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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Strongest Sage, Practices


If you can maintain the strength of your mana with less mana, simply using magic like you always do will see its strength increased.
However, minimizing mana consumption is better suited for training than trying to increase firepower.

Since mana control is largely about familiarizing yourself with it, the more times you do it the better you are at it.

"I-I understand!"

"...How about you Mathi-kun, can you perfectly control your mana?"

"Well, I can use up to the limit of my current mana circuit. From there on is something to tackle on."

The previous me commanded mana whose quality far exceeded my current one.
As such, I've no problem with controlling it, familiarity-wise.

The training Ruli and Alma are doing to familiarize themselves with mana control is unnecessary for me.
...But mana circuit is another matter.
My body right now cannot completely control this mana.

The higher the mana quality you can use, the higher the load on your body's mana circuit.
To build a body capable of controlling my current mana, I need to temper the magic circuit inside it.

While the girls are training their mana control, I should do my round as well.

"Eyy! ...I did it!"

"Me too!"

The two immediately got the knack.

They keep shooting magic and continue to decrease their mana consumption.
I can just leave them alone now, they'll get the hang of controlling mana sooner or later.

"What should I do while waiting...?"

Iris came and asked me while I was watching the two girls.

Iris cannot control her mana well indeed... But that's because she has her circumstances.

It's not like she can't do it. She was able to in the past.
However, her mana circuit was broken when she was caught in mana fusion reactor explosions.

Dragon's mana circuits aren't something easily repairable.
Her broken dragon's mana circuit hasn't been restored just because she's in her human form.

Therefore Iris can't be training to control her mana.
...Well in 20 years time, Ruli should be able to fix her magic circuit, and that much time is not particularly long to Iris.
She's got no choice but to abandon any hope of correct mana control until then.

That said, Iris has her own problem too.

"In your case Iris, training in mana control would be difficult since your mana circuit is broken. But you can train how you move your body, try practice swinging your spear around while leaping over that hole over and over."
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I pointed at a hole on the ground.
It's the sloppily constructed ceiling hole that I fell into.

It's 5 meter wide in diameter.
Iris and her leg strength should be capable of easily jumping over this much.

A chance to do these straightforward practices comes by surprisingly rare.
This is a good opportunity as any.

"I got it!"

Iris started to repeatedly leap over the hole.
Yep, this much is nothing for Iris.

But, the moment she swung her spear...


Iris lost her footing and came crashing down the hole.
But since the Monster House had used up all its mana ealier, no monster appeared.

"T-this is difficult..."

Iris jumped out of the hole as she said that.
Then she resumed her training again.


Even though she fell many times over, she kept climbing out of the hole and continued her training.
Despite her looks, Iris is surprisingly assiduous.
...Though it may be because her sense of time is simply different since she's been alive for thousands of years.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.7


The fourth floor was infested with Spider Monkeys (Rindou).

They weren't that big, but they formed groups of two and three.

Sometimes there were ever so slightly biggish Red Apes (Urd) mixed in as well.

The Red Apes on this floor carry wands with them, and shoot out fire magic. In Lecan's original world, magic beasts capable of using magic were very rare, and they were limited to magic beasts that possessed enormous amount of mana like dragons, as such, seeing apes using magic came as a huge shock to Lecan.

The fifth floor had giant bees as enemy. There were even less adventurers than ever on this floor. Adventurers who got stung by these bees got blue rash on their faces accompanied by spasms.

The sixth floor's enemy were long thin black snakes. These magic beasts are easy to kill, but since they're lurking in rock crevices inside dimly lit passages of cavern, detecting them is not a simple matter for adventurers with dull instinct. In addition, this snake's venom has no effect when it doesn't work, but when it does, that means instant death. Even Lecan felt slightly terrified by this. Though they're nothing to be afraid of for someone with Lecan's detection ability and nimbleness.

