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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-27

14-27. Journey Across the Eastern Countries


Satou's here. I feel that time passes faster when you're immersing yourself in your hobby. Even in my work, I can quickly come up and create difficult routines, while squashing bugs and working out the changes in specification are long and hard.

It has already been one and a half month since we departed the snow country--Kiwolk Kingdom.

We visited various countries and small tribe villages in relaxed pace while working hard in leveling up and practices during the airship cruise.
Of course there were recreations led by Arisa inserted appropriately between them.

Today I've come to Boruenan Forest alone to play and show my new work to Aze-san.

"Amazing, Satou! You've finally succeeded!"
"Yes, the magic power consumption is still too large though, so there's still some time until it's completed."

I look up at the airship that appeared in the sky above the tree house in Boruenan Forest.

Even though it's inferior compared to the elf's Light Ships and Hero Hayato's Jules Verne, I'm finally able to make my own airship fitted with the dimensional-cruise function to fly.
It's thanks to the technology provided by the elf's Beriunan Clan and Burainan Clan.

"It's really amazing. Light Ships are produced and maintained by the world trees, so there are only a few who understand the dimensional-cruise function, in fact, only high elves-sama of Beriunan Clan and Burainan Clan can make them."

Lua-san who's looking at me with respectful eyes from the side praised.
Right after I made a good atmosphere with Aze-san, the craftsman elves came one after another after seeing the new type of airship.

"Yo, Satou. Did you finally make a Light Ship too?"
"I can't believe we are overtaken by a human who had just learned the basic of airships."
"Right, I made an automatic ice maker from the Elemental Stones I got from you last time, take it."
"With that many Elemental Stones, we can make everything."

The Elemental Stones mentioned in the latter half are not about the Ice Stones I got from Kiwolk Kingdom.

After leaving that country, we saved the army of the third prince of Kogeoku Kingdom who were dying from cold in a monster domain, and we got a lot of Wind Stones as thanks.

Just like the the neighboring Kiwolk Kingdom that produced Ice Stones, the country of meadows, Kogeoku is also producing Wind Stones artificially.
Of course, the ones providing the technology are the weaselkins just like in Kiwolk Kingdom.
I'm intrigued as to why they're gathering Elemental Stones, but I have a feeling that it's all about profit.

Due to some twists and turns and Pochi's efforts, I was able to get the wreckage of Kogeku Kingdom's Wind Stone magic facility, and got to comprehend the general method to create Elemental Stones by comparing it to the Ice Stone magic facility I got in Kiwolk Kingdom.

Put simply, by turning spirits into a simple element and giving them a lot of Magic Essence, the Magic Essence will crystalize into Elemental Stones.
This [Turning spirits into a simple element] should be the role of the environmental and magic devices that produce Elemental Stones, but since I can arbitrary change spirits into the element I want using Spirit Magic, I can produce Elemental Stones as long as I can provide a lot of Magic Essence.
Since I know a place with a lot of Magic Essence, right now I'm mass producing Elemental Stones of various elements.
I've also gotten my hands on the high purity Crystal type Elemental Stones too, although in small quantity, I'm planning to use them for my companions.

--The dream is expanding.

In addition, regarding the matter about the apostle--.

During our visits to Kogeoku Kingdom and three other kingdoms, we found two places with traces of a white-robed apostle.
A manager of a mine who employed children slaves and members of crime guild who were making Fiend Drug-kind of drug were turned into salt pillars.
In both cases, only the perpetrators were punished, the mastermind behind the cases were left alone, so the same things occured again.

For the former, I exchanged the children slaves for small-sized doll products of Echigoya Firm, while for the later, I exposed the mastermind, handed him over to the king and completely erased the manufacturing formula of the drug.
I employed the doctors and the alchemists who were forced to create the drug to work in the workshop of Echigoya Firm in Shiga Kingdom's Royal Capital.

Further, I was worried whether the people of Kiwolk Kingdom were turned into salt, so I visited there as Kuro but I couldn't find anyone who seemed to be the apostle.

Today, the late-starter group has gone to the inner part of Selbira's labyrinth upper layer to check their new equipment and level up, and Hikaru has gone to the former depressed demon lord's place to play with the Siberian Husky-like dog.

