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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14 Intermission 1

14-Intermission 1: Ancient Dragon Continent and Primeval Magic


Satou's here. Perhaps due to the influence from picture books and foreign anime geared toward children, when I think of magic, I imagine an old magician using a wand and invoking a spell. It was denied by a friend who was experienced in fantasy from home console though.

『So this place is that continent?』

I asked my fellow traveler while surveying the wasteland that spread in front of us.

『That Ancient Dragon guy should be around here somewhere. That wasteland over there must have been what left after Ancient Dragon's Breath of 『Ruination』』

Black Dragon Heiron who's carrying me to the south continent keeps his confidence.

Whoa, looks like we're going to come out of the marine area into the south continent area soon.
This continent doesn't have a World Tree so this is the first time I've come here.

I acquire the information about the south continent area with [All Map Exploration].

Looks like the acquired map is for the northern half part of the continent.
The map's name is [Wasteland of Ancient Dragon], there's only a small number of people with only a few villages and small towns along the eastern and western coasts.

Looks like the Ancient Dragon is rowdier than I thought.

『Heiron, fly a bit to the right toward that mountain ridge you can see far away.』
『Your eyes are good Kuro. It's too far I cannot see it.』

Well I also can't see it you know.
I have him flying toward the point reflected on the map.

--Crisis Perception.

In accordance to my bad feeling, I create a square shaped magic shield using advanced force magic in front of Black Dragon.
The surface area of the protection is small, but it's an excellent little thing that could directly defend against Black Dragon's breath many times.

『What's wrong, Kuro--』

Heiron suddenly made a sharp turn to the left when he was still talking.
My view inclined nearly 90 degree.

Something sparkled from afar, and then at the next moment, a black jet passed through near Black Dragon's stomach.
It's probably the Ancient Dragon's breath.

The other party shouldn't have been able to see us from this distance, it must have shot it using perception.
Still, that's some tremendous range.

With a roaring sound, Heiron let out a breath toward the Ancient Dragon.
Maybe it was a retaliation, but Heiron's breath disappeared in the middle of the way before even arriving at the Ancient Dragon.

『Fumu, now that Ancient Dragon guy should notice me too.』

After saying that, Heiron corrects his direction.
Rather, I feel that it was a declaration of war.

--In the end, Heiron's act was the right thing to do.

After using the breath to reply, there was no more breath coming from Ancient Dragon.
Before long, we could see the Ancient Dragon lying sprawled on the mountain's ridge.


The ancient dragon in Fujisan mountains was already twice as big as a true dragon, yet this Ancient Dragon is an order of magnitude bigger. Its length is at least one kilometer. It looks like it'll be 20% longer if the dragon stretches its body.

How does a living being maintain such size I wonder, but it's probably of something magical.

The Ancient Dragon is basking in the sunlight, its crimson scales are glittering.

『Black Dragon the wild kid huh, wait until the afternoon if you want to have a match. Today is a fine day to take a nap. Fighting is nice, but having a pleasant nap is even better.』
『Umu, agreed.』

Heiron agreed with the Ancient Dragon who spoke with very low frequency sound which shook your body, then he landed on a ridge near the Ancient Dragon and began to sunbathe.
How do I say this, they really are on their own paces.

I came here to ask the Ancient Dragon to teach me after all, as they said 'when in Rome, do as Romans do', thus I decided to take a nap together with the dragons.
There were cold strong wind like in alpine and intense sunlight like in the southern region, but I was able to adjust them making them feel like comfortable wind and sunshine by wrapping my body with light magic power.

I open my eyes when I feel someone's gaze.
According to the clock on the menu it's been two hours.

Right in front of me, there's the face of the Ancient Dragon and its ruby-colored eyes that's bigger than me.

『--Are you Riui?』
『No, I am Kuro.』

I remember this Riui that the Ancient Dragon mentioned.
The founder king of Silga Kingdom should be called Riui.

Perhaps the legend of King Riui I heard in Silga Kingdom's Dragon Shrine is a historical fact.
I'm intrigued as to whether the suspicious story about dragon turning into human is true.

At least the Silga Kingdom's dragon weapons were of lesser dragons'.

『I see--』

Looks like the Ancient Dragon lost its interest in me after I denied the question, after blinking once, it turned its attention toward Black Dragon.

