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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean Up - Latter Part


Afterward, I went around to visit everyone who helped me in this incident.

I presented sake to Boss-san and bowed my head to thank him for his help. 'Don't worry 'bout it', said Boss-san while laughing heartily. He was even delighted to see me safe instead. What a man.

I also visited Maniwa-san's store to give my thanks but unfortunately, the Muscle Brothers weren't there. I guess it's only natural, they're adventurers after all. Since neither of us knew where they were, I left Maniwa-san with a message for them while also thanking him.
I gifted them with not-for-sale Potion Sets (higher quality stuff that are more potent than the common ones), for them and Maniwa-san.

Since I ran off to Sefi-san, I didn't know what went down afterward, apparently, they let go of adventurers who only took the quest after making them swear not to lay their hands on me ever again. While the three Jamito's underlings are currently training under the Muscle Brothers. That may sound like they got off easy, but when I imagine how Yasuda School training is like, it's kinda frightening. According to Maniwa-san, the school seems to boast an especially tough training course that's also a little naughty that embodies its motto; 'a healthy mind in a muscley body'. Ooh, I cowered a bit there. Especially at the naughty part.

And since I was here already, I also bought several sheet of blankets to fix my now holey clothes. It's a bit embarrassing to use them inside buildings since they bare my body for the world to see.

Next, I went to the 『Flame Dog』 to tell Mitama and Futsuno-san about the info I got, but unfortunately they hadn't returned from their quest yet, so I just left them a message.

Thinking that was all, I went to the shopping ground to purchase ingredients. I'll be in Sefi-san's care from today on, no harm in a little feast right. I've got lots of meat with me anyway, no problem there. Let's get the stuff that's running low like eggs, flavoring and fruits. Huh? Kumahat-san's got some milk and vanilla essence here. I'm kinda interested in where he got them from, but I'm not gonna miss this chance. Bought! Right, it's been awhile since I made that, I'll go with that. I'm sure Sefi-san will be pleased.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

It's almost evening by the time I arrived at Sefi-san's mansion.
And in the mansion, Sefi-san is... sleeping, figured.
Weird, wasn't there an order she needed to rush? But I couldn't bring myself to wake her when I saw her blissful sleeping face. She might have not enough sleep lately with all the stuff happening.

I quietly went to the kitchen while making sure not to make noise. Let's make her something to eat for when she gets up.

Egg, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence. It should be obvious what I'm making with all these together. That's right, pudding. Smooth pudding that won't lose to Tama-chan's super smooth skin. There are times when even men crave for sweet, don't you think. I refrain myself from making bucket pudding tho'.

And here's today's menu.
Louiv Pork tonteki, bread, salad, mushroom stew, and for the desert, fruit punch and pudding.

Now then, it's taken quite a bit of time, I should wake Sefi-san up, and have a meal. Ah right, I should ask her about the order too. Hafta confirm how much work should I help her with.

I put the food on the dining room and shake Sefi-san up.

"Sefi-san, your meal is ready you know? Please get up."

"...Mmmm, five hours more~"

"Way too long! I'll do this to you if you won't wake up."

I tickle Sefi-san's foot. Without holding back.

"Hyaaaaa, iyaan, stop iit, ahahahafuuuun. Nmou, Nobu-chan, you meanie~."

"From what I saw the dining room, you didn't eat anything after I left this morning, did you? Sefi-san is gonna drink all day if I leave you alone, so I'm gonna be stern on you. I don't want you to get sick after all."


"Here now, please have at them before they got cold. I've prepared your meal and desert with it, enjoy yourself."

"Uwaa, this look so good~. Ufufu, let's dig in."

As expected of a carnivorous girl (in a different meaning?), she made a quick work of the meal. The way she eat is fascinating to watch. She could be a match for Mitama.

"Nnnnn. Swee~t. I love this pudding~."

"I'm glad that it's to your taste. Right, how many potions do we have to make for the rush order? It must be a lot if you need my help, no?"

"Nnfuu, actually, it's not that many? It's 30 peach flavored potion bottles by tomorrow morning~. I think the order form is on the desk there~."

Sefi-san pointed at the living room while blissfully eating the pudding.

"Ah, then I'll go fetch it."

30 bottles huh. I'm sure even Sefi-san alone could finish it easily. Well, she must have felt helpless due to the anxiety.
The desk, the desk... Ah, this huh. So what do we have here, by tomorrow morning.... 300 bottles!?
Waitaminute, isn't it off by one digit!?

"Sefi-san. This order form, it's asking for 300 potions though!?"


She stared hard at the order form I gave her then her eyes went round. And then, she slowly turned around to me with a pale face.

"O~oh~no~, I got it wrong~. W-w-w-what should we do. R-right~, since I won the drinking bout against Captain-commander back then, I should still have one request I could ask him. Make it so the order never existed..."

Sefi-san is panicking while holding the order form. Calm down a bit. Since the order is by Master's subordinate, I would feel sorry for him. I mean, his forehead is quite receded enough from accumulated stress even though he's not yet 30. If the 300 potion order was treated like it never existed, lotsa stuff would fall off the guy, in many ways.

"Please calm down. Where did you put the remaining ingredients, bottles, and equipment? I'll lend a hand, let's get it done quick. There should be enough time if we do this together and start now."

"Eh, ah, un, you're right. Those stuff were packed in the vacant rooms, we could immediately begin after unpacking them. Thank you, Nobu-chan."

It kinda feels like I just can't leave Sefi-san alone. And I think that part of her is quite cute, wonder if that means I've fallen that deep.
And thus, the curtain for our rushed life was lifted.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean Up - First Part


I rushed to the 『Shut-in Lamia』.

And got totally taken aback when I arrived there.

Over there is... nothing but an empty plot of land!? Eh? What happened here!!??

It's only been 2 days you know? I didn't get anywhere near here yesterday since I was in a hurry and it was already dark, but isn't this just too much change?

Could anyone explain to me what happened here please...

Someone called out to me from a big mansion behind the store while I was at a loss.

"Nobu-cha~n, over here, over here~"

It was Sefi-san.

She called me from inside that big house, is that alright? I run to Sefi-san with that question in mind.
The mansion in the back is a house bigger and grander than even Master's, it wouldn't be strange if it was a nobleman's. Sefi-san is inside that house like it's normal for her, wonder if she's acquainted with the owner as a neighbor?
I entered the mansion and couldn't find traces of other residents inside. There's only Sefi-san in the parlor.

"Geez, it's cause Nobu-chan ran off without listening to me. Many things happened after that you know~. Even yesterday the guards visited by and asked me lots of questions~."


"I think they came to ask about that person? Jamito's mansion was apparently blown away in an explosion, so they came here to ask us about the situation because we were the last people involved with him, you see~. I told them Nobu-chan went to pick some herbs, and there was a testimony of you passing through the north gate so they didn't press that hard~. But Master-san left a message asking you to come by you know~?"

Hargh, Master called for me huh. I'm a bit... no quite terrified. Hope he hasn't found out.
Oh right I haven't asked her about the important stuff.

