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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Drink Drink Yeah


"Nobu-ku~n, we boughta whole lotsa booze~. Uffuffuffu, I'm gonna drink till I drop~."

"...Nee-san. Just remember when to stop, okay."

"Eeh, it's fine it's fine, I'm gonna drink myself to sleep today anyway. We've got Kagura around too, she's gonna carry me if I went down."

"I do not mind. However, I too plan to cut loose today, so I cannot make any promise. Oooh, but still, it really does smell good."

"Welcome back, I've prepared lots today, look forward to them."

The three came into the room carrying booze... but aren't those too much?
There's like 20 bottles at least. Sefi-san said she was going to bring some too, how much booze are we gonna have again?

"Pardon my intrusion, Nobusada-san. Thank you for the invitation. I got these from the madams, I'd be happy if you could share them."

"Ou, enjoy yourself, Bell."

Bell showed up and brought a package with him. The content... Various bread huh. I'll cut and put them on the table. His complexion has gotten quite brighter compared to that period of time. Still bit too thin though.

"Well well, what a gathering of beautiful ladies you have here Nobusada. If Eleanor doesn't get her act tog..."


With a dull sound, Eleanor-san's heel sunk onto the ankle of Master who had just arrived. And then she proceeded to step on his foot.
OH, Master has a pained look on his face. That musta hurt. I got a chill just from looking.

"Nobusada-san, thank you for inviting me and father. Please use these for those who don't drink alcohol."

Eleanor-san handed over an assortment of fruit juice. Besides peach, there are grape, apple and other flavors here. Ooh, thankies. From me especially! I'll say it again, I can't drink.

"Oh my my, there's so many~. Nobu-chan, I'm here~. Ufufu, okay, here you go, 『Flavor of Waist』 and 『Chief <<DON>> Perry』. I'll get the rest out later kay~."

Futsuno-san, Kagura-san and Master jumped out the moment they heard the brands.

"『Flavor of Waist』 ya say!? Ain't that mom's hometown's sake. Uwaa, the stuff I always wanted to have before I die is right in front of me."

"Mwuu, it has been awhile since my last taste of 『Flavor of Waist』. I can never get enough of that dryness."

"I'm going with 『Chief <<DON>> Perry』. That stuff is always the best whenever the duke treated me to a drink at his place."

"Ufufuu, I've brought many other stuff with me, so you must-not-rush okay~"

While the four heavy drinkers are flaring up, Bell and Mitama are looking at the food with sparkly eyes.

"Uwaaa, uwaa, soo many tasty looking unknown food everywhere. Is it really okay for me eat all these."


Mitama, please stop looking like a carnivore that has found a weakened prey. I've prepared a lot more, so please wait a bit more.

I ask everyone to have a seat once they've all come together. Well, it's technically a party, I guess I'll open it with a light speech. Mitama, hold on a bit, this won't take long. Wipe your waterfall-like drool please.

"Err, I'd like to give my appreciations for coming here today. It's been a bit over a month since I came to this city. It's only thanks to everyone's help that I've been able to continue working as an adventurer this far. It would be my honor if you could enjoy this little party. ...But I'll spare you the longwinded talk, let's get on to it, chee---rs"


With that signal, everyone began to enjoy the drink and the food.

"...hamu hamu hamu hamu. Hofuu, yummm."

"Hamuu, oo niife."

Mitama and Bell stuffing their mouths like squirrels. The relatively expressionless Mitama looks very happy during these times. I like it when she puts on that face.
Ah, Bell, you're gonna choke yourself, slow down. I pour the fruit juice Eleanor-san brought into a cup and put it before Bell. Bell gulped it down while sounding his throat. The food won't go anywhere, eat them slowly.

"Kuuuuh, it's permeating my inside noja. Irresistible."

"Good food, good sake. This might be even grander than your average noble's party. Ever since Nobusada came, I've been looking forward to his growth, and his cook don't fall behind that."

"Hmm, this minced meat goes nicely with 『Flavor of Waist』. No choice but eat it together with the sake then."

"Nfuu, drinking really is better when you're having fun. Ufufu, so good."

While everyone is enjoying themselves, I act as a waiter along with Eleanor-san. Initially she was taking the food sparsely, but it apparently seeing me looking restless made her take the initiative to help.

"I'm truly sorry Eleanor-san. You ended up helping."

