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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-7

2-7. Demon Return


Satou's here. "I must pay attention to his arms", even after I murmured so, I completely forgot about it halfway through.

However, it's just an arm. Let's just crush it and end it soon.

"What the heck is that arm?!"

The fat priest who got his internal organs torn by the sharp claw dies instantly.
And, Uusu who wields that poisonous claw looks like he doesn't understand what's happening....

"T, that arm!"
"From yesterday, isn't it?"

Zena-san nods.

"Do you know something?"
"It's the arm of the higher ranking demon who attacked the lord's castle yesterday."

Zena-san dutifully answered the handsome middle-aged priest's question.

...What kind of situation is this.
Uusu doesn't look like he's a demon from the beginning.
Then, he's probably a host of a demonic parasite, although I don't know the why or how.

Let's check Uusu's information once again.
...There, [Abnormal Status: Demonic Possession]. If only I saw it earlier!

Even though I have cheat, if I don't use it skillfully then it's meaningless... I should reflect on it.
The problem is how to defeat it.

"If I try to pull it out by force, that man is probably going to die, what should we do?"
"We don't have the leisure for such things, let's call for reinforcement immediately!"
"I will try to confine it! ■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■■■■..."

The priest's chant is too long.

"Zena-san, please call for reinforcement. It's probably the fastest to call the central with the help of wind magic."

For now, let's keep Zena-san in the safe zone.
After hesitating for a bit, Zena-san runs while saying "I'll be back asap".

The poisonous claw tried to attack here, but Uusu couldn't get up so it didn't reach.

The arm grow from the area around the chest of Uusu.
In the beginning, the arm was about 1 meter long but it continues to grow longer little by little.

Is it growing?

A stone thrown from the crowd hit the side of the head of Uusu. It hit with quite a sound.
This time, an arrow flying from behind pierces through Uusu's neck. When I was dumbfounded, another three arrows hit in a row.
When I look behind, two hunters appear from the shadow.

"...We bring down the prey when we are presented with the chance to."

Since when were you guys here.

However, it's a world which treats life cheaply. For the time being, we're saved without any intervention from me. I may become a peace-loving idiot.

Uusu who should've been dead, get up with straight posture and no bent joint, looking like a Kyonshii (Chinese vampire). From that body, black light(?) emerges.

"You worms, for destroying this annoying host's brain. I thank you."

...Demon-kun, I like you better when you didn't talk.

"....■■■■ ■■■■■ <<Cirlce of Anti-Evil>>!"
"How impertinent. I laugh."

The demon is looking uninterested, the handsome middle-aged priest invokes the spell which seal the hand of the demon with light magic square.

Even though the demon snickers at it, the magic square persist.

"Gunununu. This isn't a magic that should have been able to be used by human! I miscalculate"

The handsome middle-aged priest has begin casting for another spell.
The hunters withdraw, knowing that it's not an opponent that could be defeated with arrows.

The people who remain in this square are just me, the handsome middle-aged priest, and the three beast kin girls.
Probably interested with the situation, some people are peeking from the shadow of rooftops around the square.

Everyone sure can run fast~
The three beast kin daughters are chained together to a stake stuck in the square, so they can't run away.

For now, let's get the beastkin daughters out of harm way. I shouldn't lose the real reason of why I got into trouble with the fat priest in the first place.

Tearing off the chains would be too conspicuous, so I pull out the stake. Since I didn't look like I use too much force, even if someone saw it they would think that the ground is loose.

"It's dangerous here, quickly get away. Since I can't take off the chain, go hide behind the shadow of a sturdy building together."
"Impossible, nyesu"
<TLN: Nyaa+Desu>

The cat girl timidly speaks while occasionally chokes on her words. It seems that Uusu ordered them to "Don't move away from this place", and if they oppose it the collar will put them to death... This is troublesome.

I can't wait for the army to arrive here. Their war potential has fallen from yesterday, and there is not enough road space to bring the cannon here. There is no room for cavalries either. The magicians' number has also decreased sharply.
If it like this, if I play around the victims will only increase. I don't want Zena-san and the three beastkin girls to die here.

Let's disguise into masked hero, and finish the demon when the handsome middle-aged priest cast his holy magic.

I transformed(lol) before the demon begin to do something troublesome.

"That bastard over there. You worm dare to ignore me, I am angry!"

I face the arm demon. The AR indication has changed from Uusu to Demon kin. On the space for the name, phonetic symbols lined up instead of normal letters.
Has Uusu been swallowed completely?
Checking the AR while keeping the demon in sight, the beast kin girls status has also changed to [Master : none].

"You bastard, who are you? I am uncomfortable."

"A confirmation for now, you're not Uusu but a demon right?"

"Wa, wait! I am Uusu! Please take off this arm, I don't want to die! Please help!!"

Huh? Is his consciousness intact?
When I think of that for a moment, the arm demon [launches] three poisonous nails.

"Mufufufufu~. Humans always react this way~ I am thrilled."

I block the poisonous nails with the stake in the nick of time. The stake changes color and crumbles  in a moment.

"Unununu, you blocked that, I am astonished!"

I pick up a holy stone on the ground. Should I weaken him with this?

The man's jaw start to transform to look like a wolf.
Before the transformation complete, I throw the stone at him but it was blocked with the poisonous claw.

"Fushurururu~. It's easier to talk now. I am excited ♪"

Here, it's painful to hear your way of speaking though.

"■■■ <<Sacred Javelin>>."

Spear of light formed from thin air flies from the handsome middle-aged priest.

"I ridicule."

The arm demon roars, wall of darkness erupts and divert the course of the light spear.
As I thought, he's not only able to talk easier but also able to use magic now.

"Everyone, please quickly get away from this square! Attack magic is incoming!!!"

I desperately raise my voice to tell the people who are peeking the square!

>[Loudspeaker Skill Acquired]

"All the panic, fear, anxiety, prejudice, arrogance since earlier are truly splendid! I am satisfied."

I'm going to be fine, but at this rate, the beastkin girls are going to die if left alone.
An especially large long roar comes out of the arm demon.

"Therefore, let this place become moi nesting ground. Aren't you happy? I service!"

Should I carry the beastkin girls on my shoulder and run? It can't be helped if I attract attention.
Consequently, while having such needless worry, the situation is changing rapidly.

The ground below is warping like special effects from Showa era shows. Even though the ground is hard, it's flashing dark violet light, warping, twisting, stretching... and the flash [Darken].

When the light settles, I was in a place that look like a cave. Beside the ground which is unchanged, everything else look like bare rocks. In the space of around 10 Meter in radius, I see an exit on one of the wall.
I can somehow see it thanks to the faint purple light coming from the floor.

People who are here include me, the still-chained dog and cat girl I carry in my arms and the lizard girl on my shoulder.

The handsome middle-aged priest and the arm demon who were nearby before, aren't here.

"Welcome to moi Labyritnth. It still doesn't have name, and monsters are being created right now, you can thank moi for it. I am diligent!"

The arm demon's voice are coming from somewhere. It doesn't seem like telepathy.
The dog girl is pointing at the corner of the ceiling. It seems that the voice is coming from the air hole there.

"For the sake of moi complete revival, experience fear at your heart's content. Kill each other! Snatch everything. I encourage!"

After pausing for a bit, the arm demon continues.

"The souls of those who resigns are thin, I hate."

"Therefore, every room are connected to the exit and moi room. I am fair."

"I am expecting the despair that come after the hope. Strive, fodders! I encourage!"

...I see.
This is like the forced event [Escape from the Labyrinth Mission] in video game. Outbreak! That kind of feeling.

>Title [Labyrinth Explorer] Acquired

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