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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-26

16-26. Garleon Union (2)


Satou here. Apparently, those who excel at crossdressing can look more woman than a real woman. And since they've been getting the help of image processing on top of make-up, finding a natural beauty is getting harder these days.

"It seems she's still alive."
"We've got to save her quick!"

I stretch out [Magic Hand] to pull the dying mermaid girl out of the water.
But before I managed to do that, a water splash erupted and blond ringlets were spread on the surface of the sea.
Apparently, Lady Karina beat me to it and made a dive into the sea.

Mia and Princess Sistina looked surprised to see that.

Lady Karina lifts the mermaid up to pass it to us, but of course, doing that means she'd sink into the sea herself.
It might be a good idea to let her play at the Isolated Island's beach more.

I lift up Lady Karina to the surface of the sea with [Magic Hand], take the mermaid girl, and pull Lady Karina by the wrist to the pier.
Her wet chest has turned into something incredible, physically speaking, but staring too much isn't good here, so I cover it with some cloth and use life magic to dry her.

"Extreme fatigue."

According to Mia sensei's diagnosis, the mermaid girl--or rather, mermaid little girl seems to have fainted due to fatigue.
There's no clansmen of hers around here on the Map, so she probably either drifted from afar, or she was caught by pirates and managed to escape.

"Okay, doesn't seem like she's hurt anywhere."

There were some scratches and peeled-off scales here and there on her body, I sprinkled magic potion on her to heal them just in case.

Since mermaids--finfolks breath through lungs, I'm thinking of leaving her treatment to the brownies on the airship and ask about her situations later.
I'll send her back to her home later as long as she wasn't getting cruelly treated there or something.

"Looking up close like this, it's quite an elaborate temple."
"Yes, those are some splendid-looking sculptures."
"Nn, gorgeous."

From a distance, Garleon Temple looked like a plain gray temple, but when we've gotten closer, it's clearly adorned with unique sculptures, it wouldn't be strange if it were registered as a World Heritage site.
Upon further inspections, the building isn't entirely gray, there's also colors of silver and unusual metal called black steel as its ornaments.

As one might expect from a central temple, there's a lot of wealthy looking merchant on pilgrimage, and priests serving the temple busily coming and going.


A priest who was looking at the surrounding people like glaring looked surprised and ran into the temple when he saw me.
That priest had Appraisal skill, he probably found my title [One Who Challenges God's Trials] and went inside to report it.

They'll probably come for us if we just wait here, so we're just gonna take it easy and gaze upon Garleon Temple sculptures.

And then--.


Mia pointed to the entrance of the temple.

Girls wearing miko outfits are standing there.
No, apparently the beauty standing in the center is a boy.
According to AR readings, he carries the titles, [Shaman] and [Medium]. I did notice some male miko during Aze-san's oblation dance, but this might be the first time I've seen one outside the elf hometown.
From what I heard at my cousin's shrine, [Shaman (Fugeki)] is apparently the general term, and [Medium (Kannagi)] is a term for male miko, but it appears that [Shaman] in this world is used to refer males with Oracle skill.
As a matter of fact, none of the miko with [Oracle] I know has [Shaman] title.

The miko(s) are staring right at me while ignoring the pilgrims who have begun to pray around them.
There's no point feigning ignorance here, so I walk to them.

"Welcome to Garleon Temple--o one who challenges the Trial of God."

The shaman boy who was standing in the center greeted me.
The surrounding pilgrims who heard him were surprised and turned their gazes at me.

According to AR readings, the boy is called Sauani, he's this Garleon City mayor's son.

"Nice to meet you, Shaman-dono of Garleon Temple. I'm Earl Satou Pendragon of Shiga Kingdom. I have come to take on the trial of God Garleon."

Even while feeling uncomfortable with the attentions, I greeted him back.
The boy and the miko around him looked surprised when they heard me.

They probably never thought that I would find out his gender right away.

Urged by an elderly miko, we were led to a guest room in the temple.

"This is the first anyone found out about my gender in in a glance. Do you have Dragon eyes or Spirit Eyes?"

For some reason, Sauani boy is getting all touchy, weirdly a bit too much, with me.

It seems Mia can't decide if she can [Guilty] me, her eyebrows roll around, she looks confused.
Lady Karina is munching on the snacks and tea while looking unamused, Princess Sistina is pondering who's the 'attacker' and the 'receiver' in a low voice. It seems like she's really been thoroughly educated by the former demon lord Shizuka.

"No I don't, it's just an observation I had. I know it from your build, you see."

I replied with something random yet convincing with the help of Deception skill.
Of course, I didn't forget to peel off Sauani boy in the meantime.

"The more contact we have the better for the oracle, you know?"
"There is no need to worry about that. By using the secret art of Heraruon Temple, we can perform the oracle simply with joining hands."

For some reason, Sauani boy looked dejected when I told him that.

--Why do you look so down.

Retorting with that would be my undoing, I'll take the [Silence is Golden] proverb to heart and ignore him here.

"I'd like to inquire God Garleon regarding the trial, what do you suppose I should do?"
"The temple has prepared for it."

The elderly miko answered my question in the dejected miko's place.

"By the Star of Fate, if your excellency miss today, you'd have to wait for another 10 days, what would your excellency do?"
"I'm ready anytime."

I powerfully nodded to the elderly miko.
After learning about the [Star of Fate] stuff at Heraruon Temple, I had Sera lectured me about it at the Solitary Island Palace, and knew that today was the best time for it.

"I'm sorry for being so sudden, but do you mind if we do it today."
"No, of course we don't."

The elderly miko smiled, and began to give orders to the other priests around.
Mainly for Sauani boy's preparation.

It went more smoothly than with Heraruon Temple and the ceremony began a few hours later.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The flow of ceremony is basically the same as with Tenion and Heraruon Temple.

I expressly chant mind magic [Mind Connection], and connect my mind with Shaman Sauani's.
I also use Telephaty skill to attune our minds.

『Ah, Satou-dono is entering me.』

I heard Shaman Sauani's inner voice.
Spare me from your barefaced lust please.

『Sauani, please call out to God Garleon.』

I urged Sauani boy who was indulging on his lust and neglected the ceremony, then it finally began.
I miss the earnest Heraruon Miko Surya already.

『--O God. Our revered mighty God.』

Looks like each temple has their own way to call their God.

Responding to Sauani boy's appeal, a bright light falls down from heavens.
Even though it has this cool blue color, the light is hot like you're getting roasted in an oven. I can feel phantom pain prickling my skin.

The expression on the ecstatic Sauani boy loosened off.
Looks like he's entered the trance state.

『Reckless one who dares to challenge my trial.』

A gallant male voice that felt wild echoed inside my head.
Looks like this is God Garleon's voice.

『Command an army, and demonstrate your power.』


That one's outside my area of expertise.
I have a feeling that gaining an overwhelming victory over troops battle with the girls would not let me clear the trial.

『Use my servants to protect the country and eliminate the invaders.』

A golden ship's wheel adorned with jewels comes up in my mind.
Just like with God Heraruon's golden sword, this wheel is probably a proof to be recognized as God Garleon's representative.

『I shall give thee my mark when the people revere my name far and wide.』

This one feels similar to what God Heraruon said.

『God Garleon, who are this invaders?』

I tried asking him that, but God Garleon cut off the connection without a word.
Just like God Heraruon, looks like he doesn't like playing catch with words.

"『Command an army, and demonstrate your power』, is it?"
"Yes, that's right."

After the ceremony was over, I told the elderly miko and the priests about the trial and if they knew about the enemy I had to fight.
Shaman Sauani is currently downed.

"Those who have gained enmity of Garleon Union, I think it must be pirates."

I reflexively asked since I couldn't imagine pirates waging war against an entire country upfront.

"Yes, a group of people who call themselves the successor of an ancient great pirate has been attacking seafaring ships coming to Garleon City, the situations have been rapidly worsening. Not only Garleon City troops, but even the union troops had been dispatched, but they were led around by the nose by the elusive pirates and always came back empty handed...."

Come to think of it, the rumor I heard at the port was about how this pirate called 『Skeleton Archduke』 rounding up pirates around the nearby ocean into one united power or something.

"Is there no need to worry about neighboring countries invading here?"

I tried asking since invaders might mean foreign country aggression.
Garleon Union together with other neighboring countries had invaded the Holy State Parion after all last year, it wouldn't be surprising if they attacked back in retaliation.

"There was one before, but--"

According to a priest, surrounding countries are currently in the state of exhaustion because of monster stampedes from the Divine Punishment, they don't have the resources to invade another country at all.
Furthermore, apparently a hero dispatched by Saga Kingdom is patrolling the national borders on airships with 'monster cleaning' as a pretext, so even if a country attempts to attack another country, the watchdog hero will rout the army and make use of the remnants in the monster cleaning.

