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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-12

2-12. Labyrinth of Demon (5)


Satou's here. It's hard to make people believing something that I don't believe myself.
A little bit more until the exit.
I want to get back to daily life asap.

"The exit is probably after this. I have two reasons, first, there's a demon who, up until now, was nowhere to be seen. The other, the number of enemies is clearly different than anything before."

Those reasons sure are weak eh~

"...Why do those reasons mean that the exit is just up ahead, I can't understand."
"How about we take a detour as suggested by that demi-human instead?"

You're absolutely right... however! It's my turn now!

"Viscount-sama, did you forget? This is a labyrinth made by demon. They would put their kind in the place where they don't want to let people pass."

Dang, I should've used this reasoning from the start.

"But we are completely outnumbered. I don't think we can beat such large crowds just by ourselves."

I know right~

"Of course we have a chance... That is with the magic of viscount-sama."

I haven't seen him use it even once, but the fire storm used on the demon on the square back then was flashy. It should be enough as a shield.
Oops, I shouldn't have known about the magic of the viscount.

"As you may know, the undead kin are weak to fire. Moreover, I've heard rumor that says viscount-sama is the best fire magician in the earldom."
"Umu, because even like this, I'm the vice-captain of the magic soldier troops."

The viscount doesn't seem to wholly against the idea. So he's a superior of Zena-san huh?

"Viscount-sama, I have a question for the sake of strategy planning, how many time can you use fire storm?"
"The limit for fire storm is one use. After casting fire storm we can block the entrance with fire pillar and wait."

Fumu, is it a magic with bad fuel consumption?
It's convenient that the talk has suddenly progressed to doing the battle.
When the view is obstructed by the fire storm, I'd just exterminate the enemies with coin attacks.

>[Strategy Skill Acquired]

Viscount Belton's fire storm is raging.
The winged eyeball uttered something in the distance but the battle started without anyone hearing it.
Surprise attack is basic.

"Pochi, Tama, throw stones at enemies who's approaching. Liza, thrust the enemy who passes over the stone throws."

I give commands to the beastkin girls.

Now then, let's smash them before the fire storm disappear.

I hit the center of eyeball of the winged eyeball with the last piece of holy stone. I don't know what to say to that huge exposed weak point. The holy stone penetrates the demon, smashing the bones on the back, hitting the wall. The roaring sound was masked by the fire storm's sound.

One set of several copper coins are used to destroy 3 high level skeleton monster. Coin shotgun it is.

When the fire storm subside, only 7 small fry skeleton monsters with half their health points remain.
For now, let's push the achievement.

"Wonderful viscount-sama. Weakened by the fire storm, the skeletons become brittle and were destroyed one by one with the stones throwing."
"Fumu, the filthy undead monsters were purified by my flame magic."
"That's exactly right, this is the first time I've seen such enormous magic, what a tremendous fire power!"

The viscount with triumphant look along with Nidoren-shi and his praise. I leave him to attend for the viscount's mood, and follow after the clean up of the small fry (hereafter, zako) skeletons with the beastkin girls.

Liza attack the feet of a zako skeleton to destroy its balance, then Pochi and Tama strike together to destroy it. Hiding behind the fire left on the ground, I destroy the skeletons with copper coins. I think it's because of throwing skill, the zako skeleton's health is easily depleted by just flicking a copper coin with my thumb ...Is there no rejection skill (Shidan). Even though it's cool.

>Title [Undead Slayer] Acquired
>Title [Demon Slayer] Acquired

Soon the clean-up of the zako skeletons end, we head toward the exit. Since it'd be troublesome if monster reinforcement come, I leave the magic cores behind.

The passage is different from what we've passed so far, the floor is made by paving stones like the one found inside the room. The passage is 4 meter wide, 3 meter high. Thanks to that, it's bright.  The passage continues in a straight line for a while, and break into a curve before the last room.

"The outside's smell, nano desu~"

Pochi reports happily while running around me in circle.
I've become considerably accustomed compared to the first time.

"Let's eat something delicious when we get out."
"Meat meat~"

Since Liza is in the very back she didn't enter into the conversation, but Pochi and Tama look so happy.

Reflected in the radar, numerous lights appear in succession in the last room.

However, it's not red light which indicates enemy but white light which indicates neutral position instead.
It's probably the territory's army.

The handsome middle-aged priest has reached the skeleton room earlier too before I know it. What kind of trick did he use?

Well it's good either way.
I feel like drinking cold beer and taking a shower right now. Though it's probably unrealizable.

"There are people's voices~"

Pochi said that while pointing the front.
The passage turn is coming into view. After 3 turn from here, it's the exit.

"The wall on the front~ is strange?"

Tama reports. I confirmed from the map that there's a pit behind the wall. Maybe it's like the labyrinth shortcut gimmick in a game.

"There's a hidden door here too. Do not touch it."
"Yes! nano desu~"

When we're passing through the hidden door...

Beast arms break through the hidden door!

I kick the door's fragmented pieces while an enormous body comes into view!

I push both Pochi and Tama to the edge of the passage.

I also want to jump out but if I carelessly avoid, it's certain the three on the back will meet harm's way. I catch the beast, killing its momentum, then it kicks the floor. The beast's jumping power is heavy and powerful, it quickly pass overhead the three to land behind them.

They finally catch up with the unfolding event.
Screams raise. Groan voices. All are overwritten by the roar of the beast.

It's the reappearance of the Undead Beast thought to have been dealt with.
No, it has two horns, different beast huh.

Leaving that aside, what to do?

It climbed all the way up the pit, it's impossible to deal with it like before.
Since there's level difference, if I ask the cooperation of the beastkin girls, they could die.
I'd like to ask for the viscount's magic help like on the bone hall, but his magic power is insufficient...

My thought is racing while avoiding the biting attack of the Undead Beast.

"■■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■■■ Air Hammer"

A mass of invisible compressed air come from the exit's direction forcing the Undead Beast to retreat.
I was rolled up with it.

Undead Beast, seemingly in effort to reduce the magic's force, jump back to near the room's entrance in the back.

The door there opens, and the handsome middle-aged priest comes out of it.
What a bad timing.

"Get back to the room, it's the Undead Beast!"

Thanks to the Loudspeaker skill and the echo in the passage, voice louder than I thought comes out.

The handsome middle-aged priest begin casting spell without panicking.


You'll die in a blink of an eye before you even finish the casting.

The Undead Beast turns around after hearing the chanting.

Can't be helped, let's change its target to me and play the avoid war. Then let's defeat it with a strong attack slipped in the middle of the priest's magic.

"■■ Purification (Turn Undead)!"

Short. What's that.

The undead beast stopped moving, and turn back into a stuffed animal.

It can't even stand up on its own, the menace is gone.
GJ, handsome middle-aged priest-san.


Before I turn toward the voice, I'm quickly pushed. By Zena-san equipped with leather armor.

"It's good that you're awightt~~~ It's good~~~~"

Rubbing her head on my chest, she's delighted for the reunion.
The magic earlier was Zena-san's huh. From the other side, soldiers begin to appear, helping to rescue the viscount.

The beastkin girls are coming to my side, but they're standing by in a place a bit far. Liza put Pochi and Tama who tried to come here in check.

"I'm home, Zena-san."

Zena-san scrubs hear tears and lift her face.

"Welcome back, Satou-san."

The smile of tearful Zena-san looks awfully attractive.

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