『--Should we fight now, Black Dragon?』
『I have obtained a name, Heiron. Call me Heiron instead of Black Dragon.』

The battle junkie Black Dragon snapped at the matter about his name rather than about the match.

『Hou? Did Dragon God-sama bestowed you the name?』

Oh? They normally get it from the Dragon God huh?
Come to think of it, Black Dragon didn't name himself even though he has Naming skill.

『No, my name was given by Kuro. I also gave Kuro his name y'know.』
『You got your name from a human child?』
『Umu, Kuro exchanged blows with me in equal term y'know.』
『Exchanged blows you said? Fighting a dragon by exchanging blows in close combat rather than using magic from afar, that's quite an admirable youngster.』

Ancient Dragon laughs out loud pleasantly.
Since its laughter is like a shockwave attack, please leave it at that.

『So, you're not going to fight?』
『Umu, I'm fine with fighting, but I've brought Kuro here cause he has some business with you.』

Black Dragon told our original business faithfully to the Ancient Dragon who looked eager to fight.
It seems like he's already satisfied since he fought with me plentifully the other day.

Ancient Dragon turned its line of sight toward me uninterestingly.

『I had heard that Ancient Dragon-dono excels at ancient magic, so I'd like to learn from you once.』
『Fumu, I do not mind, however.... Magic (majutsu) is faster in invocation and needs less magic power than Primeval Magic (mahou) y'know?』

I answered the Ancient Dragon who looked wondering.
According to AR reading, the Ancient Dragon doesn't have [Primeval Magic] skill.

『Teach him without grumbling over the trivia. We're having a banquet after you teach him the magic.』
『Fumu, drinking Black Dragon liquor after a long while is nice too.』
『Besides, the dishes Kuro makes are tasty y'know.』
『Hou--better than whole roasted goats?』

So Ancient Dragon also uses goats as the standard?
They like goats too much.

『Fumwu.... About the same.』

Black Dragon concluded so after thinking hard about it for a bit.
Looks like even the whale meat with the spicy mayonnaise couldn't win against the demi-glaced roasted goat.

It got derailed a bit like such, but the Ancient Dragon's lesson finally starts.

『Primeval magic is all about spirit.』

With just that, the Ancient Dragon shuts its mouth as if it has told everything.

『Do you mean using magic with thought?』
『Roughly like that. Desire for something strongly, and make it happen using magic power and spirit.』

That's quite a lackadaisical magic.

『Is there no need for spell and prior-preparation?』
『That's magic (majutsu) right? Don't you want to learn about Primeval Magic (mahou)?』

Apparently, Primeval Magic is really a magic that create phenomenons only with imagination.

『I'm hungry y'know....』
『Now that you mention it, I feel hungry too.』

Black Dragon and Ancient Dragon said those things even though the lesson had just started.
These guys really do things as they please.

『Experience is the best teacher. I'll show how it's done, imitate it.』

The Ancient Dragon stares at a rock.
Looks like it's going to do something with that rock.

I motivate myself and observe the process.
I can see the magic flow of enormous magic essence (mana). It seems the spirits aren't moving.

There's nothing happening even after 10 minutes.

However, the amount of magic power gathered on the rock is substantial.
There's at least enough magic power to cast several advanced magic spells that's wrapped on the rock.

『I'll get some fish and octopus from the sea for a bit.』

Black Dragon yawned and then he went toward the shore.
Seafood from an unknown place sound good, but I have to concentrate on the Ancient Dragon's Primeval Magic right now.

After about an hour, Black Dragon came back while carrying a huge squid-shaped Kraken and a Deep Sea Serpent.

『What, not yet huh--this is why I dislike Primeval Magic.』

It's true that this can't be used as attack magic if it takes this long.


A small sound entered my ears.

I turned around and saw the figure of a sheep emerging from the transparent white rock.
Its realness accelerates as the rock as big as an arm turns into a statue of goat.

However, it doesn't end with just that--.

The statue's fur became tinged with real-looking fur, the statue's eyes blinked, turning into a living creature's eyes.

I reflexively stretch out my hand.
The fur that my hand touches feels exactly the same as a goat's.


The goat cried once and then it began to walk.
Its first few steps were awkward, but it's hopping normally now.

Amazingly, even the AR reading shows that it's a [Goat].