"Please think of it as thanks for the food. They're really tasty. And I'm not really good with liquor either, don't worry about me."

Eleanor-san smiled, and then the huge amount of food she'd gathered close by disappeared in an instant. Oh right, this girl could eat really fast. Yet, her suppleness never go away.
I've got to taste the Flame Dog's dishes too before they all disappear.


Mm------, yummy! There's no extraneous flavor in order to bring out the ingredient flavor. And due to the exquisite salt work, it doesn't feel flavorless either. Unlike my cooking that's bordering on overdone, this superb balance is a proof genuine skills. Storm-san's mother-san is pretty good!

Some chew bite and nibble later, I was getting full before I knew it. However, that didn't stop the guests from feasting, even that much food, only 30% remained. Amaze...
I added more dishes from the magic rucksack while cleaning out the plates. I would have retorted about taking dishes from a rucksack just a little awhile ago, but this is my common sense now, so I don't think of it anymore.

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That battlefield was entering the closing act.
Master suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Sefi-san in a drinking bout. Bell was loitering around, seemingly satisfied with full stomach.

"Iyaan, who woulda though the War Fist would fall like this here. Sefi-han, so strong nyaa. I thought I was kinda good at it, but yer' on a whole 'nother level."

"Hey now, Futsuno, aah jeez, you're already tottering on your feet. Nobusada. Pardon me, I will be taking my leave here. We'll never know what mess this girl will perpetrate if we leave her alone now. It was quite a treat. I will be sure to pay you back in kind."

"Imma keep drinking nyao. Muffuu, aa, wait, iyan. Kagura, put ma down."

Kagura-san lifted up the flailing Futsuno-san and brought her back to her room. She had drunk a lot herself, so she was going back to hers too afterward. Yup, Futsuno-san and her sexy disordered kimono felt like she was going to take them off if it kept up, so it was the correct choice. I do feel a tinge of disappointment though!

"Then, I too will be excusing myself. I still have to carry my father after all."

"Would you like me to help you carry him then?"

"I'm used to this much, please don't worry. Thank you for the feast today. Considering his state, my father will probably have a hangover tomorrow, so Nobusada-san, you can pick a date to continue the training at your own convenience."

"Right then. But I would have never thought that Master could drink himself to dead like this."

"As do I. Sefi-san must be quite strong. Or maybe the party today was just that fun to him. I haven't seen my father having that much fun in a long time. Well then, see you later."

"Be careful on your way back. Good night."

Eleanor-san smiled and easily carried Master's huge body on her back. Yup, it felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out when I saw it for the first time too, Eleanor-san's strength is unbelievable. How's that possible with those slender arms of hers I wonder. Maybe it's to do with muscle density or something.
As for Mitama and Bell... Ah, no, the two are already fast asleep. Mitama is sleeping on the sofa so she's fine, but Bell's keeled over with his face on a plate. The two have a really blissful sleeping faces.
I can't bring myself to wake them up, let's put some warm blanket on them.

Now then... There she is. I couldn't see Sefi-san anywhere, turned out she fell over in the king-size bed. Good grief, how much did she drink anyway. Right when I approached her, thinking of piggybacking her back to her store.



My body got forcefully taken into the bed. W-what's happening?
There's bewitching face of Sefi-san right in front of me. I'm being hugged tightly, I can't move my body.
What the heck is this blissful softness hell.

"Wai-, Sefi-san, what just...."

I couldn't speak until the end as my mouth got blocked and something flowed inside. T-this is, alcohol!?
A hot liquid passes down my throat. When Sefi-san separated her lips, I breathed out a slightly steamy breath.

"Nnfufufuu. Baad Nobu-chaan. You can't be the only one sober~"

No wait, what are you saying. I still have to put these stuff away. Wait, Sefi-san. Don't press your breasts on me! I'm getting pinned down by her surprising strength, I really can't move at all. I'm getting dizzier all the while, probably from the alcohol. What kind of strong alcohol did these heavy drinkers have.

"...Thank you. I've never been in such a fun party. Although there were many hectic days, I'm really happy to have met you Nobu-chan.... Zzzzz."

After whispering so, Sefi-san fell into slumber in the position. Of course, while she's still tightly holding me. However, I cannot help but forgive this act of forcefulness after seeing such a blissful sleeping face.
Ah well, might as well go to sleep like this. I'm getting dizzy anyway... And thus I parted ways with my consciousness.

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