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Okami wa Nemuranai 29.10_11


The following day, Lecan got up, took a small bag from <Storage>, and put the content in his palm.

<Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness (Willard)>.

They're pebbles Eda's father presented to her mother which then got passed along to Eda, an unusual set of rainbow colored pebbles in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colors.

They're not exactly valuable, but to Eda, these are truly important pebbles she believes to bring happiness to those who carry them, they're her parents' memento.

Eda handed these over to Lecan on their way back from Goncourt Mansion after he saved her there.

"Cause I think you're gonna need them."

So she said.

Lecan tried to give them back before he left Vouka, but Eda wouldn't accept them.

"You can keep it with you until we meet again, Lecan."

Hence why he's got them with him now.

"Aren't those Eda-san's <Willard>?"


Arios asked about the meaning of their party name <Willard> before they went in Dungeon Ninae, and Eda explained. As such, Arios knows about these pebbles.

"I'm really blessed."

His fortune feels very real to Lecan.

Living in Zaidmahl Household after falling in this world.

Meeting Chaney and Eda.

Meeting Shira.

Meeting Norma.

Meeting Arios.

Lecan conquered Dungeon Ninae. Even came with an extra serving of 10,000 Spotted Spiders. Resulting in a huge power boost for him.

However, he could overcome that battle only because Arios, Heles and Eda were there with him. Looking back, you could even say it was actually Lecan's side that was saved by Heles in their Dungeon Ninae's adventure, not the other way around.

And how he could leisurely stroll around Dungeon Tsubolt right now is all due to the strength he gained at Dungeon Ninae. It was also thanks to the Octocular Great Spider's light armor Lecan and Arios wore that they managed to get through <Exploding Sword>'s crisis.

"Yes. And so am I."

Arios's words had sincerity to them.

Lecan took <Necklace of Intuador> out of <Storage>, and put it around his neck before shoving it behind the light armor. Another thing he gained at Ninae. He believed he would need its assistance from this floor on.

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The two took their time having a meal before entering floor 55's boss room.

"Lecan-dono. Allow me to enter the room first this time."


By going after Arios into the room, Lecan managed to calmly assess the magic beasts thanks to Arios attracting their attentions.

Three <Black Body> and three <Red Body>.

Magic beasts starting around these floors move too fast he couldn't afford to observe them calmly anymore, but Arios leading the way has made it easier for Lecan.

"Left end!"

Arios shouted out briefly.

The <Black Body> on the left end must be holding a Grace sword.

Lecan cut off the center <Black Body>'s head.

Arios reaped the right end <Red Body>'s head.

Lecan went around to the right side of the right <Black Body>. Effectively using the Grace Geared White Spectre as a shield.

Lecan lightly dodged the right <Black Body>'s diagonal down slash and sliced at the sword-side hand's wrist. However, that blackened arm was surprisingly sturdy, <Sword of Rusk> slid off the wrist as a sound of metal clashing echoed.

That was when a crackling sound and a light shone bright, lightning assaulted Lecan.

<Necklace of Intuador>'s grace got activated, an invisible wall stopped that lightning right before it hit Lecan, letting out a dazzling light.

Lecan swung his sword from left to right horizontally, cutting off the <Black Body> in front of him.

Then he went around before rushing toward the <Black Body> in the back, cutting its head off.

Arios has retreated diagonally behind Lecan.

Two <Red Bodies> stood around in the back, not attempting to chase after Arios.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

The <Flame Spear> landed on one of the <Red Bodies> and blew it away. However, that wasn't enough to kill it despite the damage it received. Starting around these floors, these <Red Bodies> get to be highly resistant to magic.

The other one started to howl.


A pale blue light dwelt in its open mouth before explosively flying off toward Lecan.

<Necklace of Intuador> stopped the attack. Lecan just watched the two magic beasts and their attacks without moving an inch.

The other <Red Body> got up and opened its mouth to shoot out a pale red spear of light, but it also got dispersed off by <Necklace of Intuador>.

The first <Red Body> shoots out pale blue spears.

The second <Red Body> shoots out light red spears.

After the eighth attack, Lecan suddenly rushed forward and lopped the left <Red Body>'s head off.

Arios took care of the right <Red Body> at the same time.

All hostiles have been eliminated.

A treasure chest popped up.

Lecan took out the sword inside and appraised it.

<Name: Thunder Sword (Gwintyrscylla)>

<Type: Sword>

<Grace: Thunder>

※ Send thunder and lightning forward when swung above a certain speed


Sounds like a really nice Grace. Seems pretty powerful too.

Lecan explained what the Grace is about to Arios.

"Oh that should let one goes up against multiple magic beasts. I think swinging it horizontally should widen up the scope too. But that dazzling light will surely get in the way."

"Right. Either way, time to take it for a spin."

Bwosh, Lecan swung the <Thunder Sword>.

Thunder and lightning flew off, gouging out the rock wall.

He swung it again, faster this time.

Thunder and lightning flew off, gouging out the rock wall.

"Its power remains the same regardless of how forceful or fast you swing it huh. But man, that stuff is really bright up close."

"Although it may serve as a blind to the enemy, it will also dazzle friendlies like that."

Forget friendlies, it's a hindrance to the user themselves.

Having that dazzling light shone right into your eyeballs will make you lose sight of what's in front for a moment. It's an ideal weapon for the eye-less White Spectres though.

"Let's just get to floor 56 for now... It's floor 56, right?"

"I believe so, yes. More importantly, what was that thing that blocked the magic attack earlier?"

"Hm? It's <Necklace of Intuador>'s work."

"You mean that necklace. You got that at Ninae, didn't you?"

"Yeah. You didn't know how this necklace work eh?"

"I have no idea."

"This thing automatically repels magic attacks. It's also usable as a Mana Cellar."

The two fetched magic stones and went into the floor below. Then Lecan got back into the stairway and recited a spell.

"<Floor (Sijmel)>!"

They really are on floor 56. No doubt.





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