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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-6

Errata fix : On the last chapter they actually call the beast kin girls, demi-human twice, I've fixed it along with this update. I hope the use of that term in this chapter doesn't confuse you.

2-6. Arguments and the Extermination of the Hidden Evildoer Afternoon


Satou's here. "In any ages, agitators never disappear.", such phrase exist, but let alone in ages, even in different world they don't disappear.

Well then, let's settle this.

Adding another page to the history of Seryuu city...

Staring at the 3 beast kin girls, I found the name of the master of the girls.

It's not the name of the fat priest.

Then, where is the master of the girls?

Thinking the possibilities, either the master is not here, or he can't go against the fat priest... or he's a partner of the fat priest.

Right now, since we can't find the information with just AR, I use the special ability of All Map Exploration.
I search the name of the master.

There, on the edge of the square. It's a small man with fox-like eyes, grinning at the commotion in the square while sitting atop of a wooden box.

I inspect the information displayed on the AR.

The small man's name is Uusu. 39 years old. His skills are [Fraud],[Persuasion] and [Intimidation]. Owned slaves are [Cat kin],[Dog kin],[Lizard kin]。
....Hmm? Do slaves only display their kin's type with no name?

No, those kind of things don't matter.
I need more information.
It's still not enough.

Affiliation [Seryu City, Lower Class Citizen]. Guild [Brown Rat].

This is it, guild [Brown Rat]. Begin Search!
Members are 52 people. Including the 10 people in this square. Excluding Uusu and the bodyguard-like big man behind him, 8 men are fake demonstrators in the square.
I mark all people, including the one not present in this place.

Now then, let's begin the action!

>[Inference Skill Acquired]
>[Behind the Scene Skill Acquired]

...But the beast kin girls are probably very shaken with those abuses. I had overlooked an important information. I can't turn back the time, but right now, if I delay the first step the result might be different...

Zena-san arrives before the fat priest.

"Pleas stop this inhuman conduct!"
"What's this little girl! Are you an ally of the demon?"

Before one become aware, his followers have disappeared. Moreover, since he can't refute back, the agitators' butt in for him.

"""Allies of the demon are demons too!"""

In the space of the time Zena-san gained, first I have to do something about the fakers in the crowd.

"Please do not be deceived! Does Zaikuon temple intend to break the law of the kingdom!"
"What's wrong with beating the demon with holy stones?"

What a disengaged conversation. No, the priest understand, he's just shifting the point.
I activate [Spy] and slip into the crowd. While moving through the crowd, I also activate [Evasion] and [Fighting].

"That's right! Let's throw stones at that little girl!!!"

Zena-san use <<Wind Protection>> not only to herself but also to defend the beast kin girls. As expected of a magic soldier of the army.

Now then, while they're still dumbfounded let's put this crowd into order. Even for Zena-san, if a lot people rush together it would be dangerous.

I move beside the (Brown Rat) man who's still trying to incite stone throwing. I wonder if it's the effect of the skill, I was able to choose what kind of attack to neutralize him, and even while being hidden to the surrounding doing it.
I neutralize the (Brown Rat) man with just one attack. And just like that, I throw him to the alley. Because time is precious, I don't have time to restrain him.

>[Abduction Skill Acquired]
>[Assassination Skill Acquired]

Abduction skill seems to be usable, I raise it to maximum. I don't take the Assassination skill. I won't take it you know?

In the center of the square, a priest with different clothing is helping Zena-san. It's a blue-collar worker handsome middle-aged man.

"Equating demi-human with demon, rather than Zaikuon temple, Isn't it just you who say such thing?"

"Hum, the philanthropist priest from the Garleon temple huh? If you like beasts that much then after this beating, use them as you like, from the front, the back, whichever."

Uwa, he's the worst sexual harasser.  Zena-san is turning red... or not. Did she not understand the meaning. Par exellence.

"Kill the demi-human!"
"Punishment for the demon!"

I'll leave the dispute on the stage to Zena-san and her reinforcement, and proceed to exterminate the harmful pests (Brown Rat) here. I successfully knock 2, 3 people unconscious and leave them on a suitable alley. Sake bottles are falling around nearby but I don't have time to spare.

"Do you understand! If you keep fueling anxiety on people, it could end up in revolt! Zaikuon temple will be blamed as the mastermind behind it!"
"Foolish lizard who borrows the skin of dragon! Don't kill the demon you say? Aren't you the traitor here!"
"Kill the demon!!"
"Maybe that little girl is a demon in disguise?!"

The extermination is half complete. The crowd's shouting has become considerably less too... There's a particular guy with an awfully loud voice. Though he doesn't seem to be a part of Brown Rat. Let's mark him for now. Let's get in contact after the extermination is complete.

