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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 2-4

2-4. The Afternoon Date with Soldier-san 


Satou's here. Rather than a hero, I want to be a magician.

Chanting (aka DTM), such impossible game broke my heart.

I was healed a bit after the girl's talk with Zena-san and her friends.

"I'm sorry for all the fuss. They're not bad girls, it's just that it was unusual that I'm with a man..."

She's coming with upturned eyes. It doesn't feel mischievous like in the beginning, this time it really looks timid.

"They look like fun people. I don't particularly dislike it."

"I'm happy if you think that way. That remind me, you looked troubled in front of the magic shop earlier, is something the matter?"

"Yes, I hit a roadblock in my magic chanting training. I was wondering if they have books concerning chanting practices, but as you see they're closed."

"Satou-san, you're, ummm is it fine to call you Satou-san?"

"Of course it's' fine."
I'm already calling you Zena-san without permission.

"Is Satou-san not only a nimble peddler but also a magician in training? That remind me, today you're not wearing gaudy clothes~, I think this one match you better."

So fixated on nimble part, this person is.

"I want to be able to use Life magic so I'm training on it, but I just can't get the chanting part right..."

"Let's see, for wind magic, people usually start with ■■■■ but if they tries to forcefully chant it, it usually come out like, lyu~lia la~lule li la~o. If it's just memorization, then most people can do it."

Zena-san is tilting her head with "I wonder how I should explain this"-look on her face.

"Rhythm. Yes, please try to slowly recite the chanting and remember the rhythm. Then while keeping the rhythm gradually increase the chanting speed so it become ■■■■!"

I see~, however, even if what she said isn't exactly a secret, isn't it still something that shouldn't be easily taught to other people?

"Rhythm huh... I understand, thank you very much professor. I'll practice hard in that direction."

"Yes, I'm happy that I can help you."

Zena-san smiles.
I should give her something as thanks.

I've decided to go together with Zena-san halfway to the Parion temple in the west district.

"Speaking of which, how long did Zena-san practice to be able to use wind magic?"

"The real training was 3 years, but in hindsight, I've done various things during everyday life in preparation to become a magician~"

I wonder what kind of things? ...I hope it's nothing serious.

"In order to learn the history of magicians, from when I was a child, I was made to read aloud picture books for children, poem singing, practice to read lines smoothly, abdominal breathing... Toys for detecting the flow of magic. Even the children's plays were for the sake of training to become a magician."

Zena-san looks a bit gloomy for a second.

"It's not like I bear ill will toward my parents for raising me like that you know? Learning magic is fun anyway, and I have an objective to fly in the sky someday."

But there is no other road to choose from the beginning...

"Satou-san. Why does Satou-san want to learn life magic? Is it because it's useful for business?"

"No, since there is no bath in the inn, I was thinking if I have magic then I wouldn't have to take a bath outside..."

Ah, she's amazed.
She looks me in the eyes directly, and bursts a laughter.
Is it that interesting?

"Ahahahaha! Th, this is the first time I've seen a person who has such reason for wanting to become a magician."

Seemingly hitting the spot, Zena-san's laughter doesn't stop.

"Is it that strange?"

I think that it's relatively proper reason though. Don't you want to make inconvenient thing easier?

"It is strange!"

An immediate answer.

"Because if you have the drive and the fund to learn life magic, isn't it faster to just build a bath in your house? And you can just buy slaves for the job of boiling the bath."

It's like that huh~
I will do things I could do myself! I'd like to think like that, but even over here, it's normal to hire people to work, since the labor costs seems to be cheap.

"Mister, please buy some flowers."

When we got to the west street, a little girl carrying a small knitted bag filled with flowers immediately stops us.
The little girl stops while holding out a flower. I've catch sights on her various time before but this is the first time she calls out to me.
I wonder if people accompanied by woman are easier sells?
She's well thought out even though she's just a little girl.

"Okay, how much is it?"
"A penny for a bundle."

I receive the flowers in exchange for a penny. The little girl happily thank me and go toward the next customer candidate.
I present the flower to Zena-san.
Zena-san looks surprised.
No well, there is no other choice than this isn't it?

"Umm, is it fine to take it?"
"Yes, I'd be troubled if you don't receive it."

Since I can't throw it away.
Zena-san bites her lip while looking very happy.
Huh? Is it something to be so happy about?

...Well, I guess it's fine as long as she's pleased.

"That's right, Satou-san. Do you have any business after this?"
"No, after chanting practice I have noting in particular "

...There's alchemy, but I can do that anytime.

"Th, then, why don't we go to the street stalls on the way to the temple?"
"Yes, I'm fine with that. If possible, I'd like you to tell me the specialties of this town."

Zena-san probably never had experience of inviting someone herself, her face turns bright red halfway during the suggestion. Since it's just me, you don't have to be so tense you're fumbling words. 
That remind me, when was it decided for me to go along until the temple? She did me a favor regarding the secret of chanting, and I shouldn't complain since it's a date with a girl.

"Specialties is it? Leave it to me!"

She's full of confidence. I could expect something, maybe.

"This is made from sweet potatoes, steamed sweet potatoes are filtered to become jams which then kneaded together to make breads. It's a Seryuu city's specialty from long ago."

Something that looks like sweet potato kneaded for bread huh. Quite a subtle presence...

"These are deep fried bat wings spread with black miso."

It seems that Zena-san doesn't know the cuisine's name either. The shopkeeper who couldn't stand shutting his mouth any longer tells us. ...It's Dragon Wing Fries.
It seems to be foods said to bring luck.

"And then these are things I'm taught by Lilio. Ah, Lilio is the smallest girl from the trio earlier."

Putting aside the girl's name.
The thing that Zena-san recommends is ...light brown? ...I wonder what is it?

For the time being I bought two serving for two pennies from the stall's uncle seller.
I guzzle the brown liquid using the straw plugged into it handed by the uncle seller.
It's a starch syrup!

"Starch syrup huh. It's nostalgic~"
"You knew about it~"

She looks a bit disappointed. I should have been surprised ...I'm sorry.

"The starch syrup that I know is colorless and transparent, I didn't know what this was."
"Noble-sama, the colorless transparent syrups are high-class items made using expensive grains and sugars, this one is intended for commoners and uses sweet potatoes, gabo fruits and malts so it's light brown."

The uncle seller interrupted with overreaction.
Who's a noble? He didn't say it to Zena-san only.

"Mister, I am commoner you know. I got to drink the colorless and transparent syrup from an acquaintance long ago. I didn't know that it's a luxury."

I mean, it's 200 yen a pop on the festival.

Afterwards, we enjoy ourselves by going around various stalls while plodding the crowds. It's a good afternoon.

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