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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14 Intermission 4

14-Intermission 4 Satou's Research (2)


Satou's here. The world's distance has narrowed down since the introduction of the internet, but it seems it's not zero. Transmission lag in conference calls with people from overseas weighs on my mind.

『--Master, can you hear me?』
"I can. It's a bit too far, so the voice is lagging."

I talk with Arisa who's in the solitary island palace through the space magic [Unlimited Telephone (World Phone)].
While waiting for the reply due to the long lag, I gaze at the fountain of blue light gushing out from a black disk.

Dear me, I never thought the day would come for me to look at such superb spectacles.
I want to let everyone see this someday.

『But, didn't you say that World Phone had no lag even if we were far away?』
"Normally, that's the case--"

Since I've made a base point for the Unit Arrangement here, I move to the desert sub-space.
Looking at the Menu, my magic power hasn't been consumed besides for the [World Phone] usage. My [Unit Arrangement] really does not consume magic power regardless of distance.


Arisa said in askance through World Phone.

"I just went to somewhere slightly far this time."
『Huh? The voice isn't lagging.』

I put the void sky clothes for use in the outer space into my Storage and came back to the solitary island palace.

"That's cause I've got close to you."

I catch the jumping youth troupe and confirm Arisa's business.

"Oh it's nothing urgent. I heard from Aze-tan that high elves from another clan were asking for Master so I wanted to tell you."

It's probably an invitation to banquet from Burainan Clan.

"Burnt smell."
"Burnt burnt~?"
"It's the smell of burnt meat nanodesu."

The children who are rubbing their faces on me are looking up at me with worried looks.

"I just got a bit too close to a fire source."

I was nearly charred.
It seems the smell from the spectacle I watched earlier that was on the void sky clothes remained.

"Mou! Don't do anything dangerous."
"I only realized at the actual site that the heat was that scattered."
"Geez, I don't know if you were in a volcano or the planet mantle, but please stop being rash."

Arisa is unexpectedly a worrywart.
I show the crystal I got from the fire source this time to Arisa and the others.

"It's glittering nanodesu."
"Fire Crystal Orb? Light Crystal Orb?"
"What's that? It looks pretty but I can feel vast magic power from it."

It was something I created from experimenting with Primeval Magic.

"This is an elemental crystal that has both fire and light elements. Right then--"

I stare at the crystal that looks like a small sun.

"--Should we call this Sun Orb?"

I've decided to fuse the Sun Orbs into Arisa's and Mia's wands.
Of course by using Primeval Magic.

Primeval Magic needs enormous amount of magic power and makes me tired, though not as bad as Ancient Dragon's, so I don't want to use it much.
However, it sure is useful for making peculiar magic tools like in this case.

As expected, Aze-san's business was about the banquet invitation from Burainan Clan.
Since Aze-san couldn't leave Boruenan, I went with my companions and attendants.

"Hohou, gravity magic huh--interesting."
"Yes, it was something used by a greater demon."

I give the introductory book of gravity magic to the high elf-san of Burainan Clan.
Only 10 basic spells are written in it.

Magic that can be used once I can chant them are not limited to human magic. I'm now also able to use dragon language magic to create dragon spring liquor and demon magic.
Gravity magic was a magic used by the blue-skinned Nari demon that appeared in the opening performance of the [Golden Wild Boar King] fight in the Duchy Capital's underground.

I had trouble analyzing it since there were only two spells which I copied by ears.
After understanding the way to interfere, create and annihilate graviton, everything after that are all my original magic.

I might even be able to create a small black hole if I gathered all the magic power on the planet.

"You're only teaching Keze of Burainan, it's unfair!"

The one who forced her way between me and the high elf of Burainan Clan was the high elf of Beriunan Clan.
Both of the clans like to research, but unlike Burainan Clan who are like investigators, Beriunan Clan regards Burainan Clan as a rival.

