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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-1

2-1. Disaster Relief and the Shrine Maiden

Satou's here. Feeling like a veteran warrior, but after all I'm just an average citizen, Satou.

Although it's hard to call this a victory, for once, the battle is over.
Hereafter is the battle of lifesaving and rebuilding.

It's about time for a harem candidate to appear, right?

I take off the robe and mantle in a desolate back-alley. Overlapping with all map exploration magic to check for human sign, I also took off my disguise.

Well it's just a wig and a mask though...

I put the disguise set and the robe in the forbidden folder inside the storage.
Which robe should I use now?

I take out a uselessly gaudy robe.
This one should be okay.

I decide to return to the street after changing to the gaudy robe. Of course, using a different route.

There's a soldier's corpse stuck on the tree branch along the way. To be flown to this place.... I join my hands to pray for it.

For now let's return to the plaza after performing an obligatory prayer.

"Err... The gaudy person over there~."

...Somehow there's a voice coming down from the tree.

Confirming on the radar, the corpse earlier isn't a corpse at all, somehow it's quite alive.
I look up.

"I'm sorry, could you call some soldiers? It's okay to do it after the battle in the plaza is over."

The first impression is quite favorable due to the absence of "help me".
However even though the soldier is caught in the tree's branches... The hands and feet aren't turned toward strange directions.

Now then, is there any scaffolding to help the soldier?
...Guess I'll just kick that window and land on the other branch.

I fly to branch near the soldier. In consideration for possible fracture, I land while trying not to shake the branch.

"Well then, I'll carry you down so please don't move."
"Eh, how did you get here? Please don't push yourself and just call the other soldiers!"

I silently carry the soldier in my arms.
If the soldier has fractured bones then landing on the ground could be dangerous... Since there are at least 4 meter until the ground.
Thus, I jump to the slightly higher roof next to the branch.

"Though I jumped while taking care not to jolt you as much as possible, are you all right?"
"Yes, that surprised me but I'm fine."

I move from roof to roof in search of a house with an exit from atop the roof.
There is a lot of unaired laundry, it probably got left behind after the demon came.

After checking for people on the radar, I get out of the house to the alleyway.
I carry the soldier in princess hug to the plaza.

"Hey, I have a little question..."
"Yes, what is it?"
"Even if you were blown away by the demon, isn't it too far?"

This isn't a gag manga. From the plaza to here is more than 10 meter apart.

"I got blown away by the attack of that demon, since I would have died at that rate, I used magic to decelerate my falling speed. Although I was already running out of magic power. I was at loss when I got caught on that branch."

Magic seems to be usable even if one isn't a magician...

There is a temporary relief station in the plaza.
A bit away from the relief station, mats are placed and several 'people' are lined up there... It's not for the injured but for corpses huh...

"People who were rescued from the wreckages, please gather over here."

A woman in white coat shout for injured people to assemble over there, so I head there.

"For people who are holding the patient, please keep a little distance away from their body."

So she says, I stretch my arm to make a gap on my chest.

"I will cleanse the dirts, it may be surprising, so please don't drop them."

"■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■ Soft Wash."

I got drenched along with the soldier. Certainly the dust and the blood (from the soldier who died first earlier) on the robe are gone.

>[Life Magic Acquired]

It's certainly a very useful magic. If there is this kind of magic then I wonder if bathing isn't needed?

"I will dry it immediately."

"■■■ ■■■■■ Dry."

"It's complete. Well then, please wait inside the circle drawn with chalks over there. That's the place where we gather injured people."

The white coat head toward the next person.
This is the first time I heard magic chant in close proximity but rather than word, I heard irregular sound instead. I guess it feels like the musical notes from a DTM software?

Though it's not life-threatening the people who have broken bones are gathered there. It's full right after we got in. I don't have any injury, I'm here in order to learn new skills.

Two girls with priestess-like clothes and kind atmospheres quietly approach, each accompanied with their attendants.

"Now the Parion shrine maiden will grant you their miracle. Everyone, please be silent."
The attendant with big build shouted so to the injured peoples. And out of nowhere, the attendant with small build tells the tense people, "Please relax your body~".

After the injured people calmed down, the shrine maiden begin the magic chant.

「■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■」
「■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■■■」
(Omitted... It's too long, priestess-san.)
「■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ Area Heal.」

>Holy Magic: Parion Belief Acquired

Most people seems to be healed by the magic just now.
The two attendants go around to give additional healing for people who need them.