『This is Primeval Magic. You understand?』
『Y-yes, thank you very much.』

It's strange for me to be surprised at a rock turning into a goat since the forbidden spell [Another World] can create plants and fish, but looking at a rock turning into a goat before my eyes was amazing.

Unlike all the magic up until now, I didn't get [Primeval Magic] skill.
Since the Ancient Dragon itself doesn't have the skill, I guess it's only natural.

『You just do it like that. Kuro, cook this goat.』
『Fumu, one is not enough, but using Primeval Magic is tiring so I don't want to do it again.』
『Then, I'll bring them here from a certain place.』

After telling so, I brought around 20 goats from the live stock-farming [Another World].
I take out the whale meat too while I'm at it. I chose half the body of the whale since I'm treating the huge Ancient Dragon.

『That's quite a huge fillet.』
『Umu, it's the Great Monstrous Fish's fillet. It's good y'know.』
『T-that Great Monstrous Fish huh. Those guys can eat my breath and they're quick to escape into the bottom of the sea, they're bothersome so I've never eaten one.』

The Ancient Dragon is looking at the whale's half body interestingly.
I start to cook using [Magic Arm] and [Forge].

The dragons are smiling at the smell of the roasted meat.

I think back upon the Primeval Magic earlier while looking at them.
You probably have to do something after saturating the magic power, but I don't understand what to do after that.
Like sending signal by pulsing electricity, I think you need to create waves from the saturated magic power and produce some kind of magical phenomenon from it, but I don't have any proof in that.


A music with megavolume pulled me back to reality.
Apparently, the Ancient Dragon and Black Dragon are humming.

--Ooh, amazing.

Green buds have begun to sprout from around the Ancient Dragon and Black Dragon.
I can feel waves of magic power, this appears to be a type of Primeval Magic.

The greenery spread vigorously, flowers are blooming spectacularly. There are even some rare things called Spirit Grass and Bewitching Flower among them.
Looks like trees and shrubs have begun growing in far-off.

The spring and lake created in a slightly distant place must be of the Dragon Spring Liquor.
I guess the one created by the Ancient Dragon should be called Dragon Lake Liquor huh?

『Kuro, put demigla on this goat.』
『On mine too please.』

It's easy to put on the sauce since it's whole roasted, but my demi-glace sauce stock is running low.
Using space magic [Telephone] I ask Lulu to make more.

『So good, this tastes so good! Heiron, you've found yourself a good servant!』
『Wrong. Kuro isn't my servant, he's a friend.』
『Fumu, friend huh. I will use Primeval Magic to make the things you want if you give me more delicious dishes. At present, you want to turn dragon's fangs and claws into weapons right?』

When I was listening to the two while dismantling the Kraken and the deep sea serpent, the Ancient Dragon told me that.
Might as well, I take out Bouryuu's fang for the occasion.
I've cut it a bit to make some tool, but it's mostly intact.

『Could you turn this into a sword?』
『Fumu fumu, I can but after the banquet is over. Humans must not be hasty.』

The dragon is right, you've to enjoy the time to enjoy yourself fully.

I make fine white noodles from the huge squid and sashimi from the deep sea serpent.
The sashimi's accent isn't enough since I haven't meet any wasabi monster. As expected, using common wasabi isn't enough for this size.

I deep fried the deep sea serpent's bone with meat, creating a super huge bone senbei.
I can make deep-fried food using little oil with fry cooking magic, it's quite convenient.

『The senbei is better than the sashimi. This is how it's like when you fry things in oil huh.... Humans sure come up with amusing things.』
『I don't like it much. Goats are better after all.』

Crackle crackle, with very loud sound the Ancient Dragon bit the super huge bone senbei.
Black Dragon who was attracted by that tried the bone senbei, but he didn't like it much.

Once the two's appetites were appeased to a degree, I was also freed from cooking and began to drink the Dragon Lake liquor while snacking on the squid dish.

The moment I put the Dragon Lake Liquor into my mouth, strong smell pierced through my nostrils. After a bit, I got used to the tongue-numbing strong alcohol, then a rich mild flavor permeates.
The taste is different from the Dragon Spring liquor, but this one is quite a good liquor too.

I'd like to let my dwarf acquaintances who like liquor to drink this.
I'll share the remaining liquor later.

