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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 3-4

3-4. Little Girl and Night Turmoil

Satou's here. I think this is an unfortunate fate, to have an inseparable relationship with a person I'm not into.

I'd like to be together with a person of my type for once.

A stark naked little girl is straddling on top of my waist.

...What the heck is this, a dream?

I've experienced similar situation with my younger cousins during a long vacation on my grandfather's home in the countryside, long ago.
The difference is that the little girl who's riding me now is naked, she doesn't have the same innocent atmosphere as my cousins.

The little girl moves bit by bit, then she greatly trembles, and snuggle against my bare chest. Her expression looks more like an adult woman rather than a little girl.

While looking very calm, I am actually really shaken inside. I'm not a lolicon okay? Absolutely!
Yet what's with this situation!

After purchasing the two from Nidoren-shi the slave trader, we were...

"I will vigorously attend to master without rest, day and night."

The violet-haired little girl--Arisa said such thing during the ritual of contract. Even though Liza et al and the black-haired girl--Lulu were silent, did she want to appeal to me?

After the slave contract is finished, I pay 1 gold coin to Nidren-shi. Until the morning on the day after tomorrow, he'll be on the place earlier so he asks me to call if I ever need another slaves.

We're doing self-introductions outside the tent.

"Then, please let me introduce myself. I am from the now-extinct kingdom of Kubooku, Arisa. My age is 11 years old, there are still 4 years before I become an adult, but I'll gratefully accept to do night service even while I'm clumsy. Please cherish me forever."

While finishing the greeting with fluent words that doesn't match her age, Arisa slightly picks both end of her hem and bows.  Although that's an elegant gesture, her hem is already short, coupled with her simple clothes, her lower body parts become almost naked.
And so I put my gaze to her face and simply reply "Please take care of me too, my name is Satou."

"...I'm Lulu desu. 14 years old desu. Born in Kubooku kingdom desu. Since I'm plain looking and thin... I'm not fit to be your partner at night, but I'll work hard like a horse... so please don't abandon me."

Lulu introduces herself while looking down and covers her face with her bangs. That clear voice isn't the type for seiyuu but it's a good voice with soprano feeling. It would have been better if it was not accompanied with trembling.
Though the person herself said thin, she looks to probably be B-cup, being B-cup at 14 years old is quite promising for the future I think, or is this world is of the big-breast faction? As long as it's soft, anything is fine!

Putting that aside, for this beautiful girl to say that she's ugly, that's too much even for humility. Covered with bangs, she looks like Sadako, but if I was to compare her with a beauty contest winner I've seen on TV back then, she would win with a big margin, that's how orthodoxly beautiful her face is.
Frankly said, she's my type. If her personality is agreeable, then I would think of proposing her when she turns 20.

I wonder if Arisa and Lulu don't have any prejudice against demi-human, even after the beastkin girls took off their hoods, they don't show any disgust. Although Lulu looks afraid of Liza, I don't sense any feeling of disgust. Do people from other kingdom not dislike demi-human?
Pochi and Tama initially act shy around stranger, but since Arisa and Lulu act normally to them, they immediately become familiar.

"Well then, let's get back to the inn."

I call out to the five and we return back to the street. Arisa smoothly and naturally clings to my left arm. The remaining other is being contested by Pochi and Tama. Since it doesn't seem that it's going to end, Liza carry both of them in both of her arms like luggages.  Seemingly giving up, the two quiet down after their hand and legs are in the air they like that pose.


A cute sound resounded. When I look back, Lulu blushes. Figure of bashful beautiful girl is lovely. I don't think of her as a romantic interest now, but I'm looking forward to the future.

A lot of stalls exude good smells but there aren't many customers. It seems that the auction has started, so the riches and the curious onlookers who want to look at beautiful slaves have flowed there.

Since it's convenient, we go to a stall with tables. I bought chicken soups and flat breads, assorted intestines and vegetables, and enough meat skewers for this number of people. I ended up buying a lot of meat skewers.

"Itadakimasu." and so the meal starts.

After the beastkin girls started eating, the two newcomers follow. Arisa stuffs herself with meat skewers, saying, "Ah~ Proteins after a long time♪" while holding her check. So this world has the concept for nutritions too huh, I ignore that while enjoying the scenery of the meal with everyone.
Lulu eats with all her might while still being reserved. But, the two's eating pace is slow compared to the other four, so they didn't eat much from the big combined platter. Next time, let's divide some small portions for them first.

Since I'm not really hungry, I finished my meal in the middle but since Arisa and the beastkin girls doesn't look like they've had enough, I order for more intestines and vegetables platters.

"Continue your meal as it is, I'm going to buy cloaks and shoes at the stall for a bit."

"L, let me go, if it's for shopping" "I will go"

Lulu and Liza stand up. Pochi and Tama stop chewing at the meat, and look here if only their eyes.

"Everyone keep eating as you are, this is an 『Order』 you know."

I could have gone when the meal is over, but I keep accidentally see Lulu's breast who sit in front of me, I can't calm down. I can clearly see the nipple of Arisa who's sitting beside her, but I don't care with that one.

I give cheap cloaks and sandals to the two, bought from the vicinity.
Soon after, the five eat through their plates leaving not even bread crumbs, so we go back to the inn.