The seventh floor had White Revenants (Zaag). A great number of adventurers were present on this floor. Several adventurers will gang up on a slow-moving White Revenant .

If you think about it, you can just avoid floors with difficult enemies and go to ones that house easy to handle magic beasts instead, so of course it's only natural that there's a lot of adventures here. However, you cannot get magic gems from White Revenants. Wonder what they're fighting for.

The adventurers fighting on this floor have pretty weak offensive powers, they're taking quite a long time just to beat a mere Zaag.

Lecan killed five White Revenants (Zaags) and got two treasure chests spawned on him. Perhaps Zaags give out a higher chance of spawning treasure chests.

The eight floor was inhabited by incorporeal magic beasts. They probably belong to a type of magic beasts called <Youma>.

This Youma uses mental attacks through their cry, but it's utterly ineffective against Lecan. After several trials and errors, he found out that <Lamplight (Parm)> could kill it. When he saw a spell he learned could be used to kill his enemy, Lecan went on to decimate a huge number of this Youma in excitement.

He absorbed mana from the dropped magic gems.

The ninth floor's enemy was a type of wolves. They're bigger than Wood Wolves and have gray fur. Equipped with sharp fangs to boot, they're not a magic beast suited for beginners at all.

The tenth floor's enemy was Red Apes again. However, the Red Apes on this floor are much bigger than the ones on the first floor. And they carry clubs with them. There are also Red Apes that shoot out fire spell like the ones on the fourth floor mixed among them. On top of that, they're moving in a group of ten with fortified front and rear, they're also quite agile.

Adventurers who move in a group of two or three don't exist here on this floor. Most groups consist of five to eight people, some groups even exceed ten. The passages here may be far bigger than all the ones before them, but Lecan still wonders if a group of ten could even move properly in these passages, though maybe the Red Apes can.

The scenery suddenly changed when he got to floor 11.

Up until now, every floor was like a cave found in a rocky mountain, full of rugged rocks in every direction.

However, the ground on this floor has grass growing. The ceiling is pretty high as well, about ten steps high.

Pillars towering from the ground toward the ceilings are all over the place. These pillars are curved like old trees with holes on them.

The distances between each pillars are not set, some are five steps wide, some are twenty.

Through his <Life Detection>, Lecan perceives that there are magic beasts lurking on the ceiling, ground and the pillars here. However, Lecan has his attention directed at another spot.

Five adventurers are sitting around while having a meal in a slightly open space.

That reminds him, there's no shelters free of magic beasts in this dungeon. These adventurers are taking a break in a danger zone.

Carelessly approaching adventurers you're not acquainted with is supposed to be a bad thing, but he ended up doing it out of curiosity.

"Ooh, some real impressive one is coming here."

"Hey you, are you alone. Where's your companions."
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"Nowhere. I came here by myself from the start."

"What? Well I'll be. Can't believe someone soloed all those floors and got here."

That was when Lecan noticed small bags lying on the ground. Feels like a familiar scent is drifting from those bags.

"Are those, potpourris?"

"You betcha! By sheer luck, we managed to buy some high-class potpourris from Harrisbos Store at town of Vouka, ya see."

"The potpourris sold in that store are very effective and they last a year to boot."

"Don't go taking them off with ya now."

The adventurers laughed out.

Harrisbos Store.

That's one of the stores where they dropped off Shira's potpourris just the other day. Lecan doesn't recognize the potpourri bags put on the ground, some stylish looking patterns are sewn on them. Must have gotten repacked.

I see, if this is how these are used, it's no mystery they're sold out quick even at that price.

The potpourris have been placed on four points. This should keep magic beasts away and they can even get shut eyes now. Of course, these adventurers have <Box (Ruuf)> and only spread the scent around when they need it.

Lecan suddenly felt hunger.

"Sorry for the intrusion."

After apologizing to the adventurers, Lecan left the place.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Strongest Sage, Teaches Magic Control


"So doing this increases your mana..."

