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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-15

14-15. Bolhart (2)


Satou's here. There was a time when the word Missing Link was popular. At that time I mistook the 'link' part with 'ring', once I lost my face when I talked about it with a friend.
It seems to point out the lack of continuity with the phenomenon, but I don't think I'll ever come across it as long as I live normally.

"To the right~, a little bit to the right~?"

Tama is giving an instruction to us using flags in the open space near the city hall.
She was just here a while ago, fast little thing.

Following her instructions, the brownie in flight uniform landed the airship in the open space.

Dwarves in work clothes are peeking through the windows curiously from the city hall.
Since there were a lot of plump ones, it made me remember a flock of sparrows standing in row on a pole cable.

"It's been awhile, Sir Pendragon."
"Please excuse me for my long silence."

I exchanged handshakes with Driar-shi the mayor who came to greet us.
Driar-shi's secretary and daughter, Jojori-san, is also with him.

"Oh? Isn't it Galhar! Why are you here?"
"Hey Jojori, your surprised face is wonderful too. I'd like to have a date in the sky together with you."
"Mou, oh Galhar."

Jojori-san reacted while not wholly blushing to Galhar-shi who naturally said some playboy's line.

When they met in the magic shop back then, Jojori-san acted like an older sister to Galhar-shi, but it seems there was some kind of change during these half year.
According to Arisa, Jojori-san seems to be the type of "A firm career woman who's drawn to no-good men."

"Master, where should we carry the souvenirs to?"
"Master, requesting instructions."

Liza and Nana came with the carts where I put the wine barrels, so I confirm Driar-shi for the place to put them.
I held back my laughter when Arisa said, "Bar~rel", with an unusually cute voice in front of the wine barrel, it was strange but since it was just Arisa being eccentric like usual, I ignored it.
<TLN: Atelier series reference.>

"Ah Pochi! That box is different."
"Different nodesu?"

I stopped Pochi who was going to carry a wooden box with a set of sake cups inside.

"Galhar-san, this wooden box is a souvenir for Galhar-san, could I bring it to your shop?"
"Much appreciated! Even though I still have the liquor you gave me, thanks for that."
"Mou Galhar! You haven't said your thank about the scroll workshop right?"

Huh, what is it about?

"Right! I wanted to write a letter but then a day had passed. You spoke about me to Viscount Shimen right? Thanks to that, I was able to regularly stock the popular 『Firework』 scrolls. The deserted Galhar shop has now become a business big enough that I could hire a clerk."

I don't remember ever especially talked about him, but I feel that I've spoken the topic about Galhar in the duchy capital's scroll workshop.
The workshop manager, Jung-shi probably worked about it.

"It's really thanks to Satou-san. Galhar's shop can now continue without worrying when it's going to bankrupt."
"That's awful Jojori. The goddess of fortune, that is you, is watching over my shop, so it won't go bankrupt you know."

When I was watching over the two's married couple-like conversation with warm eyes, Mayor Driar-shi came to call me.
Looks like my request to meet Elder Dohar has passed.

"""God Metal (Orichalcon)!"""

The moment I took out the Orichalcon Ingot in Elder Dohar's room, the dwarven blacksmiths who were peeking on the entrance raised surprised voices at once.

"The heck you peeking at, you fools!"
"""We're sorry boss!"""

Elder Dohar drops his clenched fist to the dwarves who are doing seize in a line one by one.

"Sorry for the fuss."
"Please don't worry about it."

While the dwarves are still doing seiza, Elder Dohar went back to the table, and picked up the ingot.

"This is the God Metal (Orichalcon).... Furthermore, it's not a mere God Metal."

Elder Dohar looked at the ingot from various angles.
This is the first time I heard that, I wonder if it has some kind of classification?

"It must have been refined with the power of a quite high order Source. I can feel the blessing of the spirits just by touching it."

It's relatively easy to manufacture them as long as there are Crimson Treasures--Philosopher's Stone alchemy material, but there's no need to put a damper on Elder Dohar and the dwarves' passion, so I keep my silence.

"However, with this kind of God Metal, the usual facility used for mithril won't be enough."

Elder Dohar is looking at the ingot with a stern face.
Alright, this is the right [something like this might happen] timing to take out the Orichalcon hammer and anvil.

"Alright Satou! Come with me!"


Elder Dohar stood up with whamp and then called to me.

Um, Orichalcon hammer and anvil....

"Jojori! Call Driar here! Tell him we're doing the Oblation Strike!"