Since the hero Meiko I know likely can't do such things, the hero summoned after her must have a unique skill suited against army, or a charm/domination type unique skill.

Leaving that aside--.

"What about damages Garleon Union suffered from the divine punishment?"
"There is none, our country is under divine protection of God Garleon."

I see, right when I thought that, I noticed something.

"Did the neighboring Holy State Parion suffer any damage?"
"Yes, that appears to be the case."

The priest didn't clearly state it, but judging from what he said earlier, God Parion seemingly didn't protect Holy State Parion.
I mean the top brass of the temple were demon lords, and they even put [God's Fragment] into people, God Parion probably deserted them.

Well, God Parion central temple is the last stop anyway, no need to worry about it now.

"The conversation wandered off a bit. If Garleon Union does not suffer any damage, won't cities within Garleon Union attack other cities within the union?"

It doesn't seem like they're monolithic after all, thus there's a possibility of other cities going on a war to take the leadership position.
As for other possibility, neighboring countries might cause domestic problems inside Garleon Union to prevent the union from invading them.

"Is your excellency aware of Gaboz Kingdom?"

The elderly miko spoke of the name of a small country that's trying to take the leadership position of Garleon Union I heard in the rumor.

"No, not in particular."
"Countries within the union cannot attack each other with their army."

The elderly miko declared that.

"It's not about ethics nor is it a wishful thinking. Countries within Garleon Union cannot break the pact they have signed under God Garleon's name."

The elderly miko interrupted me and gave an explanation.
The pact is far more powerful than even slave contract, even kings and city mayors who rule over City Core cannot undo it.
If they broke the pact, all of their populace will be given the unpardonable sin of [Betrayal].

Looks like exchanging some weird promises with Gods could get messy.
I should be careful.

"Well then, with current situations, the highest possibility is naval battles with the pirates then."
"Yes, that's right. If your excellency is going to lead the army, Garleon Temple will be happy to lend our Temple Knights."
"Is that fine?"
"Yes, it would be an honor for the Temple Knights if they can take part even a little in the God's Trial."

I see.

Yet the Heraruon Temple knights were not cooperative at all.
Well, that one was [Individual Strength], so their help would have been pointless anyway.

I've decided to leave the temple after figuring out an idea.

--Oh right, before that.

"God Garleon revealed something that looked like a golden ship's wheel to me, do you have an idea?"
"Yes, of course."

Guided by the elderly miko, I went to the central temple chapel.


Mia who was touring the chapel quickly caught me when I got there, she trotted here, jumped and hugged me.
Lady Karina and princess Sistina followed after her.

"Were you and the girls here to look at that?"
"Nn, wheel."

Mia turned her head and looked up at the [Golden Wheel] adorned on the chapel wall.

"There's a legend told since the age of old in the temple, 『Master of the wheel, calls forth the Ship of God and soars through heavens』."

The elderly miko told us the story of the [Golden Wheel].

"Satou! The wheel!"

Lady Karina notified me about the unusual phenomenon happening on the wheel.

The wheel is wrapped in a mix of deep blue and golden lights.
The light brightens and turns dazzling.


I'm struck with tremendous mana and feeling of awe from the wheel.

The next instant--.

The light suddenly disappears and silence rules the place.

"Th-the wheel is!"

The wheel that was hung on the wall disappeared along with the light, the elderly miko and other priests who noticed that shouted out loud.

However, there is no need to panic.

Because the vanished wheel is floating right in front of me.


I grip the wheel that's floating in front of me while calling the elderly miko.
I felt like the wheel wished for that for some reason.

The moment I touched the wheel, it got smaller into the size that's just right on my hands.

"Now, then--"

Gotta negotiate with them to let me borrow the wheel until the trial is over.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Strongest Sage, Talks to the Enemy


『Something to be done... Are you going to look for the mastermind's location?』

Ruli got it when he heard what I said.


The most problematic demon this time wasn't the one on-site, but the demon that was giving orders from a distance.
Right now, I can grab his trails.

『That's right. Ruli, I'll spread out the mana myself, help me with the rectification magic.』

The Dragon Vein's mana continues to flow intensely.
We need to stop and fix the flow up in order to probe a magic that went through Dragon Vein.

『I understand! ...Here I go!』

A few sec afterward, the Dragon Vein's flow begins to stabilize.
After seeing that, I begin to grope around the Dragon Vein's mana.
--Right after.

『...Traceback huh. Useless.』

I heard a voice coming through the Dragon Vein.

It appears that the demon changed the object of his comm magic to me.
He probably noticed the rectification magic from a magic to monitor the Dragon Vein's flow that had been put inside.

『You're not gonna cut off the comm? That's some confidence over traceback you have there.』

I observe the state of the mana while saying that.
This magic seems to be coming from a place a few dozens kilometers away from where we are.

If I'm not mistaken, there should be a town called Elenia in that direction... but the demon is probably not there.
There should be a magic tool to relay comm magic placed in that town.

Camouflaging the source of the magic by using the relay.
It's the most basic of the basic to deal against traceback and the most effective method.

Traceback is still possible if we find the relay magic tool and go from there... but judging from the opponent's level of knowledge, the tool probably gonna self destruct once it's done with the job.
...Well, I've but expected this though.

『...And, have you found out where I am?』

The demon asked with confidence.

『I don't. I know that it's not Elenia at least. 』

『I was expecting you guys to go visit the relay only to be let down though.』

The demon really sounded disappointed.

『Well, we'll end up fighting before long, look forward to it.』

The demon this time is honestly lacking.
His magical capability wasn't too bad, but he lacked the combat experiences, very much so.

I feel like he'd have been a bit more tougher if he just had the capability to think through the orders given to him through the comm magic.
However--conversely speaking, the demon that was giving the directives might be worth something.

『...But I don't have any reason at all to fight a monster like you?』

『I do. ...You don't have to do anything and simply wait if you like, it'll just make your demise comes quicker.』

『That is only if you can find me.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
He cut off the comm after leaving those words.
Judging from the mana movement, the relay magic tool seems to have been destroyed.

With this, it's impossible to trace the demon back using ordinary means.
He's really on a whole different level than any opponent I've faced so far.

This demon probably maintains the wisdom from before the decline of skill level.
He'll be a tough opponent to handle, it seems.

『Looks like the comm has been cut...』

『We've managed our sides somehow!』

『Successfully defeated the outbreak monsters! Zero casualty!』

I heard the three's voices.
It appears that they're done cleaning up the monsters above too.

『...Did we fail on the traceback?』

I see, Ruli heard the comm earlier.
Intercepting while at the same time, gaining control of the Dragon Vein huh, it seems her mana detection has powered up.
Well, her conclusion is a bit mistaken though.

『I wasn't trying to find out his location with the traceback this time, y'know.』


『I knew that kind of stuff wouldn't work on the enemy the moment I heard the orders he gave through the comm magic.』

I check out the trace amount of mana left in the Dragon Vein.

The demon seems to think that the tracing path has been completely cut off with what he's done... but, too naive.
If it can't be found through an ordinary mean, then I just need to do it through an extraordinary mean.

『I'm going to search for that demon now. It's gonna be a bit troublesome... But would you help me?』


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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter Interlude 1

Interlude 1 Sefi and Alchemy


It's only been a week since that slightly unusual boy visited this store. It really hasn't been that long, is it~. Feels like I've known him loong before that.

When he timidly came inside the dim store, it reaally stimulated my protective instinct. But when we actually talked, he was stealing glances at my face and chest. And when I told him about that, he turned red, all sweaty and like, "Y-you knew?". *Chuckle*, I forgot who said it, but men's glances are very obvious to women you know~.

And before I realized, he has become something like a pupil in alchemy to me.

It started with the quest I put out at the Adventurer Guild. Before when I put a similar quest, the herbs were plucked haphazardly, the variety were mixed all over, and the adventurers who took the quest boasted they rooted out all the herbs they found. And despite that terrible job, they even demanded additional fee as a remuneration.
That's why I made the reward to change depending on the state of the herbs this time. The guild receptionist looked troubled when I submitted the quest description, but she let it be and even apologized when I explained why I did it. I'm glad that the one in charge was that senior girl. I mean, the younger ones would probably persist and not allow it~.

He took up that quest and came to this store with the herbs. I almost doubted my eyes back then~.
Going as far as separating Maji Grass and Para Grass that amateurs have a hard time distinguishing, and thoroughly storing them in cloths to protect the roots. And he had sorted them all in bunches. I mean, he brought quite a lot after all. I'd like the big dummies back then to learn from him.