"Well your magic control had been more than sufficient to begin with... This is like your bonus for overcoming many battles that were a good experience in term of battling, but netted you little experience point."

Ordinarily, using this method would result in them losing grips of their magic control after decimating just two Monster Houses.
Stuff that these two girls have done, like battling demons and going through intensive magic training, prevent that.

Magic training won't give exp, but it raises your level of magic control.
While fighting demons may be pretty good to garner experience in combat but the experience point gained itself is not that much.
We can use this trick to farm exp precisely because of that, their magic control did not match their small mana quantity.

"Alright, let's check your magic control."


"Let's stop here for now."

It's been a few hours since we started farming.
After decimating dozens of Monster Houses, I murmured that after checking Alma's magic control.

"My magic control isn't affected though?"

"It's only a bit, but your 『Wired Homing Enchant』 feels a bit different. You've still got room to increase your mana sure, but you'd get stronger if you stop now."

Then I bring them back toward the Dungeon Elevator.

In my previous life, some folks would raise their mana until they could barely control it, but doing that would stunt growth instead.
There's a huge difference between being able to somehow control your mana, to completely mastering it.

...Well, letting them experience these kinds of things themselves would be best.
We can practice right here and now since the farming this time ended without the girls using their mana.

This floor is optimal for training since there's no enemy here.

"Alright, we'll now train how to master your newly added mana."

"Master... Mana?"

"We can use our mana just fine now though..."

Ruli and Alma look confused.
Guess it's only natural since they've never gained so much exp in such a short amount of time before.

"How do you two feel when you're using magic now?"

"It's the same as before we farmed exp!"

"Me too, nothing's changed! ...But it feels like I've got a lot more mana I can use now!"

The girls looked satisfied as they declared that.
...Right now these two are barely able to use 30% of their potential mana though.

"You two can cast fireball spell right?"


"I haven't used it for awhile, but I don't think there's a problem!"

Fireball is the most basic of basic attack magic.
Even 『Monster House Annihilation』 was put together with fireball as the base.

Of course, casting fireball is utterly menial to these two.
Rather, there's probably no one in Second Academy who cannot cast fireball chantlessly.

"Then give it a try."

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The two cast fireball.
Of course they managed to do it. They cast normal fireballs that flew toward the wall normally.

"Then try to cast the same spell again but decrease the mana used by 10%. Of course, keep the power as is."

"...Won't the power of a spell decrease if you reduce the mana consumed?"

"Sure, if the mana quality stays the same... Farming exp increases both mana quantity and quality. If you use magic like how you've always been, you're wasting that mana quality."

It probably hasn't set in to the girls yet since they only saw me decimating monsters, but the mana quality of these two is of an incomparably different level than when they first stepped foot here.
They should even be able to cast ordinary fireball with half the mana consumed now.

...By the way, the one with the best mana quality amongst us is Iris... But in her current state, she cannot makes use of it when she can't even fire the Dragon Breath.
Since it's greatly influenced by the damage on her wings, the only thing we can do to fix this is waiting.

"Makes use of high quality mana... How do you do that?"

"Simply by constructing magic like usual while decreasing the mana consumed. The knack is to focus on spreading the mana thin."

Then I cast fireball with less mana than usual.
It's still a far cry from my previous life, but my mana quality has considerably gotten better as well.

"Wow! It's true, the spell only uses up little mana!"

"So this is what happens when you have high quality mana!"

The fireball I cast was roughly the same as the one the girls shot out, but it only used only around half of the mana.
These two would not miss this difference with their mana detection.

"This is how you do it. It's easy to reduce mana consumption at first, but by the time you get to 80% of the usual amount, it will get harder. You want to eventually reduce mana consumption by half, but let's not go straight to half and start slowly."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.6


Lecan was satisfied.

It was truly a worthwhile give and take.