"Saze of Beriunan huh. Can't you at least greet when you're visiting other clan."
"Oh spare me, we've known each other for 100 million years. We're like family right."

Miss Saze slides onto my lap like an eel.
Tama and Mia who were absorbed in the banquet looked at Miss Saze with "Oh no!" expressions, but it seemed they lost to the dishes' charm and went back to eat them.

"This is a thanks for letting me inspect the library of Burainan Clan freely."
"What! Then you can also look at Beriunan's library all you want, so give me magic book too."
"That's fine by me."

I took out a gravity magic book from my satchel and gave it to Miss Saze.

I'm not hiding the introductory books anyway, and I've also given it to Aze-san and Boruenan Library.

"Hee, so this is also preserved food... There's no taste?"
"That is because these Chlorella pills are specialized for mass production and long-term preservation."

The reason why it's lacking taste unlike the ration in the snow kingdom is to prevent it from destroying the market of the existing preserved food. Rations created with Lulu's involvement are too delicious.
I've developed this to help places where disaster or famine occur.

Lulu's and Chlorella rations are being endlessly produced by the dolls in the satellite factory in the void sky.
The most troublesome process, freeze-drying, can be done there with low cost.

The factory can create 100.000 of the former food in a day, and 10 times of that for the latter as long as the ingredients are available.
Moreover, since the latter's ingredients only consist of Giant Kelp and Deep Shellfish that clings to the kelps, there's no fear of them running out for the time being.
The Giant Kelps that extend from the trench to the surface are ridiculously big.

"Might as well make sweet preserved food."
"Mold grow easily on sweets you know."
"Then you can just seal it."
"The canned peach pickles with syrup are delicious aren't they."

The high elves of two clans are talking about the preserved food in excitement.
Looks like I've successfully planted interest about preserved food to the two.

"Right, I've got my hands on this thing--"

I ask them to analyze the pitch black [Philosopher's Stone] crystal that I got from the black octopus.

"What is this?"
"It looks like a kind of Sacred Tree Stone."

The two high elves look at the crystal's light with interest.
I think the only difference is in its color, but I sure want to know if there's any meaning behind that.

After the banquet was over, we went back to Boruenan Forest.

"Aze-san, I've brought you some souvenir."

Aze-san who usually welcomed me pleasantly keeps looking at the other way.

"Is there something wrong?"
"I don't care about Satou."

Aze-san who turns her face away again makes me want to tease her.

"Aze-sama is burning with jealousy about the matter of Saze-sama of Beriunan Clan sitting on your lap."
"W-wait, Lua!"

Lua-san who usually looked like she'd vomit sugar at us flirting made the first move.

"It seems she's also sulking about the matter of you receiving 『Solemn Harp of Beriunan』 from Saze-sama and 『Tranquil Bell of Burainan』 from Keze-sama."

The things Lua-san mentioned are a sign of friendship from a particular clan, you can get various accommodations if you show them to that clan.
Leaving that aside, I'll explain the thing with Miss Saze.

"I'm sorry, Aze-san. Since Saze-sama's gestures are childish, I inadvertently reacted like I was with letting Tama and Mia sit on my lap."

Mia seems dissatisfied with my apology.
Tama who's on my lap muttered "Don't worry be happy~", and made happy sounds with her throat in contend.

"Then, would you consult me about the preserved food too?"

Aze-san, what are you saying?

"I can't?"
"No, that's not it, I consulted about it to Nea-san first and foremost you know?"

It's basic to consult about it first to the elf chef of Boruenan Clan, Nea-san.

"Is that so?"
"Yes, I got various idea."

In the first place, Aze-san declined about it with a single word before I could even consult her, but she might have forgotten since I didn't express it as something important.

"Alright then."

Aze-san pushes her hand in front of me while still looking at the other way.
She's holding a wooden bell on her hand.

"This is?"
"It's the Calm Bell of Boruenan. It's something given to trusted people who come to this forest to study."