I've come to really like this kid, uun, Nobu-chan at this time. I changed the quest to personal quest only for him too. He seemed to have an interest in alchemy and magic, and agreed to it if I taught him that, he said.

Oh my, he's better at negotiation than I thought, sometimes he showed adult sides in contrast to his appearance, how mysterious~.

Afterward, the alchemy class begun every time he came here with the herbs. And he's really really quick at learning. He went and mastered the basic of compounding while I stared in amazement you know~. According to the person himself, "I get some parts easy since those parts are similar to cooking. And Sefi-chan teaching is easy to understand too." he said. Onee-san is spoiled~.

Come to think of it, his looks are quite uncommon too. I think there's rumors saying he's from Hinoto Empire. I mean, black hair and black eyes are rare in this country. When I asked, "Where are you from~?", he turned evasive and said that he didn't really know cause he was an abandoned child. Bad baad boy, don't underestimate woman's intuition you know~. It was obvious from his gestures that he didn't want to talk about it~. Weell, I'm not one to talk though. I mean, I'm living while hiding my identity as a Lamia kin~.

It's only natural that everyone has something they hide, but I wonder why I feel a bit lonely about this.
A shocking question flew out of his mouth then.

『I'm wondering, just what kind of other races there are out there? I've seen animalkin and dwarves, but I don't know about the others. I knew from books that Lamia and Onifolks exist though....』

My heart almost leaped out of my mouth. Perhaps he noticed something somewhere~.

If he really did, I probably would have to leave this city I had been living for a long time. I'm not really fond of disputes. It was the same reason I lost my hometown.
The one other place that I could call my home had also been lost when demon king-sama passed away.

I knew without seeing first hand that my mother and siblings were dragged into power struggle after demon king-sama passed away.
I was trained since childhood in assassination techniques like mixing poisons, spear and magic handling for the sake of power struggle. I became well known amongst Lamia kin before I realized it. And I was forced to fight my family. Even if they're of the same tribe...
And when I got sick of such a family, I met demon king-sama. I was attracted to that person and his mysterious atmosphere. And before I was aware, I had disclosed what I had in mind. So easily to the point that it was like I was under some magic or something when I think about it now.

I was really young back then. Yet that person never forced me to participate in battle. I was made to make medicines to help everyone with alchemy as my main job. It was a moment of peace unrelated to my life up until then.

However, that life didn't last long. My real mother and siblings directly went to demon king-sama and demanded me. However, I had no intention at all to return to those people by that time.
Perhaps demon king-sama was aware of my resolution that he told me this.

『Sefilot, you're a very kind kid. But you would be dragged into this if you stay in this country. So you should hide yourself in a human country. I'll teach you the skills you need for that. And I'm sorry about this, but would you do two things for me in exchange?』

Even though I didn't understand why he would go that far for a lowly lamia like me, I decided to take up on that offer.
Demon king-sama teleported me to a forest in the outskirts of Gramada. Near a small hut.
As requested by demon king-sama, I put a plain paper entrusted to me and a magic rucksack on the desk inside the hut, and installed big barrier stones around the hut. I don't know what it's for, and I don't think I should scrutinize either. That's why I went toward Gramad without looking back.

Afterward, I was active as an adventurer and built this store after amassing some fortune.

And then one day, I heard news about the death of demon king-sama.
I could do nothing but looked down, unable to even repay his kindness. That was exactly one of his requests. It's an unchangeable future. So please, don't worry about it.

I was sobbing like I had turned back to my child self, wasn't I~. But it's weird, I wonder if demon king-sama knew about his assassination. There's no way to find out about that now though.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Sefi-san. You locked the front door again. Ah, I've brought the herbs again, let's go and process it okay."

Nobu-chan's voice came from the back door. I see, the reason why I felt like he was a close old acquaintance was because he feels a bit similar to that person.
I wonder if he would you stay like this even after knowing my true form?
If possible, I'd love that future. I only hope for a place of repose~.

Well, leaving all that stuff asides, I just like Nobu-chan so much I want to eat him~.
Ufufu, you can't run away from one-chan you know~, No-Bu-Chan.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-25

16-25. Garleon Union


Satou here. There's this famous phrase, 'troubles both at home and abroad'. Is it not unrelated to every country, even with differences in severity?

"Yes, it's just as you would expect from the so-called 『Jewel of the West』."

Mia and Princess Sistina who are accompanying me gave their praises as they gazed upon Garleok City scenery.
We have come to Garleok City where the Central Garleon Temple is located.
Right now, we're in a park that extends to the sea.

Lady Karina is also with us, but she's currently enraptured by the soy-sauce like smell drifting from the city.
Guess it's inevitable since she's a [Function over Form] type.

"It doesn't really smell like sea even though it's so close by."
"I'm sure it's because the other side is a river."

This Garleok City is enclosed by a river and sea on all sides.
There are waterways with gondolas inside the city, making it look similar to Venice somewhat.

There are also monster warding stone monuments engraved with Garleon holy symbol surrounding the city, and there's a lot of shellfish and fish farms in the area of ocean inside the monument encirclement.
Sea where no monster swimming around seems to be a paradise for fish and shellfish, their outlines reflected on my Radar are quite thick.

"Satou, I wonder, what are those?"

Lady Karina who's gazing at monuments on the sea side point at several bagworm-like objects hanging on them.
The figures swayed by the sea breeze are something.


According to the Map Info, those seems to be corpses of executed pirates.
There were scenes where executed pirates are hung on the rocky area of a cape in a pirate movie I watched back in the days.
It probably serves as a warning to pirates.

"Apparently those are executed pirates."

Lady Karina averted her glance when she heard my explanation.
It's a barbaric world where people make an amusement out of executions, but it appears that this girl doesn't take pleasure in that kind of stuff.

"Now that you mention it, it does feel cold."

The temperature itself is mild, but apparently the wind coming from the sea is a bit chilling for the lightly dressed Mia and Princess Sistina.
It seems to be nothing for Lady Karina who grew up in the poor Muno Castle though.

I lightly use [Air Conditioner] magic to slightly warm up the air.

"Let's take a walk at the next marketplace and get something warm to drink."

I said that to them and walked toward the port where the market was.

The huge Garleon Temple can be seen in the middle of the city far away.
Unlike the luxurious Heraruon Temple at Sania Kingdom, this one has this sturdy atmosphere to it.

"Is this you first time coming to Garleon Union, Satou?"
"Yes, I've passed by it in the sky many times before, but this is the first I visit the city."

I affirmed Princess Sistina's question.
If I'm not mistaken, the last time I came here was when the neighboring Holy State Parion waged a war with this country.

"There's no king in this country, isn't there? Then who is ruling it?"
"It's by representatives of each cities."

Garleon Union is an alliance of nine cities, and this Garleok City that we are at acts as the leader.
Three of the cities including Garleok are managed by a confederation of merchants, while the other six form a kingdom. Thus, saying that there's no king is not exactly right.

Every city is prospering through marine product trades, many of the people are wealthy.

"There's really a lot of extravagant houses around."

Perhaps it's because of the narrow land, lots of three-story housing complexes here, their verandas facing the main street are adorned with colorful beautiful flowers.
Walking around never gets tiring with the colorful houses here.


While we were gazing at the houses, Mia suddenly turned her head and strained her ears.

"This way."

As I followed Mia who pulled my hand, I could hear a fun sounding tune ahead.

"It looks to be a roadside performance."

Rather than troubadours, they look more like music-loving locals who are having a performance with musical instruments.
After the cheerful tune was over, we gave an applause and left the place.

"This city is like a paradise isn't it."

Mia agreed to Princess Sistina.
It's exactly as she says. Houses decorated with flowers on the sides of the road, alleys filled with people who play music and enjoy themselves.

Slaves pulling a cart full of luggage are reflected in my field of view.
From the Map Info, this city has a lot of slaves compared to other countries.
Additionally, from what I can see with space magic [Distant View], residents living in the lawless area at the city outskirts made of connected rafts are living an extremely poor life.

"I can smell something good!"

Lady Karina turns around with a bright smile on her face.
The centrifugal force shook her breasts dynamically, scattering its fascinating charm around.

--Nice sight.


Mia raised her objection at my lewd glance in the face of [Poker Face]-skill sensei's guard.
She's quite an impregnable fortress even without Arisa around.

"Yo, young master of foreign country over there! How 'bout some famous Garleon's sea grapes?"