Lecan got exactly the info he wanted from the boy. And the boy obtained a red potion he really needed at that moment.

You could say that it was an awfully convenient encounter for both of them.

Still, what a long stairway. It's not just long. The width is quite something as well. You could probably line up 20 people neatly here.

In such a huge stairway, you could see people here and there. The number is smaller than the number of people going from the surface to the first floor, and vice versa, but it's still a lot.

As such, Lecan is unable to go fast. Even though he himself is eager to get down asap.

Lecan was shocked when he arrived at the Third Floor.

--There's more than 20 people who posses mana here.

The girl that was given potion earlier was also a mana possessor, but including her, he only saw three mana possessors on the First and Second Floors.

He didn't carefully search in every nook and corner, so he might have missed some, but the number shouldn't differ too much.

And yet, he detected more than 20 mana possessors all within the range of his first detection here on this floor. There must be some kind of reason for this.

Incidentally, <Life Detection> is telling Lecan that there's a magic beast in front of him. Yet only rugged rocks are reflected in his bare eye.

Lecan kicked away that rock.

The sensation felt was not that of a rock getting kicked.

The rock crumbled flabbily as it turned green and flowed down.

--Hou. An amorphous magic beast huh. And it's even capable of mimicry.

He drew his sword and hacked off at this bizarre enemy.

He did, but the wound instantly closed.

The flabby magic beast swelled out and attacked Lecan.

This time he cut the enemy horizontally in half and jumped backward.

However, the two split parts immediately stuck together into one again.


Lecan greatly jumped back.

And then the magic beast flopped around for a while before disguising itself into a rock once again.

Lecan made the plan to see how other adventurers deal with this thing.

Just right as there are two adventurers fighting nearby. One of them possesses mana.

He progressed through the winding path and stopped at a spot where he could barely see them.

The two adventurers were both women.

One of them is an archer. However, she fought not with her bows and arrows, instead she threw a rock at the flabby magic beast, dodged its charge, and then threw another rock at it.

The other woman is a mana possessor. She's pointing a short sword in her right hand at the magic beast from afar while chanting some kind of spell.

"...'s Power, descend upon us, manifest into the flame of rage, destroy our enemy. <Fire Arrow (Bayeaerts)!>"

A fireball got produced and flew toward the magic beast. Upon its impact, it flared up like an explosion, burning the magic beast.

The archer woman waited for the fire to die down and then take the magic gem out. It doesn't seem to have cooled down enough, but the glove worn on her left hand is probably heat-resistant.

"Hoi yo. The fourth one. How's your mana doing?"

"I'm feeling pretty good today. I think I can still shoot two more."

"Alright. Let's take a rest after the next one."

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After listening in this far, Lecan fell back and took another path.

Apparently, the weird magic beasts on this floor can't be killed with a sword, but fire magic is effective.

That reminds him, there's a lot of mages on this floor. Physical attacks probably don't work on this magic beast, but magic works well.

Lecan put away his sword and took a pair of gauntlet in its stead.

<Thunder Dragon Gauntlets>.

It's a keepsake of an adventurer who fought together with him in the past. Since the size fits Lecan's hands, he's been keeping them in his <Storage> after that adventurer passed away, and occasionally use them.

After he put the <Thunder Dragon Gauntlets> on, Lecan searched for the next enemy with <Life Detection>.

This one is also mimicking a rock.

Lecan suddenly unleashed a straight punch with his right fist at the enemy.

Electric sparks scattered everywhere with a loud sound, and the magic beast evaporated in an instant.

<Thunder Dragon Gauntlets> have thunder dragon's bones fitted inside, striking with them while pouring mana into them will produce electric shocks. These types of armaments usually consume magic gems whenever used, but <Thunder Dragon Gauntlets> are extraordinary in that they get activated only by consuming the user's mana, and the strength of the electric shock can even change depending on the amount of mana poured.

Lecan grinned.

