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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14 SS1

※ Not from Satou's point of view.

14-SS1: People of the Ancient Dragon Continent


"Darn it, not even one dragon scale despite walking this far...."
"It probably means that even the demon lord couldn't hurt Ancient Dragon-sama at all."

Knights in traveling outfits are exchanging words with each other.
A group of 50 people including knights who were dispatched by a kingdom on the south of the Ancient Dragon continent have come to investigate. Everyone is riding a highly mobile Running Bird.

"Ooy! Come here quick!"

One of the soldiers who had gone ahead of the wasteland as scouts greatly waved his hands.
The other four who are with him are captivated by the ridge on the other side of the wasteland, they're not waving their hands.

"Th-this is...."
"I can't believe it."

The young captain snatches the Farsight Tube from one of the scouts and stare at the scenery before his eyes.
A red haired woman vice-captain who appears beside him does the same thing and peer into the Farsight Tube.

"For fertile land to spread beyond the wasteland like this."
"That's not the surprising part, look at there! The city is safe."
"Impossible. I saw it myself when the royal capital of this Katahira Kingdom was burned to the ground by the demon lord's army. The rampart was also half destroyed by a huge demon beast from the demon lord's army."

Unlike the wasteland that the investigation team has witnessed so far, there are lush greenery and a city with systemically built houses before their eyes.

"We won't know anything from here. Let's go into the city."
"H-however, it might be the demon's trap."
"Then have the summoner to summon a carrier bird and send a report."

After giving the order, the captain whipped the Running Bird and went ahead.

"Scout unit! Go ahead of the captain! Don't miss any danger!"

With the vice-captain's order, the scouts hurriedly jumped onto the Running Birds.
Since they're lightly dressed, they probably would quickly catch up with the captain.

The vice-captain takes along the following unit toward the solemn and mysterious city.

"--Does nobody live here?"

Even though there are houses lined up which look ready to live in anytime, there's not even one soul.
There are furnitures installed inside the houses, yet no tablewares nor food can be found.

Unbelievably enough, every house has waterworks and drainage system installed.

"Captain, the door of the central castle is open."
"I see, the rampart gate also opened by itself when we touched it."
"Is it inviting us in?"
"I don't know."

The captain and the others continue their search without stopping even while feeling weirded out.
After wandering in the wasteland for two months, arriving at a ruined city--nay, a city with virtually brand new houses that are left unattended, there's no way they can leave it alone.

"However, such mysterious buildings they are. I've never seen buildings like them before."
"Yeah, they look weak against earthquake."

Apparently, Shiga Kingdom-style stone buildings are unusual on the Ancient Dragon Continent which has a lot of volcanoes.
Houses made with Architecture magic are stronger than they look against earthquake, but none can see through that on their first sight.

They finally get off the Running Birds when they've trespassed the central castle, and then they dip their hands into the fountain in the front garden.
It seems they've judged that the water is safe after looking at the Running Birds poking their heads into the water.

"Looks like it's safe. Let us drink the water too."
"Alright! It's been half a month since we have such clear water."
"Yummm, this sfuff's not gritty to drink."

Unlike the captain who could get drinking water from water magic, the team members plunged their heads into the fountain and began to drink the water.
The following group who arrived later lost themselves when they saw their companions plunging their heads into the fountain and rushed up to them, the vice-captain scolded them.

"And, does that seems to be here?"
"Yeah, the rampart's gate opens by itself and the fountain is working. It's possible."

Accompanied by the vice-captain and escort soldiers, the captain heads toward the underground passage the scouts discovered.
The escort soldiers were repelled by the barrier on the passage's entrance, but the captain and the vice-captain were able to enter into the lower floor without problem.

"As I thought, only upper nobles can enter huh."
"Probably only people who can become a landlord."

The captain runs toward the blue light shining in the lower floor.

『Welcome, qualified one.』

An overlapping voice of woman and man of unknown age could be heard.
The source of the voice is the crystal body floating in the air--City Core.

『I've been ordered by the previous lord [] to hand over the throne to the first qualified one who come here. Which one of you will be registered as the Land Lord?』

The captain steps forward to answer the City Core.
It seems the two who are bewildered with the situation don't notice that the previous lord name told by the City Core was blank.

"I will inherit it. Former Prince of Natenha, Jeba Natenha will become the new Lord of this land."
『Registering Jeba Natenha.』

The captain's body is wrapped in light, a mysterious light crown appears on his head.

Figures of people living a poor life in a foreign country appears in the captain--King Jeba's mind.
And, the cheering voices of his subjects whom he leads to the new land.

"Your Highness, you look splendid."
"Stop with Highness. I'm the king of this new Natenha Kingdom from now on."
"Yes, Your Majesty."

Disregarding the two who were overwhelmed by their emotion, the City Core asked 『Would you like to change the city name from Katahira to Natenha?』 at its own pace.

Thus the captain became a prince who obtained a foundation to revive the fallen kingdom as a godsend, but only later on they found out that the city was only made to look like the city before it was destroyed.

The one who reconstructed these cities were not a god, but it was beyond their imagination as ordinary people.
Much less about the purpose of that person; a practical site for magic experiments and expectation for the revival to complete when he comes to sightsee in the future, none could imagine it was for such a random reason.

"Also, Haryu. You be the first queen."

Apparently the new king has also found his spouse following his kingdom.
As if blessing the two, the song of the Ancient Dragon that rules over regeneration is echoing on the continent.

※ This is the sequel to 14-Intermission 1: Ancient Dragon Continent and Primeval Magic
※ Satou only made the city's buildings, the City Core had existed from the start.

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