Huh? Does that mean that I wasn't trusted?

"I-it's not like that! It's not that we didn't trust Satou! I forgot to give it to you since I felt that you were always a member of our clan."

I act coolly by not smiling my whole face with the help of Poker Face skill.

"Thank you very much, Aze-san."

Thanking her for two different things, I take the [Calm Bell of Boruenan].
I'll wear it always when I'm Satou.

"Right, although this is not meant to be gift in return--"
"It's a beautiful amulet."
"It's an equipment to cope with magic absorption called 『Magic Eater』."

This is only effective for its wearer, but it can protect against 10 times the power of the Weasel Empire's [Magic Eater].
Since the power of the [Magic Eater] created from the black octopus material is unbelievably high, even the equipment I gave to Aze-san can't prevent it.
I intend to store the material away since it's too dangerous.

In addition, since the material from white gem space kaijuu has the same ability as the black octopus's, I've created magic-sealing tools from them.
This one can be prevented easily by the equipment I gave to Aze-san.
Nothing can replicate it since the material (black octopus) is too peculiar anyway, so these equipment should be quite useful for my companions.

"Satou-san, what are you searching?"
"Records about divine punishment in the past."

This place is the forbidden library of Tenion Temple in the Duchy Capital.
I came after getting the permission from the elder head-miko, presently a miko apprentice, Lily. Of course, Lily got the permission from the present head miko and temple head.

According to Princess Shistina, books regarding belief and miracles are more complete here compared to the books in the kingdom's forbidden library.
Apparently, these books have been handed down from the time of the Orc Empire before Shiga Kingdom, or even older than that.

"There sure is a lot of priests that misrepresented things as god's divine punishment."
"Yes, unfortunately, there's always some imprudent priests no matter the age."

When the little girl Lily said such things with a serious look on her face, she looks like a child who's trying her best, it's heartwarming.

"Satou-san, this slate here has records older than Furu Empire era written!"
"Ara ara, oh Sera. I was going to guide him there later."

Lily sticks out her tongue and makes a face that looks like a child who's failed in her mischief.

"Let's go, Satou-san. Records about big divine punishment probably only exist in things that are more than 1000 years ago."

Are the gods more mild than I thought?
I imagined them like [Wrathful Gods] from the Dog-head's and Corpse's talks, but perhaps they seldom intervene directly.

Let's stop judging them as evil unilaterally.
They do give forecast of demon lords and great disasters through oracle after all.

That said--.

"These divine punishments seem to be quite merciless."
"Oh my, you can read the slate from the age of gods?"
"Yes, it's the same language as the ancient language dictionary that Sera-san found."

Written there, a divine punishment made 80% of the people living in a continent to go extinct through flood and glacier. It's quite severe.

Such a severe divine punishment happened several thousands years ago, after that the scale got gradually reduced.
Most calamities come from the rampages of monsters from dungeons and monster dominions all over the world, attacking cities near them.

"I have read the document you submitted."

After saying that, Earl Seryuu throws the copy of the report onto the table.
As Kuro I'm visiting Earl Seryuu's castle and meeting the earl.

The report the earl read is titled [The Possibility of Divine Punishment and the Critical Situation of Seryuu City].
I've also given them to the king and the prime minister, and also to the important people of Labyrinth City Selbira with slight alterations for the city.

In case of the labyrinth city, they have various ways to deal with monsters before they can jump out of the labyrinth, and there are explorers and former explorers that can fight in the city itself.

However, that's not the case here in Seryuu city.
Their military is powerful, but the common people are all ordinary people. They don't have ways to cope with monsters that overflow from the labyrinth.

"As long as you understand the content. What I want to know if there is an impregnable defense line situated around the labyrinth's entrance."
"None. There is no budget to set up such a ridiculous thing."

Figure. Seryuu city is currently in the midst of investing things.
They won't have enough money before the labyrinth is on track.