He got caught in the moment and ran around striking and killing many of these amorphous magic beats.

Small magic gems were left behind, but Lecan paid them no mind. He opened treasure chests whenever they popped up.

He killed a huge number of the magic beasts in a short amount of time, but he got tired of it thus he went down a floor.

He got one blue potion and one wand from treasure chests.

A long and thin treasure chest spawned when it was the wand's. It seems like the shape of these treasure chests change depending on the content.

Right before he got down the stairs, he bowed at the magic beasts he had killed, just like he did on all the floors before.

At that time, he caught a glimpse of the hooded mage's figure.

The face that was hiding under the hood was surprisingly aged.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Strongest Sages, Goes Hunting




The monsters that were getting roasted in the flame attempted to flee but there was nowhere to run.
As such these monsters will all eventually drop dead, and the mana released from them shall accumulate in us as experience point.

"T-that's kinda amazing..."

"First time I've ever seen monsters getting slowly roasted to death..."

"This is made possible thanks to the narrow exit and exclusive magic."

Though in this case there was no door to close, I just tossed the magic into a closed room through a hole in the ceiling.

"Exclusive magic... With how powerful the magic is, it must be quite complicated right?"

"Actually, it's really simple... And besides, you can take your time constructing it, wouldn't be hard then... Though, might as well use the time to learn other magic than something like this, let me do all the work. You can help out if the door gets broken down and the monsters are getting out."

Just letting loose firepower in a wide range needs not complex magic.
On the contrary, compacting firepower in a localized spot, and unleashing it in a short amount of time would require more mana instead.

The most time intensive part of this magic is the Constant value of simply pouring the required amount of mana into the spell formation.
Ordinarily, you'd make the formation so that mana can be poured shortly, but this magic sacrifices even that in pursuit of more performance.
It's a true exclusive magic.

"Alright, looks like it's over."

The flame died down while we were talking about magic.

Looks like all the enemy there has been nicely eliminated.
I get down to the artificial Monster House that's full of monster bones and put usable looking materials in Storage magic.

I plan to sell them at the guild later.
If we don't sell a number of materials after hunting in a dungeon, some people may start suspecting us.
Better bring back enough materials that makes us look like [We've hunted some].

Besides, dungeon materials are a resource to develop the country.
Second Academy students should be capable of processing these materials from Floor 27.

"There's so many mats everywhere..."

"Yeah. There's also the Floor Boss, and this and that too can probably be used in some ways... Guess I'd just bring them all back."

My mana is going to get used up for the exclusive magic anyway, might as well make use of Storage magic to the fullest.
We'll think about how to use them later and get everything here.

We can use those that can be used and sell that cannot.
If selling through normal channels looks to be bothersome, we can just send them to Second Academy through the principal.

After I'm done collecting the materials, I turn to Ruli.
This part is the most important point of this leveling up.

"Ruli, try augmenting this magic stone with 『Magic Light』 magic circle."

I hand over a very tiny magic stone to Ruli.

"『Magic Light』? ...Sure, but what are you gonna use it for?"

Ruli augments the magic stone with 『Magic Light』 with a perplexed look on her face.

『Magic Light』 is the most basic of all augment magic.
Its only usage is lighting up the surroundings.
It's not particularly efficient nor of any particular use.

Since the augmenting is simple, Ruli was done in a flash.

"Alright, so far so good."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I turned on the magic light Ruli created.

"Um, yeah, I don't think I could fail at 『Magic Light』 though..."

"If your mana increased too much from exp farming, your magic control will start to go haywire. Easiest way to discern magic control's level is by looking at a completed magic tool. That's why I asked you to make one."

I observed the lines of magic circle carved in the magic stone while talking.
Yup. Nicely shaped lines that are neither too thick nor uneven.

"So that's how you measure the exp you gained..."

"Yeah. There are also other ways to directly find it out, but this one is quick and consumes little mana."

I took out a wooden stick from Storage magic while talking.

