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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-5

2-5. The Temple, the Beastkin Girls and the Stone Throwing Afternoon


Satou's here. "Every cloud has a silver lining", I'm contemplating such phrase.

The peaceful afternoon I enjoyed yesterday completely changed.

Well then, the afternoon series, troubles arc will begin...

A little distance away from the street stalls, there's a Parion temple.
In the east street, there are only street stalls in the main street.

There are some people gathered in front of the temple.

"I wonder what happen?"
"Let's check it for a bit."

Zena-san rushes over there. Seeing this quick change of pace, she's really a soldier.

Zena-san asks what happen to the the big priestess' attendant from yesterday.
Zena-san is flapping her hand it around. She seems to be grateful about something.

I wonder what they're talking about?

When I got closer as I walked I only heard the latter half of the story.
By the way, the conversation that I've heard,

"...then how about the Garleon temple on the east street. The temple there also has military contact so medical treatment shouldn't be a problem. It's on east street but you're accompanied by a man so strange fellows probably won't approach you."
"Yes, even like this, I'm a magician soldier. I'd beat playboys who try to pick me up no matter how many of them come."

From Zena-san, it seem that the priestess are in the middle of meeting with envoys from the royal capital temple. Moreover, since the priestess are only able to use magic for healing injury, light poison and illness, we're forced to go to the other referred temple.

...He's just passing the buck!!

In the end, we're going to the Garleon temple on the east street.

It's not like I'm dissatisfied you know?
Even if I got used to it, walking the European-style city together with a plainly cute girl like this, it's quite enjoyable!

Along the way, about 100 meter away, a public park is there.

I thought that it was just a lawn with weeds, but it's cut short and in the square, some old couples carrying baby are resting, and around 10 young people are practicing martial arts.

"Zena-san, what kind of training is in military?"

I want to hear it somehow.

"That's right~, I think it's the same training as soldiers everywhere, but for magic soldiers it's concerning preservation of magic power. We take care to maintain the state where we can use magic at its best."

Variation in training huh?
Certainly, MP-less magicians are useless.

"Magic soldiers and magicians each assigned different roles in accordance with their element. I can only speak from the viewpoint of military, but except for fire element, we don't usually use other elements for attacking."

Certainly something like torturing by fire is certainly suitable for attack. But you can also use it to heat bath you know?

"As for my wind, it's used for protection from arrows, <<Wind Protection>>, defending a castle from castlebreaker hammer with (Air Cushion), or transmitting instruction with (Whisper), various useful things like those.  If we use (Fly) then scouting will be easy, but the Earl doesn't have anyone who can use it."

That remind me, Zena-san's goal was to fly through the sky isn't it?

"If you manage to fly, then it'd be nice to have a date in the sky~"

I was joking, but Zena-san turns red to her neck and says "P, please leave it to me" while fumbling her words.

It's cute, but I'm worried if she's ever going to be deceived by a bad man~

In the shades of the roadside trees several cats are curling around. Come to think of it, this is the first time I've seen wild cats since I come here.

"That cat is cute~."

Zena-san looks like she'll run there if left alone.
I'm of cat's faction too, that's why I can't let cats' afternoon nap to be disturbed!!
So I bring up this talk.

"That remind me, there are no wild dogs in this city."
"There's a rumor that wild dogs, if seen, will become meals for the people of the slum..."
"It's a lie, isn't it?"
"Yes, it's a lie.
 But a rumor like that do exist, it seems that ripe gabo fruits eaten with dog are quite addicting. So, ever since that fruit began to be consumed, wild dogs disappeared."

Gabo fruits appear again. Have some restrain!

People catching sights of hunters going to the meat processing plant in the east street with their dog partners seems to be the root of that rumor.

"Punishment for the demon's kin! Receive blessing by striking the demon with these holy stoooones!"

Halfway into the east street, we're hearing a faint voice verging on falsetto like it's coming from an old man. There are also voices of a lot of people.

On the square from the alley turn, there's a fat middle-aged man priest standing in an expensive looking pedestal.
With bloodshot eyes, bubbles fly from his mouth.

"O people with virtue! Do you remember the divine punishment also known as Star Fall from the other day!"
"""We remember!"""

Isn't about half of the shouting people are faking it?

"Furthermore! FurtherMORE! Yesterday, the Earl's castle had been hit by an attack of the demon lord's executive!"
"""Oh Gods!"""
"""Please save us, hero-sama!!"""

Shouting is a good way to relieve stress huh.

"This is a sign of the dimming of the god's divine protection! Acquire blessings! O people with virtue! Those who gain blessings will be protected from disaster!"
"""Priest-sama! Please save us!!"""

Such cheap people.

"Acquires blessing! Do you understand people! Blessings!"
"""Please teach us!"""

This town's people would be easily deceived by fraudulent calls or shady pyramid scheme.

"Look at those fellows!"

The fat priest point at the back of the square.

"Those fellows are demi-human, the washout of the demon, no, the kin of the demon lord! Give divine punishment to those fellows and receive blessings!"

Oi oi agitator.

"Wait! People of virtue! Murder is prohibited by the law of the kingdom. Wait!"
"""What should we do, priest-sama!!"""

There are a lot of people who are just clamoring.

"Killing is prohibited! With these holy stones hit the demon's kin and receive blessings."

"""Give us the stones~!"""

I look at the direction the fat priest points to. 3 beastkin girls are there.

"But it's not free! Receive the blessings using your own money!!"


Dog, Cat, and Lizard beastkin girls are huddling together.

"The holy stones are 1 copper coin each! For this special occasion, you can get 6 stones for one big copper coin!"

Ah, the voices from the people stop. What a calculating populace~

"What's wrong! Pious men and women! There's a limit on these holy stones! Those who receive blessings are those who act fast!"

"""We'll buy it!"""
"""Please sell it to me!!!"""

They sure are weak with limited edition.

"Buy it from my disciples here! Line up! If you don't properly line up, you won't get the blessings!"

"""Line up!"""

Fat priest, did you just use mind manipulation magic?

People who have bought the holy stones unreservedly throw it at the beast girls. They don't hesitate there.

Eh~~~? Are you serious?

"I cannot watch this!"

Zena-san pushes her way through the crowds running to the fat priest's place.
I was taken aback and late to respond.

"""Kill the demi-human!!"""
"""Punishment for the demon kin!!!"""

The people are heating up and sporadically hit the beast kin girls with the stones.
The lizard girl are protecting the smaller dog and cat girls.

Now then, it's easy to interrupt this from the front, but if the same thing happen again later then there is no meaning to it.

Detailed information from the AR come up like usual when I look at the beast kin girls.

This is!

I quickly chew through the information I've found.
Then, it should be somewhere.


I investigate the guy's information and is convinced.
With this, I should manage somehow!

I whip my gray brain cells to explore the best solution...

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