A high spirited man carrying green grapes in one hand called to me when we entered the marketplace.
The sea grape I know is a species of seaweed, but the ones the man is carrying looks like big common grapes, like muscats.
<TLN: sea grapes here refer to caulerpa lentillifera.>

"Go on and have a try."

I put one in my mouth as recommended.

It tastes like muscat just like its look.
The fruit is seedless, unusual in this parallel world, its fruit juice is rich on top of having thin skin, it seems to be a type that can be eaten whole with its skin like shine muscats. <TLN: vitis vinifera.>
It's slightly sour unlike the real shine muscats, but still less sour than other grapes, it's easy to eat.

"Give me ten bunches of it. How much?"
"Whoa there, you sure are manly leading those beauties with you. A bunch is one silver coin, but you can have ten for nine silver coins."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
It's unusually expensive compared to other fruits sold in the market.
However, according to the Market skill, a bunch cost from two big copper coins to one silver coin, so it doesn't seem to be that much of a rip-off.

In the end, I haggled down the price a bit to seven silver coins and the four of us strolled the marketplace while snacking on it.
Apparently Mia takes a liking to this grape and I've been made to promise to buy a large amount of it on our way back.
Well, it's good enough that I want to let other girls taste it too so there's no problem there.

After more walking, we came to a fountain in the center of the marketplace.
The top of the fountain is decorated with a bronze statue of a good looking man wearing admiral-like outfit.

According to the plate at the bottom of the statue, he seems to be a hero from 800 years ago who drove away a pirate called [Skeleton King] who rampaged around the sea back then, he united poor countries that were fighting against each other and laid the foundation for the present day Garleon Union.
That Hero, Kite, led an invincible army that won against pirates and foreign invasions.
His Unique Skill must be a type that strengthens army.

There's a lot of stalls selling light meals and drinks around here.

"Roast squid~?"
"Fried boiled octopus on skewers look yummy too nanodesu."

When I look down to the source of the voices, there's Tama and Pochi who have joined with us before I knew it.
Judging from the time, it seems that they're on lunch break.

There should be quite a distance from here to Shiga Kingdom, but it looks like Tama's Shadow Ferry can travel to my shadow just fine.
Well, since she used up her mana, the area around here is probably her limit.

"There's Tama and Pochi here!"
"Halo halo~?"
"We were worried about Karina and came to see her nodesu."

Seeing the surprised Lady Karina, the two laughed like kids whose prank succeeded.

"Well then, why don't we have a light feast."
"Yes nanodesu!"

Together with the girls, I ate roasted squid and deep fried skewers.

When I bit on the roasted squid, slight fish-like flavor spread out.
They probably used salted fish sauce on it, it goes really well with squids. How do I say it, the taste makes you want to eat it with cold sake and shochu.

The oil on the fried skewers is a bit much, but the octopus seems to have been seasoned, it's really meaty and tasty. This one makes you want to eat with together with a cold beer.

"Nice feast you've got going there young masters. How bout some booze here? It's a new booze created in this city you see."

A cup is three copper coin, so I decide to have a try.

"Then, give me a cup as a test."
"Hehehe, that's what everyone says at first."

The man puts a cup and opens the faucet on the barrel.

"Ale, desuno?"
"Hehehe, it might look similar, but it's a whole different stuff y'know?"

With the man's reply to Lady Karina's question and the faint barley scent drifting here, I'm wrapped with the feeling of expectation welling out from the depth of my heart.
The booze seems to have been cooled, water drops are latching on the copper cup.

I take the cup overflowing with white bubbles and gulp it down in one go.

--Flavor that permeates your body.

"Give me another."

I handed out the emptied cup to the man and asked for another cup.

"Hehehe, thanks for yer' business."

My heart is filled with elation to the point that I don't care with the man's triumphant look.
After several more cups, I came to my sense and asked the booze's name.

"We called it Jon's Booze, but its name is actually beer."

It really is beer.

I check the Map while asking for another cup.

John Smith-kun had really come to this country.
He's a Japanese boy summoned by Rumooku Kingdom, an owner of a lost skill that taught me the recipe for dried gourd.
He's also probably the one who taught the way to make this beer.

And then, I sensed glances and looked over there, Princess Sistina and Lady Karina had expressions like they found it slightly surprising.
Looks like they found my Beer Fever surprising.

When I teleported to Hayato's world back then, my mind was fully preoccupied with instant food and electrical appliances as souvenirs and forgot to buy alcohol.
Yet, indiscreetly going to another world just for the sake of booze, the cost is just too high, thus I've been patiently waiting for the opportunity.
But with this, I might not need to go to Japan for a while now.

"Sistina-sama, would you like to try a cup?"
"No, I'd like to refrain drinking in bright daytime."

The youth troupe and Lady Karina looked like they wanted to drink it, but things would get hectic if these girls whose resistance to alcohol is zero got drunk, so I didn't brought it up to them.
Since Arisa is probably going to want it, I'll go to the brewery and purchase several barrels later.

After that delightful event, we resumed the market stroll and continued to feast while walking on the street.

"Nn, clatter."

Tama and Mia reacted to a commotion ahead of us.
We followed on the voices and came to a part of the port connected to the marketplace.

People have gathered around a fishing boat anchored to one of the piers.

"How terrifying."
"Ew, disgusting."
"I wonder if it's a monster?"
"It's flabby... Wonder if it's tasty?"

Apparently, a monster was caught in the net at the fishery.
With the Farsight skill, I saw that the caught monster was a Sea Orc.

Since it's a deep sea monster, it probably died due to the difference in water pressures when it got caught in the net.

Checking the Map, there was a herd of 100 orcs offshore.
Shallow waters and trenches are arranged like a stripped pattern in the sea around here, but even though there might be more of them lurking deeper, since their individual strength is lower than a demi goblin, they should pose no problem even if they come attacking in swarms.

"What, just a monster huh--"
"And here I was expecting that they subjugated a pirate or something."
"You betcha, there's a lot of pirates lately...."

From the direction of the Sea Orc's commotion, Men that seem to be fishermen are walking here while grumbling.

"So is it really cause of that 『Skeleton Archduke』 guy?"
"Yeah, rumors say he claims to be the 『Skeleton King』's successor."

Some men passed by while having a flag-festered conversation.

Summarizing their talk, the pirate called [Skeleton Archduke] claims to be the successor of the pirate [Skeleton King] whom the hero from 800 year ago drove away, they've brought together the other pirates in the area under their wings.

"『Skeleton Archduke』 huh.... You think the rumor about Gaboz Kingdom being behind them is true?"
"To take over this Garleok City and become the leader of Garleon Union?"

Several nearby merchants who overheard the fishermen had that talk.

"It's just a rumor right? Even that greedy king of Gaboz Kingdom can't possibly join hands with pirates."
"More importantly, that we can't expand the farm cause those fin guys are multiplying is really problematic."
"Yeah, those guys cut the net and all."
"Burglars raiding warehouses are a also problem y'know?"
"Those raftsmen huh...."
"Well, not all of raftsmen are burglars."
"I don't like it, but we can't exactly drive them away."
"Yeah, we can't hire cheap laborers and sailors if those guys aren't around."

Not unlike Sania Kingdom that was suffering from domestic and foreign problems, looks like this Garleon Union has many problems too.

"Oh no, oh no~?"
"Master, it's terrible nanodesu! She's dying nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi who were looking at the surface of the sea from the wharf beckoned me in a panic.


A finfolk kin girl in critical condition has been washed ashore there.

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If time allows, I might submit a short chapter on 12/7

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Tama-chan's Potentials


The Eggplant Mushrooms finally dropped!

I can go back triumphantly now.
By the way, I tried experimenting a bit with the Fly Agarics I got as drop items.
Eh? What kind of experiment?
Eh, just this trivial suspicion as to whether defeating monsters with poisoned tools would gain me experience or not.

I changed my First Class to Conjurer and Second Class to Beast Tamer, and tried it on Pawn Dogs I encountered on my way back.

And the result, you do gain exp doing so. I tested with several Pawn Dogs and every one of them checked out. And surprisingly, even Tama-chan who didn't do anything gained exp. Need to check more to see if it applies only to Tamed Monsters or to party members also.
But really, even thought I was the one who did it, using poison really left a bad taste afterward. I put the agaric into the mouth of a Pawn Dog I had tied with Wind Bind and left it alone for a while. Its HP was gradually decreasing, but the scene was, y'know.... I thought of ending their suffering right away many times.
If I get more agaric next time, let's pile it up somewhere goblins come out! They might eat them since they eat anything, truly evil!
No wait, maybe I should dry and turn them into flour and then scatter it into a goblin colony with wind magic... Where'd the sentiment earlier go again. I sure am dirty, if I say so myself.