"Alma, shoot an arrow with 『Wired Homing Enchant』 at the tip of this stick."


As Alma shot the arrow, I swung the stick.
Alma's arrow flew in accordance to the stick's movement toward the tip.

...Alright. No problem with Alma either.

As for Iris, this much exp would barely have any difference to her, so there's no need to check her up.
I myself know the state of my own magic control, no worries there.

Looking at this, the first one to reaches their limit is most likely Alma.
Since Ruli is better at magic control than Alma, the amount of mana she can control is probably higher.

"No problem with you two. Let's do this again after annihilating another Monster House... The ground has holes on them, be careful not to fall in one."

I kneaded mana near a door nearby to construct the Monster House Annihilation Flame magic.
Then I opened the door, hurled the magic inside and closed it again.



The monsters' screams of agony resounded inside.
I was planning to enlist the girls' help if the door got broken down... But this door has been properly reinforced.

Looks like those guys understood the importance of the doors attached on Monster Houses despite their sloppy works on the ceilings.
The door is nicely reinforced with dungeon-use alloy.
No need to worry about it getting broken down then.

"Man, this is easy peasy."

In my previous life, I never had the need to go to community farming spots like this one since I could get the exp I required just by hunting normally.
I created this Monster House Annihilation Magic to destroy Monster Houses in other locations.

Guess community farming spots have their own specific allures to communities.
No one is gonna come to this spot in this era though.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.5


Lecan got down to the second floor.

It's another huge maze of rugged rocks, dimly lit.

Wonder if the dungeons in this world are all dimly lit mazes of rocks like this one.

In his original world, a dungeon could be a meadow, a forest, or a mountain depending on the floor. There were bright and dark floors as well. Of course there's no rule that states it has to apply to this world's dungeons as well. This kind of fresh experience regarding dungeons is interesting in itself.

That's fine and all but since the paths are narrow, it's hard not to bump into other adventurers here.

Lecan tries to take detours as much as possible but if it looks like it'll be too roundabout, he'll just run pass other adventurers. If there's no space to slip pass them, he will talk to and ask them to step aside for a bit.

This floor's magic beasts are Wood Wolves (Toruje).

They're magic beasts kept in Vouka Town to act as guard dogs. Since they're not that aggressive, Lecan doesn't attempt to strike them down unless they go at him first or get too close to him.

He ran into five Wolves that he had to kill. With the third one, its body suddenly disappeared, leaving a small odd box behind.

Lecan opened the box and found a light red colored small round thing inside.

He took it out.

It's only about as big as the length from the tip of Lecan's index finger to the second joint or so.

It's not hard. Neither is it soft. Pushing it with fingers deforms it, but loosening the grip turns its shape back. It's similar to some kind of egg he saw somewhere a long time ago. But it's swelling more than the egg in his memories. It's probably gonna break if he pushes hard. There's some kind of liquid inside it.

Lecan put it in <Storage> while wondering what it even is.

As Lecan ran toward the stairway leading down, he heard a scream ahead.

"Anyone! Please help!"

It was the voice of a man young enough to be a boy, Lecan grasped the situation after seeing the scene ahead.

A girl has passed out due to a wound she suffered. One boy is standing with a short sword in hand as if trying to protect that girl. A Wood Wolf growled in front of the boy before stooping down. A stance taken before leaping forward.

It's one big Wood Wolf. It size is more than twice of all Toruje he has ever seen.

That big Wood Wolf leaped toward the boy.

Right at the time, Lecan who had fathomed the situation made a single slash with his sword, splitting the huge wood wolf in two. The Wood Wolf disappeared, leaving a treasure chest behind.

The rushing Lecan made a u-turn toward the chest.

Opening it, he found one sheathed dagger inside.

The chest disappeared when he took the dagger out.

"T-thank you very much."

The boy gave his thanks.

