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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Entrapped Fox Girl


That day, we met up with an adventurer friend of us who came to Gramada. She was a general human adventurer called Kurei, she got along well with Nee-san they sometimes drunk together till morning. As she was older than us, she taught us many things when we just started working as adventurers.
She brought a job to transport a luggage to Pezun Mura to the south. Apparently the stuff was of value and pretty rare, she was looking for people she could trust. The amount of reward was quite extraordinary, and since it was a request from our friend, we took the job on.

We were to prepare the luggage and escort its delivery. There were 12 escorts including us three. Quite heavily guarded considering it would only take 2 days to Pezun Mura. I was a bit concerned just how valuable the thing we were carrying.

Kurei talked to a man who seemed to be the leader, and we were assigned to guard the flanks. Since Kurei was a vanguard, I was to be in the middle and Nee-san was the rear guard, the balance was just right. Some thing that bothered me a bit was the fact that other guards besides us were shady looking men. Sure enough, Nee-san looked slightly rattled. Usually, I would try to act cold on men to keep my distance from them as much as possible, but it didn't seem possible this time. I should keep my guard up at night too. Mainly on the chastity side.

Compared to this, the journey with Nobu was comfortable. There was the fact that he was our life saver, but even Nee-san was at ease around him right from the beginning. It might be partly because Nobu's groin was laid bare when we first met. It was my first seeing one besides dad's, but it was a bit cute? We then traveled together to Gramada as a matter of course, the cooking he made for us was really good. The stuff served in the feast back then was quite tasty too, wonder if we would get to eat that every day if we were in Nobu's party? He did send some slightly perverted glances at times, but it didn't feel uncomfortable, we should be fine being in a party with Nobu.

Oops, no no. Losing in thoughts would slacken my awareness. I'm in charge of looking out amongst us three, gotta keep it up.

Fortunately, we arrived at Pezun Mura without running into either monsters or bandits.

It seems like we're gonna stay here tonight and then transport the stuff to a villa slightly away from here. Our huge luggage is stored in an annex of the inn along with the wagon. The most important item in the luggage, a box of around 50cm wide is being strictly kept in our room for some reason. Apparently it's a direct order from Kurei's employer. I'm a bit discontent that we end up having to keep a night watch even though we're in an inn. But we got no choice since it was our job, so we did.

The next morning, Kurei woke me up, I got ready in a hurry. The box was still here too. Phew, I'm not used to these stuff, so I feel a bit nervous. But when I told Nee-san that, she laughed saying I was fast asleep like usual. I got red in the face.

When we got back to the wagon, the male leader confirmed that the seal on the box hadn't been broken.
Once it was clear that there was no problem, we advanced toward our destination, the villa.

The villa is on top of a small hill to the south of Pezun Village, it can be seen clearly. Wonder what kind of people live in such a huge mansion. Well, it's got nothing to do with me. More importantly, it'll be a job well done once we deliver the package. Apparently, us three would be dismissed right after. I want to get back home quick and eat tasty things. I'm done with dried meat and black bread for awhile. Oh right, I should ask Nobu to make me something. And now I'm already looking forward to pester him.

After climbing slowly, we arrived in front of the villa. The male leader confirmed with the gate's guard.
The guard who had gone into the villa came back, opened the gate and then the wagon advanced inside and stopped before the front door.
A hooded person who's probably the mansion's owner is waiting at the front door. A huge woman is standing next to him. She's got a big horn on her head, revealing intimidating airs. It's my first time seeing an Onifolk, it's a bit scary.

"Well done coming here. I'm pleased to see the luggage got here safely."

The hooded person sounded like a young man. But, I wonder why. I'm having a really bad feeling about this person. Have I met him somewhere?

Right when I thought that, a man who was working as an escort with us pushed and pinned down Nee-san behind me. Looks like he knocked her out in that instant. Right when I tried to turn around to help her, Kurei who was beside me held me down. But why!?
During this confusion, the hooded man approached us. And then he slowly took off his hood, I remembered that face. The reason that made us leave our village. The son of that noble stood there.

"I'm happy that my important luggage, you two, got delivered here nicely. Kukuku, we finally met. You're finally mine. Ha ha ha ha ha, haa ha, haa ha."

The man laughed with a distorted face. The female onifolk next to him followed after him with a lifeless expression.
But why would Kurei do something like this...

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mitama...."

She shed tears while weakly muttering and pinning me down.

Looking again, I could see some kind of mark on her neck. That's... a slave crest!? It looks similar to the crests I saw at Kirishina-neesan's place. This man must have done something to her. What an awfully detestable man.

Then, something hit me and my view went dark.

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We were already locked in a room in the villa when I came to. A shackle is fastened around my legs, I cannae' move. It's an iron ball heavy enough to stop me from moving with my strength.
It's the same with Mitama. Oh no, just why is that idiot here. I gotta wake Mitama up and confirm our situation.
I lightly smack her cheeks and then she woke up with a pouty face.

"Mitama, do you feel anything odd? Do you remember what happened?"

She suddenly realized something and confirmed her body. Looks like she's still herself besides the shackle on her.

"...Kurei was made into a slave. There was a slave crest on the scruff of her neck."

"What!? It was all that idiot's doing huh. Which means, we're gonna end up becoming his slaves if we don't do something."

We cannae' escape even if we want to because of these shackles, what should we do?

Someone made a noise outside the room when I was thinking that. And then the door was violently opened, that idiot came in with the onifolk woman and Kurei. Ah crap, I really don't want to look at his mug.

"How are you feeling, my wives?"

The idiot is looking at us all smiles like he's making fun of us. He looks utterly disgusting.

"It's the worst. And who's your wives eh. Don't even joke 'bout that!"

He let my curses slide like it was nothing. Mugugu, yuck.

"Kukuku, those rebellious eyes are nice. But you won't be able to do that anymore in a few days. Once that gets here, you will be at my mercy. Wait here as you look forward to it. Ahahahaha."

The idiot smirked like he had won. Ooh, I've had enough.

"Right right, I'll leave you with your friend to take care of you. Fufufu, try to get along the best you can."

The idiot went out of the room after saying that. I totally cannae' stand his mug! I'll pray so he pops, baldens and gets torn off. Don't make light of fox curses 'k!?

The three of us are left in the room. First of all, gotta check on Kurei why.

"Kurei, how did it end up like this? How could you become a slave."

Kurei twitched when she heard that. Looks like she didn't think we would know about it.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to do this either. But this slave body of mine couldn't go against that person..."

Kurei began to slowly narrate her story afterward.

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