And, the members of Team Pendragon are--.

"Tama and Pochi who went ahead to be the Seko will return soon. Are you ready?"
"Completed setting the 『Net』 so I report."
"Nn, perfect."
"The preparation for the Spread Cannon Type Three is complete too."
"I've put the space magic's 『Labyrinth』 here too. We can thoroughly beat the ones that escape the shooting."

It seems they're just about to get rid of the small fries when I come to see them.
I can see Pochi and Tama taking along herds of monsters from beyond the ruined city.
I thought being Seko meant you should drive them from behind though.... well I guess it's fine.

This is one of the city in the [Blue Territory] to the southwest of the kingdom.
The hunting ground has been changed here since the monsters in middle layer of Selbira's labyrinth seemed like they'd go extinct when we were leveling up during our journey.

It looked like I'd disturb everyone's concentration if I just showed up, so I'll be watching them from the back for now.

"Pochi was one step faster nodesu."

Behind the two who finished together, a light net lifted up.
This is Nana's [Fortress] added with paralyzing adhesive feature to capture targets.

"Shooting start!"

With Liza's signal, Lulu fired her accelerated cannon.
Innumerable rain of shells infringed the small-sized monsters, decreasing the number greatly.

"The big ones are coming. One on the left, two on the right. All of them are of level 50 class."
"Acknowledged. Mia, the Sand Hell."
"Nn, execute."

Receiving Arisa's report, Liza gave the next instruction.
Mia nodded and then sand in the open space forward began to move like a creature.

Right at then, a large Dragon Snake (Huge Naga) that looks like a snake with wings appeared.
Behind it, I could saw a herd of Venom Naga that are at level mid-40s behind it, they seemed to be its followers.

Even though the Naga has 'Snake' on its name, it's a monster that has limbs and ant-like wings, it looks like a skink lizard with elongated body.
I want to press a question to the one who named it.

"A mere snake pretending to be a dragon, how ridiculous so I announce!"

The mid and large sized ones are roused by Nana's provocation.

"Arisa, the wings."
"Okey, here comes the dimensional cut."

Arisa invoked space magic chantlessly, cutting the Huge Naga's wings and minced the Venom Naga that followed behind it.

"Arisa no good no good~"
"That's right nanodesu! If you cut the yummy Naga like that, you can't eat their guts nodesuyo!"

Since the meat of Naga are delicious eaten in kabayaki-style, Tama and Pochi faulted Arisa's barbaric act.

"You two, save the complaint. Take care of the ones on the left side."
"Aye aye~"
"Yes nanodesu."

With Liza's instruction, Tama and Pochi dashed while leaving golden trails behind.

"Eri eri buun, nanodesu!"

Pochi who misspelled the new Aerial Boost feature of the Golden Armor flew toward the Naga literally as quick as the wind.
This Aerial Boost feature uses Wind Stone as its core since I got a lot of them, and since it seems more useful than I thought, I'm planning to add them to the other girls' armors.

Liza used Flickering Movement to assault the Naga to the right.


Mia muttered a word, and then the sand on the ground apprehended the Naga's legs and bodies.
It seems she used the Sand Giant that fought the Floor Master in Selbira's upper layer as a trap this time.

"Shadow clone cut~?"

Tama who's in golden armor with a pink mantle divided into 12 bodies and toyed with the Naga.
I've also mastered ninjutsu taught by Tama-sensei, but since I can't use it as good in practice, I can't put it into practical uses as good as Tama.

And, on Tama's side, Pochi cuts the Huge Naga's snake using Magic Edge three times her height.

"Pochi, switch~?"
"Roger nanodesu."

Looks like Pochi who has a powerful offensive ability in a single strike is in charge of the Huge Naga while Tama who can eliminate great number of enemies while toying around is in charge of the Naga's herds.
Tama decapitated the Naga's head one by one while saying, "Nin nin."
Looks like she's being careful not to damage the poison gland properly. She's fully eager to eat them.

"Liza-san, the boss is going to make its move soon."