Some magic beast seems to have grazed the boy's cheek, tearing two streaks of wound where blood is dripping out.

Lecan wasn't really trying to save this boy when he beat the Wood Wolf, but it's much better than being told of stealing someone's prey.

Lecan put the dagger in <Storage>. But since the boy was standing in front of him, he did so by slightly opening the left collar of his overcoat and putting it inside through the opening. Now the boy should believe that either there is a <Box (Ruuf)> inside his overcoat, or that the overcoat itself functions as a <Box (Ruuf)>.

Lecan suddenly recalled the weird light red round thing he got from a treasure chest earlier, and took it out before the boy.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"What is this."


"I'm asking you, what is this."

"T-that's a red potion. It's a small red potion."

"What is this for."

"Eh? You use it heal wound."

"Fumu. What other potions are there."

"Eh? Um err, there's three kinds of red potions, which are large, medium and small. It's more effective the bigger it is. Blue potions are potions that recover mana. This is also divided into large, medium and small kinds. There's also yellow potions. This potion apparently dispel abnormal status. And then there's green potions which are antidotes. These four are the potions that are being sold commonly at stores, but I have heard that there are other potions with unusual colors which have special effects found in dungeons."

"Do you have this."

"Eh? No, no way. We could only buy normal medicines at most. If we got a red potion as a drop, we would sell it."

"I see. Then use this."

Lecan tossed the red potion at the boy.

The boy reflexively caught it, but then he panicked.

"N-No! I can't, use such a thing."

"Not you. That woman."

The boy looked at the girl lying motionlessly on the ground.

The wolf's claw must have grazed her. There's three streaks of wound on her chest, with blood seeping out. Another three wound streaks can also be found on her pretty face.

"I-I understand. Allow me to use it."

The boy put on a face like he had made his resolve on something. Then he pushes the red potion onto the girl's mouth, but the girl doesn't seem like she'd even open her mouth.

The boy put the red potion in his mouth, and bites on it. Then he pushes his mouth against the girl's.

The girl's throat moved, gulping down the liquid.

The effect was dramatic.

The wound on her cheek disappeared. And the one on her chest gradually got restored.

--Hou. Even low ranked potions are this effective huh.

The boy seemed to be overcome with emotions, he hugged the girl while trembling.

"So you drink these potions huh."

"Eh? Oh no, if the wound is at one spot, sprinkling the potion over the wound directly is even more effective. But..."

"Got it. That's enough."



"What would be the compensation for the potion. What would you like me to do."

The wound on the boy with a resolute face has closed as well.

"I've got it already."

Lecan left the place after saying that.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Strongest Sage, Discovers Sloppy Construction Work



Right after dodging the attack, I suddenly lost sensation of the ground.
--The dungeon's floor had fallen off.

Floors of a dungeon are far sturdier than the walls.
The outer layer could be soft in some cases, but not soft enough to have it fall off from monsters' attacks.
Dungeons would have been full of holes if an attack by mere a Floor Boss could break it.

It could very well happen on very shallow floors... But it's just impossible on Floor 27.
I recovered my posture in the air while thinking that.


"T-the floor!"

I dropped down as the girls were panicking.
However, the fall wasn't really long.

My feet hit the ground after falling merely three meters down.

『I'm fine! You three be careful where you step, don't fall down!』

I check the surroundings.
Looks like I didn't fall down to Floor 28.

The fall wouldn't have been cut so short if I fell to the floor below.
Distances between Floors differ depending on dungeons and Floors, but this one should have been 10 meters.

The problem now where is this place I and Crash Grizzly have fallen in anyway.

This space did not exist in my previous life. I would have absolutely noticed if it did.
This space was created after I had reincarnated.
As I looked at the ceiling while thinking that--I realized the nature of this space.

--Monster House Increment Plan.

This floor was a hugely popular farming spot back when I was alive.
As such, there was always a shortage of Monster Houses and the quarrels were intense.