The big attendant said, "Since it's a bone fracture, please rest quietly later", while giving first aid to the soldier I carried.

Oh yes, this isn't a BL okay? Even though the soldier is still physically growing, she is an actual woman.

Now then, I've learned various magic but I don't know their chant, there are magic shop and bookstore that sell magic books in the plaza, but the stores were destroyed so they're probably closed now...

"The good you do for others is the good you do for yourself."
<TLN: A Japanese idiom>

Let's make myself popular with the bookstore and the magic shop by helping them with selfish reasons in mind.

A carriage is half buried under the magic shop.
After confirming that there are no survivor near the carriage, I pull it out.
...When I think about it, I'm standing out by doing this, aren’t I?

There's a corpse in terrible condition stuck on the carriage, nausea is swelling up inside me... I'm weak with gore so please pardon me.

The inside of the magic shop has been destroyed but it seems that the people inside are fine because of a back door. Since I see people's figure on the radar beyond the back door, thinking that they're fine I head toward the bookstore.

The front wall of the bookstore is destroyed, it looks like it'll collapse any minute now. When I peek inside, numerous bookshelves have been toppled and books are scattered around.
From the map, it seems that there are two people squashed under the bookshelves.

The bookshelves is lined up edge to edge, thanks to them being made with dense ebony, they're very heavy.
I raise the bookshelves ⇒ I cram the book between the shelves ⇒ Whenever I raise a bookshelf the leftovers books get in the way and then I can't raise the next bookshelf so the work take quite some time. Also partly because I'm afraid that the shelf will break if I try to forcefully raise it.
1 hour after the work begin, I finally able to rescue a person.

It's a boy of around 10 years old. He's unconscious but he's breathing. The HP is about half, I stop working and bring him to the relief station. I didn't forget to tell them that the boy was rescued from the bookstore.

It's not the priestess from earlier, but a person that looks like a magician who heals people with water magic. Huh, healing magic can be done with many elements.
There are more priests now but they all dress differently, I wonder if there are different sects.

Now then let's stop procrastinating and get back to work. Because the one left who need rescuing is certainly the storekeeper!

I continue the mundane work of raising the bookshelves and stowing away the books, until finally I was able to help the old man storekeeper buried in the books.
He didn't get crushed under the bookshelves but he seemed to be squashed by the fallen books, his HP is quite low. He's conscious though.

"Thank you very much for helping me."

It's an austere voice quite fit to be a seiyuu. What a romantic gray haired old man, he must've been quite popular back in the day.
Outside the store, the old woman and the daughter have come back. It seems that they went shopping to the west gate which was closed until just now.

I carry the old man to the relief station. The old woman also follows. The daughter remains in the store to clean things up.

In the relief station, the injured people who have come have increased even more. As expected the healer can't catch up. The two healer priestess attendants from earlier run out of MP and are sitting on the couch.

I search through the storage... there.
I take out 3 MP recovery medicine from my pocket and give it to the two attendants. It's a service for the skill I got earlier.
At first the big attendant was suspicious but after he knew that it was MP recovery medicine he thanked me.
...but, please stop drinking it in one gulp while having one hand in hip. You look like an old man.
The priestess is silent with a pale face looking down. I wonder if she's tired from using too much magic.

I leave the storekeepers to the relief station and head back to the store to help with the clean up.

I had forgotten the important matter.

The daughter of the bookstore. Her name is Semone-san. She's actually the granddaughter, and big-breasted! It's hidden by the clothes, but it's unmistakably E cup! With a long blond hair and a pair of blue eyes, she's about the same age as Nadi-san!

I'm correcting the bookshelf positioning while having a calm idle talk with her, I'm enjoying the work while placing the books which lost their binding in a box.
I love organizing books~

I mark all the interesting book during the placements.
Arrow marks can be seen in plenty through AR.

When the day is about to become dark the storekeepers come back.
I politely refuse the invitation for dinner, I purchase 3 books that catch my attention and go home. They wanted to give it as a thanks, but I compromise with just having slight discounts.

"Royal Capital Tourist Guide","Introductory Book for Life Magic", and "Life Magic Book" which should be 2 gold coin and 3 silver coin become 2 gold coin with the discount.

...Unfortunately, the bookstore daughter is married. The husband is a magician...

>Title [One Who Prays for the Dead] Acquired
>Title [Rescuer] Acquired
>Title [One Who Protects Books] Acquired

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