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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 3-2

3-2. Master of the Beastkin Girls

Satou's here. Even though slaves are common here, still not getting used to it, Satou.

It would be hard to spread fundamental human rights on this world.

I don't have any intention to do so though ...

After several sessions of questions and answers, we're finally released.
The onee-san official who was given our luggages passes it back to us.

"The things over here are fine to take back. However, the magic cores over there will be bought by the earl."

Can I deny it? I tried to ask, but she answers me back with a [No] and a smile.

"Since we can't completely confirm the safety of this monster's meat, we will confiscate it. And since this spear is made from monster's part, we can't allow you to carry it on the town."

Liza over-reacts to that and turns over here. T, the rarely mad Liza, is angry?
Since she seems to really like it, let's negotiate for her.

"Since that spear is  powerful, couldn't you ask a person with appraisal skill to check for any danger? Of course, I will bear the cost for the procedure, but could you give it back when it's finished?"

Liza, you're scary. Scary. Look, even the onee-san's smile is cramping.

"I, I understand. I'll arrange it. The new custody receipt will have to be issued and will be ready by tomorrow afternoon, please bring this temporary receipt to military post then."

"Yes, I'm counting on you."

That's right, let's ask about the treatment for the beastkin girls.

"Um, I have a question if you may..."

It's about the beastkin girls.

"...I see, the slaves' master was dead so you took care of them, and brought them out of the labyrinth is it?"

"Yes, that's right."

Liza also nods. Pochi and Tama lean against Liza feet listlessly ...Bored, are they?

"If it's like that, then these demi-human slaves are yours."

Is that so? I thought of buying and releasing them if they were brought to slave traders though.

"If slaves' master is dead in a labyrinth, except for the murderer, anyone who found the slaves will take their ownership, just like lost item. Therefore, customary and legally,  you are these slaves' master."

Onee-san writes something on a certificate, and presents it to me.

"It's a certificate which claim that you're the master of these slaves. Since this is only valid within the town, it's better to make official contract on the slaves traders on the castle's plaza as soon as possible.  It's not enough for thanks for the large quantity of magic core we've received, but there is no fee for it."

I receive the certificate and give my thanks to her, and along with the beastkin girls, we get out of the tent.
Oh yes, since the magic cores are used as materials for the labyrinth isolation barrier, we're obliged to sell them.

Outside, Zena-san and the three noisy girls from back then are discussing something.
It's bad to disturb their work, but for them to only nods for my greeting is rather cold...
While thinking what's happening, Lilio grins and pokes at Zena-san while laughing, then she points at me.
"Good luck~", While receiving Lilio's support, Zena-san is coming here.

"Satou-san, I see that the procedure is complete. Are you going back to the inn after this?"

"Yes, I'd like to have the slaves rest at the inn too."

"You're really kind. Though, I guess even the stable's barn is more comfortable than the labyrinth's floor."

...Huh? There were some strange words mixed in.

"No, I wouldn't make comrades who stuck together in hardships with me to sleep in the barn. I intend to reserve proper room in the inn for them."

"Umm. Satou-san. There is no inn who will allow demi-human to lodge in this territory you know. If the master stay in the inn then the slaves will be put on the stable's barn..."

Are you serious? I thought it's just disagreeable at best, that they would let it if I pay more.
Since Zena-san looks so sorry, it doesn't seem to be a joke.

"Zena-san, you don't have to put that face. Thanks to you, I won't dispute it on the inn."

She still looks sorry, but I keep saying to don't worry about it.
Since Zena-san and her group are going to be on watch here until midnight, I thank them for teaching me and get out of here.

Even so, if I didn't get the information from Zena-san beforehand, and is told to put the beastkin girls on the stable, I would probably get out of Gate Inn.

Should I buy a house? Or do I get out of the earl's territory?
It's different from when I first got here, I met Zena-san and many acquintances in this city so I'm starting to get attached to it. Although I don't intend to stay permanently...