Let's stop thinking stupid stuff and quickly go back. I'd like to take it easy for now. Checking status and stuff can be for later. I'm already tired for today.

Solomon's Pavilion, I'm back!
Phew~, and the open seat... The usual one at the counter is. Hasn't it turned into my special seat now?
Fou-chan came to confirm my order when I took the seat.

"G-good work. How are you doing today?"

"It's been great, I've completed the quest I took too."

"I'm glad to hear that. Um, then you have to eat some good food and do even better tomorrow."

As expected of a waitress. Her lip service is perfect.

"Then, err, I'd like the recommended fruit juice. Oh, and this salted fried black tiger too please. Also, I've brought the item Donur-san requested, could you ask him when I can meet him?"

Fou-chan was dumbfounded. Her bunny ears were still swaying though. Then she came to, like, 'Ha' with her bunny ears standing upright. I wait for her response while suppressing the urge to mofu touch them.

"I understand. I will be sure to inform you when I bring the dish."

Fou-chan took my order and went to the kitchen.
Come to think of it, I ended up ordering the dish since I was intrigued to see it at the end of the menu list, but I wonder if tiger tastes good?
Just how will it be!!

Yup, I thought that this would be the punchline.
It was salted fried black tiger (prawns). Dammit, it's good, so good.
The saltiness from the sweat of my heart was a bit too much though.

Tama-chan is resting on my shoulder with a perfect balance.
She's treated as a tamed monster in the inn too, but Donur-san permitted her to stay in my room.
I immediately asked about it after registering her as a tamed monster, but apparently, there's no need to pay additional fee for a tamed monster the size of Tama-chan.
Or rather, Tama-chan is very popular amongst the little girl group (Minerva, Fou), her affection graph has completely overtaken me in a blink of an eye and reigns supreme on top. I'm not lonely, not at all, sniff.

It's a world with few amusements. Even though there are dolls, most are realistic bisque doll-like stuff, looks like there's craving for cute ones. Children who have never gone out of the city probably would have never thought that Moss Balls are a monster.

What surprising was how Donur-san kept stealing glances like he wanted to pat Tama-chan. You can't, okay? The little girl group takes priority.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

When most of the adventurers have left, I meet Donur-san in the staff break room.

"Here's the requested items, two 『Eggplant Mushrooms』. Please have a look."

Eggplant Mushroom
Quality: Good - Expiration Date: Until Withered
A high class mushroom with mellow fragrant, smooch food texture and irresistible down-the-throat sensation. It's not 'smooth', it's 'smooch'. Loved by all, from children to gloomy widows.

"Umu, this is what I requested. The quality and the luster are good too, no problem there."

"Good to hear that. But really, I heard that it was a rare drop, but I never imagined it would be that rare."

"That's, thanks for the trouble. I could purchase other foodstuff if you'd like to?"

"Ah, are you sure? I've got quite a bit of other stuff, I don't know what to do about them, that will really help."

I take out 15 hen-of-the-woods, 8 shimeji mushrooms, 4 enoki mushrooms, and 10 shiitake mushrooms from my rucksack. I've left enough to make tempura for myself. They're sold by a bunch besides the shiitake.

"This is, you've knocked down quite a lot mushrooms I see. Quality is good too. In total... how about 580 mani?"

That's quite a bit higher than the price I peeked on the grocery stores on my back. I guess that's only appropriate considering mine are of higher quality.

"Gladly. Still, procuring these ingredients on top of the requested mushrooms, is there going to be some sort of event?"

Oh, Donur-san is scratching his nose tip bashfully.

"Er, well. It'll be our wedding anniversary in three days. I wanted to cook my wife's favorite dish."

My my, this is, Nobusada-san went and asked too much it seems. Thank you for the treat. It appears that Donur-san is a devoted husband.

"Well then, here's your reward and quest completion mark. It's ultimately a drop item. So I was unsure when I posted the quest. You did well getting them. Thank you, Nobusada."

Mwu, my HP was diminishing when Donur-san boasted his love story, but I'm  not sure now after getting thanked straight like this. Well, I'm just glad to help keep Donur-san's family harmony. I'll just heal this bachelor me by mofu-ing Tama-chan.

Now then, time to go back to my room and check for the levels up and reflection time. Here's my current status.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Conjurer Lv3 - Beast Tamer Lv3
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 160/160 - MP: 1,287/2,085

Otherworlder Lv10 (Up!) - Fighter Lv10 - Fist Fighter Lv5 (Up!) - Monk Lv3 - Magician Lv4 - Conjurer Lv3 - Merchant Lv1 - Farmer Lv1 - Househusband Lv1 - Thief Lv10 (up!) - Hunter L1 - Beast Tamer Lv3 (new!)

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 (up!) - Composite Magic Lv1 (new!) - Housework Lv1 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv2 (up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 - Sacred Magic Lv2 - Dark Magic Lv1 (new!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv3 - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2

【Class Skill】
Provoke - Treasure Hunter

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 (up!) - Levellit's Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monsters】

Today's income and expenditure - capital 316,570 - 130 (fruit juice and black tiger) + 2,580 (2 Eggplant Mushrooms + various mushrooms)= 319, 020 mani

Ouph, my MP became 4 digit number before I knew it. I can do more magic and technique training now.
Conjurer leveled up during the fly agaric experiment and I learned Dark Magic.
Here's the details I got from Discerning-sensei.

【Differing Soul Telepathy】
Lv2 Easier to learn skills the master has

【Dark Magic】
Exerts a variety of effect by manipulating the power of darkness. Abnormal status efficacy and success rate fluctuate depending on level and consumed mana.
Available Magic List ※Liberated on level up
Pain - Cause limb pain
Curse - Place a curse on a target. Covers immobility, coma, feeble, intelligence down and others, the needed mana changes the more complex the placed curse is.

【Composite Magic】
Skill that exemplifies talent to combine magic. The possible combination is unlimited, restricted only by imaginative power and mana.

Thief 『Treasure Hunter』
Increase the probability of item drop after killing monsters

And here's Tama-chan's status

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: S Moss Ball Lv2 - State: Healthy
Title: None - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 45/45 - MP 12/12
(Status is improved by the effect of master's title)

Divided Body Generation - Sacred Magic Lv1 (new!)

『Super Moss Ball』
The beginning first stage of the many potentials the weakest unknown Moss Ball has. A new star that hadn't appeared in 10 years in the world of Moss Balls.

Tama-chan learned magic!? I was dumbfounded to see the unexpected skill. Exactly a monster of potentials?
It seems Discerning-sensei's level is still not high enough to see the details on Divided Body Generation. Gotta put more effort on Discerning-sensei.

Now then, the reflection point this time is how I got too carried away. Especially the stumble at the end because I turned it into an extermination routine due to no drop. I could have lost Tama-chan in the worst case scenario. Meaning I can't let my guard down even on 2F.
Furthermore, I'm weak against abnormal status since I'm flying solo. Panicking to the point I forgot to take Cure Potion from the rucksack. I've got to think a way to take those stuff without using the rucksack. I can't be thankful enough for Tama-chan learning sacred magic here. Please do grow more from here on.

As for the new technique, it's a failure and a success in a way. I've succeeded creating the composition and activating it, but there's a ton of points for improvements. Though I originally planned it to be made of metal, and for it to be a pile bunker, not thorns, but I gave up at the creating metal part. Apparently, I lack the skill and knowledge to make that. It should progress rapidly in many ways if I could do just that. As for the technique itself, the firepower is too high and the MP consumption is awfully enormous. That one blow consumed a hell lot of my MP. Might be a good idea to add more variations on the rock, like drill type or short lancer type.

My next goal is to level up all the classes to 10 while continuing my training. Not sure if it applies to all classes, but apparently, you get a Class Skill at level 10. Those seem like they'll be useful.
Oh right, I shouldn't forget to gather herbs too since I've promised Sefi-san. I'd like to learn alchemy while at it.

Alright! Reflection end. I'll do my best tomorrow too.
Good night, Tama-chan.


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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Blast! New Finisher


And here's our destination. A slightly large room. Protruded rocks scattered here and there, with around 10 Lostshrooms enshrined within the room. Yep, they're not walking around. Wonder what this means? However, this is just convenient for roasting them. My remaining MP is about half after several battles with intermittent rests. Tama-chan's and my HP are at max. I carefully get closer to them until I'm within the range.

And activate! The last ranged magic for today!!

"Fire Storm!"

Bwoosh, blazing flames swallow the Lostshrooms again into a whirlpool. Burn, buuurn.
After confirming that they've turned into cinders, I undo the magic and approach them to check out the drop items.


Usually the bodies disappear into light particles and leave drop items behind, but one of them isn't this time?