"Everyone from the east street! Everyone else is also anxious just like you! But that's not an excuse to torture the weak like cowards!"
"Did you hear that everyone! Garleon temple deem you as evils! He said that everyone here, eager to receiving blessings, as evils!"

"Kill the demon!!"
"You damn fake priest!"

Good, only 2 more remaining.
I bring them down and roll them to the alley.

Before I set up the stages with Uusu, I got into contact with the loud-voice-kun to prepare for the event.

>[Conspiracy Skill Acquired]

"Please stop this already. No matter how many of you throw the stones, I will prevent it!"
"You bastard, do you intend to interfere this holy conduct! Foolish one who goes against God!"

The fat priest shout to the point bubbles fly from his mouth, but people who support him are sparse. Even those voices are disappearing 1 by 1 now.

I tap on the shoulder of Uusu.

"It's your turn now."
"Wh, who are you bastard! Oi, Banze! Crush this bastard!"

While surprised, Uusu ordered the big man behind. But he fell into confusion when he look back and couldn't find the man from earlier.

"Banze? Where's that halfwit gone to!"
"That big man (Banze) has gone somewhere with a woman."

In truth, he's currently fainted in the alley though.
I twist the arm of Uusu and take him along up to the stage.

"Everyone, please disband here. If you keep this up, the army will really come! If you are anxious then go to the temple, I'll listen to your worries no matter how much!"
"You bastard, do you intend to interfere this holy conduct! Foolish one who goes against God!"
<TLN: Yes, he said the same exact things as earlier>

Aren't you both priests?
I throw Uusu in the middle of them.

"Oh, Uusu-dono! You bastard! What have you done to this pious person who provided the demi-human for this holy conduct! You apostate!"
"Zena-san, please use magic to isolate voices from outside for the slaves."

Before Uusu get up to command the slaves, Zena-san has completed the spell.

"Dog, Cat, Lizard! Beat these guys up!"
Since command didn't reach the slaves, they're tilting their necks looking puzzled.
For once, I pick up a holy stone (lol), and throw it at the solar plexus of the man. Oh, he faints in agony.

"Zena-san, thanks for waiting. Thank you for your hard work too, handsome middle-aged priest (the priest over there)-san. This guy is the ringleader."
"As expected of Satou-san. You're not just nimble!"
"Who are you"

Your praise vector is a bit strange, Zena-san.

"Zena-san, if you still have some magic left, could you cast a spell to make our voices heard throughout the square?"
"Okay! ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■■■ Whisper Wind."

I raise the fainted Uusu with both hand to make him visible.
I plan to use the handsome middle-aged priest as cover to make me look inconspicuous.
Wa, don't move priest-san.

"Everyone, can you see him? This man is the culprit! This man lent his slaves to this Zaikuon temple's priest, agitated your worries and sold common stones to steal your precious money!"

>[Condemnation Skill Acquired]

An especially loud voice comes out from the crowd. Fueled by that voice, series of, "Give our money back", shouts begin.

"Furthermore, these guys have other goal! To gain small profit and to use the Zaikuon temple for their true purpose! They want to incite everyone's here and start a revolt on the Earl! They are actually worshipers of the demon!"

Scammer skill at its peak! orz.

The small profit part is probably true though. The remaining two were just something I made up.
In fact, even until now I don't understand the purpose of this man so I'm shaking his up to spit it out.

>[False Charge Skill Acquired]

If his purpose is to sell holy stones, even if 100 stones are sold, that's 4 silver coins. It does not match the price of 3 demi-human slaves. From Market skill's judgment, the three are worth for about 6 silver coins. If they had continued the throwing just before, the slaves would undoubtedly be dead.
See? The calculation doesn't fit.

"'That guy is being manipulated by the demon from the shadow, is it.....!'"
That guy, I did ask him to put the priest in disadvantageous position, but read the air. This could become another riot.

"I will deliver this man to the lord for attempted revolt. Fat priest (Zaikuon Temple), you were being deceived by this man isn't it?"

The priest's eyes are swimming.

"Ye, Yes, I was deceived. So he was a demon worshiper! I, I'm not in the wrong... noble-sama! I was deceived. That's why I don't have the slightest bit of revolting against the Earl..."
"Yeah, that would be right. Then please give the money back to the people. That will surely give you better treatment."

Of course, it's an empty promise. Scammer skill is scary. Words are coming out fluently...
The fat priest is unwillingly gives the disciples instruction to give the money back. Group of two or three people are leaving the square. Later, a quarrel between people who didn't buy the stones and the disciples break out.


Uusu who got his feet trampled down and can't move laughs creepily.
Did he go crazy, or does he have some kind of plan?
He wouldn't convince anyone with arguments full of holes. He looks like someone who loves to use violence anyway.

But, it was different than what I expected. Even while lying face down and completely unable to move, an attack from a swing of black hand came out.
I was able to dodge by a hairbreadth but the poison claws teared through the fat priest.

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