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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Strongest Sage, Takes Armor Off


An hour after we took on the quest.
We've gathered near the gate, ready to depart to Testra Prairie.
But one problem occurred here.

"...What are you wearing."

I muttered so when I took a look at the examiner who came last.
He's wearing heavy iron armor.

"Do ya even have to ask... They're armor."

"No, that's gonna have the opposite effect... I think you'd better off not wearing them."

You could indeed gain considerable defensive power if you have armor reinforced with magic metal and the like.
But the ones this examiner is wearing are just plain iron armor.

He's not getting more protection with these.
On the contrary, he'd be an easy target due to the reduced mobility, it'd have the opposite effect.
And most importantly, thanks to the clank clank sounds these armor produce when he walks, we'll be immediately get found by the monsters.

"Where we're heading off to is a place that has claimed many casualties. I can't possibly survive with some half-assed equipment."

Aah, the type that thinks more defense means it's safer huh.
There's absolutely no point in poorly put together armor in a situation where high ranking parties found themselves wiped out.... but it's gonna be hard to convince him.
Guess I should suggest stronger and lighter equipment for this guy.

"Aa... Ruli, make some random armor reinforcement magic tool. Make it a type that can be attached to existing clothes."

"Erm... Like this?"

Ruli immediately got what I was trying to do.
After pondering for a few seconds, Ruli carved a magic circle on the magic stone in her palm.

The magic circle she carved was more nicely made than I expected.
I see, Ruli can do this level of magic circles herself already.

"I did it!"

"Ah yeah. Well done."
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I received the magic stone turned magic tool from Ruli, and activated it on some cloth I got nearby.

"Alma, try to shoot at some random tree over there."

"Gotcha! ...Wew, it's been a while since I last shot a magic-less arrow."

Alma shot at the tree while saying that.
The arrow pierced deeply into the trunk.

"What a powerful arrow... I can see why they call you lot monstrous."

The examiner looked at the stuck arrow as he said that.
I coiled the magic tool-enhanced cloth on another tree while taking a sidelong glance at that.


Alma shot out another arrow with the same level of power as earlier to the cloth-coiled tree.
This time the arrow didn't get stuck in the tree.
It only managed to slightly damage the cloth before getting flicked away.

"Wha... Did she hold back just now?"

The examiner sounded surprised when he saw that.

"Did it look like she did?"

"...No, it didn't."

The examiner replied instantly.
He might be a bit cowardly, but he's still someone qualified to be an examiner of the guild's promotion test, seems like he's good enough to distinguish the arrows' power at least.

"Even ordinary clothes could be reinforced to that extent by using this magic tool here... with that in mind, I ask you this, is there any point in wearing those heavy armor now?"

"...There's none."

The examiner took off his armor.
Clothes reinforced with this defensive magic may be weaker than the protectors Ruli and Arma are wearing, but they're still far better than some plain iron armor.

There's no way a few millimeter thick iron could win against magic.
...Well it still doesn't change the fact that Alma's magically enhanced arrows would easily penetrate this level of protection, and I can make something far more durable than this if the aim were 『Make something durable, doesn't matter if it's heavy』.
I reinforced the examiner's clothes with the magic tool Ruli made while thinking that.

"Alright, let's head off."

--Thus we departed to Testra Prairie.

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