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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14 SS

※ This is not in Satou's point of view. Main chapters will follow after.

SS: The Territory of Marquis Ganika, Later


"--This is, an old document?"
"Yes, it's in the castle's library, look at this Nereina."
"Is it a modern translation?"

Five days after Princess Shistina visited, I was called by the young lady to the castle.

"If this is true--"
"Yes, it should be an evidence of the undersea people's existence."

A servant of the marquis house, most likely someone of talent that could read ancient documents must have found it.
If we show this to marquis-sama, we might be able to persuade or even push marquis-sama to launch a full-scale investigation.

I feel clear like a small bird that sees the morning sun after a long while.

"Excuse me!"

The young lady and I came to the work room of Marquis-sama.
Normally we would have been stopped along the way, but today there wasn't anyone stopping us. It's strange.

This must be my lucky day.

"That was quick."


I exchanged looks with the young lady hearing unexpected words from Marquis-sama.

"This girl is the one who has promptly raised the warning about the matter this time, she's Nereina-dono."

A young woman with golden hair cut to her shoulders stands up from the sofa in front of Marquis-sama.

She's wearing expensive looking clothes and graceful jewels as the accessories.
There's no mistake that she's an upper noblewoman, moreover, she must be a noble from the Royal Capital.

"She's Sala of Echigoya Firm."

--A merchant?

She looks like a noble no matter how you look at it right?

"Marquis-sama. Today I've come as a retainer of Duke Mitsukuni."
"So you were."

Duke Mitsukuni.... That famous Duke Mitsukuni from the time of Ancestor King-sama's world reformation!

While still feeling surprised we exchanged greetings with the woman who looks like she was born in a noble house.

"Now then, regarding the matter of undersea people---"
"It's true! Undersea people do exist!"

I impatiently interrupted Sala-sama.
It's already far more severe than impoliteness. If this keeps up, it won't end up with just scolding, I might be sent to my parent house's reflection room.
Now that it has come to this, I prepare myself.

"I-if you look at this book, the existence of undersea people is--"
"There is no need."

It seems Sala-sama was angered with the thing earlier, she flatly shut me down.

"Sala-sama, would you please listen to Nereina."
"Understood. Let it be after you hear me."

Thanks to the young lady, Sala-sama somehow agreed to take the time.
As expected of young lady! She's dependable.

After clearing her throat, Sala-sama starts to talk.

"After hearing the rumor about the undersea people, hero Nanashi-sama had gone and investigated it and found the undersea city, Nenerie, he judged that the undersea people (Neroids) in the actual site were warlike monsters after he got in contact with them and sealed the site with magic. After further investigation, he found the descendants of the ancient undersea people (Elder Neroids) living a primitive live on a solitary island near Nenerie, and after gathering the documents in the community, he identified that they were former citizens of the undersea city Nenerie."

Umm, isn't it just too fast?
We only started to perceive the abnormal situations half a month ago....

"Is it possible to use the undersea city?"
"It is not. The teleport gate which is the mean to go to the city has been broken, and unless you are like Hero Nanashi-sama who can stand high pressure, it is not possible to approach it."
"Is that so...."

The conversation that's happening between Marquis-sama and Sala-sama feels like a tale from some faraway country.


Called by the young lady, my thought that was flown far away came back.

"I'm sorry."
"It is fine, accept this Nereina. It's a reward from His Majesty."

It's a gorgeous necklace that can be said to be luxurious even for a daughter of an earl house.
Moreover, there's a piece of highest grade Shiga Pongee under it.

Furthermore! There's even a letter of commendation from His Majesty!

"Accept them."
"I will respectfully accept."

I received the letter of commendation and the reward with proud feeling.

Of course, the young lady also received them too.
Because this is an achievement of us both.

"Then, I'll be going around to each village in the territory."

I inadvertently asked the question after hearing Sala-sama's unexpected words.
Villages are places where commoners and officials go, as nobles, we've never set foot in them.

"Yes, besides young ladies, there are storytellers who had warned about the undersea people in every village, so I'll be going to reward them too."
"Is it alright for me to go too?"
"Yes, if Nereina wishes for it."

'I promised to listen to your story after all', Sala-sama teased me.
I felt that my face reddened up to my ears, but right now my interest is ahead.

I wonder what kind of tales are told by the village storytellers.
I thought of that while riding a small airship with Sala-sama.

The thing about me getting upset and shamefully crying and shouting when the small airship levitated is a secret.

※ Sala is one of the earliest Echigoya's executives like the Manager. This should be the first time she's mentioned in name.

TLN: Chapter 14 is still on-going

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