On the way back, let's go to the worker's guild and ask Nadi-san if she's able to arrange for buying a house.

"Master, it's presumptuous of me to say this, but we're satisfied just sleeping on stable's barn. Since we slept on the outside ground under the roof before..."

"That... even for slaves, that's some excessive abuse."

"I'm sorry."

Why is Liza apologizing? I want to hear the reason.

"No that, I didn't want for master to make that face... I want master to not worry even if we sleep in the barn, but my vocabulary is not enough..."

"So that's it, you were taking me into consideration. Thank you."

Pochi and Tama who are dangling on my hands are pulling my sleeves.
I look at where their finger point, a girl wearing one-piece clothes seems to want to talk. A short stick is held in her hand. A spell-user huh?

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yes, how about some junction magic?"

Is it like the junction healer in MMO?

"For treating injuries?"

"Full treatment is impossible~ how about hemostasis and cleaning? It's refreshing, and if you don't clean your wounds then the meat will rot you know~? Ah, and if you're tired, then I can also use invigoration magic, although it's a bit expensive~?"

"How much is the hemostasis and cleaning?"

"[Soft Wash] and [Dry] set is 12 copper coins. One performance of [Bandage] is 3 copper coins."

Fumu, I guess there's no need for hemostasis. Since any wounds were immediately treated with ointments.

"Then, please 4 sets of Soft Wash and Dry."
"Eh? The demi-human slaves too?"

The spell-user girl is surprised with wide-eyes.
She's counting with her fingers with a pensive look.

"Err~ 40 copper coins and 3?"

"It's 48 copper coins."

Even though you can use magic, can't you do mental arithmetic? Since it looks like I have to pay in advance, I give her 3 silver coins.
The spell-user girl began to calculate by writing on the ground... Are you serious?

"1 silver coin is equal to 20 copper coins."
"U~, I know that, I'm properly calculating now because I know!"

The girl furiously calculates with one hand on her head. After a while, she finally finishes the calculation, and gives back the 12 copper coins change.

"Thank you for waiting~ Well then, let's quickly start~! To keep the small children stand still, please hold their shoulder well, okay."

I wonder if it's in the manual for this regard, even with demi-human, she's being careful to be polite.

Pochi and Tama who were surprised with Soft Wash tried to get away but I grabbed them as not to move.

When the Dry spell begin, Pochi who seems to be feeling good looks happy, enjoying the drying sensation. In contrast, Tama looks even more displeased than the time with the wash, and tries to get away from Liza who hold her shoulder.

"Thank you, I feel really refreshed now. Do you always perform the magic around here?"

"Today there are a lot of people who look like they've played around in mud coming out so I went to get some extra income. But I'm usually going around some brothels. The income is good since a lot of people there want refreshment."

I see, that's certainly true. She's sharp.
After I tell her that we're the last group of the people who played in the mud, the girl goes back to her usual routes.

The day is coming to an end, I guess it's fine to take the official slavery contacts tomorrow.

While thinking about that, I bought 4 serving of delicious looking skewered meats.
Is it goat meat? The meat tastes a bit quirky but the green powder which tastes like pepper stimulates my appetite.
The beastkin girls are eating frantically, hagu hagu sound effects seemingly coming out. Come to think of it, the time with the grilled frog meat was amazing too~.
Even the usually restrained Liza, become intense when it comes to meat. Seeing her tasting the meat is a sight for my eyes. Her bashfulness when she realized that she was observed is good too.

When the day is becoming dark, the lamps on the main street are being lighted by spell-users holding short canes. Is it just my imagination or there are a lot of people.

Since I don't like to shout when some drunkard tried to touch Liza and Pochi, I buy the three of them hooded mantles. Curiously, Tama skillfully walks without getting herself tangled by anyone.

We proceed through hustle and bustle and find out that a stage has been installed in the square. Various carriages with cages are scattered around on the square beside the stage, some merchants are giving speeches here and there.

...Oh yeah, since yesterday, the slaves auction has started.

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