--Oblation Strike?

Some mysterious words appeared from Elder Dohar's mouth.

"Boss! O-Oblation Strike, that means--"
"That's right! I'm letting Driar to take over. We need to select Jojori's husband."

With Elder Dohar's words, the dwarven blacksmiths starting with Zajir begin to take strange poses to appeal with their muscles.
So Jojori-san really is popular among dwarven men.

"Satou, I said it before, don't you want to become Jojori's husband?"
"I am sorry, but our races are different."

I used the 'different races' excuse which was used by High Elf Aze-san to decline the marriage proposal.
It's a bit unfair, but there are times when it's necessary for an adult.

"--Oh right, yer' not a dwarf huh."

Elder Dohar murmured with a face like a dove that was shot by a peashooter.
Apparently, he completely forgot about my race.

"Can't be helped, I can't hand down my techniques if you can't deliver an heir."

Elder Dohar is thinking hard with his short arms folded
Then Driar-shi and Jojori-san rushed in.

"Driar! Who's going to be Jojori's husband? Decide it now!"
"H-husband is it, father?"

Driar-shi and Jojori-san were surprised to hear Elder Dohar.

Driar-shi who's composed himself from the shock first asks the perplexed Jojori-san with a soft voice.

"Jojori, whom do you want to be your husband."

Jojori-san who was going to answer faltered.

I feel that she was going to utter Galhar-san's name.
Let's help her out a bit.

"Dohar-sama, do you want Jojori-san's husband for his blacksmithing talent? Or is it for his caliber as a mayor?"
"Neither. As long as he has the strength to take Jojori even after I knock him down, that's good enough."

Truly dwarf-like sense of value.

That kind of point does not suit the dandy Galhar-san.
If I had to say, the frank Zajir-shi suits that more.

For a while, silence rules this place.

"--I can't wait anymore. Let's get some suitable young lad to do a marriage interview for later."

Putting Jojori-san who couldn't answer onto the back burner, the impatient Elder Dohar continued the talk.

"The Oblation Strike is for me, Satou, Driar and Jojori to do--next we need a blacksmith and a magician. The blacksmith is, Zajir, you come."
"Yea! Boss!"

Zajir-shi whose name was called by Elder Dohar pushed his arm toward the sky and joyfully shouted.

The dwarves around him hit Zajir-shi with fists contained with blessings and envies.
Zajir-shi who smiles back to the strikes while covered in blood is scary. Dwarf's blessing is quite violence.

"Next, we need a magician.... It's either of Don or Hahn brothers."
"Father, those two will sulk if you choose either of them."

Driar-shi stopped Elder Dohar's decision.

"We should choose another magician. For the magician assigned to do the Oblation Strike, he not only needs magic, but also arithmetic skill."
"T-then, let's ask Galhar-san. He had just come to the city hall."

Jojori-san pushed with Driar-shi's assist.

"Right. We'll go with that."

I don't know whether Elder Dohar noticed the unnaturalness of the two or not, but he easily accepted.
Zajir-shi grimaced with the reappearance of his rival, but he didn't make an objection to Elder Dohar's decision.

"Awesome, the heat is getting higher."
"I-is this the road to the deepest part?"

While overlooking the red hot magma below from a suspension bridge, Zajir-shi and Galhar-shi muttered.
This place is the deep underground of Bolhart City, a different map area where the City Core is located.

After taking the cold water purification ceremony, everyone changed to white blacksmith clothing.

After crossing the suspension bridge and a long stone stairway, we advanced through a sandbar in the middle of a magma river.
There's a Japanese-style shrine, a barrier is set around the precincts.

『Land Lord Dohar, please give the permission for people besides Driar to enter.』
"Ou! Give the permission to Satou, Jojori, Zajir, and Galhar."

Elder Dohar replied to the voice of the City Core.
The barrier protecting the shrine is removed, and then we enter the inside with Elder Dohar leading.

I'm already used to seeing City Core area, but it's a bit different here.
There's a big window in the slightly Japanese-styled shrine, and bubbling magma can be seen from it.

"We've come for the Oblation Strike. Prepare for it!"
『Acknowledged. Please appoint the next Land Lord.』
『Completed the registration, please appoint the next proxy.』
"Oy, driar, do it."
"Y-Yes. I appoint Jojori as the proxy."
『Completed the registration, manifesting the Oblation Strike tools.』
In front of the City Core, an anvil made from blue crystal and several blue hammers and tongs appeared.
Apparently, they're made of magic power.