"Sefi-san, what happened to the store, why is it an empty land? And this mansion is?"

"Although that store was full of memories. It was originally a renovated old store, so things were falling apart anyway~. So I thought, might as well use this chance to build a new one ♪"

No, err, 'might as well'. That easily...

"This mansion is my residence you see~. A retired noble, drinking friend of mine you see. Transferred this mansion to me in his will. We often drank together until morning you know~."

Partner in drinks huh. I had thought it was that kind of relationship, gotta keep that a secret.
According to Sefi-san, a certain retired nobleman purchased this mansion to quietly spend his last after his wife had passed away. But since Sefi-san was his neighbor, and of the same level of heavy drinker as himself, forgot about quietly, he passed away with smiles full of satisfaction. Holding a wine bottle till the end.

Nuh uh nope, drunkards are scary. It's unbelievable how he gave her a mansion just like that for being a drinking companion. As a prerequisite, she's been tasked to manage the winery, or rather a storehouse that keeps his liquor collection. Manage here means to nicely drink everything until it's been exhausted up, said Sefi-san. Well, from that retired nobleman's point of view, I guess that must have been better than having it rot away or sold.

As for the store, tools and consumable that still looked usable were carried into this mansion, afterward workers dispatched by Construction Guild used their magic to turn it into an empty plot. Magic for that kind of use case too huh. I'm also interested in that magic. I'll be sure to watch during the construction.
Most of the products in the store were burned down so we suffered a huge loss, but the mixing equipment and ingredients were safe so they've been stored here in this mansion.

"Since Nobu-chan has also provided the funds, we're now business partners for real okay~. And I have something to ask you... Nobu-chan, if you don't mind, I'd be happy if you could live in this mansion."


"I mean, look, so many things happened during this incident didn't it? So I thought, it could be dangerous for a woman to live alone here, right. And we have some orders that need to be delivered soon too."

The last part is your real intention huh, I understand. But I did cause her trouble this time, I've got to make up for it to her. Even though Jamito is gone now after taking a tough measure, there's no guarantee there won't be a retaliation after all. I would give them hell they wished they were never born if they did try though.

Thus, I decided to take up this offer. I'm also thinking of making Tama-chan's goods after all. I could use Sefi-san's evaluation whether it could be sold in the market.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

For now, I have to tell the inn about me leaving so I left the mansion. First of all, let's go to Master's house. He's probably still there since it's still early in the morning. Phew, my steps feel heavy.
I arrived there. After passing through the entrance, I went straight to the garden, they should be doing morning training right about now.
The closer I get the louder the 'hyun hyun buon' sounds that most people probably wouldn't have guessed to be the sounds of human swinging their fists.
After waiting for the right time, I call out to them.

"Good morning. I have come as requested."

"Ooh, you're here. I made you come here because there's something I ought to apologize to you for, Nobusada. I did go to look for you myself without avail."

"Pardon me for that."

"There was an interruption in the matter you asked me to handle. I couldn't mobilize the guards as I liked. Forgive me."

"Please don't mind it, Sefi-san is safe after all, and everything came together nicely in the end before I knew it, all's well that ends well."

"Right it did. Even if the ringleader was blown to smithereens in an accident, the guards cannot be mobilized thus there's nothing to investigate either. Dear me, accidents are scary stuff."

Master grinned there. Aah, this is, looks like everyone knows. The fact that he doesn't make any move there is either because of my sake or to one-up the interruption. Either way, Master is quite bad himself huh.

"You've got the strength alright but your softness was a cause of worry. However, thanks to this matter, it looks like that's gotten quite a bit better. I shan't ask you what you did, I'm just glad you're safe."

"Yes, I've been made quite aware how much of a softie I was."

"I couldn't believe my ears when Nobusada-san asked for my assistances, but I never thought it would turn out like this... like how Sefirot-san's store was burned down. Is she alright?"

"Yes, she only got a little scald. And it's healed already. The store will be rebuilt too. And since it's a dangerous time, I plan to stay at her place for a while."


"Eh? No well, I mean, otherwise it's gonna be inconvenient if anything happens, most of the potions are unusable too, and I've got to help her deal with the guards and stuff."

"I-is that so."

Eleanor-san, your expressions are all over the place since awhile ago.
And you Master, stop grinning!

"Oh right, I was ambushed by quite a lot of adventurers in the dungeon, would the Adventurer Guild deal with them if I lodged a complaint?"

"...I'm truly sorry to say this, but since the quest about capturing a criminal that those adventurers had accepted was issued by the guild, we cannot hand out a punishment on them. Of course, that Nobusada-san being a criminal is completely false, so you have nothing to worry about. And since the quest client, Jamito, turned out like that, this matter is most likely going to be unresolved."

Left in the dungeon? Guess there's no helping it since the mastermind was erased from existence, and it was me who did it. Ah well, guess I've got no choice. Since I've memorized all their names, I'll consult with Sefi-san and prohibit our goods to be sold to them.

"Still, the guildmaster deemed this matter to be a huge problem, and has issued penalties and lowered the valuations of all the perpetrators and everyone involved. Please keep this info a secret."

"Bluntly speaking, I egged on the guildmaster. After all, my pupil almost got done in. Even if he's my friend, there is no distinction in this regard."

Ooh, the guildmaster here is Master's friend huh.
Hmm, I think it's a good idea to go through master when I'm delivering evidence about the guild's inner corruption to the guildmaster. I'm gonna keep it with me for now. I'll put it to good use when the time is right.

Afterward, I gave my heartful thanks to the two and told them I would be coming here regularly again from tomorrow morning on.

Next is Solomon's Pavilion huh. If I'm not mistaken, tomorrow is just about time for me to pay the rent again, so it's just right.

At the Solomon's Pavilion, everyone is currently cleaning up after the breakfast period. Feels like it's been a long time since I'm here.
I leave Tama-chan in the care of the little girls, and tell Donur-san I'm leaving the inn.
Donur-san loathed to part with me, 'I see it's gonna be quiet here'. The little girls entreated, 'don't go', mostly to Tama-chan... The hierarchy hasn't changed at all! Or rather, the springy version-up Tama-chan is getting even more popular. I-I'm not sad or anything ok.

I tidied the room while licking my mental wounds and left the room. Most of my luggage is already with me though.
As a farewell gift, I was treated to breakfast from the leftover. Yup, it's good. I leave the inn after making a promise to eat here again, it's in the town anyway.
Thanks for taking good care of me these past two months.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-48

16-48. Trial of Zaikuon (3)


Satou here. I think everyone, regardless of who, has cravings, big or small, for limelight and recognition. That in itself is important as motivation to keep moving forward, but when such a craving is swelled up so big one could only be satisfied by comparing oneself to others, I think that's where it gets dangerous.

"How'd you show up out of nowhere, space magic?"
"And why's miko-chan floating over there?"

