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Okami wa Nemuranai 29.15


All four of the treasure chests that got dropped contained Large Red Potions curiously enough, all of which were given to Arios.

They got down to floor 63.

Lecan charged into some nearby room and tried <Curse Mark Sword> in it.

The sword is effective on both <Red Body> and <Black Body>.

An ancient script-like object that emits light would surface up on the wounded parts. Then after some time, the victim died.

"Confirmed the effect and all. But this thing's ill suited for dungeon combat with how long it takes."

"It appears to me the <Red Body> died faster. The <Black Body> moved around like usual though."

"Humans might have their strength gradually get sapped out. Hmm. Would be great if a test subject conveniently shows up here."

"Are you aware just how sinister you sound right now?"

"Guess I'll take on some bandit sweeping job in another town or something."

"Ah, you mean that way."

"Or if someone would try raiding us here in this dungeon, even better."

"Let's not joke about that stuff, okay?"

"Besides, against magic beasts, can't test if it's got any effect when it grazes armor or clothes. Ah."

"What's the matter?"

"We're heading to another room."


They rushed in the next room. Then they defeated three <Red Body>, two <Black Body> and cut at the remaining two <Black Body> with the <Curse Mark Sword>.

The Curse Marks lit up.

Lecan kept dodging the enemies' attacks for a while before cutting one of them with the <Dagger of Harut>. The curse mark disappeared from the cut up magic beast. Lecan cut that same magic beast with the <Curse Mark Sword> once again and then cut it again with <Dagger of Harut> after observing it for a while.

"Fumu. I see. Go ahead and beat them."

"Got it."

After the two magic beasts were defeated, Lecan handed over the <Curse Mark Sword> to Arios, took <Dagger of Harut> off his belt and put it on the ground, then he presented his left hand to Arios.

"Cut it."

Arios stared in amazement like he couldn't believe what he just heard, but then he sighed out in resignation and lightly cut at Lecan's left arm.

Bwosh, the curse mark surfaced up.

Lecan fell down to his knees. He can't muster up power into his abdomen. The malaise keeps getting worse.

(This is quite a powerful curse.)
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(Human who suffers this.)

(Can only afford to exert a fraction of their strength.)

He picked up <Dagger of Harut> and lightly grazed his left arm with it, the curse mark disappeared.

He put the dagger on the floor once again.

"<Recovery>. Cut at this overcoat now."

"Yes yes."

"No effect huh. Next, cut this armor."

"Yes yes."

"Fumu. No effect either eh. I think that covers about everything for now. Just gotta check more things out once we're out of the dungeon later."

"I sure am getting hungry."

They've taken quite a long time. It's way past noon now.

The two had a meal in a vacant room nearby.

"Lecan-dono, where did you learn how to fight in dungeons?"

"Hm? In dungeons."

"Did someone teach you the know-how?"

"Got nobody like that. I was a starving orphaned kid who recklessly ran headlong in a dungeon in search for food, got lucky and survived, got some pocket change too. Then after a few more strokes of luck, I learned how to fight. Everything after that was taught by dungeons. Well, there were times I used longtime adventurers' fights as a reference. I knew nothing 'bout nothing after all."

"Lecan-dono is a prodigy."

"You're the prodigy."

"I managed to fight my way only after learning Forms. Lecan-dono's style is formless. There are times when Lecan-dono used the <Black Body> on the front lines as shields and times where you charge right at the <Red Body> in the back."

"Yea. It wasn't always like that early on, but around these floors, <Black Body> would always be leading while <Red Body> would always be in the back. They always form up like that."

"Lecan-dono's fighting styles are ever changing. Sometimes I would wonder why you did some things. But not long after you would make it obvious how optimal that course of action was. How do you figure out how to make the right move from the very start?"

"I just do, guess it's instincts."

"It's almost as if you can foresee what move the opponent is going to take next when you move like such and such."

"It's easier to predict how the enemies will move when there are multiple of them than when there's only one."

"I knew it."

"Besides, no matter how alike they are to humans, these White Spectres are ultimately magic beasts. Their thought process, or more like the impetuses for their actions are that of magic beasts."

"White Spectres act like magic beasts they are. I see."

"You sometimes acted like things didn't go as planned."

"Yes. I only realized after Lecan-dono pointed that out just now. I seem to have been relying too much on my preconceived notions on what human hostiles would do."

"Employ every usable techniques you got at your disposal. If you don't find it usable, come up with a way to make it."

"I see."

"Besides. The most frightening thing in dungeons are humans. That's what I believe."

"Are you referring to people like <Pointed Rocks (Jaira)> who raided us in Dungeon Ninae?"

"I am. But those guys are still the more decent ones. Among adventurers who have been delving in dungeon depths for an extended period of time, some have got the chain that binds them as human broken. Or more like, you can't fight enemies found in dungeon depths if you don't discard that sense of value."

"Do you mean to say that they have gone mad?"

"Take for instance, this person suddenly got the urge to test out how your sword feel in their hands, so they attack you in the back when you're not looking and snatch away your sword. Someone who never shows any sign of doing that, and has just been talking with you like normal a second ago, kills you with no ill will behind their action. Casually at that."

"That's really scary. By the way, Lecan-dono, you're also one of adventurers who delve in dungeon depths aren't you?"

"Do not believe in me."


"Likewise, I'm not entirely trusting of you."

Lecan said that despite having been saved by Arios when he passed out in the heat of combat just three days ago. Lecan is saying here that he cannot trust Arios unconditionally just because he's saved his life.

"I see."

"However, I will entrust my back to you if that's what needed to be done in a battle. You decide what you want to do yourself."

"I shall take it to heart, Master."




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