Next time I'll do various experiments in the city that I rule in Holy State Parion.

"Listen! Driar and Galhar take care of the operating board there. That operating board is going to be the deciding factor of the processing of God Metal that's harder than mithril. Driar, teach Galhar."
"Yes! Our responsibility is grave, but you should be able to do it. Show father that arithmetic is not unneeded!"
"Yes, teacher!"

Looks like Driar-shi gets along well with Galhar-shi.

"Satou, have you made another sword after the Fairy Sword?"
"Yes I have."
"Show me."

I can't take out a holy sword or a magic sword, so I take out a katana made of Damascus steel from the Storage bag.
I didn't reach the deepest secret of katanasmith taught by Ban in the labyrinth's lower layer, but I feel that it's quite a splendid work of mine.

"You've become quite good--"

After looking at it from various angles, Elder Dohar contemplated for a bit.

"Zajir, you take care of the Phase Hammer."
"Ey! Boss!"

Zajir stroke his own chest while having a smile on his whole face.

"Satou, read the scroll here. Can you read dwarf language?"

Skimming it, the dwarf language doesn't seem to be that different from elf language.
After secretly using force magic's [Translate], I was able to correct the difference in nuance.

"I can."
"Then I'll leave it to you."

Reading it more, I was shocked.

--Isn't this the dwarf's secret!

What are you doing showing this to an outsider.

"Dohar-sama, isn't this document something that shouldn't be shown to me?"
"I don't mind. It has to be with the greatest blacksmith--no, a blacksmith that can imagine the strongest. I and Zajir cannot imagine a sword that surpasses holy swords. I can feel that from the sword you made earlier."

I see, then I'm certainly fit for it.
After all, I do know a sword that surpasses holy swords--.

"Are you ready!"

Everyone answered Elder Dohar.

"Melting operation starts."
"Confirming the semi-fluid state, commencing the countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

Driar-shi and Galhar-shi control the operating board.
The ingot on the anvil became red-hot and began to become soft.

"Oblation Strike, begin!"

With Jojori-san's signal, Elder Dohar and Zajir began to strike the ingot.
I put on the circlet-shaped tool, and imagine the strongest arm from the Shinza.

However, unlike in games and anime, it seems I can't simply just imagine it.

A magic sword's circuit was written in the book I read earlier to help me imagine it.
Judging from that, my position is to design all the magic circuit that will be granted to the sword.

And it seems the magicians, Driar-shi and the others are supporting it.

Now then, imagine it--.

The Divine Sword that can slay gods appear in my mind.

The blade of darkness.


The passionate yells of Elder Dohar and Zajir-shi striking the Orichalcon echoed.

I imagine the materialization of the magic circuit.
But the ideal is too high, it seems that it'll need an absurd capacity that won't fit the sword.

A question appears at the same time.
Did the dwarves continue to do such an absurd work from generation to generation?


A magic circuit that I'm not familiar with appears in my mind.
I wonder if it's from the City Core or perhaps the Accumulated Knowledge (Library) in the Dragon's Vein?

From the Accumulated Knowledge, I elect the circuit that complies with the image I have.

A precise circuit that seems impossible for people to get.
There is not even 1 bit of waste, it bears a vivid resemblance to the artistic programs from Z80 era.

"Amazing, it's amazing, Jojori."
"Yes, what a beautiful numerical formula."
"You two, concentrate on your work! The sword won't be perfected if there's even a slightest error!"

I faintly heard the voices of the three people assisting with the calculation.
It's probably possible to create a sword equaling the Divine Sword if this keeps up.


Denial appeared in my mind.
I wonder what's not right.


The sword that's going to be completed now is the strongest sword.

--Wrong wrong wrong.

Alert-like voice echoes in my head.
Blue light shines before my eyes, the golden Orichalcon that's shaping up into a sword in Elder Dohar's hand, the red hot magma that surrounds the room....

--I see.

I realize the one answer that can't be expressed in words from the depth of my heart.

『Finished the sequence of Oblation Strike. Please give it a name.』

The City Core's voice cuts the serene atmosphere.

"T-this is--"
"How beautiful."
"A-awesome. I can feel more power than the hero's holy sword I saw in the past."

Zajir-shi, Jojori-san, Galhar-shi were impressed with the completed sword.

"Father, congratulations."
"Yeah, it's thanks to you guys and Satou."

Driar-shi supports Elder Dohar who has exhausted his power.

"Satou, try putting magic power into that sword."

