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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-12

12-12. Royal Capital's Mansion (2)


Satou's here. It's said that necessity is the mother of invention. I think there was a time when I endeavored greatly to devise a program to make things easier.

"Igniter tool that doesn't use magic power?"
"Yes, a self-alleged inventor claimed that it could be lit easier than an Ignition Rod, and the trial-product that he brought was indeed comparatively easier to use when we tried it. One needs to learn a little bit of the knack, but it should be easier than using a flint."

Porina told me such story when I was visiting the workshop's office.
Some self-proclaimed inventors have been coming here while bringing various inventions, it seems they were inspired by the kickboard.
Although most of the tools are useless, I've told Porina to buy anything that's even a little bit usable.
We're buying ideas with the prototype blueprint in exchange of one silver coin. If Echigoya is going to sell the tool, the inventor will get 10% of the profit from the sales.

Porina brings a box written with "17" from the shelf.
Looks like she's divided them by number since distinguishing them will be hard otherwise.

The inside of the box is a lighter the size of a hair spray.
Leaving the prototype before establishing a contract like this, I think the inventor is quite careless.

It's the same kind as the oil lighter I know although this one is a bit rustic.

It's perfectly the same with the lighter structure written in the notebook that I've gotten in the dark auction back then.
There isn't anyone with cheat-like skills that reincarnated or teleported people would have so this someone must be a teleported person related to Princess Menea. It's probably a teleported person that should've been dead but is actually, [alive all along.]

"It may seem very convenient, but it has a fatal flaw."

Porina speaks about the problem hesitantly toward me who's looking at the lighter full of interest.

--It's the production cost.

Although it's an item that should be profitable in other cities, there's no meaning here in Royal Capital that's getting abundant supply of magic cores from the Labyrinth City.

The production cost for Ignition Rod is cheaper than the calculated cost of this Lighter even in Royal Capital, which isn't as cheap as in the Labyrinth City.
Of course, on top of being a business, the price we get from calculating the production cost and the profit margin is such that it won't be able to compete with the Ignition Rod.
Moreover, compared to the Ignition Rod that's the size of a long chopstick, the prototype lighter is heavier and bigger.
The Ignition Rod is superior even in the convenience aspect in kitchens.

It'll only end up as a collector item of eccentric people in its current state.

"Porina, do you have the contact information of the inventor?"
"Yes, I have inquired it. The other party said that, 『I can come anytime』, so I could contact him with date and time that Kuro-sama wants. Would the workshop's reception room be alright for the meeting place?"
"Yeah, please do."

She's really well prepared.
Porina was originally wise enough you wouldn't have thought that she was a former baggage carrier, but I think she's become refined ever since she became the workshop head.
She probably has accumulated various experiences too, her level has increased by three compared to the last time I met her.

After telling the date and time to Porina, she sends a messenger from the next room.
I didn't hear the name of the inventor I was going to meet.

Now that I've completed my business, I hand out the souvenirs. I guess I'll go back after seeing Nell after this.
It's lunchtime now, so she's probably in the lounge or the dining room.

"Hyu, Hyuro-hama"

Who the heck is [Hyuro].
Nell who was slurping a mouthful of noodles ended up saying [Kuro-sama] strangely.

"You can speak after you finish swallowing the thing in your mouth."

Nell slurps the remaining noodles down.
Guessing from this aroma and the color of the noodles--

"Is that Soba?"
"U, ugu. Y, yes, it's Soba ssu."

Soba with soy-sauce soup huh.
I've heard that there's a custom of eating Soba in the Royal Capital, but I heard it was in Sobagaki (buckwheat dough) form.

When I told that to Nell--

"I got to eat various strange dishes once a wandering cook came to my favorite diner 'round a month ago ssuyo. Half of the dishes were extremely bad though, so you'll have to brace yourself when you challenge a new one."

I asked what kind of dishes were they, but apparently the recipes were similar to the dishes in my former world. It probably ended up tasting strange since the cook tried to forcefully reproduce the ingredients and the flavoring using local products.

I was thinking of visiting the diner since it was lunch time anyway, but since the possibility is high that the cook is the same as the inventor who brought the lighter, I've decided not to.
I'm going to meet him anyway, and the girls would break their stomach waiting for me if I don't get back soon.

I asked Nell about the recent situation and affairs at the workshop a bit.
I've already handed her the souvenir of course. Looks like she rarely receives an accessory, her unusual tension when she was receiving it was impressive.
It's an earring that has philosopher's stone that's smaller than a grain of sand embedded, it also has magic recovery effect.
Please take care of it.

--The workshop's efficiency must be going to be increased with this.

After telling Arisa that I would go back now with [Telephone], I teleported back to the mansion.

I could smell the aroma of Soba and Tempura when I got back to the mansion.


Mia who's come to greet me leads me by hand to the dining room.
Tama and Pochi run from the kitchen and join us halfway through.

When we arrive at the dining room, Nana and the others are currently preparing the plates.
I feel sorry for the maids who don't have anything to do, so I urge everyone to sit down and leave the job to the maids.

"Welcome back~, you're coming too fast after the 『Kaeru Call』 earlier. You should've contacted me earlier."

....A, Arisa. [Kaeru (come home) Call], what era are you from.
Well, no use retorting that after all this time.

