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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 3-5

3-5. The Japanese in Different World

Satou's here. The typical Japanese who becomes so happy when they meet another Japanese in a foreign country, he let his guard down, Satou.

Since we're speaking the same language, and because our sense of value and foundation are close, I become relieved.

"To be exact, Tachibana Arisa as the former Japanese who was reincarnated in Kubooku kingdom with her memory intact. Were you reincarnated too? No, judging from that black hair, you're a summoned hero aren't you? Satou-san?"

The AR doesn't display whether she's a originally a Japanese or her real name, Tachibana Arisa.
Since my stats didn't state if I'm a former Japanese, Suzuki Ichirou too, is it the same situation?

"What's wrong, why did you stop talking? You're the second Japanese human that I've meet."

Hearing that words, my gaze turns toward Lulu who's sleeping in another bed.

"Lulu is different you know? It seems that her great-grandfather was a Japanese man, though I've never meet him, mind. Atavism is a cruel thing. She could have been an idol if she was born in Japan."

"Your mind magic-"It's not""

Did she use mind magic to make Lulu looks ugly, I thought of that but she denied my word.

"This world's sense of beauty think that those who have flat face with thin lips, non-white skin, and small ass as the ideal. She has a lot of those counterpoints. Though thanks to that there weren't many buyers during our slavery days."

The type of beauty change depending on the time and place huh... that's unfortunate.

"So then, Satou-san, are you a reincarnated person or a summoned person?"
"Are there distinctions for them?"

Should I honestly talk or should I keep it a secret?
She's a mind magic user who didn't hesitate to force her way but she's also undoubtedly a clue. If the time comes for it, I can just order her to 『Don't speak of this to other』.

"Reincarnated person is a person who died on their former world, then reborn in this world. Summoned person is a person who is forcibly abducted from their world to this one. Someone like hero is a summoned person."

Though it was an explanation coated with prejudice, I'm neither of those, aren't I?

"Does a reincarnated person always reborn as a baby?"
"There's a legend where they reborn already in adulthood, but in this world a reincarnated person will always be reborn as a baby without fail."

She's very decisive about it. When I try to confirm it.

"Reincarnated persons are told that by the god as they're reincarnating."

So they meet god? If a person is saying such things in Japan, people will doubt his sanity.

"Do summoned persons retain their original appearances? Like their clothes, belongings and figure."
"It seems that the summoned person retain their clothes. And of course, their figures too."

So even their figures are kept, but I became younger, why is that?

"Did you hear it from others?"
"The hero-sama from Saga Empire said so, I don't think it's wrong. Since the only one who could summon heroes from another world is Saga Empire."

Then if I go to Saga Empire, I could find out the way to go home? Let's not forget to check it later.

"I see, but I'm neither of those. I took a nap after works, when I woke up, I was already in a wasteland."
"You didn't see the god?"

Arisa crosses her arms and groans. Put some clothes on already.

"Then, did you get to the summoner's place when you came to this world?"
"No, I was the only one on that wasteland."
"Then were you high-level from the start? Or had infinite magic power? Or got a lot of interesting skills?"
"My level was 1 in the beginning, my magic was also only 10. I didn't have any skills too."

...No, there was that Special Abilty (Ability). Like the Meteor Shower.

"What's with that, impossible game?"

Oops, she's sympathizing with me, what to do if she finds out?

"Rather than me, it's about you. Tell me all your skills one by one. The Gift and the Ability too. Just you know, this is an 『Order』."
"I will tell you even without an order you know."

"First, Mind magic is at level 5. Aren't me quite good? I've dedicated the skill points I acquired post-birth for this one."

Since it sounds strange, when I check it, the required points to level for each skills are 2-12 point with an average of 7 (Represented with 2d6 in her case), the required point to level up a skill isn't 1 but different values for each of those skills, it seems that the required point also increases as the skill level increases.
Am I a special case, or is there any specific condition?

"Self-Status is a skill to check my own status. It's more detailed than Yamato Stone. The most important function of this skill is that I can decide which skill I allocate the point I got from level ups."

From what she's saying, she can choose which skill she allocates the point to, it seems that this is a skill that every reincarnated and summoned person always have.
I thought that it's the same special ability that allows me to learn skills easily, but it's actually an inferior version of it instead...

As for the general populace, seems that they have probability to remember skill depending on their training as they level up.
"Status Check is a skill to see other people's stats. It's convenient~. It'd have been better if it was Analyze, but my Privileged-Reincarnation point wasn't enough."