Attendants of Hero Hayato, Rusus and Fifi threw me those questions.
Instead of looking puzzled to see me and the rock miko suddenly appearing in the arena, the two seemed very calm as expected of these two veterans.

『Emerge triumphant in the fight, accomplish the trial』

God Zaikuon spoke so through the rock miko who was still floating in the air.
At the same time, a black line was drawn on the edge of the arena.

"So then, are you going to fight us?"
"That's nice~. I was just feeling a little lacking with the fight earlier. We're ready anytime if it's a fight you want, Satou?"

Rusus and Fifi smiled ferociously.
They're clenching their fists, looking really pleased.

The rock miko held her hands up toward the heavens, then a yellow lights descended from beyond the sky, and then three yellow orbs appeared from inside that light, floated away and stopped right in front of me.

『Accept the powers of god, stand among the lowest seat of great apostles』

Nah, I'm good.

Perhaps my inner thought showed, as the yellow light orbs were repelled away in front of my chest.

『Why do you reject』

I mean, why wouldn't you?
Who needs [God's Fragment] that's almost certainly a back door anyway.

The rock miko turns her sight at Rusus and Fifi.

The light orbs floated toward Rusus and Fifi instead, but then a blue membrane-like material manifested itself around the two and repulsed the yellow light orbs away.
That was probably the divine protection of God Parion or something.

"O God! Our great God! Your servant, Holy Warrior Senuma is right over here!"

After the personnels in charge of the arena carried away the [Magic Warriors of Karion], the Zaikuon temple knight rushed into the arena.

The light orbs floated toward the temple knight and then began to orbit around him as if assessing him.

"By the Grace of great god Zaikuon, I shall slay the hounds of Parion and make known the great name of Zaikuon to all!"

The temple knight appealed at the light orbs orbiting around him.
He looks really desperate somehow.

"Satou, isn't that miko-san in, like, a real bad situation?"

At Rusus's warning, I turned my gaze toward the rock miko to find her unconscious with intense yellow light gushing out of her eyes and mouth.
Looks like she's hitting her limit with the Divine Possession.

The light wrapping her dissolved away as she fell onto the ground.
According to AR readings, she's been severely weakened, to the point that she'd die were she left alone.

"I, holy warrior Senuma, beseech your Grace, once again here!"

The cold-hearted temple knight ignored the predicament his colleague in, as he kept appealing to the light orbs.

Seemingly stricken by his desperation, one light orb went inside the temple knight's chest.
AR reading tells me that the Temple Knight has acquired the Unique Skill, [Invincible Warrior (Champion)].
His level has increased from 30 to 45, probably cause he got a God's Fragment.

"Ooooooh! My body is overflowing with powers! God powers of such majesty! No one can stand in my way now!"

Looks like he's intoxicated by feelings of omnipotence from the God's Fragment.

"Here I come, you Parion hounds! Prepare yourselves!"

Yellow light is flickering around the temple knight's body.
According to AR readings, his State is now [Champion] and [Super-Strength].

"By hound, you mean me? I'm a wolf not a dog y'know?"

The wolfear-kin Fifi rubbed her nose with her finger while smiling ferociously.

"Then, I'll be taking Satou on."
"Ah, no fair, Rusus! We're gonna decide who's going to fight Satou after I beat down this guy!"

I smiled wryly to see Rusus and Fifi disputing.
Since it seems like there is no avoiding fighting in this trial, it'd be great if they could fight the temple knight in my stead, that'd make things less complicated.
I don't mind laying bare my powers here if it's still within reason, but easily winning over two hero's attendants and an apostle by myself would be a bit too much after all.

"You bastard! You are before Zaikuon Apostle, the holy warrior Senuma-sama, what insolence!"

While the two were having a carefree chat, the enraged temple knight rushed at a terrifying speed toward Fifi.
The temple knight's sword that was faster than wind flashed and grazed Fifi's cheek.

"Oh pretty good. You're as fast as Rusus at least."
"Kuha, kuhahahaha, god's power is grandiose! Having been granted God Zaikuon's grace--"

The temple knight who stopped while getting drunk in his powers got kicked hard by Fifi who closed in at the same speed.
He was about to go out of arena and lose by default, but then a transparent wall not unlike that of force magic appeared above the black line and flicked the temple knight away.
Apparently, it'll only be counted as a loss if you went outside the arena if you're not under God Zaikuon's patronage.

"You're pretty good. Parion Apostles."

The temple knight stood up while bleeding from his mouth.

"Huh, when did we become apostles again?"
"Who knows?"

Fifi and Rusus shrugged their shoulders.

"No point standing around here, let's go at it ourselves yeah?"
"I'd like to give her treatment first if I could, do you mind waiting for a bit?"
"Nope, go on then."

Since I got Rusus's approval, I stopped next to the rock miko and let her drank elixir.
I made use of this timing to put away the holy sword and magic wand I had in hands.

The damage on both rock miko's body and soul should be restored by elixir, but it seems she still won't come to due to exhaustion.

"Oh what's this? Fifi's getting pushed back?"

I lift my head when I heard Rusus, and true enough, Fifi who was on the offensive earlier is now busy defending.

Finding it strange, I looked at the temple knight and saw that his level had been raised to 55, and he now has another Unique Skill [Vanquish Archer].
One of the light orbs orbiting the temple knight has vanished.
It appears that the temple knight got a power up while I wasn't looking.

"Fuhn, forget Hayato, you're not even at Meiko's and Seigi's level."
"Damn you Parion hound!"

Provoked by Fifi, yellow light wraps the temple knight once again.

"This isn't the extent of powers granted to me by great God Zaikuon!"

Looks like he hasn't used the Vanquish Archer's powers yet.

"--Take this!"

When the temple knight swung his sword down, an arrow of light manifested from his sword and flew toward Fifi.
Moreover, it split into 10 halfway through and rained down on her.

Cloud of dust whirled up when the arrows hit the arena, leaving it full of holes.

"Isn't that, like, super bad?"
"It is--"

Not Fifi, but the temple knight that is.
Similar to Hero Meiko who overused her Unique Skills during the Divine Punishment, there's also yellow crystal running through the temple knight's body.
It's still a bit away before he reached Meiko's state, but that limit is coming closer for sure.


Fifi couldn't manage to evade all of the light arrows, one of it grazed her leg.
The moment she was distracted by that, the temple knight charged in.

The temple knight swings his sword wrapped in yellow light.

Tearing up the air, the shockwave gouged out the arena's ground.
I block the cloud of dust and pebbles that are flying here with [Shield] magic.

Fifi jumped out of the dust cloud.

A moment later, the cloud of dust split into two.
Immediately following, Fifi who was still in the air turned around and swung her sword.

Fifi's sword scattered away intense sparks, sounds of air splitting echoed in the surroundings.
Apparently, the temple knight attacked her with an invisible slash.

Then second slash, third slash, Fifi parried them away while evading.
She couldn't seem to guard against the shockwaves, she's cut here and there, her blood stains her clothes red.

"Need a help? Fifi."
"Shut up! Fifi-sama ain't gonna lose against this level of an opponent!"