So people came up with a plan to dig out the dungeon's floors and artificially create more rooms, aka the Monster House Increment Plan.

This First Dungeon Floor 27 is a special floor whose environment promotes the occurrences of Monster Houses.
By artificially creating rooms in the shape of Monster Houses, mana would likely converge in those rooms, giving birth to Monster Houses.
The plan didn't go forward when I was still alive due to reasons like safety and such--but it seemed like it was carried out after I had reincarnated.

"Do it right if you're gonna commit dang it..."

I muttered while gazing at the broken ceiling (which was a floor to me just now).

The ceiling was only 10 inch thick.
Ordinary dungeon floors are meters long thick.
No need for Crash Grizzly's claws, even some slightly strong magic would break that.

Of course, the ceiling had been reinforced.
It did, but they used an alloy which was very common back then, the [Hardened Magic Alloy].

This alloy might be good, being cheap yet strong... but it's not an alloy well suited to reinforce dungeons like this.
Since the magic augmented on the alloy to strengthen its structural integrity would gradually degrade if left in places where mana flows intensely like dungeons.
The floor must have broken down because of that degradation.

...Sloppy construction work.
People in my previous life should have known that [Hardened Magic Alloy] would deteriorate in dungeons.

They probably used stuff that would eventually break on purpose to cut cost.
Back then, the passage would never see an intense battle, so they probably considered that using cheap stuff below it would be fine.

When I was still alive, using Hardened Magic Alloy in dungeons was a big no no, but it appears that common sense(?) had been overturned after I had reincarnated.
I dodged the Crash Grizzly's claws while thinking that.


The Crash Grizzly wasn't perturbed at all by the falling floors and kept trying to attack me.
I've been dodging it as usual... But it can't go on.

"Mathi-kun, mana reaction!"
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"Yeah! I'm falling back!"

I used magic and jumped out of the hole on the ground.

Looks like the Monster House Increment Plan was a success.
Evidenced by--hundreds of monsters that manifested all at once inside the artificial Monster House, triggered by the collapsed ceiling.
I'd like to avoid fighting in a cramped space like this.

"What just happened really..."

"A secret room created by an ancient civilization was buried in the ground, and collapsed.... Thanks to that, we've got ourselves some nicely trapped monsters there."

I gaze down at the hole.
The sloppily-made Monster House has become a form of pitfall.
Thanks to that, Crash Grizzly has been confined inside the Monster House along with other monsters, free to pick on.

...This is a good chance as any to explain the method to efficiently farm exp in this dungeon.

"Now that we don't have to worry about the Floor Boss, let's go beat all these monsters with it."

I knead the mana inside my body.
What I'm going to use now is a spell bluntly named [Monster House Annihilation Flame].
Befitting of the name, it's unusable in ordinary battle.

First of all, it takes too long to cast. Slow to the point that even chant magic used in this era is faster in comparison.
Next, its firing speed is slow. There's no way it could hit its target in ordinary situations.

Just these two are already fatal, but it's got more flaws.
Once it lands, the spell needs ten seconds before it could demonstrate its full power.

Even the slowest of spells only needs half a second.
I mean, your enemy would easily get out of its effective range if they have 10 seconds to spare.

In addition, since I'm a Disqualified Crest, the firing range is also short.
Considering this spell's effective range, I've got to immediately get out of the range once cast if I don't want to get caught up in it.

All those sacrifices are for the sake of raising firepower and attack range.
Its range is precisely a whole Monster House wide.

The power is also enough to kill all monsters on Floor 27.
Not powerful enough to kill unhurt Crash Grizzly, but it is now the Crash Grizzly has been weakened.

"You hurl this spell inside, close the door and wait for the roasting. Such is how you farm exp on this Floor."

Then, I toss the Monster House Annihilation Flame into the artificial Monster House and step back.
After a slight pause, a flame flared up inside the artificial Monster House.

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