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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 3 Intermission: Zena

Intermission: Zena


The invoked magic wraps my body.

Even though it's a sensation that I'm familiar with, right now it's irritating.

To confirm the effect I take a step forward.

Okay, it is working properly.

Together with the wind.

I am running.

I met that person yesterday. Even though it has not been even a full day yet since then, I feel like it has been longer than that.
I thought that I could defend the demon's attack with my magic, but my body became battered instead. My feet and arms were throbbing in pain, I was like a doll, unable to move.
I slightly turn my neck.
<TLN: Yes, we have entered her reminiscence>

Fortunately, before I slammed into the ground, I was caught in roadside tree's branches somewhere.

...Fortunately? Is it really so?
My life force is going to disappear first before that overly strong demon could be defeated and for someone from the army to find me.

Even now, my blood is dripping out little by little.

My consciousness is fading but I come back to myself when I hear someone's footsteps. I muster all of the little energy I have left, and turn my sight.
That someone is wearing a robe so gaudy it's hurting your eyes.
I, who was on the brink of death, still think how out of place it looks in daily life.

I want to go back to (that) daily life too!

Even though I feel exhausted looking at that gaudy robe, I call out for him before he's gone.  He has a voice that feels like he's going to be carefree wherever he is.


Avoiding people, avoiding wagon, I am running.

Ahead, even a step.

Faster, even a moment.

I am running.

I wonder if I blacked out, after calling him out, he immediately stands beside me.

It's a very calm-looking boy which you wouldn't think would wear that gaudy robe.
I wouldn't call him handsome, but he's someone who's giving you a favorable impression.

After ascertaining my wounds and dealing with my fractures, he gently, yes, very gently lifts me up to his arms.

His robe, which looks really new, is dirtied by my blood and dust.
But he doesn't seem to mind those kind of things at all.

Despite his delicate appearance, he has enough power to carry me without looking strained.

I wonder how will he bring me down from the tree?
With magic?

Contrary to my expectation, he flies from the branches without even using magic.

I run through the alley.

Without killing my momentum, I kick the wall to turn at the corner.

I avoid people who are surprised like I'm dancing.

I don't even mind my skirt fluttering around.

I run using every ounce of my strength.

I close my eyes in order to endure the soon-to-come impact.
I hear someone screams annoyingly close to my ears, but it was my own voice.

However the shock never came no matter how long I wait.
When I timidly open my eyes, with worried visage, he tenderly greets me.

He doesn't seem to directly go down below but jumps over a series of branches and go up the roof.
What a nimble person!

Let's call him Nimble-san from now on.

While carrying me, he's ferrying across several roofs, looking for a place to go down.
He was jumping up and down several times, but he was doing it like a weightless feather. As if he has wings.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to be flying in the sky?

I am losing breath.

But I can't stop now.

I was entrusted to call for reinforcement, for the sake of not letting him die.

I am ignoring the scream of my body.

I will let it rest however much later.

Right now I must be faster, even one step.

When we're going through a cramped house, he's being very careful as to not make my fractured limbs touch the furnitures.

I feel like a princess after receiving this much of careful attentions.
A luxurious thing, considering I had readied myself to die just before.

Whenever he avoids the furnitures, our bodies are getting in close contacts.
I've done training with male coworkers before, but he has no beast-like body odors unlike those men. On the contrary, I can faintly smell elegant-like fragrance.
His hair is smooth too. I want to touch that for a bit...

The fight has ended in the plaza. Apparently they won.
I am led by him to receive the medical treatment.

He hands me over to the relief station after the treatment is finished, and goes to rescue other people.
During our parting, he turns around and waves at me once.
I don't know if that was for me, but I feel a bit happy.

It's almost the central main street.

A child suddenly jumps out from the sideway.

I cannot avoid him as it is. I jump over the child, performing a somersault in the air.

I know it's shameless since I'm wearing a skirt, but now it's not the time to be concerned about it.

I leave the child's safety to the adults nearby.

Imposing my feet with unreasonableness for the last time.

On the evening of that day, Lilio and my friends made fun of me when they saw me talking with Nimble-san "Spring finally comes to Zena huh~", they said.
I don't understand love even if you tell me.
Whenever I'm thinking about him, I somehow feel like running in a lap.
If this is really love then I can understand why Lilio, who's a love-maniac, is fast to react.

The next day, I somehow go out with a skirt. There is no particular reason.
Before I go to the temple for treatment, I wonder if I can meet him I go to the bookstore he helped yesterday? I consider that for a bit... This small thought is a secret.

When I really meet him on the bookstore, I feel that this is a fate for a moment.
Am I exaggerating?
Lilio will surely make fun of it, "Children really do like fates eh~", no doubt about it.