Even though there's not much gap in their levels now, and she's up against someone with two battle-oriented Unique Skills, Fifi still believes in her victory.

"Be proud of yourself, holy warrior. I'll show you a technique that I've never used in a match except against Hayato before."

Fifi provoked the temple knight while calmly sorting out her breathing.

Like saying, she's confident that her technique will bring her victory.

"Come at me, Parion hound. Witness as your little tricks stood powerless before holy warrior Senuma-sama who have received the Grace of God Zaikuon!"

The temple knight arrogantly jerked up his chin.

"O original blood that flows within me. O blood vessel of the divine wolf. Together with rekindled ancient memories--"

Light dwells in Fifi's blue eyes.

Feels like this chant gonna revive my lost history of chuunibyou.
I think it's a type of autosuggestion used to access the skill.

"--<Beast Form>"

Steam-like white aura rises up from Fifi's body, her canine teeth are transforming into fangs.
Along with that, the white aura wraps around Fifi like fur, making her look like a werewolf.

According to AR readings, this aura has a support effect of adding five times her stats into her status.
In exchange, her stamina and MP gauges are decreasing at an awful rate.

This is probably a big reason why she didn't use the technique while fighting against demon lords.


Fifi is closing in while swiftly evading the incoming light arrows shot by the temple knight.
The invisible slashes that came assaulting during her rush were all punched down by the silver aura-clad Fifi.

The moment they were within each other sword range, a fierce sword clash began.
The slashes that Fifi parried crushed the arena, while the shockwaves from Fifi's attacks the temple knight blocked blew cloud of dust.

"Uwaa, that looks so fun~"

Rusus looks like she's truly envious as she watches Fifi and the temple knight who are scattering colorful sparks around and letting out heavy sounds.

It's scary since she said that while looking here, but there's something that's piqued my interest more.
I saw yellow light ripples running through the temple knight's body during this battle.

I'm not sure whether Unique Skills from God Zaikuon are the same as Unique Skills that reincarnated people like Arisa have, but I don't think you could get away willy nilly using powers beyond what human could wield.

"Eat this!"

Fifi unleashed a powerful move on the temple knight while shouting out loud.
I missed it a bit, but apparently she hit him with her finisher right when the temple knight lost his footings by her rapid assault.
The temple knight's defense was broken down by the direct hit, blowing off his helmet.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Ooh, did she beat him?"

Rusus shouted out loud when she saw the temple knight laying on the arena's ground.

Fifi who's just unleashed her finisher is also wounded with bone fractures and blood all over her body, yet she still keeps her stance without letting her guard down.

"--Oh boy, you're pretty tough."

The temple knight rose up while supporting his body with his sword.
Fifi smiled fiercely and beckoned at the temple knight with her hand as if provoking him.


The temple knight held his sword up above and roared.
Yellow crystal-like material emerges on his face.

--This looks bad.


While wrapped in yellow light, the temple knight snatched the last yellow light orb, that was orbiting around him, with his hand.
As the orb was struggling to get away in his hand, he put it in his mouth and gulped it down.

Yellow ripples ran through the temple knight body, his body grew twice, thrice bigger, and his face turned into that of an ogre.
Matching that, his level went up from 55 to 65.
With another Unique Skill added; [Great Caster].


The temple knight roared like that of apostles.
It seems like he'd just buffed himself with holy magic.

"This looks real bad--"

Rusus buffed herself with body reinforcement skill and rushed out to help Fifi.

I can't afford to just watch from the sidelines for too long either, but I can't exactly leave the unconscious rock miko alone and go to war either.
I could guarantee her safety if I used the install-type Fortress, but I'm a bit hesitant to use it in front of so many eyes.


Fifi who had lost her Beast Form after using up her stamina was knocked down by the temple knight.
Rusus is crossing swords with the temple knight, but she's clearly at disadvantage.

Her opponent has leveled up beyond her level through God's Fragments, and is buffed with Unique Skills, holy magic and the divine treasure's [Super-Strength].

"--Tch. Even double physical buff can't hold this thing off huh..."

Rusus took the downswing attack in order to protect Fifi, she got beat down onto the ground and coughed out blood.


The temple knight let out a victory roar.
Arrows of light are produced on his body, making him look like a hedgehog.

The arrows that were released like some sort of missile attack in a robot anime hit the arena wall, inviting lights and thunderous roars, along with screams and angry yells from the audience.

The defensive wall that protected the audience is smashed down like broken glass.


The temple knight roared.

It's like he's a villain in a kaijuu movie.
And that villain's gaze is directed toward me.

Looks like he found his next target in me.

"What is this guy doing..."

By doing this, instead of getting more believers, it won't be strange if people boycott God Zaikuon instead.
Well, considering it was the temple knight who took the initiative here, I suspect he's only acting out of God Zaikuon's will.


Liza who was watching from the audience seat jumped into the arena.

"Liza, lend me a hand."

I run on the uneven surface of the arena together with Liza, and drop a synced kick in the temple knight's face.
The temple knight attempted to block our attack, but there was no way he could do that in the face of Liza's acceleration helped by magic edge cannon and Flickering Movement and my full speed.
I ignore the temple knight who rolled on the ground and get down.

"Liza, could you keep that thing company for a bit."

The gleeful looking Liza dashed toward the blown off temple knight.
Fifi and Rusus's fight earlier must have tickled her battle instinct.

"Satou, we look so shameful..."
"Please save your breath for now."

I hold the coughing Rusus and gave magic potions to the two.

"This is a good medicine."
"We can keep going with this, but--"

Rusus and Fifi are looking at the fight between Liza and the temple knight.

"--Looks like it's not our turn anymore."
"Yeah, didn't know that lizard girl was that strong..."

The two stare at Liza in frustration.

Liza who was overwhelming the temple knight retreated here while raining down magic edge cannons from her spear and tail upon the temple knight.

"What's wrong?"
"Master, there's something weird going on with that thing."

Liza murmured while glaring at the temple knight with her guard up.
Believing in her wild instinct, I investigated a bit and found out that the the temple knight had two races [Human] and [Apostle], with [Human] gradually being erased.

"Perhaps this is the [sisyphean task] thing that Arisa talked about? It felt weird, like striking water even though I was sure my spear stabbed him."

It's like when I was fighting the apostles using a holy sword.
It seems the temple knight is gradually turning into an apostle.

Unstable-looking yellow light ripples run through temple knight's body.
And every time, more yellow crystal covers his body, half of his face is already buried in the crystal.
The guy himself doesn't look like he minds this, but this looks like it'll get bad if this keeps up.


I heard the rock miko's voice close by.
Oh, she came around at a bad timing.

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Okami Wa Nemuranai 3


A blue point showed up on <Life Detection>.

Green points are detected ordinary animals, blue points are magical beasts. Blue points are displayed clearly like they did in his original world. Lecan felt a bit relieved at that fact.