Arisa who was in charge of enemy search warned Liza who was peerlessly trampling down the enemies with two spears.
The Dragon Spear Heiron that Liza holds is the same as before, but the Magic Spear Douma has been improved to become the Magic Spear Douma Kai.
I plated the tip of the Magic Spear Douma with Adamantite using alchemy.
It's not of even plating, I've made it so that it'll generate drill-shaped blast when she shoots Magic Edge Cannon with it.
Thanks to that, the Magic Edge Cannon's penetration power has been increased by around 20%,

"Golem-san, please take the monsters' bodies while being careful not to damage the meat, two at a time."


Lulu ordered the golem unit to collect the monsters' bodies.
The golems have human-shaped upper bodies and spider-shaped lower bodies as I assumed that they were going to work in a ruined city.


Tama whose ears straightened up and Pochi whose tails was swinging around came back bringing the Naga's heads.
According to the two, the meat here are the most delicious.

In such peaceful atmosphere, the boss that Arisa warned earlier showed up, turning the situation around.

A snake monster as huge as the heavenly dragon showed itself while scattering the wreckage of the castle in the center of the ruined city.
It doesn't have wings like the Naga, but it's floating above the ground, gliding toward us.

"Uwaaah, level 90 you serious. I think we really have to call Master here."

We haven't meet a powerful enemy for a long time.

"Level 90 is it.... It is a fitting opponent."
"Don't worry be happy~?"
"I-it's alright nanodesu. Pochi is fine against that much nanodesu."

Liza puts the Magic Spear Douma Kai into the magic bag and grasps the Dragon Spear Heiron while looking grim.
Tama seems carefree, but Pochi looks to be anxious enough to hide her tail between her legs.

Certainly, it's an opponent that these girls likely won't be able to beat with their current levels.

By the way, everyone here besides Mia is level 60.
Only Mia is level 58 since she needs a lot of exp.

『Master, it's an emergency. Some level 90 snake came out.』
『Roger, I'm going now.』

Arisa asked for reinforcement through [Telephone].
I pretend to have just teleported in, appearing behind Arisa and the others.

"I'm here."

Well that's because I've been watching from behind since awhile ago.
The meat and the material will be injured if I fight it normally, so I paralyze the snake with an advanced water magic spell.

While everyone is attacking the snake once, I call Hikaru who's visiting the former depressed demon lord Shizuka with [Telephone] to come here.

"Kept you waiting, what's with that snake."
"That seems to be the boss here. The level is just right for you I called you to strike it with a Force Spear once."
"Ehehe, thank you, Satouuu."

It seems Hikaru has gotten used to calling me Satou.
Hikaru's level has increased to 91 since I usually call her when we fight a powerful enemy like this.

She chantlessly produces a Force Spear and hits the snake.
Next, I just need to lift the snake's head with [Magic Arm] and cut it with the advanced light magic spell [Photon Laser], finished.

"Your strength is absurd like always...."
"As expected of my Satou."

Astonished Arisa and delighted Hikaru said.
However, the "my" part was unnecessary.

The other girls seem to be full of appetite, they rush to gather the meat.
I pat the two's heads and go to where everyone is to collect the snake's body into my Storage.

"Are you going to attract emigrants once you've ruled the City Core?"
"No, I don't have such plan. I'll cover the city with space magic and forest magic barrier to prevent monster coming in though."
"Then you're not going to use it for anything?"
"Since the climate is of southern countries and all, I'm thinking of preparing the soil and let the golems to make an orchard or rice field inside the rampart."

If I link the golems with the City Core, even golems without magic cores will have no need of magic power from the user.
It's the same structure as the golems inside labyrinths.

"And so, Mito. How's Shizuka's condition?"
"Nn~, how do I say it, she's enjoying her lonely life to the full you see."

--What the heck's that?

"It's like an embodiment of a life of a single woman of around thirty. She's growing vegetables and herbs on the field, she makes teas and pot-pourri from the herbs, she makes jam and sweets from the fruits and honey gathered by the Living Dolls in the forest. She also said that she went for a stroll with her Siberian Husky, Wanfu, in the morning until the river, fishing and collecting pretty stones there."

It's like a normal rural life, but as long a she's happy then all is good.

She's self-sufficient with the Living Dolls working for the necessities, I also deliver flavoring and books through the brownies or Hikaru who also look her condition once in a while.
According to Hikaru, it seems Shizuka loves literary, she's drawn various things in small books.
She didn't want to show it to me for some reason, but forcing her would not be good so I didn't press it further.

