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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 2 Main Character Skill Table

Skill Table of the Main Character up to Chapter 2

<TLN: The author is calling the web novel volume as chapter>

<TLN: Credits to a kind anon for providing the formatted image :)>

● Title List

Listing by the chapter number where the title is acquired, then the title.

1-2 Monster Slayer
1-2 Scale Tribe Slayer
1-2 Scale Tribe Calamity
1-2 Scale Tribe Natural Enemy
1-2 Wyvern Slayer
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Lower]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Infant]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Adult]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Ancient]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [※Particular Name※]  ※Since there are a lot of particular name, I skipped it.
1-2 Dragon Kin Natural Enemy
1-2 God Slayer

1-4 Devout Believer

1-10 Combat-Ready
1-10 Skilled Warrior
1-10 One Who Dances With Demons
1-10 Hero

2-1 One Who Prays for the Dead
2-1 Rescuer
2-1 One Who Protects Books

2-7 Labyrinth Explorer

2-8 Insect Slayer

2-9 Trainer (Tamer)


[Fighting (Used in 2-6)]
[Throwing (Used in 2-9)]
[Appraisal (Used in 2-10)]
[Persuasion (Used in 2-11)]
[Loudspeaker (Used in 2-12)]

Corrections for later date
<TLN: Think of this like the author's personal note>

[Straining One's Ear] skill was supposed to be acquired on 2-5, but in actual it's 1-6.
I've changed the scamming skill to [Deception].
Since the MC is a careful type, I've made him to immediately allocate point to [Trap Discovery] skill.
I forgot to add [Undead Slayer] and [Demon Slayer].

I'll talk about the learned skill when I remember it later.

[Dismantling (2-9)]

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