He tried raising <Life Detection>'s sensitivity to the max. Countless green points got displayed. Must be little animals, birds, and insects. This forest is full of life with many creatures. Since there might be dangerous animals unknown to Lecan like poisonous insects and venomous snakes mixed among them, he cannot let his guard down.

Lecan lowered the <Life Detection>'s sensitivity. Too much information will only get in the way instead.

His right hand took out his trusty sword from <Storage>, then he slipped between the trees and began to walk toward the blue point, or the place where the magic beast is.

Lecan was relieved to see his <Storage> was working considering he could took his trusty sword from it. Which means his luggage is also safe inside. His <Storage> is now his lifeline for the foreseeable future. He's got to make sure to select food that's about to go bad and eat through it first.

Nothing feels amiss in the sensation of treading on the grass.
Walking slowly while checking the feels of trees on his left hand.

The green points went away. The animals seem to have noticed Lecan approaching and scrambled away.
And yet the blue point signifying a magic beast is drawing closer.

--Fufu. You think I'm the prey here huh.

Lecan swung his sword thrice to ascertain his physical condition.
Excellent. His body moves well, and the sensation of cutting winds with the sword is reassuring.

And his body feels light. He could walk faster than usual.
Before long, the magic beast came inside the range of <3D Perception>.

Its figure could be barely seen with bare eyes already, it's approaching while sneakily hiding itself between bushes and trees.

The radius of <3D Perception> is only about 50 steps with no way to alter this. However, if he concentrates on a part within the range, he could get more detailed info. It enables one to see at all directions including above and below, it has no blind spot.

One needs the knack to be able to use it, but once one manages to do so, there is no ability more useful in battle than this. Especially when you're up against multiple enemy in a cramped space, this ability gives you an overwhelming advantage.

The magic beast showed itself behind a bush when it was within 30 steps and rushed out. It must be a magic beast that weaponizes its own charging power.

The magic beast accelerates in a blink of an eye. It's accelerating even more since it's coming down a slight slope. It must have chosen this particular terrain to launch its attack.

Lecan has never seen this magic beast before. It's about as big as a medium sized dog with a head that looks similar to that of a wild boar.

Right when the magic beast was about to clash with Lecan, he swiftly dashed out diagonally forward and swung down his sword.

The magic beast kept rushing forward and crashed into a tree before collapsing.

Lecan's sword accurately hit the magic beast's nape. The sensation of cutting a living creature's flesh and skin gave Lecan's slight shivers and a mysterious sense of fulfillment.

Fight enemy, defeat them. These are times when Lecan feels alive.

He approached the magic beast and ascertained its death, afterward he put his fist on his chest and bowed his head to pray for the soul's repose.

Then he stood up, gripped his sword on his left hand and turned his right palm toward the magic beast. Or to be more exact, his right palm is turned toward the chest section of the magic beast where the Magic Gem is located.

And then he performed <Mana Absorption>.

Mana is flowing toward him. His palm turns hotter. The absorbed mana passes through Lecan's right arm, permeating inside his body.

Once the mana had been sucked dry, after a short interval, the corpse crumbled into sand.

This course of event is awfully relieving for Lecan.

The magic beast had a Magic Gem within. It was possible to perform Mana Absorption on it. The magic beast's corpse turned into sand once it was done.

The same principle with his original world.

Now then, he now knows that he could absorb mana after defeating magic beasts.

Next, he's got to confirm whether the animals here are edible or not.

It's pretty risky but he's got no choice but to give it a  try.

A woman's scream suddenly reached Lecan's ears.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Strongest Sage, Sneaks In


Folkia is full of demons.
Alma and Ruli ask me in a panic when they hear that.

『More than 30 demons!? That, sounds really bad...』

『But aren't demons a creature that doesn't group together? Yet there's 30 of them here?』

『Yeah. Ordinary demons do not flock together. The demons here are a special type of subspecies that does. Their other peculiarities are they're hard to detect, and good at cooperating together... in exchange, each is weaker than an average demon though.』

In my past life, these types of demon are called 『Demon Subspecies』.
Since detection technology had progressed at the time, there were only a few cases of Demon Subspecies mingling with humans.

Even if they're weaker than an average demon, they still far surpass the humans of this era.
If this type of demons was the one that infiltrated Beisis Kingdom, it would have been tougher to deal with.

『Weaker than an average demon... How strong are they?』

『It depends on each individual, but Ruli and Alma should be able to defeat one if it's alone... However, the more of them, the tougher the fight will be. Try your best to avoid fighting more than five of them together.』

Demons fundamentally prefer to fight alone, they're bad at coordinating together with each other in a fight.
But Demon Subspecies is different.

Demon Subspecies fights by coordinating with their unique mana wavelength along with complex and specific interception and jamming comm magic, allowing them to perform a variety of coordinated attacks.

Their coordination is far above what humans could achieve with comm magic.
They could share their visions and hearing among each others, and even sometimes do linked magic casting.

The only saving grace is the fact that the mana used for their coordination has a short range, 50 meters at most.
If not, fighting even one of these Demon Subspecies would have meant fighting the subspecies in the entire world.

I walk toward the town while talking about that.
Alma hurriedly tried to stop me.

『Hang on, where are you going!?』
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『To the town gate. Though not the front gate, but the secret path used by the fake bandits.』

I point at a nearby ground while talking through comm magic.
There's a part where the ground is new over there.

I held up the forged pass over the ground, then it moved out, exposing the entrance into the secret path.

『...Bingo. Tis' the secret path used by the fake bandits when they get out of town.』

『How'd you even find this path...?』

『With Mana Perception. This kind of secret paths uses a magic tool that detects passes to open the door.』

I point at a magic tool buried in the path.
This magic tool won't open the door unless it detects the pass.

It's a relatively orthodox way to seal a secret path.
I expected a type that scanned each person and prepared four forged passes for all of us, but that seems to be unnecessary.

『Mana Perception... Could such a tiny mana reaction like this be found?』

『Finding this simply by looking at the surrounding mana is impossible, yeah. But if you do it while assuming there would be this type of magic tool around, you should notice... Knowledge about magic tools isn't only useful for making one but also for planning countermeasures.』

I check the passage's wall for mana reaction.
This kind of passage is usually installed with traps that calls for guards or blocks intruders who have take possession of the pass... But neither seems to be present around the entrance.
It's not possible to look far ahead since the passage is curving, but judging from the atmosphere, we should be able to manage somehow.

『Looks clear. Girls, get down here... but be sure to take cautions while progressing ahead.』



『Got it!』

The girls also go down the passage.
Well then, shall we go infiltrate Folkia.
Our objective is of course; annihilate all demons.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Just Punishment Executed!



"We've thrown so many people on this already, what is so hard about capturing one little brat!"

I threw the glass on my hand at the floor in irritation.
It's already been five days since the operation began. Information about that brat went dark the other day. The guys who were sent to tail him didn't come back either. The bunch who were dispatched to the dungeon got captured by the Class-A adventurers [Muscle Brothers] for some reason.
Even though I've mobilized the entire force at my disposal, how'd it turn out like this. As long as I get my hand on that brat, my investment should immediately get its return!