I receive the delicate slender sword.
It's a golden sword that looks exactly like the Divine Sword.

I slowly put magic power into it.

Light burst out.

"Blue light? Is it a holy sword?"
"It's not! There's red light too."
"Is it a magic sword? Or maybe a holy sword?"

The shocked voices from the surrounding didn't reach my ears.

I increase the quantity of magic power I put into it.
I've put a lot, but neither Holy Edge nor Magic Edge occurs.

The red and blue light become intertwined, spinning into one color.

"Violet light?!"
<TLN: See *TLN at the end of the chapter.>

Driar-shi's shout echoes.

At that time, what appeared in my mind were the odd sense of [Burning-like enthusiasm of the dwarves] and the [The imagined Divine Sword that brings freezing-like ruin and extinction].

That's why, I wasn't imagining the [Divine Sword] but a [Sword that can destroy the Divine Sword].
And then, this mysterious sword that emits violet light is the finished product.

"I name it. Holy Magic Sword--"
<TLN: the 魔 (ma) in the 'magic' part can also be translated as demonic/cursed.>

Holy Magic Sword huh, it's quite a fitting name.
Properly speaking, it's probably going to be named with the city's name or Elder Dohar's name.


How did that happen?

Elder Dohar who took the sword from my hand thrusts it into the City Core.
To be exact, to the hole opened in the City Core.

『Holy Magic Sword Pendragon, oblation complete.』

The City Core's voice reverberates.

Come to think of it, it was an [Oblation] Strike huh.
If the sword is not going to be present, I guess there's no problem even if it's named whatever.

Now that the ceremony is complete, everyone besides me is going to take a rest until they can walk back to the ground.
During that rest, I asked Elder Dohar about the reason for the name.

"Your house name is from the name of a hero who crushed a dragon right? Don't you think it's appropriate for that strongest sword?"

I see, come to think of it, I think I remember telling that story during our drinking chat.

Afterwards, Driar-shi inauguration of the office of the land lord, Elder Dohar retirement, and the announcement of Jojori-san's engagement happened at the same time, the whole Bolhart City was wrapped in festival.

The candidates for Jojori-san's fiance are the two who participated in the Oblation Strike, Galhar-shi and Zajir-shi.

The viewing flight that was very popular in the labyrinth city was also terrificly popular here, one part of the people who lined up for their turn made a big uproar that almost ended into a fist fight.
I've closed the Gate inside the small airship so there's no problem.

During the seven day drinking bout, I participated in drinking bouts with various brands of liquor that the people brought together with Elder Dohar and the others.
There were a lot of strong liquor enough to numb my tongue, but since I had a convenient body that could only get light drunkenness, I enjoyed the taste in full.
Among many of the smashed dwarves, the dwarves acknowledged my superiority in a strange meaning.

In addition, my companion were--.

The family-oriented members were taught blut and wurst-like sausages made from domestic animals that usually only appear during a festival and various sausage recipes from the female dwarves.
For some reason, the sausages that Arisa remodeled with magic were popular among the Bolhart's children.

The meat-eating members were vigorously hunting the monsters around Bolhart to supply the meat, they were revered like gods by the people who participated in the festival.
It seems the [Meat Song] which started with [Meat, meat, meat~] lyric composed by Pochi and Mia had become a boom by the time we were departing Bolhart.
In addition, the painting of [Hamburg Steak of Sunlight Filtering Through Trees] that master painter Tama made seems to be displayed in the Bolhart's art gallery.

After the festival is over, the day when we were going to depart toward Muno Earldom, I asked a question to Elder Dohar after noticing a certain thing.

"Dohar-sama, where did the offered sword go to?"
"According to the legend, it's said that perhaps it's presented to heaven."

I see, looks like it's told that it's an offering to the god.
Judging from the way Elder Dohar spoke, it seems the City Core didn't have an answer to the question.

I look at the character string displayed on the Exchange Column's mailbox.

[Holy Magic Sword Pendragon] characters are displayed.

*TLN: Back then someone in the comment section suggested that I used violet as the word in Japanese could also mean that (EITHER CAN BE CORRECT depending on the context so please don't assume that this is an arbitrary decision from my side as a translator, it's still 100% true to the source). It had been established so much that I couldn't change it even after the raw of this chapter came out, but now that this chapter is translated, I think it's more appropriate to use 'purple' rather than 'violet' to refer to the color from now on. Readers, please take note.

Yes I know violet is a kind of purple.

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