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Okami wa Nemuranai 51.12


"Geitglein. All the leading parties who spearheaded the revolt, every single one of them, have testified that they are following your orders. You may make your case against their allegations."

Townlord of Yufu, Parkuglein Shadrest's voice resounded in the spacious <Celestial Chamber>.

Parkuglein's face was stern as he watched the kneeling Geitglein from his three-step tall throne.

Lecan himself is standing by next to Duo Bahn, watching the proceeding nonchalantly.

It's spacious.

And luxurious.

It has a dignified appearance to it, with a sense of rich historical value.

As the audience chamber Lecan got in the Royal Palace was an informal one, he had no frame of reference, but he's got a feeling that even the real one in the Royal Palace can't be compared to this <Celestial Chamber> in term of extravagance.

It's a place where all officials and military personnel congregate. Though among the three viscounts, Viscount Waido has died and his heir locked up. The young heir to House of Viscount Bono is also locked up. So only members of House of Viscount Ruka, Saljirein and his heir Nodlein are present here. Additionally, all members of Peacekeeping Knights have been locked up too. Many personnel of Dungeon Knights and civil officials are in charge of keeping watch on them out there. Hence, there should be much fewer people than the full capacity now. And yet, the sheer number of individuals present is overwhelming still.

After exiting the dungeon back then, Lecan lost himself in a fit of rage when he saw the white smoke rising from Northern Tower where Rubianafale was.

Compelled by the wrath, he did something as unreasonable as flying down Mt. Yufu hillside all the way to Yufonia. Thanks to that his <Overking Bear Overcoat> got torn to pieces. It's presently stored away in his <Storage>, probably unusable for the time being. Or maybe even forever.

He managed to survive the impact from crashing down the ground somehow by casting anti-physical barrier, but his whole body suffered some serious damage and he only hung by after taking two Large Red Potions and Stamina Restorative.

Afterward, he went and cut down all the knights who stood in his path as he made his way to the Northern Tower and confirmed Rubianafale's group survival with <3D Perceptions>.

He drove away the knights and climbed down the second floor.

The room had collapsed. Many were injured but thanks to Rubianafale being a <Purification> user, there was no casualty. Lecan gave some self-made Mana Restoratives to Rubianafale.

The group perked up once they found out the Dungeon Knights were heading their way.

Lecan had a meal with them and went up the fifth floor to stay on the lookout.
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He drove away some folk trying to creep up at midnight with <Flame Spears>.

Early in the morning after breakfast, Dungeon Knights had already arrived at Yufonia. They left behind the Might Unit and had only the knights march the entire night.

Dungeon Knights swiftly moved on to free the townlord and arrested the ringleaders responsible for the revolt.

The result of interrogating the prominent members made it clear that Geitglein Shadrest was the mastermind behind this rebellion.

As such, Geitglein and his son, Wolglein would make their excuse in the sacred <Celestial Chamber> before the presences of all officials.

Geitglein and Wolglein have precarious standings at this point.

Peacekeeping Knights commander, Erantesta Waido stated that he followed Geitglein's orders. The nobles and influential individuals who participated or supported the revolt also testified that the whole thing was led by the Southern House. However, the one leading them on-site, Viscount Dantesta Waido is dead, and there's no one who can testify just in what forms did Geitglein directly take part in the revolt.

Are Geitglein and Wolglein really the mastermind behind everything. Or are they just decoys.

The truth could be found if they just properly interrogate the rebels. However in Yufu, interrogating criminals are the Peacekeeping Knights' job. And those knights are now on the receiving end, whereas Dungeon Knights have zero experience in interrogating people. Leaving with no other choice, they deployed officials with sharp wits to roughly interrogate the rebels with Dungeon Knights on standby.

This method would have taken them several years. Thus, they decided to give Geitglein and Wolglein a chance to explain the matter from their side before everybody's presences.

In other word, at this stage, Geitglein and Wolgrein are under suspicion of being the masterminds behind the revolt, and subjects to further investigation, but their role in it is still unclear and thus their standings as nobles with special privilege in Yufu is still in effect.

Due to such circumstance, Geitglein and Wolgrein are still acting like they own the place although they're not allowed to bring weapons or <Boxes> into the chamber.

Later on, Lecan found out that Marquis of Yufu, Parkuglein initially offered Geitglein to give his excuse in front of only a select few top people of Yufu. He's a softhearted lord. But Geitglein himself wished to do it before as many people as possible, and thus they gathered all personnel in the <Celestial Chamber>.

Now then, the person of interest, Geitglein stepped forward into the platform to make his case.

At this time, the townlord Parkuglein Shadrest is sitting on the throne, with Ashidgrein and Rubianafale to his left and the Temple Head to his right. And diagonally behind the townlord is knight Estfarin standing by.

On the second step from the throne, to the right is the House Aide of Shadrest, Kinisun Zoga standing. He would be a prime minister if this were a country.

On the left side is Dungeon Knights commander and Lecan standing. For the sake of protecting the marquis if it comes down to it. After all, it's still unclear how many of the leaders here took part in the revolt as well. Duo Bahn, the strongest knight of Yufu being here is only natural. Lecan is only present because Duo asked for it. And Lecan himself wanted to watch the matter through to the end.

Geitglein turned around as he surveyed the surroundings, acting so calmly to the point of being shameless.


(What's with that expression.)

There was not even a hint of gloominess on his face despite the looming judgment upon him. On the contrary even, the look in his eyes glimmered with delight as he watched all the top people of Yufu present here.

A smile clearly floated on Geitglein's face when his line of sight caught Duo Bahn. As if he would leap out in joy at the fact that Duo is here.

Geitglein turned back to look at the stage and opened his mouth.

"I am eternally grateful for this chance you have granted me my lord, as I shall now disclose a critical secret before everybody present here."

Townlord Parkuglein asked back to Geitglein in person.

"A critical secret, you say."

"Indeed. Everything is proceeding as the Book of Prophecy has ordained."

"Book of Prophecy?"

Geitglein took something out of his chest pocket. Knight Estfarin took a half step forward as a precaution despite the thorough inspection of weapons in the entrance.

What Geitglein produced out was not a weapon indeed. It's some sort of document or a book. But Lecan's eye glimmered oddly when he caught sight of it.

Because the pattern engraved on that book looks similar to the patterns on Genesiac Grace Gear.

Geitglein opened that alleged Book of Prophecy. It's a very thin book. There's some sort of paper or cloth wedged between the opened covers.

Geitglein spoke in a grave yet sonorous voice.

"<Bagrad Boa>."




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