Ideas like never before. Even just improving all the existing medicines should be enough to shift the market's status quo.
If my intuition is correct, that boy will surely bring me even more elevated profits.
That was why I went out of my way to go to that store, to first negotiate amicably.
I thought I'd get a deal immediately since the female storekeeper didn't look motivated, yet she surprisingly gave me an immediate refusal. It appears she knew about the usefulness of that boy.
I went for the brat himself afterward, but he too refused curtly.
Damn you brat. I was eager to crush his strong will since he asked for it, but that brat was making his moves too. It appears that he has some connections with the guards' Captain-Commander, they're scheming something.
Then I shalt make use of the noble colleagues I usually accommodate to do something about the guards.
I've also put work in the management of Adventurer's Guild so they shall hush up any incident after the fact. And I've rallied all our forces for this. Even after leaving the scene to those six, I still haven't heard a favorable report yet.

I've got to quickly arrange Bascom and the guys' release through the guild and rethink up another strategy to capture the brat.

Phew, good grief what a handful it's turned out be.
I should ogle at that again to calm my mind.

"I'll be staying in the underground facility. Stay away until I call for you."

After saying that to the maid, I went underground.

The underground facility houses prototype of magic tools in development. Beyond the door at the end of a strictly shut door lies my place of repose.
Piles of gold coins, jewels, and magic tools stuffed within.
Gazing at them is the only way I can relax. Even this irritation should settle down.

I open the ironclad lock and enter the room. The glitters of silver and gold coins heal my heart. The jewels also flaunt their glitters unbridled. Pheew, I almost would have undressed here and roll around on top of them in my bare body, but my self-restraint stops me from doing so.
Fuhahaha, just you wait. I shall make that brat my own and double, no triple this fortune in time.

I can't get enough of rubbing cheeks on these


I, Nobu-san, am right behind you.

Heya, it's Nobusada here. Actually, I've been watching this shitty geezer from behind him for a while. Yes, the Space Camouflage.
The adventurers gave me this info, 『There's an underground facility for developing magic tools exclusively for Jamito's use. But we've never stepped inside it. He shuts himself inside the facility every night, that place must be very important』, but who would've thought that it was for him to do this stuff.
Now then, since this money-grubbing geezer is fast asleep, time to start the retribution. Tonight, Nobusada starves for blood. I ain't drinking it tho'!


I woke Jamito up by pouring cold water on him.

"Gufuaa, c-c-c-cold. What just!?"

"Heya, wakey wake?"

I speak while looking down on the tied up Jamito laying on the floor. He's trembling and shivering, probs because of the cold water.

"Y-You're!? You think you can get away doing this to me!? Also... where did you hide my precious treasures!!"

"Yeah, no one is getting away from anything, you especially. Besides, I think I'm being really polite here compared to the stuff you've done. Your underlings had told me everything. One time you murdered a store manager then covered it up as an accident, other time you forcefully contracted an artisan into slavery and worked him to death, and another time, you made use of your connection with some nobles and hushed up all of those incidents. The word 'garbage' truly fits you like a glove."

"Hmph, it's only natural for the weak to become nourishment for the powerful. So how about it, you're still redeemable right now. Don't you want to work under me?"

"It's impressive how you could say that while looking like that. Well, leaving that stuff aside, I'll have you answer my questions. Do so without hiding anything at all."

"Hmph, like I'd tell you anything honestly."

Jamito snorted at me. I'm looking forward to see how long he can keep up his bluff.

"First of all, you will tell me all nobles who are cooperating with you. Oh and along with their weaknesses and stuff."

『Starting from the one with the highest authority, it's Marquis Ruum, then Viscount Runats, and Baron Ayrs. I provide funds for the marquis, deal with the clean-up of the viscount's affairs, and have the baron under my thumb after he asked me to do something about a mess his son perpetrated.』

(What the!? My mouth moved on its own? And even things that shouldn't be made public!)

I write down the stuff Jamito cheerfully chirped on a parchment in minute details. Ooh, the big bundle of parchment I have with me is gradually getting buried in text fast.

"Ohho, so what was the mess the baron's son made?"

『The third son burned down a village of beastfolks. Moreover, the reason why he did that was because the village elder didn't hand over the girls he took fancy on and let them go instead.』

Hm? Feels like I've heard this story somewhere before??

"Is that baron's territory quite far from here?"

『Yes, it is. However, my hometown is over there. I am acquainted with the previous baron since we were kids.』

"Well then, do tell me all about that baron."


(Stop! Don't speak any more than this!!)

Looks like he's getting restless about his mouth mouthing off in defiance to his will. Even though Jamito's forte is in mentally cornering people, he must not be used being on the receiving end. I will dig out all your dirt thoroughly to the end. While slowly but surely knocking about your mental state.

Even though I'm not really keen in using it, I've made use of Curse on the geezer. The content of the curse is 『Answer my question without any lie nor resistance』. I've appraised all the items he has on himself with Discerning-sensei, so there's no worry about the curse rebounding. Thus I had used half of my available mana to put a curse on this geezer. You've got to be extra careful handling this curse magic thingy, I can't believe the pros could use this stuff well.

Afterward, I spent a long time listening to Jamito. Every little bit. Misdeed after misdeed.
Furthermore, he's seized on evidence about misdeeds several of higher ups at the Adventurer Guild perpetrated, he's used the evidence to bring them over to his side. He's been using those higher-ups to cover up incidents that require him to deploy adventurers like this one. Documentary evidence and stuff pertaining this are conveniently put here, so of course I'll be securing them too.
Acquiring information about Mitama and Futsuno is also an unexpected harvest.

"Grr, just what is happening. Haah haah."

Must be hard to talk that long eh. But that much is nothing.

"Then lastly. What are you planning to do with me and Sefi-san once you've captured us?"

『First of all, I would put Slave Collars on you. Then I planned to make you develop and manufacture new products at a secret atelier that no one knows about.』

OH, this guy's rotten to the core. Guess there's no worry about hurting my conscience then. Ha ha ha, truly someone beyond saving. I regressed right back to polite speech in my anger.
Well, this should be enough. Also, I may as well take all the stuff I can take.

"Now then, I will be taking the gold coins, silver coins, jewels, and magic tools stuff piled here as a settlement. This much is nothing, isn't it. After all, you've partially destroyed our store, and even brought about burn on Sefi-san's fair skin."

"D-don't screw with me. What do you mean by nothing, gehaa."

I kicked Jamito's jaw with full force. Yup, you don't hafta talk anymore.

"I personally wasn't going to go this far myself, at fist at least. However, I have no mercy for you who dared to bring harm upon my acquaintances."


Ah, he looks like he wanted to say something but couldn't since I'm trampling on him. I shouldn't forget to gag his mouth, since it'd be troublesome if he shouted out loud later.