"No need for money, that line should've been written there I believe?"
"I do not intend to create a debt."

I'm not going to demand gratitude, but there's no way Earl Seryuu can believe that with his position.
As for me, I don't mind as long as the people of the Gate Inn and Nadi-san of worker guild, and also Semone-san are fine.
I guess I'd be happy if Viscount Belton family are safe.

"I see, then you should at least take proper measure for when monsters overflow into the city."

After saying that I teleport away from the earl castle.

The destination is a large warehouse inside Seryuu City. Since there's no Echigoya branch office in Seryuu City, I've bought it as Akindo-san with Viscount Pendragon's letter of introduction.
It's just a stone's throw away from the labyrinth.

There's no one here, not even Echigoya Firm's personnel.
I've only contracted Nadi-san of worker guild to go around here once a week.

I summon Zena-san here with Unit Arrangement.

"So the negotiation broke down?"
"Yes, regrettably."

Looks like she understands the situation after seeing herself got summoned.

"Then, I'll be counting on you to persuade them."
"Yes, Satou-san."

Zena-san gathered 10 people.

As Kuro of Echigoya Firm, I plan to power-level these people in 10 days to be the emergency defense force while also thinning out monsters in Seryuu City's underground labyrinth.
Aside from Zena-san's little brother and the handsome middle-aged Garleon priest, the remaining eight people are all female soldiers of the territory army. There's no magic soldier, but since I'll be the one exterminating the enemies anyway, there's no problem.

Without succumbing to the rumor about a dangerous group gathering in the warehouse every night, we've successfully cut down about 80% of the monsters in the labyrinth's middle layer and deeper.
Since the territory army was patrolling in the upper layer, I opened a teleport gate in the middle layer and deeper, but there were only small fry contrary to my expectation.
Due to that, everyone besides the handsome middle-aged priest only barely broke through level 30.

Among the eight female soldiers, three have learned [Earth Magic], and the remaining five have learned [Water Magic].
Since I've made them learn the way to fight monsters using golems like Princess Shistina, they should be able to be the defense even if Labyrinth Hazard happens.
<TLN: Resident Evil is called Bio Hazard in Japan.>

"If the monsters overflow from the labyrinth, destroy the water tank there to flood the labyrinth."
"""Yes, Kuro-sama!"""

The young female soldiers gave a good reply to my instruction.

"Take these, you two."
"Is this wand made from an old tree? The circulation of magic power is wonderful."
"No, that's made from the World Tree's branch. It's a valuable item granted by the Fairy Queen, so treat it carefully."

The handsome middle-aged priest received it timidly.
The thing about getting it from Aze-san is a lie, but it really is made from the World Tree's branch.

"Magic sword? N-no it's not--Kuro-dono! Isn't this a holy sword!"
"That's right, it has special effect against monsters. Do not ever assume yourself a hero and plunge into swarms of monster. Think of that as a flag to evacuate the people."

I've thoroughly trained Zena-san's little brother to be the shield-user and guide.
His technique is equal Nana when she was level 30. Furthermore, unlike Nana's force art, I made him learn earth magic that were optimal for defense.
He hasn't learned Magic Edge yet, but he has [Diamond Shell], [Endurance Reinforcement] and [Physical Reinforcement].

I'm sorry for this young one, but his duty is to guide and evacuate people until the reinforcement come.

Further, I've given the basic equipment set disguised like territory army's equipment and ring-shaped magic invocation object to the female soldiers.
The golems commanded by the girls are shaped like stuffed toys so that the common people won't get scared of them.
I've asked Nadi-san to lend small stuffed toy golems to the minstrels inside the city.
Their movements are traced from Tama and Pochi's cute movements, so I have no doubt that they'll be quite popular.

"Take care of Seryuu City okay."

Leaving the students, I came back to the solitary island palace.
Now then, it's about time we go to the Weasel Empire.

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