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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Your Lovely Pecs


Hello, ma'am, you knew right? Izumi Nobusada here.
Oy, eat yer' bread!

Whoops, not good I was panicking there. Yes, I failed my cooking which doesn't happen often.
I've just identified the culprit. I had left that thing I got yesterday set.

That thing → 【Mold Destroyer】

Ha ha ha, I thought it was strange how the dough didn't rise no matter how long I waited, gawddamn.
It's my fault for neglecting it since the dungeon though. Fortunately it stopped being effective the moment I changed my title.
I was worried about other ingredients in the kitchen for a sec, but since its effective range is seemingly only on stuff I touch, they're fine. This title could be a terrifying weapon in a sense. Sealed, it's sealed!

Now then, let's pull myself together and resume cooking.
I'm thinking of these to be the menu.

・Louivu Pork Tonkatsu (fillet, shoulder sirloin), Pork Cutlet Sandwich
・Louivu Pork L-sized Hamburger, with cheese
・Louivu Pork Rib Meat Skewer
・Roast Louivu Pork, with herbs
・Meat Pie
・Flame Broiled Eggplant Mushroom and Matsutake
・Tempura Combination Platter (Shrimp, Mushroom, Vegetable)
・Minced Bonito
・Vegetable Stick, Salad

I'll leave the rest of the menu to the Flame Dog's cooking. Apparently, they have a lot of heavy dish, so I'm making stuff that goes down easy. I can't wait to try simple fried eggplant mushroom myself. By the way, I got the bonito from Kumahat-san.

I was done with the preparation in the afternoon so I shared some of them with Boss-san.
Come to think of it, I lost my spare clothes since I used them for Kagura-san. Guess I'll stock some since I have time and all.
I still can't get used to it no matter how many times I went there, but I'm still going there, for the cheap yet good quality stuff they have.


The moment I opened the door, countless huge light brown thingy stuffed the place.


Okay, I saw nothing at all. Now then, let's head to Sefi-san's store.
Right when I thought that I stood still instead of escaping, like I should not open the door. Wonder why, my instinct and intuition as a living being warn me not to open this door.
But my resistance was fruitless as the door cracked open with a FUNNU yell.

"Oh no no bad, Mineia. You shouldn't break the furnitures here, you hear me."

"Forgive me, Anija (elder brother, formal). But, this boy, he's..."

"That is that, him is him. Long time no see, Nobusada-chan. What's the occasion?"

My path to escape has been blocked off... No choice but to brace myself. So I won't get eaten, in many senses.

"My clothes got all tattered up in an excursion during a quest. I was planning to get replacements here, but since you seem to be busy, maybe I should visit by later."

"Oh it's fine you know? Everyone here are all kindhearted sworn fighting school brothers of mine after all. Right right, I should introduce them to you. They're a Rank A adventurer party, 『Muscle Brothers』. Which makes them Nobusada-chan's great senpai."


Four men and women (?) struck out striking poses as Maniwa-san introduced them.  Kein, Sige, Otto, and Moriko, a party of four brothers. Besides Moriko, three of them are half naked with yellow bikini on. As for Moriko, it's pink micro bikini on top of Afro head. One thing they all have in common are their huge bulking muscles. It's a poison for sore eyes.
They were striking poses silently without a word while being introduced. According to Maniwa they're extremely bad with words. How are they even able to take quests then?
They don't have specialized weapons, apparently they fight with bare fists. I can feel quite an intense pressure from them, though not quite the same level as Master.

"And this one's my younger brother, Mineia. He's working as a fortune teller now, but he was in an adventurer party together with me back in the days, you know. Monbarabara Siblings was quite famous just so you know. Well, we disbanded when my dream of opening this store came true though."

"I am Mineia. I am but a humble fortune teller."

"I'm rank D Nobusada. I'm just a weakling that has only started recently as an adventurer for a month, nice to meet you."

"Oh my, Nobusada-chan, you're already rank D? You're so quick."

"I've improved a lot compared to last month thanks to Master's intensive training and managed to smoothly finish many quests."


"Yes, the Captain Commander of Gramada Guard, Matda-shi. I still have quite a long way to go, but I'm currently striving hard to not shame Master if I were to call myself his 10th pupil."

"What! You're War Fist-dono's pupil!?"

Mineia-san pressed on me vigorously. This person has bulking light brown muscles just like the others. Am I too hasty to consider that he has common senses for wearing clothes unlike the other members here.

"I cannot state how much I envy you. I too aspired to become his disciple, however I was refused, 『I don't have anything else to teach to someone who's mastered another school of fighting』 he said. Oh if only I could have the opportunity to closely inspect those elderly muscles!"

Yup, I was too hasty. He's completely the same kind as them.

"Oh you never change Mineia, still like your rigid elderly men. I prefer young supple muscles myself you know. Right, Nobusada-chan."

Please don't turn it on me. And you Muscle Brothers, I saw you nodding to both.

"I'm sorry, I have to go soon, could I purchase two tunics like the one I had before?"

"My, that's too bad. It was black wasn't it. It'll be 60 mani."

"Here you go. Please excuse me then. I will work hard so we could someday work together in a quest."

The Muscle Brothers gave their thumbs up while displaying their white teeth. Are they giving me encouragement? Excluding their weirder side, they might not be bad people... I think??
I quickly left the store while waving my hands. Phew, this store really is thick.
I wasted my time on some really unbelievable things, but at least I got what I wanted, let's head to the 『Flame Dog』.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

I immediately rented a room at the Flame Dog. I ended up splurging 380 mani including the dish for the party. It all added up to be quite an expense, but this is fine once in a while.
I got into the room and rearranged the king-size bed, sofa and tables inside. I moved the unnecessary furnitures out of the way to make the room suitable for party.
The sun was already set when I was done arranging tables, so it's time to set up dishes next. The waiter came to check on me, and began to bring the dishes in.

・Minestrone-like soup with lots of vegetable
・Frico-like dish with potato and cheese
・Gnocchi-like with potato
・Asparagus rolled meat
・Chicken Sautee

They were surprise Italian-like menu. The names are different, but they look exactly the same as the dishes mentioned above to me. Where did they get these stuff anyway? And how do cuisines in this world even work? Most of the menu are quite filling to your stomach, I guess I'll keep half of what I prepared and take them out whenever needed.
Once I'm mostly done with setting the dishes, I only need to wait for everyone. Can't wait to see how they react.

Ah, I'm letting Tama-chan soak in even thicker than usual Magic Water earlier. She seems really delighted, yay.

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