I store away silver, gold coins, documentary evidence, jewels and magic tools in the Magic Ruckacks. I was worried I wouldn't have enough rucksacks, but the problem was solved by borrowing several rucksacks put here. I found some other one-of-a-kind articles beside mass-produced magic rucksacks, but since these stuff could be traced back to me, I reluctantly disposed of them.

Yesterday I ended up making a new modified magic while thinking about how to do the burial. I'll be using that to kindly ask this geezer to say goodbye to this world.

"Run up from underground toward the surface along with a blast! Burst open together with my feelings! <<Bombermine>>!!"

Lumps of mana are now dwelling in some of the stone pavers around Jamito.
I've reinforced this underground facility with <<Dug>> to prevent collateral damage in the surroundings.
It's going smoothly. Next is the finishing touch.

"Well then, I'll be excusing myself now. Please do your worst to lament on all the stuff you've done so far."

I glanced at Jamito who was groaning unintelligently 『Gufuaoufuu』 and left the underground facility. I close the door to the facility, activate the Space Camouflage and quickly get the hell out of the mansion.

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After taking quite a bit of distance away, it's time for the finishing touch. That mansion is nicely visible from here yet there's no one around.
I slowly snap my fingers.


Uhoo, even though this place is quite far away from the mansion, I could hear sounds of the explosion and something caving in.
This is beyond my expectations, the <<Dug>> walls must have gotten blown off. As the base of this magic is Flare Bomb, the firepower is really nothing to sneeze at. It takes quite a bit of mana too it seems.

The finger snapping is merely a signal. Honestly, it could be done by just wishing for it to happen. But it's only best practice for finger-snapping to be the signal. Of course, I can't create whirlwinds just by snapping fingers like a certain great person. I'm not that inhuman yet... I think. Ah but, it's not like I couldn't do it with magic if I wanted to, wait wait, this isn't the time to do this. I've got to hide myself and get out of the north gate quick.

When the morning dawns, I arrive at the north gate with an innocent look on my face. From the direction of the northern forest of course.

And then, the middle-aged man guarding the north gate beckoned me. He must on high alert because of yesterday. Keep it calm without letting it show even on my finger, me.

"Good morning."

"Ou, s'that you Nobusada. First time seeing you coming back to town this early. Did something happen?"

"Yes, I was out for herbs in the northern forest before I suddenly met a herd of goblins. Since it was a bit too much to fight them when I was exhausted, I hid myself inside a cave and came back once they left."

"I see, at least you're safe. We've heard a lot of sightings these days, glad that it didn't turn grave. The town had a lot of stuff going on too. It's gotten quite unruly lately."

"Eh? Did something happen?"

What a barefaced lie I spoke of.

"It happened last night y'see. Look, you know that the largest alchemy store yeah. Seems like there was a huge explosion at that store manager's mansion. Apparently it was some kind of accident in the underground research facility. People are guessing that the explosion was caused by a failed experiment or something. Gee whiz, I always thought that magic tools were all convenient little things, but this incident really brought home that they could be real scary stuff too."

Ohho, that's how it's interpreted as huh. Convenient.
Afterward, we talked about some trivial stuff and then I left the north gate. I've got to go to the 『Shut-in Lamia』 quick. I wonder, how is Sefi-san doing? I'm worried about her now.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-47

16-47. Trial of Zaikuon (2)


※16-46 has been slightly revised. There is no problem even if you don't read it, but do have a look if you're curious.
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Satou here. Games these days are designed with user friendliness in mind, but I feel that lots of games in the olden days didn't have good tutorials. It's fun to do trial and error, but it kinda feels like lots of those games simply couldn't be bothered to explain stuff.


In the white space where I was taken to by God Zaikuon, a halo around my circumference, and then it turned into a black line the moment it touched the ground.
It's a circle of around 500 meters in diameter.

Along with that, the white space has become dimly colored, it's possible to distinguish the ground and the ceiling now.
It still feels like I'm floating on clouds though.

"I guess that's my opponent?"

A small cube appeared about 100 meters away from me.
The cube transformed with click-clack sounds while turning bigger, and eventually formed a humanoid shape. Its height is about 3 meters.
My AR reading show that it's [UNKNOWN], probably an apostle of God Zaikuon.

『Fight with my apostle, reign victorious.』

A dignified voice came from behind me.
The rock miko is the owner of that voice.

But she seems a bit weird.
She has absolutely no expressions on her face, and seems lifeless as if she's a marionette.

According to AR reading, she's in [Divine Possession] state.
It seems to be the next stage of the trance state she was in during the ceremony.

『What would the winning conditions be?』
『Defeat apostle. Go out of circle not. Deliberately attack miko not.』

After saying that, the rock miko is wrapped in a light sphere that emits yellow phosphorescence, and floats away to outside the circle.
While my eyes were chasing her, my ear picked click-clack sound.

Apparently the sound was coming from a cube that separated away from the apostle's hand and transformed into a halberd-like shape.
This apostle prefers close quarter combats it seems.

I could have ended this instantly by instantaneously casting the space magic forbidden spell [Mythology Down] from my magic list, but since that would likely incur displeasures instead applauses, I held myself back.

"Item Box, <Open>."

I opened my Item Box with voice command, and took out a handmade sword made of orichalcum.
Similar with the magic sword Heim I gave to the [Weed] of Shiga Eight Swords, Heim, this sword is loaded with a magic circuit taken from holy sword Durandal that will restore the blade's sharpness by reciting the Command Word, [Eternal Blade].

This should be optimal against a foe with unknown methods of attack.


The rock miko announced the starting signal after I unsheathed the holy sword.


The apostle let out an ear-splitting sound.
At the same time, yellow ripples of light began to course through the apostle's body surface.

It looks exactly the same as the purple ripples that appears when Arisa uses her Unique Skill.


The apostle charged forward at a speed that rivaled Pochi.
I was a bit curious about the weight of a blow coming from its tall stature, but since I had a slightly bad feeling about it, I evaded the blow while slashing at the apostle's leg.


What a weird feedback.
There's no firm resistance, it's like I'm cutting water.

According to AR reading, the apostle's HP gauge has only been reduced by a tiny bit.
Checking on the details, apparently this apostle is in [Invincible Warrior (Champion)] State.

Looks like I could still see its State and gauges even though I couldn't see level and skills.


I jumped away to dodge a stab from behind.
A rapid thrust that made the halberd looked like it was multiplying occurred there.

Since the halberd could seemingly be dealt with by the holy sword, unlike the apostle itself, I was able to thoroughly parry it.
The halberd's speed rivals that of Liza and Pochi, while its thrusting speed toward my openings rivals that of Tama, it's relatively tough to handle.
This apostle is obviously stronger than the apostles that fought against the Weasel Empire's palace knights. The Unique Skill-like [Champion] State probably has boosted up this apostle's strength.

I thought my attacks would work when my opponent was in the middle of attacking, but they barely dealt any damage on the apostle.

From what I've seen in the Weasel Empire's fight, white swords and cannonballs coated in dragon fang powder were used to kill apostles, thus I decide to use a white sword from amongst the seized stuff stored in Storage.