『Still, it looked like you really rampaged violently, did your Inverse Scale got wounded?』

Black Dragon suddenly turned his head and asked the Ancient Dragon.

『Fuhahaha, such idiot has not appeared for the past 10.000 years. I just couldn't put up with the scuffle between the demon lord and the little ones on the mountain nearby.』

Apparently the wasteland on the northern half part of the continent is the trace from the time the Ancient Dragon rampaged to defeat the demon lord.

I see, so this is an example of the [the damage is great when the dragon intervenes] talk.
The damage is bigger than my Meteor Shower combo for sure.

The [Demon Lord of another continent] spoken in the oracle was probably from here.
Only the ones in the Weasel Empire and the Ratkin Principality remain.

I had tried searching in the Ratkin Principality near Shiga Kingdom, but I couldn't find anything that seemed like the demon lord.
The [Trazayuya Maze] is located near the Ashrat Principality after all, perhaps the last demon lord is what Zen would have become.

"Eh? So you went today and were taught immediately?"
"Yeah, these are the Dragon Fang swords and Dragon Fang daggers that I got."

Affirming the surprised Arisa, I show her the swords created by the Ancient Dragon.

I had more of the lesser Dragon Fangs, so I asked the dragon to create two Dragon Fang swords and several Dragon Fang daggers.
Looking at the fang's volume, there should have been some left, but most of the huge fangs were absorbed into into the Dragon Fang swords. Primeval Magic is quite fantastical.

"Normally you'd get turned down and get to stay sitting down in front of the gate no matter how many times you got sent away, the readers won't feel the suspense like this."

As always, Arisa still loves mixing up fiction and reality.
Even though it's better when they teach you easily.

"Satou, there's a lot of daggers--don't tell me?"」
"Yes, I have one for everyone."

I nodded to Hikaru and put all the weapons on the table.
The Dragon Fang swords are for Pochi and Tama each, the Dragon Fang daggers are for everyone including the late-starters.
I didn't give the Dragon Fang sword to Nana who could use a sword because she won't be able to use her defense with the sword that's too sharp.

The members who are used to getting weapons from me and Lady Karina were simply overjoyed, but Hikaru, the princess, Sera and Zena-san received the swords with trembling hands due to their surprises.

"Amazing, this is a Jingi created from dragon's fang with Primeval Magic...."

Hikaru traces the dagger in her trembling hand.
Calling it Jingi is exaggerating, but there's no mistake that it's of higher class than a common Artifact.

"It can cut the inside of the magic bag, so make sure to put it into the sheath before storing it into the bag okay."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Yes, nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi stretch out greatly to answer me.

"Satou-san, is it alright for us to receive such amazing weapons?"
"Yes, Zena would be fine, but Her Highness and I can't use weapons...."
"That dagger can cut barrier, so please carry it in cases of emergency."

It cut through the barrier I created with space magic, so they should be able to break through most barrier.

"Dagger that can cut through barrier huh.... I feel excited somehow."
"Nn, anticipation."

Arisa and Mia are smiling while picking sheaths with different colors.

Lulu tilts her head while holding the dagger like a kitchen knife.
It seems she's going to use the Dragon Fang dagger to cook.

"Master, what is that, so I ask."
"This? This is a failure you see."

Nana points at the ill-formed dagger in my hand.
I was able to invoke Primeval Magic somehow after spending half a day and used up most of my magic power, but it felt like I needed more training before I could use it freely.
Looks like it'll be a bit longer before Liza's magic spear reinforcement.

"So, in the end, what is Primeval Magic anyway? Is it an 『Iya Boun』 type of technique?"
"The Ancient Dragon said that it was magic invoked with your spirit, but if I have to say, I guess it's the root of the 『Current Magic』? It's hard to be used by humans so the 『Current Magic』 is the form after it's been improved, or something like that."

The part that isn't included in the current magic (mahou)--magic (majutsu) skill has no merit.
I can understand why Primeval Magic became obsolete and the current systematic magic succeeded in the natural selection.

The current magic (majutsu) with the skill support is far easier to use and more efficient.
The support from skill is big after all.

--By the way, I wonder what's the [Iyabon type technique] that Arisa said in Japanese?

Arisa's reference is too old sometimes, I don't know them.

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