A purple-like thing spread out of the blackened lump that should have been burned down and then I got blown away.

Owowow. What just happened? I was completely caught off guard. It fortunately hit my breastplate and didn't give that much damage.

The black part of the Lostshroom that should have been scorched cracks, I can see something purple underneath. The crack gradually spreads to its entire body, and fall off, eventually a purple Lostshroom that's one size smaller is looking at me. Not like it has eyes though.

D Lostshroom Lv11
HP:30/45 MP:6/12
Mutated form of the dungeon-born walking type fungi class Lostshroom. An evolution of a specimen that had a certain amount of mana and underwent a period of blank mind. It is capable of cutting off its weakness, fire element, by sacrificing its outer skin. It also has more attack variety, a completely improved version of the species.

What's with the D?
The D Lostshroom launched its attack while I was thinking that. Hold on, it's already within attacking range even though I put a distance when I got blown away!?

ZUO, its arms lengthen out to attack me. Wait, it can stretch both its arms. How bothersome, that'll make it hard to grasp the timing.
Is the D from a certain traveling Indian fighter or something? It's not going to teleport now, is it??

Wait, there's no room to think about stupid things. It's surprisingly fast, it's hard to charge in.
I grasp the timing to attack back while parrying with Defense Form.
1, 2, and 3, now!


Eh? My timing should have been perfect... or rather, the D Lostshroom who was right in front of me disappeared!?
Where'd it go... Eh, behind me?


Right when I tried to get away, something that seemed to be mist attacked me from behind.
Damn, I couldn't make it in time even though Tama-chan went and informed me.
It's sticky and smells bad. I quickly chanted Dry and made it evaporate.

However, how did it even manage to get behind me? Can it be, can it really teleport....

I got the answer soon after.


I parried the stretched arm and took some distance away this time. Then, the D Lostshroom's stretched arm caught a rock behind me, and then it moved its entire body to where the rock was when it restored its arm. What a brute force way.

Then how about I take some distance and shoot it with fire. I shot four fire arrows in succession and only one hit. Moreover, the part where that one arrow hit turned black and scrapped off, not giving it much damage.
What an exceedingly annoying evolution. Huff, puff.
What's this, I'm losing breath. Pretty sure I didn't move that much though.


Kuh, it's not giving me times to ponder huh. And then my eyes got blurry. Why now of all time.

My movements obviously became duller afterward. What the heck is this. I quickly check my status, just the summary's fine.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
State: Lethargic Poison

Poison! That mist earlier was a poison mist huh. This is the first I've heard Lethargic Poison, but it probably a poison that slows you down. That's one troublesome poison.

"Cure Poi..."



The D Lostshroom launched fierce attacks, not allowing me to use detox magic. Worst of all, my iron sword was flung far away. Damn it, I've got no choice but to ask for it, though I'm uneasy about it.

--Tama-chan, help. keep it away from me just for a little bit.

After I sent the SOS signal to Tama-chan who was hiding behind a rock, a small green mass stood before a queer creature. I'm sorry, I'll cure myself quick, so bear with it...

"Cure Poison."

I erase the poison and also heal myself in a hurry. This is bad, Tama-chan's HP is decreasing fast.
I can't exactly run out and grab the iron sword now.
That said, Tama-chan might get dragged into it if I used magic. There's no time to open my rucksack either.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The offenses and defenses continue, but she's obviously at a disadvantage.

--Tama-chan, it's fine already, get back!

When I told her that, Tama-chan received a blow from the D Lostshroom and got flung in the air. Tamachaaaaan!

"The hell you done to our kid, you shitty piece of funguuuuuuuuuuuuuus"

I'm, enraged. Can't control my emotion. I'm gonna beat you to a pulp now.

I rush toward the D Lostshroom that has stiffened for an instant after hitting Tama-chan.
It didn't really go well during practices, but I've got no choice here. I'll make use of the chance Tama-chan gave and finish this thing off!

I concentrate mana on my right hand and formulate the image. Modified Earth Wall. Turn clay wall into a wall of rock. Sharp, brutal, with lots of thorns!
I'll hit the stiffened D Lostshroom with a surprise blow from the Attack Form. This is the combination of magic and skills!!


I launch my right fist from a slightly crouched down position with an added twist toward the seemingly side stomach part of the D Lostshroom. At the same time, the magic I imagined manifested on my fist as rocks clad around it, and in addition, several thorny rocks wrapped it. Each thorn is about 5cm long, and they've pierced the D Losthsroom deep.

Not yet! It's not over yet!


All the thorns went inside the D Lostshroom along with an explosive sound. The added formula is like a zero distance shotgun blast. I have added fire magic in the magic composition, so the power should increase. The recoil on my right fist is absorbed by the remaining rock wall... or it should have been, it's quite painful still.

Yup, it's more powerful than expectation. Even though the D Lostshroom barely survives, its upper half body where I drive down my fist has been shredded into pieces. This technique is too powerful for interpersonal combat, it could make things turn real gross. There's many rooms for improvement still.
Afterward, I take out an iron spear from my rucksack and thrust the D Lostshroom with it at once. The D Lostshroom's HP turned 0 before it disappeared into particles of light.

Ah, is Tama-chan alright!?

Tama-chan is lying slightly away from where I am. She still has 2 HP remaining. Oh good. And I'm sorry Tama-chan. It's completely my mistake this time. I apologize to Tama-chan while healing her.

shake shake

Don't mind it huh. Thank you Tama-chan. I quietly pat her body.

Tereretettette~♪ Thief, Otherworlder Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Acquired Composite Magic
Tettere~♪ Grapple Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Magic Modification Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Thief has Leveled up to 10, 『Treasure Hunter』 Class has manifested.
Tettere~♪ Tama-chan's Bond has turned into Deep Affection, Differing Soul Telepathy Leveled Up.
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan Leveled Up. Reached Moss Ball's Level Limit. Met the requirement to Class Change.

And that solemn mood is wasted by the NoGoddess's fanfare. Read the mood, dangit.

Either way, that's a lot of increases.
But still, so Tama-chan can class change!? Who would've thought that this kid's hard fight would be rewarded this way!

When I imagine tapping Tama-chan's Class to see the reaction, there's only one possible Class Change.

『Super Moss Ball Lv1』 <TLN: Super Marimo in Japanese.>

...Is it all right in various ways? She's a Moss Ball after all, there's no problem right? I set it at once since there's no other choices.


Tama-chan's body is immediately wrapped in light. Then the lights goes down... Looking closer, her glossy fur has improved, and the mofu-ness also gets nicer when I touch her. Her soothing level to me has risen indeed, but what about her fighting strength? Guess it needs future inspections.

And when I look around again calmly, I see two purple things lying on the ground. Yes, those things I've been searching for.

"Eggplant Mushroom, gotcha------------!!"

I inadvertently raised them high up on both hands and shouted out loud.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-24

16-24. Sania Kingdom (4)


Satou here. Cleaning things up is unexpectedly troublesome. Simply cleaning things is simple, but you've to pay attentions when you're trying to uphold the spirit of [A bird does not foul the nest it's about to leave].

"Hmm, looking at it like this, it really is huge..."

I muttered while looking up at the body of the Land King sinking at the center of the sand sea.
The Land King who had stepped inside the capital got pushed out to the sand sea in the middle of its fight with me.

"Master, I've retrieved the magic core."

Liza comes back with a magic core that's taller than her on her shoulder.
A red magic core whose grade seems quite high, it's already a fortune itself. It's practically the same size as the Great Monstrous Fish Tovkezeera's core.

"Master, I have secured the crystal body at the head so I report."

Nana reported while shouldering an amber colored crystal.
I wasn't planning to get this one, but since I rescued Haifa through a peculiar mean, I took it anyway to hide that.

"Thank you--I'll store it right away."

I lengthen the magical psychokinesis that is the force magic [Magic Hand] toward the gigantic crystal and put it in the Storage.

"Now then you two, let's have a triumphal return to the royal capital."

Tama and Pochi have returned to Shiga capital after the battle, so there's only us three here.
I walk on the sand toward the port together with Liza and Nana who gave their affirmation.

The port's facilities have turned into mountains of debris after getting crushed by the Land King's feet and stomach.
Reconstructions will probably take a considerable amount of time and money.


We could hear a huge cheers from the soldiers at the port.


Looks like someone have spread my name, people who call my name wrong have decreased sharply.
That's fine and all, but it didn't end with just them calling my name as they began to stand before us, asked for my handshakes, hugged me and said their blessing.
I don't mind getting hugged by young beauties, but please just spare me from the rowdy men.

