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Okami wa Nemuranai 29.7




"Lecan-dono can tell what's going on inside a room, but that's not the case for other. What will happen if another party enters a room that has people inside fighting?"

"We got an unspoken rule in my world, those who intrude in a fight between adventurers and magic beasts shall not complain if they get killed in the process. And those who instead butt in the fight get branded as <Sideswiping Bastards>."

"Hee. Then I guess nobody does that there."

"Those who do, do."

"What's the point then."

"At the end of the day, it's every man for himself. Adventurers who steal someone else's fight risk getting jumped on anytime themselves. Besides, those who can't deal with that stuff aren't gonna last long in dungeons."

"I see."

"If you hate to see your target getting swiped right under your nose, then just get strong enough to shut that out. If you got killed in an ambush, that means you simply lacked either the ability or vigilance necessary."

"I suppose that's just how it's like with dungeons huh."

"Not sure about the ins and outs in this world, but if you find yourself in a scene of combat involving another party by mistake, you want to get away asap."

"And what if someone else intruded while we were fighting?"

"Gonna depend on them. Just don't let your guard down. Okay, the last party's got down the floor, a new batch of magic beasts' respawned. We're going in. Don't kill the <Red Body>."


Lecan got in, followed by Arios.


Crackle, crackle, lightning ran through six magic beasts.

Lecan cut off the head of a <Black Body> leading the pack.

Arios took care of a <Black Body> that was at the farthest right.

Only two <Black Body> and two <Red Body> left now.

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>!"
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Lecan unfold <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand.

The four magic beasts started moving again. One of the <Black Body> went for Lecan. <Shield of Wolkan> blocked the down swung axe.

Another <Black Body> is headed for Arios. BWOON, the greatsword swung with enough speed to produce that sound was easily dodged by Arios.

The two <Red Body> slowly fall behind.

Lecan kept blocking the barrage of axe swings.

Arios kept dodging the greatsword slashes.

Meanwhile, one of the <Red Body> who had retreated back opened its mouth wide and howled out.


Then a light dwelt in its mouth.

Its dull white skin got dyed in a pale red color.

The light exploded inside its mouth, turning into a spear of light that flew off toward Lecan.


Lecan blocked that spear of light with <Shield of Wolkan>.

BOOM, his shield shook along with that booming sound.

A moment later, the other <Red Body> also opened its mouth and spewed out a spear of light. The spear landed on Arios's belly before bursting open.

The <Black Body> in front of Lecan immediately swung down its axe.

Lecan took a half step backward to dodge the axe, then he trod powerfully forward as he swung his sword horizontally, beheading the magic beast, afterward he rushed ahead while going around the lifeless body in front of him, before stopping and slashing the <Red Body>'s head off.

Arios has already taken care of both the <Black Body> and the <Red Body> by then.

"You okay?"

"Yes. This armor is quite impressive."

Looks like Arios is completely unharmed.

It's an armor made from shell of the Greater Octocular Giant Spiders in Dungeon Ninae's depths as well as the Queen's. It has proven itself highly resistant against magic.

"Didn't see any sign of that one."

"Yes. Oddly enough. The magic beast that attacked Lecan-dono howled, and yet the one who went for me shot its magic without warning."

"Not sure, but perhaps the second beast can omit prep time if the first one already got it done."

"Or perhaps they can unleash that attack without actually howling first."

"There might be other signs besides those howls. We should keep an eye out next time."

The second <Red Body> cast its magic without any warning.

Nevertheless, Arios should have been more than capable enough to dodge it. He likely let it hit a thicker part of his armor on purpose to check out its sturdiness.

"Yes. But still, that was quite some firepower."

"Yea. The impact was something else, and it can probably tear through things easily. Kind of feels similar to <Flame Spear>, this attack."

They got one treasure chest which contained an axe.

Appraising it revealed that it got <Lightening> and <Strength Boost> Graces. Looks to fetch a high price.

"Wonder if the White Spectres outside this dungeon shoot out magic."

"No no, that is not a thing at all. They do not shoot magic. The White Spectres in this dungeon are simply special."


"If you think about it, these magic beasts are quite a tricky one."


"Both mine and Lecan-dono's swords have both power and speed. Our aim is precise as well. It's the reason why we are able to drop their heads like flies. But that doesn't apply to ordinary adventurers. These <Black Body> are very sturdy after all."

"I guess so."

"<Red Body> shoot out magic from behind the line while you're busy dealing with the tough <Black Body>. That should prove to be quite a menace."

<Black Body> on later floor 50s boast sturdiness which rivals that of knights' armor. Some parts of this armor are pointed out, covering their head, their weakness. Lecan and Arios can deal with these pointy parts while still being on the offensive, but the magic beasts move really quick once you've gotten to this floor, the average adventurers are unlikely to imitate them.

After taking magic stones out of the beasts' bodies, Lecan and Arios went down to floor 53.

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