"Item Box, <Open>."

I shifted the holy sword onto my left hand, and took out a white sword with my right.
I didn't replace the sword since the Weasel Empire-made white sword is fragile compared to the holy sword.

While I was parrying the apostle, that's attacking at a warp-like speed from left and right, with the holy sword, I tried hitting it once with the white sword at the right timing.


It's super effective.

One hit reduced the apostle's HP gauge by a third.
From what I could gather just now, this apostle is about equal as a level 60s demon.


With click-clack sounds, the apostle body transformed, its arms increased to six.
It also got itself new armaments; two halberds, two shields, and two curved blades

Well, it's just for show.

It may have more arms, but it's also showing more openings than ever now, probably due to its own arms and weapons hindering itself.
I jump below the apostle with Ground Shrink, and mow down the apostle's ankles with the white sword.
The apostle tried to dodge the slash by lifting up its legs, but my slash was faster.

The apostle who had lost its ankles tried to stab me with its halberd and squashed me down with its shield together, but I went around it and stopped at its blind spot with Ground Shrink, then I stab the apostle's knee with the white sword.
The apostle's HP gauge is almost zero, but I can't deal any more damage even after slashing it many more times.


The apostle shouted out loud, and then a yellow phosphorous flickered before its HP completely restored.
Well, I get that recovery is a specialty of holy magic, but this is still a bit annoying.

Most importantly, the white sword would broke if this kept up.
I'd prefer to preserve the dragon fang swords I have in my storage as much as possible.

"Now then--."

I stare at the apostle.

Apparently, I've got to land a hit at the critical spot to beat this apostle.

I ponder the spots that would likely be the apostle's weakness while dodging its attacks.
Normally you'd have thought it should be its head or heart, but things can't be that simple considering it's a god's apostle.
There must be some kind of requirements like having to strike both at the same time or something.

"--Trial and error it is."

I used Sky Drive to balance out the disadvantages in height, and disarmed the apostle by relying on weapon destruction skill and weapon deprivation (Disarm) skill.
The defenseless chest of the apostle is exposed before me.

--Spiral Flash Thrust.

I rapidly unleashed the finisher move of Hero Hayato twice, drilling a hole on the defenseless apostle's head.
Then I get away from the apostle with Flash Drive, and observe its reaction.

"It'd be nice if this is the end--"

This much shouldn't be enough to finish off a God's Apostle, should it.

My worry turned out to be unfounded as the apostle crumbled into milky white powder.

--Yellow light?

A small yellow light floated out of the heap of powder on the ground, and rose up into heavens floatingly.
It's like the [God's Fragment] that comes out whenever you beat a demon lord.

I think it's probably God Zaikuon's fragment, although its unidentifiable as always with AR reading only showing [UNKNOWN], the chance of that is quite high.

The black circle line on the ground disappeared at the same time the yellow light did.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

『Second Trial』

After the rock miko indifferently said that, a yellow ring of light appeared around me like before and drew a circle on the ground of about 20-meter long in diameter.
Apparently, there's no declaration of victor in the match earlier.

Is it going to be a boxing match this time?

"--Nah, doesn't seem so."

At a place about 500 meters away from me, another 20-meter circle was drawn, then a cube appeared there and transformed into an apostle with click-clack sounds.

『No changes in victory conditions.』

In other words, I've got to defeat this apostle with long-ranged attacks.
I put away the nearly destroyed white sword into the Item Box.



The apostle let out a high frequency noise after the starting signal.
At the same time, ripples of yellow light course through its body surface.


According to AR reading, this apostle has [Great Caster] and [Vanquish Archer] States.

As a test, I took out a Light Crystal Gun from Item Box and shot with it.

The laser that was shot out of the Light Crystal Gun penetrated the apostle's body, but it didn't deal any damage.
A shot from this gun has about the same firepower as one shot of my light magic [Laser], it appears ordinary magic can't hope to damage apostles.


As if returning the favor, the apostle shot out an arrow from its arm that had transformed into a bow.
Using the holy sword, I flick off the arrow that was flying at a speed invisible to the naked eyes.

That was quite a weighty blow.

"...Orichalcum arrows huh?"

Not to the point that would numb my hand, but it could chip the holy sword if I don't hit it at the right angle.

While dealing the second and third arrows with the sword, I took out an emerald green long wand--a wand made from World Tree Emerald Branch from Item Box.


I begin to chant a spell while parrying the rain of arrows the apostle rapidly shot out.


Though I don't think it was mimicking me, the apostle raised its wand-transformed arm high up, and began to draw a real dangerous looking magic circle.
Of course, it hasn't loosened up on the rain of arrows.
I'm not one to talk, but this guy sure is handy.

The magic circle is clad in flashes of yellow, which begins to gradually intensifies.

The apostle finished its chant far faster than me, and then the completed magic circle shot out a white beam.

--Fortress Defense (Fortress).

I make use of the defensive item, a standard equipment for Pendragon Team, reserved for emergency and block the beam.

Intense sparks scattered on the outer layer of the Fortress's defensive field.

The pseudo-material made from Force Magic turned cloudy, crumbling down at an awful rate.
Fortress is a defensive system made of multiple layers of defensive walls, so another defensive wall would reinforce it before the entire thing collapsed, it eventually managed to endure the apostle's magic attack.


The apostle added more arms, and created seven magic circles from its now seven wand arms.
Even Fortress wouldn't be able to withstand seven times of the attack earlier.

But, well--.

I pointed my long wand toward the apostle.


The apostle let out a high pitched noise like it was flustered, but it was too late.

"■■■ ■■ ■ White Flame of Purgatory <<White Inferno>>"

A flash of white filled the space.

The wide-area annihilation forbidden spell that tends to indiscriminately spread to the surroundings is pinned down only in the space where the apostle is at, mowing it down.

The thunderous booming sounds and heat followed after the flash, hitting my eardrum and skin.

My vision that quickly recovered thanks to Light-Intensity Adjustment skill showed black smoke and melted red-brownish ground that spread far and away.

No apostle is in sight. Looks like it was disintegrated by the forbidden spell.
Even the Log displays [Defeated Zaikuon Apostle], there's no doubt about it.

Of course the rock miko is safe.

"--Just as I thought."

Two yellow light orbs appeared slightly away from where the apostle was at, and disappeared floatingly toward heavens.
These yellow lights must really be [God Zaikuon's Fragments].

I just hope these apostles won't overuse their Unique Skill, get overloaded and turn into demon lord-like beings.

『Third Trial』

After the rock miko said that, the white space contracted and suddenly regained colors.
Disorderly noises reached my ears at the same time.

The sensation of floating in the clouds also changed into that of stepping on a solid ground.
This place seems to be the arena.

"And isn't that the Zaikuon Miko?"

I turned around toward the voices to see Rusus and Fifi.

Unconscious [Magic Warriors of Karion] are laying below them.
Looks like we've showed up at the conclusion of the tournament's final match.

Don't tell me I've got to beat these girls for the last fight?

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