As I walked toward the palace while waving hands to people who called my name, a wagon stopped in front of us.

"Sorry for the wagon, but come and get on it! I'll get ya straight to the open space in front of the palace!"
"Thank you, it really helps."

Now I can avoid the machos' hugs and handshakes with this.

I thanked the soldier and got on the wagon with Liza and Nana.
The wagon's frame creaked when we got on it since the Land King's magic core is gigantic.

The route on the way to the palace is filled with people who went out of the shelter, extolling the god's name [Heraruon], and shouting [Pendragon] house name.
Good chance as any, I raise golden sword Heraruoph up high to reply them and let it shine golden colored light.

"Heraruon!" "Pendragon!" "Heraruon!"

Since the golden sword looks quite showy, the reaction is remarkable.
With this much praises from people, I'm very sure that the [Trial of God] is cleared.

However, not everyone was speaking good things.
There were some who reproached [Clan of Sword], or said something like, [It's good enough as long as the true owner of Heraruoph, Pendragon is here] or 「We don't need 『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』 anymore].

There were also men who seemed to belong to the [Clanf of Sword] mixed among the soldiers, looking at me with bewildered and loathsome expressions on their faces.
I never planned to sow seeds of discords in this country, so let's deny it when I found a good timing.

I continued the golden light performance until we arrived at the open space before the palace.

"Sir Pendragon! You did well to subjugate the Land King!"

When we reached the palace, Sania King who brought the prime minister with him greeted me at the gate.
But they're not the only ones here.

"Apostle Pendragon! Good job accomplishing the 『Trial of God』!"

Head Priest of Heraruon Temple wearing a gaudy robe also greeted me in front of Heraruon Temple that faces the open space.
I don't mind you taking high ranking priests and miko(s) with you but please stop with the [Apostle] thing.

Now then, this situation is like when you're presented with the option [Which is it!] in a GP match.

Walking to the head priest here would be the correct answer for my objective, but I turned toward Sania King first.
Sania King breathed a sigh of relief, the head priest had a sour look on his face.

"King of Sania, I have killed the Land King as promised."

I smiled and lightly bowed per Shiga Kingdom's custom.
And of course, there is no such promise.

I ignored the king who was walking to me with both arms open and turned around toward the people.

"Everyone! Listen well!"

With the aid of Amplification skill and Deception skill, I announce to the surrounding people that Sania King requested me the subjugation.

"The 『Land King』 which played a part in the destruction of the world led by the 『Dog-Headed Evil God』 once has been destroyed by the power of great God Heraruon and divine sword Heraruoph!"

For now, I told them that the pillar of light reaching to heavens and the gigantic golden sword shaped from it were all god Heraruon's power.
The people who have gathered here seem to believe that, they're unanimously chanting god Heraruon's name.

Alright, the [Trial of God] should be good with this.

"However! Not everything was accomplished through the power of God and divine sword!"

After I said that, people begin to repeatedly call my name after God Heraruon, that's not it.

"Before I fought the Land King, the 『Clan of Sword』 and the soldiers stood on the front line to drive back the Land King's familiars, the <<Desert Scorpions>>, then the 『Clan of Wand』 and other magicians came rushing in to rout them."

For the time being, I'll praise the [Clan of Sword] and the [Clan of Wand].
Sania King had a grim look on his face, the expressions of people of [Clan of Sword] and [Clan of Wand] softened.

Additionally, the Sand Demon Scorpions being the Land King's familiars is just a setting I made up on the spot, I don't know if it's true or not.

"Furthermore! The one that protected the powerless capital from the Land King's attack was the King of Sania's 『Protection of King』!"

In fact, the shock wave from the breath attack I blocked would have destroyed quite a lot of the capital's buildings if it wasn't for the protective wall Sania King erected using the [City Core].

"By the words of God Heraruon!"

I shouts out while lighting the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] golden like its name.


I forgot to praise the priests who helped healing people evacuated from the front line.
But it'd be awkward to retrace my speech here, I'll give donations to other temples besides Heraruon Temple too later, forgive me with that.

"『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』, take each other's hands, and together be the shield that protects Sania Kingdom and the glaive that destroys invaders, shoulder Sania Kingdom, devotes yourselves to Sania Kingdom! Without forgetting your gratitudes for God Heraruon who watches over the kingdom, live well!"

I don't think this will make everything goes well in this country, but it'd be nice if it helps people facing toward a peaceful future even a bit.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After the performance at the open space, I returned the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph to Sania King and visited Heraruon Temple.

Just like the time I received the trial, I reported to God Heraruon through the [Oracle Miko].

『--Splendid. I bestow you my mark.』

God Heraruon's words were really simple.
I think he should have said something more, but since I've completed the [Trial of God], my objective here, I'm not complaining.

>Title [Heraruon's Mark] Acquired.
>Title [One Approved by Heraruon] Acquired.
>Title [Heraruon's Saint].
>Title [Heraruon's Apostle].

Un, I don't need the last one.

After the short meeting with god, my consciousness returned to the temple.
Lights pouring down from heavens gathered into particles of light and turned into one slim dagger.

I catch the dagger that's slowly falling.

According to AR reading, it's called [Golden Dagger Heraruseph], seemingly a kind of [Divine Gift Holy Sword]. Just like the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph, the blade is golden colored, made of orichalcum with a small Sun Gem embedded on it.


The miko who had come to sounded surprised to see the dagger on my hand.
The other miko(s) and priests who are helping with the ceremony also look shocked.


Miko-san eyes couldn't see, could they.
In fact, light isn't reflected in her eyes there--then it hits me that she's seeing the divine gift dagger through me who's connected to her with mind magic.

Her cheeks are flushed red as she looks at the dagger like a maiden in love.

As a miko serving God Heraruon, a dagger granted by God Heraruon must be special to her.

"It appears that God Heraruon told me to give it to you."

I present the dagger to the miko as I say that.

I've decided to give this dagger to Heraruon Temple as thanks for helping with the trial.
I hesitated a bit to give something I got from someone else, but God Heraruon himself didn't say that it was specifically for me, thus there's a chance that it's for the miko I'm with. That probability is low though.

I do hold a slight interest to research the small Sun Gem, but that's it, I'm no really interested in the thing besides for that.


I smile back at the perplexed miko.

"I'm only able to clear the trial because of your help and Heraruon Temple's cooperation. It is only right for you and the temple to keep this sacred treasure."

I'm good with just the mark anyway.

"Now, please take it."

The miko timidly reached for the dagger and reverently received it.
After admiring the look of a miko in love hugging the dagger, I leave the temple.

"Hee~, so that's the Land King's body~"

Arisa and Mia who are standing on a high ground at Sania Kingdom voiced their impressions while looking at the sunk Land King's body at the sand sea.
After finishing the work at Sania Kingdom--Greeting the king and transferring the right of Land King's body to Sania Kingdom, managing the dispute with the master swordsman, Zanza boy and Myufa siblings, holding a meeting with the head of [Clan of Wand], the father of the problematic girl Haifa, donating a large amount of money to other temples besides Heraruon Temple, and fulfilling requests to distribute food at the slums--I go on a tour with the girls.

The damage isn't that severe besides on the port and the sand marine facilities, so there's no shortage of places to tour around.

"That's Land King of the Dog Head's Four Devas.... I'm really glad it didn't come out in my active years."

Hikaru said that while trembling.

"But Land King should have been sealed in the 『Sandstorm Labyrinth』. I wonder who unsealed it?"
"Ah that's--"

I answered Princess Sistina's question.

The girl who caused the trouble at the Land King's seal, Haifa took a secret ritual handed down among the [Clan of Wand] with her, therefore she's apparently going to be executed per Sania Kingdom's law.
However, since it's a scandal that would shake the country if they told the truth, they'd tell people that the seal was undone by demons.

Well, if I wasn't happen to be here by chance, not only Sania Kingdom, the surrounding nations would have also been destroyed for sure, thus I don't have any objection against the atonement miss Haifa has to take for the mess she caused.

"Next time, let me fight against a strong opponent desuwa."
"Nn, agree."

Lady Karina and Mia said some meatheaded thing.

Lulu, Hikaru, Sera and Princess Sistina are warmly looking at the two.
Looks like those girls aren't that interested to fight against strong enemy.

"Satou-san, the priests of this kingdom are really active aren't they."
"Yes, that looks like so."

Sera gave her praise as she watched priests giving out food at an open space nearby.
They're probably actively trying to gather believers because I've made generous donations.

"This is! Nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi sniffed the drifting aroma and pulled my hands toward the source.

