring of Undying King> in index finger. Of course he's also got <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, <Dagger of Harut>, <Necklace of Intuador> and <Leg Bands of White Devil> on him too.

Lecan resumed his advance.

50 steps.

Only the sound the two pushing through grass resounded.

30 steps.
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20 steps.

Lecan halted.

The magic beast was in clear sight beyond the grass here.

It's got an abnormally large head. Thick long fur grows abundantly around its face. It looks simultaneously like hair, beard and body hair.

Its eyes are shut, unmoving. Like it's a statue.

Even at crouching position, it's as tall as Lecan.

(Is it sleeping?)

(Or perhaps in a stasis?)

Lecan breathed in greatly and charged ahead.

The magic beast suddenly opened its eyes.

Its huge mouth slammed open as it spewed out black mist like matter.

A strong putrid stench wafted.

The enemy sprung up.

Lecan raised his sword and swung it down toward the middle of its face. But his aim was off, he ended up striking the magic beast's left shoulder which made his sword slide down the long fur.

The magic beast kicked at Lecan's face with its gigantic left leg.

Lecan attempted to evade it, but he couldn't move well and got his left shoulder hit. A strong impact like he was hit by a battle hammer assaulted him.


He fell ahead to the right side.

At that point, a magic arrow Eda shot hit the magic beast's giant face.

The magic beast landed and growled before rushing at Eda.

Lecan tried to get up, but his body wouldn't follow his order.

He put his sword away and plunged his right hand into <Storage>.

(Yellow Potion, Green Potion, Large Red Potion.)

He grasped all three by willing it.

And threw them in his mouth.

He could move his body again. Lecan stood up, grabbed <Comet Cutter> from <Storage> and generated its magic blade.

Before his eyes, Eda continued her <Bow of Yelvitz> assault while swiftly dodging the magic beast's attacks.

Lecan ran up to the magic beast and swung down the magic blade diagonally at its back.

The magic beast turned around while roaring in anger.

An awfully ugly mug.

Lecan swung his sword in a cross shape at the lunging beast's face and dodged to the left.

The magic beast turned around and growled menacingly.

Lecan froze up, he could feel his vitality leaving his body.

However, he mustered all the willpower he had and swung down the magic blade at the magic beast from overhead.

The magic beast lurch and fell down the ground, but a treasure chest was in the spot the next instance.

Lecan fell down slumping.

"Are you alright, Lecan?"

"Yea. You hurt anywhere?"

"No. I'm fine. What's going on back then?"

"Not sure. But it seems you didn't get numb huh."


Eda has curse resistant <Giena's Barrette>, and poison void, <Charm of Iluent> on her. And as a <Sleep> magic user, Eda is resistant to mind magic.

On the other hand, Lecan has curse void <Dagger of Harut>, and status abnormal resistant and poison resistant <Ring of Rozan> on him. <Guardian Jewel of Zana> also has curse void effect though not as strong as the dagger.

That moldy stench was probably a status attack. <Necklace of Intuador> barrier would have stopped magic-based attack. But it does no good to physical-based powder. The powder probably had poison and mind magic attack contained within. No way to know if that's true, but that's the only possible explanation he could think up right now.

It must be why Eda was unaffected, while Lecan was hit hard. Though thanks to <Ring of Rozan> weakening its effect, Lecan retained a degree of freedom to move his body.

"Lecan. There's blood on your left shoulder."

"Ah, I drank a red potion, the wound's closed already."

"Your overcoat and armor's torn too."

"I likely still got my left arm attached thanks to this overcoat and armor. Good thing I got 'em."

"Wonder what kind of magic beast was that."

"Who knows, but it's probably a Demon Lion type."

The treasure chest had an <Exorcist Bracelet>, same type as the one Eda had on her. Eda's bracelet had the Depth of 120 when Lecan appraised it. This bracelet should be quite deep too.

"Sure faced a tough one right off the bat. Hold it. Did your <Exorcist Bracelet> not work on that magic beast?"

"Uun. I don't think it did."

"I see. We'd better consider that there's gonna be more magic beasts unaffected by the bracelet later. Now then, let's keep moving ahead."






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