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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Strongest Sage, Picks Quest


"So this is Frejia..."

The day after we were qualified to take on the Rank B promotion test.
We've arrived at the main city of Fredia territory, Frejia.

"Kinda looks like the capital doesn't it."

"It's rare to see a city this big..."

Frejia was more like a capital of a small country than just a city in a territory.
There's a huge castle in the center of the city, and the streets are well maintained too.
Lots of people around, overflowing with vigor.

Well, in a country without a king like Raginia here, the territory lord is practically one of the country' top echelons.
It shouldn't come as a surprise for the place where one of those lords resides to turn into a city resembling the capital.

We passed through the city and headed to the guild.
I'm not really sure how to proceed with the test but... I probably will find out at the counter.

"Is it possible to take the Rank B promotion test here?"

I submitted my guild card at the counter while saying that.

"This is... Please wait for a moment."

The receptionist took my guild card and then she compared the text written there with some kind of paper in her hand.
Afterward, she went inside the guild, taking my guild card with her.

A few minutes later.
The receptionist came back with a middle aged man.
The man has a tag written with 『Branch Head Eirus』 on his chest.

"So you guys are the Mathias Party I heard about."

"...Heard about?"

"The lord here asked me to help you raise your rank to A ASAP, y'see."

It already got circulated to the guild eh.
They probably used some kind of magical means of communication, but those stuff should be quite valuable with the current level of technology.
Guess that goes to show how strong the relationship between Eis Kingdom and Fredia Territory is.

"To that effect, we had prepared quests that would raise your rank to C in about 10 days so long you have skills to back.... but that seems to be unnecessary. Dunno what kinda tricks you used, but the rumors about you guys having monstrous strength might have some truth in it."

The branch head look over our guild cards.
There's 『Rank C (eligible for promotion test)』 on the ranking column.

"So can we take the Rank B promotion test now?"

"Yeah. We're constantly running Rank B promotion test here. For the test, you will need to finish a quest while being accompanied by an overseer, though... a relatively safe but time-consuming quest, or a dangerous quest that can be done quickly, which one you fancy?"

"...You're not gonna tell me that we aren't allowed to withdraw for the dangerous but quick quest, are you?"

"Of course you can withdraw. It will be treated like you've failed the quest, but depending on the situations for the withdrawal and the overseer's judgment, you may be able to take the test again."

Even if the quest is dangerous, as long as you are able to withdraw, the actual danger level isn't that high.
In truth, there aren't many situations where it's not possible to withdraw.

I've thoroughly drilled Alma and Ruli how to escape in an emergency as the most important subject anyway.
Also, we could fly away with Iris in the truest sense of emergency, there should be no problem if I just buy them time to take off.

Of course I'll never let my guard down in the first place, there's a very low probability of finding ourselves in a dangerous situation.

"Got it. The shorter one please. ...Any objection?"

"Nope! ...I'm gonna run with all I've got if it looks real dangerous tho'!"

Ruli and Iris nodded to Alma's words.
The three seem to be in agreement.

"...You're exactly like what I heard from Eis Kingdom. Seem like I can leave it to you easy."

...Just what did the principal and the king told them.
Well, it does make things easier at least.

"Are you gonna take the test today? Or do you need to prepare first?"

"That depends on the quest."

"Here's the quest tag."

The branch head hands over the quest tag to me.

Special Quest - Rank B
Subjugation of Testra Prairie

Presently, there is an abnormal outbreak of monsters at Testra Prairie.
Sightings of dangerous monsters have been confirmed, damage may extend to the surrounding towns.
Thus, we wish to dispatch adventurers who are capable of subjugating monsters, especially those that could become a threat, in the outbreak at Testra Prairie.

"...I don't see specific number for the subjugation."

"Nothing written about the reward either."

"...First I've seen a quest written like this...."

The quest doesn't have completion condition or reward.
This is... Can you even call this a quest.

"True, you're right to call it a peculiar quest. It's probably on top of the already difficult rank B quests there are. However, among the current quests for rank B promotion test, this one is undoubtedly the fastest to finish."

"...Are you sure this won't take long? Even if the targets are defined, annihilating monsters in the whole prairie sounds like it won't be quick."

We may be able to annihilate a huge amount of monsters if we use the trick we employed back then.
However, that's only applicable if the monsters are weak and there is no towns in their path. We can't always rely on the trick.

Although 『Enforced Detection』 makes monsters concentrate on us, in cases of strong monsters, them just passing through means a disaster.

"No worries about that. After all, Testra Prairie is quite small. If the information about the strength of your group from Eis Kingdom is to be believed, it should not even take three days to finish."

"Three days are short?"

"Yeah. Ordinarily, a Rank B promotion quest takes about half a month to finish. Thus, hunting monsters within the range of this much area should be done in three days.... For those with monstrous strength that is."

The Branch Head took out a map and pointed at Testra Prairie's location.
Testra Prairie is right next to this city.

It really is quite small. Depending on the monster number, I don't think this would even take three days.
Or rather, this shouldn't even take a day.

"And the condition for quest completion? Subjugation targets are monsters that could become a threat sure, but there are many standards to that."

"Those monsters are specifically... Rank B monsters. Like say Blade Shrimps, or Huge Horn Turtles. You're permitted to withdraw if you meet monsters that are stronger than those, and depending on the number of rank B monsters you beat, you might even still pass the test."

Huge Horn Turtles huh...
Well now, don't think there's any problem gathering them with 『Enforced Detection』 then.
I should not though, considering the possibility of monsters stronger than that at the prairie.

"Got it. We'll take it."

For the time being, we found out that Testra Prairie is small and close by to this city.
That this is a relatively short quest seems to be the truth.

"You will huh, thank you."

The Branch Head sounded like he was relieved to hear my reply.
Why are you thanking us for just taking the test.

...Don't tell me they pushed on us a quest that no one would take for the test?

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A few tens of minutes later.
My guess was proven correct.

We'll be accompanied by an examiner dispatched by the guild for the quest that doubles as Rank B promotion test, however...
This examiner obviously looks like he really doesn't want to do it.

"You sure you're taking this quest? Won't you take this one instead? I really don't want to go there you know."

He even advised me to take a different quest.

The examiner is a man at his prime, he looks well experienced in battle.
Even compared to the guild adventurers, he's definitely strong.
A quest that makes even such examiner to be this hesitant.

There's obviously something behind this.
...Let's ask him.

"Is there a problem with this quest?"

"Problem, problem huh... You didn't know?"

"...What is?"

"There's already been three strong parties that tried to take on Testra Prairie Subjugation Quest, but no one ever comes back! I heard the rumor about Team Mathias being strong, but taking on this quest is just mad! You should pick other quest!"

I see.
This is how quests no one's able to finish get around huh.

"By the way, when was the last party took this quest?"

"10 days ago."

"...I see, total annihilation huh."

This place isn't that far from Testra Prairie, so there's almost no doubt that the earlier party was annihilated if they took that long.
Opponents that not even one member of a high ranking party was able to escape from huh...

"I got it."

"Are you going to reconsider then?"

The examiner looked relieved to hear me.
But of course, the answer is nay.

"No, of course we'll take it. No reason not to."

I handed over the quest tag to the examiner as I said that.
And then he received it while looking like he had resigned himself.

"...I'm gonna run away at the first hint of danger, you hear me?"

"We're doing the same if it looks dangerous."

Ruli and the girls nodded at my words.
Thus, we took on the Testra Prairie Subjugation Quest.

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