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Okami wa Nemuranai 28.10


The next day, Lecan and Arios headed for the dungeon after having their breakfast.

The three <Grindam> members went downstairs afterward.

They looked somewhat lifeless as they brought their meals in their mouths.

Wonder if it's piled up fatigue.

Bruska came and talked to Nark who was sorting things out behind the counter.

"The guests at room 4 and 5 got back last night, didn't they?"

"Hm? Yea. They did."

"They've gone out already?"

"Yea. They have."

The three quietly had their meals. Even after they were done, they stayed on their chairs absentmindedly.

"Okay. Should be about time."

Mage Yoana spoke.

A three-person party cannot explore floor 92 on their own. They must have made an appointment with another party.

Nark lightly sighed as he watched the three leaving the inn.

"Better to take a break and get a change of pace when yer' tired though."

'Hope nothing bad happened to them', Nark was worried that day.

However, the three were all cheerful when they got back in the evening.

"We're back, Nark-san."


"Get the bath ready for me please."

"I too shall get in."

"Me too."
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The three hopped in the bath, took seats on the dining table and toasted with white wine.

Nark found out the shift in their situation without him asking.

They went up and explored floor 90 today.

And two Grace Gear were dropped.

They went straight to the trading facility and got paid handsomely for it.

Lecan and Arios didn't come back that day.

Evening the following day.

The three <Grindam> members had started drinking early.

Then dine-in customers came by, livening up the dining hall.

(The pot is gonna run out soon.)

(Okay now, should I leave some for Lecan and Arios tonight, or not.)

Lecan and Arios returned as he was thinking that.

"We're back, Nark-san."


"Is there still meal for us?"

"Yeah sure, left some for ya."

"Thank you. But it looks like there's no table with two seats open."

All four tables have customers sitting around them. Two have four each, other two have three each, Lecan and Arios would have to sit on different tables.

"Hey you two, come sit over here."

Bruska called out to them.

There's one empty chair left on <Grindam>'s table. Bruska brought over another chair from the next table.

"Just got to squeeze a bit."

Bruska urged his friends, Tsuinga and Yoana to open up some space.

"Thank you."

Arios said his thanks, and let Lecan took his seat before taking his own.

"You two are guests in room 4 and 5, right?"

"Oh yes, this Lecan-dono here is staying in the room right by the stairs, and I'm in the room next to that one. Please call me Arios."

"I'm Bruska."

"Tsuinga is the name."

"And I'm Yoana."

"Pleased to meet you all. Shall we have a toast to commemorate then?"

All five toasted and started chatting.

Tsuinga and Yoana who were tottering around unsteadily from fatigue and booze bounced back up and went wild.

"It has been a while since I last witnessed a man taller than me."

"You got him beat on chest thickness though."

"But really, it's rare for other adventurers besides us to stay at this inn. What made you decide to?"

"Oh it's cause the building had this sense of comfort to it. And the field in the yard looked well cared for too, so we figured the food here should taste good."

"Kakkakka. You possess good eyes. Powers of observation are important for adventurers."

"Lecan. Here, brought you more drink."

"Yea, appreciate it."

The dining hall would always be bustling during dinner, but that table was especially lively. Even when other customers went home, those five kept drinking for a while. Nark would bring them snacks many times over.

<Grindam> eventually went back to their rooms, followed by Lecan and Arios.

Nark found out a few things from their conversation.

Lecan and Arios's party name is <Rainbow Stones (Willard)>. There's two other members in the party, but they're acting independently right now.

Lecan is a swordsman. Which isn't really surprising given the sword hanging on his waist, but due to the information about him being a <Recovery> user and how he used <Appraisal> right in front of Nark, it was a bit hard to process.

Arios is a swordsman as well. Nark had long figured that out already.

Lecan and Arios have not gone to any facility including the information desk after purchasing their permits in the first day. They only went to stores that sell food.

Meaning they have never sold their loot even once. Nark was surprised. So were the three <Grindam> members.

As that means they're not utilizing baggage keeping facility, these two must be carrying all items they have gotten so far.

Do they not replenish consumables too. Can you really continue exploring like that.

These two are such a bizarre duo.

Different from any adventurer Nark has ever seen in his life.




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