I collect the meat while only leaving the share for today's lunch.

Since Arisa and the others are going to explore the city to search for any remnant of monsters, I've decided to join the exploration once I go to the Selbira Labyrinth.
Looks like Hikaru is not going back to Shizuka's place as she's accompanying Arisa.
Further, as there are archives and treasures hidden by magic in this city, I'm looking forward to it already.

It seems the late-starter group is fighting Blast Corns and a Marionette Rafflesia that's manipulating demi goblins and demi ogres in the plant area.

Their pace is slower than the forerunner group, but all members of the late-starter group have broken through level 40, Zena-san is level 41, Sera is level 42.
Further, as the members of Echigoya Firm are busy with their main occupation, their levels are still at the first-half of 30 with no change.
I've power-leveled Aoi boy and the new manager candidates to level 15.

"....■■■■■ Laser"

Wielding a light wand, Sera who is now able to use mid level light magic sliced the gigantic demi ogres all at once.
Since humanoid monsters can only be used to become fodders for monsters raised for power-leveling usage, there's no problem in handling them carelessly.

The current Sera is able to use most holy magic including prayer magic, I don't know whether it's because she healed a lot of people who suffered from epidemic disease in a country we visited or because she simply leveled up.
Since she can easily heal lost limbs, ruptured internal organs or other fatal wounds, my magic potion hasn't got its turn lately.

Sera safely flings away a Demi Goblin Assassin that jumped out of a nearby thicket.
It's the result of learning the art of self-defense under Lulu.

Not only Sera, the princess and Zena-san also learned the self-defense art.
It seems they're also interested in staff-fighting art recently.

"Imperial Golem Guard third!"

The princess ordered the golem to receive the flung demi goblin to kill it.
The princess turns her line of sight to Zena-san who's flying in the sky.

"Zena! You must not go forward alone!"
"I'm sorry Tina-sama."

The princess warned Zena-san who was flying with flight magic to look for the Marionette Rafflesia that was manipulating the demi ogres.
I saw a Blast Corn beyond the thicket shooting at Zena-san with exploding bullets.


Zena-san screamed shortly, but Sera's defensive magic protected her from the bullet exploding near her.

"Let me go and defeat that corn."
『Karina-dono, there's a monster to the left!』

Lady Karina who's dual wielding heavy maces on both hands swings the one on her left hand to strike a slime-shaped Metal Eater that Raka warned.


Lady Karina who's bad at Magic Operation relies on Raka to activate the electric discharge circuit in the Heavy Mace to thoroughly burn the Metal Eater, and then she jumps into the thicket.
The sound of Lady Karina's heavy mace hitting the Blast Corn beyond the thicket reverberates.

Since the clumsy Lady Karina wasn't able to use her old hammer main weapon, she's shifted to using the heavy mace simplistically like batting.
Since Raka's grapple and equipment boost's reach is short, she only uses that one reservedly.

"....■■■■ Divine Sonic"

Wielding a wind wand, Zena-san supported Lady Karina who was seemingly about to be surrounded by a herd of Blast Corns with magic.
The power of the advanced spell of wind magic is magnificent, every one of the monsters besides the one in front of Lady Karina has been neutralized.

The monsters that had resistance against wind were eliminated by Zena-san's newly learned magic and rifle-type magic gun.
In addition to the advanced spells of wind magic, Zena-san is also now able to use lightning magic and ice magic until elementary level.
It seems she's unable to decide which one she's going to use as her sub.

"Everyone! 『Droon』 golem has found the main body of Marionette Rafflesia. Heavyweight golem one to six, charges toward 3 o'clock direction!"

Sera, Zena-san and Lady Karina gather with the princess's report.
The automatic flight [Drone] golem is something that she made herself with her own alchemy and magic.

Due to the influence of having in charge of operating the golems and her interest in magic tools creation with her alchemy skill she had from the beginning, now her position is like my pupil in the creation of magic tools and golems.
Since she's not suited to direct battles despite learning the self-defense art, she doesn't have any special weapon, instead small animal-shaped golems with stun functions are always by her side as her guards.