It seems to be a skill which have the same effect as Yamato Stone.
Similar skills are like [Weapon Check], [Armor Check], [Gem Check], [Coin Check], [Plant Check], etc, and the skill that comprise them all is Analyze.
Privileged-Reincarnation is the point that the god gave her when she reincarnated, she says.

"Hide Skill is a skill used to hide your own skill. Once used, even if you were looked by Analyze or Yamato Stone, it'll show 『Skill None』, until it's canceled."

My AR shows [Skill Unknown], which mean that it's from different branch than Analzye, is it?

"Item Box, it's just as the name imply. It's the same kind of storage that usually exist in a game. Though it's not the same as the one heroes get with their infinite storages (Inventory), the store-able number is limited but it doesn't add to the bulk and there's no weight, it's really convenient~."

From what I heard, the item number limit is 100, and it can stack up to 100 piece of the same item. For things that has indeterminate shape, like water, it's counted per liter. 
My storage is more similar to the infinite storage (Inventory) one, if I have to compare.

After saying that much, Arisa says "My throat is a bit thirsty.", then she theatrically swing her hand horizontally and recites "Item Box, Open".
In front of her, a black hole open on level surface, then she puts her hand inside and took out a water jug which she drinks directly. Her face seen from the side looks so triumphant.
The water she drink is spilling from her mouth and draw lines on her naked chest, looking inappropriately erotic. How old is this girl inside?

"At least use a cup.", I asked, but it seems putting things in and out each requires magic power to do, so she's minimizing doing those to the lowest.
It also works slightly different to my Storage. When she finished drinking water, she wanted to put the jug back, so I let her. How do I say this, if a clueless person saw it, it'll look like someone is putting things inside a black box.

>[Item Box Skill Acquired]

I don't need such inferior version of Storage...
Rather than that, the remaining are [Never Give Up] and [Over Boost], which one of those that let her mind magic to pass over the 300 level differences, I want to know.

"Fufufun, how about it, am I not amazing? There's rarely a slave that has this much skills!"
"Aren't there others too?"

"Ugh" she faltered, "Mou, you're really greedy~" while she pompously hold both her hands up like a gaijin.
<TLN: Gaijin means foreigner, yes I'm just messing with ya (though the author did put that line). :p>
I give a chop to her head.

"I'm against violence! the others are, unique skills, two of them even!"

Amazing isn't it? And since she once again start posing, I'm stroking her head roughly "My hair falls into disorder~", even though she's saying that she looks a bit happy.

"Even Lulu doesn't know these abilities. One is called Over Boost. By using all of my magic power and stamina, the effect of one attack will be raised by many folds? It's exactly the ability fit for a heroine~."

A disposable cannon it is.

"The other one is Never Give Up. It's a power to absolutely never give up no matter how powerful the enemy is! More concretely, no matter how much the level differences or the defense power of the enemy is, an attack or magic will hit with 10% probablity! Isn't it great~."

"However it can only be used 3 times. Once I used them all, it'll recover one for every month. Since my magic did not really work against master, I've spent all three them."

It was probably this skill that had put me under her magic. There are a lot of [~magic resisted] entries in the log, so it's doubtless.
What a troublesome skill. I should be glad that she's not an enemy, is it?

This is something that I heard later, but it seems that even if this skill is in effect, it's useless against an opponent who has complete resistance. For example, the elementary Water Shoot is ineffective against a Great Water Spirit who's immune against water magic.

"There are several things I want to confirm."
"Go ahead~."
"How did you use mind magic without chanting?"
"Umm~n, it's a hidden function of Self-Status, once I remember a magic, then I can use that magic just by reading the last line of the Command Words in my head."

I expected something, but it's a memorization, I really have to successfully chant it at least once. Is there really no shortcut...

"Are you perhaps unable to use magic?"
"I'm failing to properly chant the spells..."

Yep, it's not a lie. I could use two, but those are quite irregulars.

"That's right eh~ I was going to give up when I heard other people's chants too. Eventually I managed to in one and half a year."
"That's right, I've only challenged it for two days, though it's actually two hours."
"What, that's too short~ If one could do it within that period then there would be more magicians."

Since it's getting colder, she's hugging me while saying that but I tear her off me, she falls off the bed and I throw her clothes and the bed cover below.

"I forgot to ask. Who's the first Japanese human you met?"
"Don't use 'you', call me Arisa~."

"Answer me, Arisa."

Arisa unnaturally accumulate her words, and says.

"That's the Saga Empire's hero, Hayato Masaki."

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