>[Service Skill Acquired]

Just like Zena-san said, the inn refuses to let demi-human enter.
However, Martha-chan makes a bed from new straws inside the barn for the sake of the three, Pochi and Tama are overjoyed and even Liza reservedly gives thank. I wonder if it's warm to sleep on the straw covered with the blankets from the labyrinth.

I take out the cookwares and foods from among the lot bags of the labyrinth, and leave it to Liza. I also put the short swords of Pochi and Tama inside.
It's forbidden to equip demi-human with arms inside the town, but since it's the things taken from labyrinth for self-protection, it's probably fine.
As for the foods, "You can eat if you're hungry okay.", I give permission to Liza. With this, I can wake up late tomorrow (lol).

Lulu is going to sleep here together, since the inn accepts them anyway, it's better to sleep inside the room.

I tried to book an additional room from the landlady but there was no free room, so it was decided to add a spare bed in my room.
Since the room is wide being originally a twin room, even after two beds occupy it, it doesn't feel cramped.

I make Arisa and Lulu to sleep together on the new bed, and I sleep on my own bed.
Inside the labyrinth, for the sake of letting the beastkin girls rest, I was the sole watch guard so I didn't even take a wink of sleep. Is it because of that my eyelids feels heavy.

I surrender myself to drowsiness, and sleep after a long while.

And so we fly back to the beginning.

Why am I sharing a bed with a little girl?!

Calm down Satou! Let's cool down here.

Arisa who notices me wake up says "You're awake?" mischievously while whispering and uselessly kisses me.
While receiving that, I comb her hair...

No, wait! I should have pushed her!
...I'll be branded a lolicon if this continue.

Arisa does not stop with my mouth, she kisses my ear, collarbone and chest in turn. Her small hands lightly, very lightly caress.
Respoding to that, I gently stroke her nape...

Why---! I don't feel like myself.

Arisa captures my hairless chest, putting her check on my thinly cracked abs while her finger is crawling.
Feelng that lovely actions, I feel like it's okay to let her violate... me?

This thought is strange. No matter how you look at it, there's something wrong.

My blurred mind become a bit clear. I operate the menu with thought, and make the log display ON. Found it in the log!

I slowly raise my body, lift Arisa who looks here, and put my face on her nape.
Arisa hugs my head while panicking for a bit...

Close to her ears, I 『Order』 gently but firmly.

"Arisa. I forbid the use of magic and skill. This is an order!"

Arisa loosens her hands, and looks at me with a shocked and distorted face.

"Furthermore, cancel the effect of magic and skill that you've used on me. This is an order!"

The order seems to be accepted, the log shows the cancellation of magic effect. The information displayed on AR changed too.
Just in case, I get the [Mind Resistance] skill which comes out in the log to maximum. It seems that I also got [Mind Magic], but it's fine for now.

"Isn't that my line?  Using mind magic on me, what's your goal?"

Yes, the time when I bought her and just before this, she was using magic. The first one was [Charm Person] and [Fret] magic, and a little while ago [<<Temptation FIeld>>] and [Heat Heart] were used.
When I used appraisal skill her skill was [None] but the first time I see her the AR displayed [Unknown]. If only I remember earlier...

"...Even if master said I'm using mind magic"
"I also forbid the act of deceving and playing dumb. This is an order, state your goal."

I close her escape route and press for answer.

>[Questioning Skill Acquired]

Alright, let's allocate point and activate it. Let's make the level to be 3 for now.

"I repeat, don't lie and speak your goal."

She seems to have resigned and answers truthfully. She stops using polite language.

" goal was to become master's slave."
"And the goal for the second one?"
"I wanted to serve master."

She becomes a bit sulky while saying it.

"I don't understand the point, talk a bit more clearly."
"Mou! like I said. I fell in love with you when I first saw you. That thin and soft looking black hair! that defenseless expression! That outlandish baby-face! That delicate-looking body! If such a person is to become my master! And even though such dreamy boy was before my eyes, he was going to plainly pass by! I can't forgive that! That's why I used magic! To be purchased!"

She piles up her words like a machine gun. Since she looks a bit desperate, I keep listening.

"So, after you've been bought, you intend to brainwash me then?"
"No! Completely false! I've said 『I will vigorously attend to master without rest, day and night』 when I became your slaves right! That's why I seduced master since it's slave's job to make her master feel good!"

What kind of reasoning is that? It doesn't look like she's just lying to get through troublesome thing.

"I understand the facade, so what's your true intention?"
"Even though I was waiting for master to call me, you really went asleep... Since it can't be helped, I slip into your bed, and when I see your sleeping face, it's just irresistible~."

It's a tehee face. I'm a bit perturbed so I pull her cheeks. This much punishment is okay right?

"huuwt, it's huuwwt. iuainohahahyanorokirakenihite~."

This thin cheek sure can stretch. It's fun but since the corner of her eyes are tearing up, I stop.

"Even though I did my best to control myself in the beginning~"
"Then was it because you lose to your lust that you attacked?"

"That's right." so she nods.

"Really, just what are you..."

The AR displays these.

Name : Arisa
Age : 11 years old
Title : [Satou's Slave] [Witch of the Lost Kingdom] [Mad Princess]
Skill : [Mind Magic]
Gift (Innate Skills) :
[Self Status]
[Status Check]
[Hide Skill]
[Item Box]
Special Ability (Ability) :
[Never Give Up]
[Over Boost]

Good grief, it's full of skills I've never seen before.

Arisa answers me teasingly.

"I am Tachibana Arisa, just like you, a Japanese."

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