He tells me that my unfashionable clothes is "Lovely".
Let's not forget to write the diary when I go home today!

I jump into the central street while rolling.

Running on the street, I'm passing through carriages while grazing them.

I will apologize to the coachman who let out abusive languages later.

Waiting for my breath to catch up is vexing so I recite the wind magic, Whisper Wind.
There should gatekeeper inside the inner wall.

"This is magic soldier Zena speaking! On the east district, purple has appeared on the 13th square near the outer wall."
"Are you using magic? I'm Mondo of the gatekeeper guard unit. Are you certain that it's purple?"

Purple is military term for demon.
We can't exactly shout demon appears in broad daylight.

"There is no mistake, I've confirmed it visually. Please send reinforcements ASAP. I will go back there to help evacuate the civilians."
"W, wait, alone"

Without listening to Mondo-san's last words, I'm going back to the square where Satou-san is.
In the middle of the way, roars and building breaking come from the direction of the square.

My heart tightens, imagining the worst.

It's okay! I persuade my mind.
Nebiren-sama from Garleon temple is there, he is the best holy magic practitioner in this Seryu city. If it's him, even if he can't defeat the higher-demon, he should be able to buy time.

I recast Wind Walk which had its effect expired.

I reaffirm my trembling legs.

To run again.

Going back to that person's side.

I was given a flower as present.
A small winter honey flower which has a gentle fragrance.
I wonder if he knows the meaning in flower language?

We went around the shops Lilio taught me. He is exaggeratively surprised on even the most ordinary things I show him.
It's kind of fun.

The trump card that I reserved from the the thing Lilio taught me was a misfire, it's a bit shame, but before I know it our hands are joined while we walk together.
The crowds which I always complain in my mind, only for today, I'm grateful to them.

Isn't this what they call a date?

The flower language was "Love which begins to sprout".、If only he knew about it.

I arrive at the square sooner than I expected.

But I don't have time to wonder.

Because, there is only a vacant lot over there...
In despair, I collapse to the ground.

On the center of the lot, an ominous black rock grown with sharp thorn stood. I hear voices from that black rock.
I drag my over abused legs as if it's screaming in protest there.

If I'm not mistaken, the demon said something about [Labyrinth].
I don't understand the connection between demon and labyrinth, but Satou-san and the others might be inside.

I was going to jump inside even by myself.
But, I was stopped at the entrance of the black rock. By the commanders who came by riding horses. They seemed to have been in the inner wall when I contacted it earlier.

I was appointed to be a temporary liaison by the commander, to help in securing the square during the construction of military post.
Since I'm near the commander, I get a hold of various informations. The open space and houses surrounding the square seems to have been sucked into the ground. Alongside with the people.

I'm sure the nimble Satou-san should be able to take refuge in a safe place somewhere. Let's believe that now.

The consul-sama who came after the military post is complete, looks unusually excited while saying something about the Labyrinth Nucleus (Dungeon Core), but I don't really understand.

We got permission to rush into the labyrinth after more than a full day had passed.
Of course I applied for the first group.

I want to run into the labyrinth immediately, but Lilio does not let go of my arms. Though it doesn't mean that I will secede the vanguard position.

First, we secure the first hall that we have entered.
From here, the plan is to advance the main force whenever we finish securing a room. Although it seems too careful, it's an ironclad rule when you're marching into a labyrinth.

We're advancing slowly through the passage even while I'm feeling frustrated.
Footsteps sounds are coming from ahead.

I carefully confirm the other side of the corner using mirror.
You're lying! It's Satou-san!

Not registering this unbelievable good luck, I hesitate for a bit.

I shouldn't have been hesitating.
From the corner of the passage, I see the figure of Satou-san getting attacked by a beast monster that appears from the wall.

I shake off Lilio who was gripping my arms.

As if under the effect of magic, I jump forward like flying.

I make a landing on the wall of the passage's corner.

The beast monster bites Satou-san.

It's okay.

Satou-san avoided it.

My head becomes pure white, but it's not the time for this.

I cast Air Hammer and blast the beast monster away. It doesn't have enough power to defeat it, but let's pull it away from Satou-san first!

Satou-san got caught in the blast, but the beast monster is successfully separated from him.

Before the beast monster start its counter attack, Nebinen-sama has managed to defeat it. As expected.

I, who is relieved after seeing Satou-san's face, begin to cry and embrace him without wanting to let go.
Lilio-san makes fun of me like it's other people's problem later.

Even though he has just escaped from such dangerous place like a labyrinth, Satou-san is like the usual Satou-san.

But it may be so that I don't worry too much.
Since I will be off duty tomorrow, I should make something delicious for him tomorrow morning.

Lilio will most likely make fun of me again.

That kind of ordinary life might be good once in a while.

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