"Yes, Karina-sama!"

Zena-san carrying Lady Karina dances in the air, they head toward the Marionette Rafflesia while almost touching the ceiling, and then they do a nose dive.

"Here I go!"

Zena-san and Lady Karina put their sole of feet to each other and then kick reciprocally to accelerate even more.

"Rapid start Karina Ki--"

Before Lady Karina could speak until the end, her kick pierced through the Marionette Rafflesia's petal.


While scattering some suspicious pollens, the Marionette Rafflesia stops moving.
Lady Karina crawled out of the body while coughing violently.

Sera rushed to her in a hurry and used detoxification magic on Lady Karina.

.....Do assaults in moderation okay.

After retrieving the late-starter group from the labyrinth, we met up with Arisa, Hikaru and the others to enjoy the exploration.

"I never thought that I would safely set my foot in the Blue Territory."
"Th-this is the Haunt of Blue is it...."

Sera and the princess look around the ruin while stuttering their words.
It seems Lady Karina and Zena-san have never heard of the Blue Territory.

I'll guide them to the treasury for the occasion.

"Here is strange~?"
"There's no smell of meat nodesuyo?"

Tama tilted her head in confusion before the hidden magic circle.
Pochi sniffed with her nose but it seems there was no smell that was of interest for her.

"There are traces of someone doing a consecration ceremony. I can't feel any miasma."

Sera commented while touching the magic circle.
When the magic power was put into the magic circle, some words appeared.

"It seems there are Command Words written in ancient language. Umm, 『Even if the city is destroyed by the tsunami, people will not perish. We will give rewards to those who liberate the city.』 is written, the Command Word is--Baalus?"
"It's safe since there's one character difference huh."
<TLN: reference to Castle in the Sky, should be 'Balus'.>

Arisa was shocked when she heard the word of destruction from a famous anime coming out of Hikaru's mouth, but she muttered in relief when she noticed her mistake.
Everyone besides me doesn't understand the meaning, they look wondering.

『Regenerate (Baalus)』

>[Ancient Language] Skill Acquired.

The magic circle lits up when Hikaru recited the Command Word in Ancient Language, then a door appeared out of nowhere.

Golden brightness jumped into our eyes when the door was opened.
The inside is wide, the inner wall seems like something made from the space magic's [Garage].

Everyone rushes happily into the golden brightness.
Lady Karina and Zena-san seem to be nervous with the large amount of treasures.

"Gold silver~"
"There is a bar too nodesu."

The bar-like thing that Pochi picked up appears to be a magic tool called [Illusion Smash (Dispel Bar)]
It appears to be an artifact.

"These are the lost handicrafts from the era of Furu Empire."
"How nostalgic, I hated the nobles of that country, but their buildings like the royal castle one were very excellent."

It seems Sera is interested with the picture and works of art on the wall.
For Hikaru, it seems they're things she knew before going into the sleep.

From the opposite side of the beastkin girls who are examining the weapons, and Nana and Lulu who are looking for cute things, someone calls me.

"Satou! It seems there's a library inside."
"Yay, I wonder if there's any magic book?"

Arisa and Mia gleefully run toward the library that the princess found.

After picking the loot, we went to the solitary island palace and enjoyed the Naga kabayaki and pop-corns made of the Blast Corns.

"Lulu's boxes really are delicious nodesu."

We're eating the Naga kabayaki while listening to the sound of wind bells.
The thick meat with fat is truly delicious.

Thus, in contrary to our peaceful days, the hero is currently struggling in the underground labyrinth located in a remote region of the Weaselkin Empire.
I'm worried to hear that they get serious injuries sometimes, but according to the communication, it seems they're closing in the demon lord's main body while defeating the split bodies.
Apparently the magic tool provided by the weaselkin empire is doing its job.

I thought they're taking a bit too long in defeating the demon lord, but according to Hikaru it's normal to take several months to subjugate a demon lord.
She said that it even took several years in her case.

--Do your best, Hero.

While I was cheering for Hero Hayato in my mind, the airship entered the territory of the pink haired princess Menea's kingdom, Rumooku Kingdom for the tour.

It'll be nice if I can read the documents regarding people of another world in Rumooku Kigndom--.

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