The Tempura Soba on the table is more important right now.
Everyone starts eating with the signal of [Itadakimasu]. Pochi and Tama have become able to use chopsticks recently, but it seems they can't hold all the Soba with them, they've exchanged them with forks.

I quickly dip the noodle on the soup and gulp it one go.
When I chew it, the aroma of Soba and the salty-sweet taste of the soup spread in my mouth.
A Japanese person should be eating this with slurping sounds, but since it seems to be a breach of etiquette in Shiga Kingdom, I refrain myself.
In fact, Lulu is scolding Arisa who's eating the Soba messily.

"Like I said, eating Soba like this is the right thing to do!"
"You can't do that even with such excuse. Master would dislike you if you eat vulgarly like that you know?"
"That's impossib~le. Right, Darling."

Who the heck is Darling.
After biting a shrimp tempura called Shiga Sakura Shrimp, I continue eating the Soba in Shiga manners like before.
They call it Sakura Shrimp, but the size is of normal shrimp. It probably got the name from its sakura-colored shell.

"Look, even Master eats elegantly."
"You traitor~~~~"

I'm enjoying the Soba that I haven't had for a long time with Arisa's scream as the BGM.

By the way, Tempura Soba was selected because Lulu consulted Arisa when she found the buckwheat flour in the food warehouse.

"It was delicious, Lulu."
"Thank you very much, Master."

Lulu's voice sounds happy enough to make you think like there was a music note attached at the end.
It sounds nice no matter how many times I hear it.

"Hey~, since it was my idea, praise me too."
"Right, I felt like having Soba today, so good job Arisa."

'Praise me', Arisa asks for more praise upfront.

"Don't say that with only words, show it with actions too."

I would have praised her more if she didn't assume the posture of wanting to kiss.

"Arisa is a spoiled child nanodesu."
"Spoiled child~?"

Pochi shoves a Tempura into the mouth of Arisa who's closing her eyes. Tama also thrusts a Tempura from the other side.

"Mogaga. Wait,yougyys. Nn-gu. Hey why were they Perilla Tempura. There are the shrimps and octopuses ones right!"
"I mean, Lulu said that Perilla is good for your health~?"
"Shrimp-san wants Pochi to eat it, it said nodesu."

Ignoring the heartwarming children's bickering, I talk to Lulu.
Liza should be onto them after a bit more.

"Where did you get the Perilla?"
"Mia-chan found it in the garden."
"Happened during a stroll."
"That's amazing, Mia."

I'm impressed she could find it even though it could be easily mistaken with weeds.
I quite like Perilla Tempura.

After the lunch, I go to tour the Royal Capital with everyone.
We're riding two separate carriages. Both are rentals from Noble Transportation Guild.
Of course, that's including the coachmen. We're going to depend on them during our stay in the Royal Capital.

I have two big carriages in my storage, but it's hard to use them in the Royal Capital where there are a lot of people with appraisal skills gathered considering the technology in them.
Although my own carriage that has floating function feels better, the carriages we're riding right now are high-class among the rentals themselves, we don't feel much vibrations in the cabin.

"So, where are we going?"

The tourist attractions of Royal Capital are the royal castle's sakura tree and the hanging garden behind the royal castle, but I've fully enjoyed the former yesterday, and I'm going to attend the garden party at the latter after the peerage ceremony.

The best tourist attraction that commoners and lower nobles can visit means the Great Water Fountain at the Royal Capital's Eight Passages. There are various sculptures on the water fountain, many themed statues are standing there. In addition, it has moving mechanism that changes depending on the bell that rings on timetable, I'm planning to see them in turns.

"It's blowing like pyuu, nodesu!"
"Just like Mia's magic~?"
"Nana-sama, it's amazing, look."
"Shiro, you'll fall to the fountain if you lean so much."

The youth trope are in high spirits after seeing the fountain.
There were fountains in the dwarf and elf villages too, but it seems that's irrelevant for these children.
I think this is the first for Shiro and Crow.

"It's pretty, but the water spray is cold. It'd have been pleasing if this was in the Labyrinth City."
"You're right. But water is precious there, so it's not possible isn't it?"
"You can put limitation on specific time, and anytime beside that it's going to only collect water, that works right."

Fumu, if we make it as a tourist attraction in front of the guild or in the guild's courtyard, it could become a nice healing spot.

--Bells that signify timetable begin to resound on various place in the Royal Capital.

"Waa, amazing! Look look Arisa! Master, please look at that, it's really pretty"

My thought comes back with the voice of Lulu that's one-tone higher than usual, calling me.

My eyes are unconsciously captivated with the scene before me.
I don't know if it uses water magic or force magic, but water rise from the springs around the fountain while ignoring gravity, forming many rings in the air.

And then the fountain blows water through those rings.
The rings rise while following the stream, and then disappear while leaving rainbow light.

Slightly afterward, nozzles under the water simultaneously blow water as if coloring the sky, and then the center fountain creates large flower-shaped pattern.
The falling water sprays create multiple layers of flower petals, falling sakura petals dance together with it in the square's sky.

--It's truly a fantasy spectacle.

Nevertheless, this wasn't just a mechanical device, but also magical huh.

Lulu admires that scene without speaking a word while grabbing my sleeve.
It's not only Lulu, everyone is gazing at the ever-altering shapes of the water festival.

....Mia, and also Pochi. I know your feelings, but would you close those gaping mouths.
I silently pushed and closed these two's mouths.

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