"Pilaf, totally delish~?"
"The goat meat skewers here are superb nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who arrived in front of a store gave their recommendations to the girls who saw it for the first time.
Since Zena-san is in the middle of her journey to Seryu City, those girls are Arisa, Mia, Lulu, Hikaru, Sera, and Princess Sistina.

"Master, do sand fish live inside the sand?"
"Yes, that seems to be the case."

While replying to Lulu, I look for the sand fish swimming in the sand sea, and project them on my palm with space magic.

"Ichi--Satou sure is skillful."
"Satou-sama's magic is always wonderful no matter how many times I see it."

Hikaru sounded a bit tired, Princess Sistina spoke with a longing look.

I relished Sania Kingdom's specialy products together with the girls, and in the end, we took a stroll on camels' backs in the arabian night-like night desert along with a caravan.

Sipping on a cup of sake while gazing at the moon on a shaking camels in the desert was quite something.

Now then, I managed to clear the first trial though with an over production.
I set the airship's route toward the [Garleon Union] on the western edge of the continent in order to take the next trial.

Wonder what kind of trial would God Garleon give me.

I lean my back against the airship's seat while feeling slightly anxious.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Tama, Mushroom and Me


"As a magician that is."

Master, please don't drop me down after lifting me up.

"You're obviously better as a magician. Bearing four elements. In addition, no-chant and chant shortening are stuff that even professional magicians might not be capable of. Even then, the firepower is lower. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the case at all for you."

I'm sorry, I didn't even know that chant exists. I might be a BS existence for people who study magic the honest way.
After confirming those stuff, we begin the technique development. Now then master, bring me your unreserved opinions.

--30 minutes later

"How's that. So when you're combining them, wait for this timing and do it like... this and that."

--One hour later

"I see, I see. Then the loss would kept at a minimum if I change it like this when invoked right?"

--One and a half hour later

"Niice. Then turn this one..."

Master's and my secret move development went way over the time. Master's subordinate even came to pick him up since he was way late, the guy was really mad. Eventually, the subordinate dragged Master with him with teary eyes when he said, 『Eh, just forget about that』. I'm sorry Mr. subordinate.

There's no training tomorrow, thus I'm gonna accept a quest and train in the dungeon.

Tama-chan's with me after all, if there's some quest that can be done inside the dungeon, might as well do it while leveling up.
I'd also like to test my new techniques and our coordination. Now that's decided, to the guild.

Adventurer Guild 10 AM. It's packed with people unlike the sparse times I've been here up until now. I mean, several parties are overrunning the quest board, I can't see anything!? Kuh, being short is hard.

I somehow managed to get in front of the board by slipping through the gaps between the adventurers. Wh, who the heck touched my butt?

Wonder if there's a good quest around~?

<< Rare Mushroom Gathering >>
Please gather 『Eggplant Mushrooms』 (smooth elongated mushrooms) dropped by 『Lostshrooms』 in Dungeon Fonbran. Get as many as you can.
Reward: 1000 mani for each
Date: Evening of the third day
Client: Solomon's Pavillion innkeeper
※Please bring the requested item to the client directly and ask for the completion mark.

It seems the client is Donur-san. For now, I'll decide after checking this quest's details. But still, is it an eggplant or a mushroom, what an unclear ingredient.
Err, and Eleanor-san is... Ah there she is, I'll line up at the queue in front of Eleanor-san's quest counter.

15 minutes later.

"Thank you for waiting. Next one please... Wait, Nobusada-san. Are you accepting quest?"

"Actually, I'd like to decide after knowing more about this."

"Eggplant mushrooms? I think Nobusada-san would be fine on 2F as long as nothing unusual happens. However, you have no choice but to leave the drop to luck. Do you have a map? If you do, I'll mark the place where they group together for you."

"Oh! I do, I do. That'll really help. Then I'll take this quest."

"Yes, I've ascertained it here. Be careful okay."

I even got informed of the places they swarm, must be a good omen. Awright, Tama-chan, let's do our best.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

We quickly walk toward 2F once we get into the dungeon. Going straight on 1F will get you to 2F. There's really a lot of beginner adventurers on 1F. Or rather, I'm one of them. Oh right, got to set my first class to Thief. Kinda feel like it'll increase the drop rate somehow. Please go up, I'm begging you. My second class is still Otherworlder. I'd love to gain a bit more MP for the magic and technique development.

Sounds of my footsteps echoed in the quiet dungeon. And then a Pawn Dog is standing tall on a passage with no obstructions.

Pawn Dog Lv 3
HP:15/15 MP:0/0

"Wind Bind!"


Here's a mutt whose hind legs are tied up by a ring of wind and cannot move. Fuhahaha, you shall be become nourishment for Tama-chan.

"Tama-chan, go!"

Tama-chan hurls herself at the mutt with my signal. Do your best Tama-chan. Its mouth and forelegs can still move, so be careful.
Afterward, Tama-chan beat up the mutt while I re-invoked the Wind Bind every time it was about to run out.
And then, Tama-chan was right below the mutt's chin when it started to stagger.

"Tama-chan, uppercut!"


I called it uppercut and all, but it's actually a whole body blow. Well, it's all about feeling. The mutt's HP finally turned zero with Tama-chan's body blow. Good job, Tama-chan.
I kindly pat Tama-chan. She's shaking like she's feeling good as I pat her. What's this lovely thing, I wanna take it home. ...Oh right, I did.

Teretettette~♪ Thief leveled up
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan leveled up

The fanfare's different than mine for some reason! This stuff is way too elaborate, Levellit-sama.

Since it's a body blow, Tama-chan also receives damage depending on the enemy's and Tama-chan's defense. Her HP decreased a bit since she hit some bad part, so I used Heal on her just in case. I wasn't sure if it would work on a monster even though it was a Tamed Monster, but I was relieved to see that she healed just fine.

Afterward, Tama-chan hunted a Pawn Dog that appeared along the way and we went down to 2F.

2F doesn't look too different than 1F, but the atmosphere feels heavier somehow. And it's a bit dim. Since it's the first time I'm on this floor, I put Tama-chan on my shoulder and advance cautiously.
Fortunately, I reached the place where the quest monsters group together without any encounter along the way.
Looking around. ...There they are! Mushrooms as tall as a kid, walking around. It's the kind with limbs that's common in stories. However, there's no face, I don't know how to distinguish the front and back. And, one, two, three... Seven mushrooms huh.

Tettere~♪ Discerning Magic Eyes leveled up

Lostshroom Lv6
HP:24/24 MP:2/2
Dungeon-birth fungal genus lost mushroom Lostshroom. They don't have eyes, but they will come attacking you if they detect you. They can link between themselves within a certain range, be warned. The Lostshroom itself is not a food, be warned. There are also specimens that spread poison around.

The info is more detailed than ever, maybe because Discerning Magic Eyes-sensei leveled up. Still, scientific name? or rather, they can link. It probably means to say that Link will turn inactive monsters into active ones if there are same specimens inside the combat range. I assume that Discerning-sensei displayed the info in a way that's easy to understand for me. Still, link-type huh... It'll be bad if it turns into a train of monsters.

Since the Lostshrooms are looping their movements, attacking when they're far from us and drawing them here sound like a good plan.

"Tama-chan, wait."

Tama-chan stands by diagonally behind me. I'll have her evacuate behind a cover if she needs to.

I'm gonna use pure magic without modification this time.

"Fire Arrow!"

Bwoosh, with that sound, a fire arrow flies toward one of the Lostshrooms. It hit a Lostshroom nicely. Just as I thought, the hit rate is higher than the modified one.
Not sure how to find out how much damage to death when it doesn't even show it, it's coming straight here either way. I grab my iron sword and ready myself. Unlike before, my posture is that of the Attack Form/Kata.


The Lostshroom is charging here while roaring weirdly, where does its voice even come from.

Lostshroom Lv 6
HP:8/24 MP:2/2

Mumumu, the damage is higher than expected. Perhaps fire element is its weakness.
I just need to finish it after this much damage. I change into Counter Form/Kata and measure the timing. Right when the Lostshroom is about to headbutt me, I swing my sword toward it. The Lostshroom that was nicely cut in two disappears into particles. With no drop, aphew.

Fire element is their weakness.... Then maybe I can kill them all in one fell swoop using Fire Storm? If not, it's highly possible that I can create high temperature blue flame through image modification. Alright, let's give it a try once there's only a few of the separated ones left.

I beat the Lostshrooms one by one along with Tama-chan. When there's only three left, it's experiment time. By the way, the total killed so far is four. One gave red magic stone, and one gave Hen-of-woods (maitake). Guess I'll make some maitake tempura next time.

I got right outside their sensing range to measure the fire storm range. Doing so had gotten easier since I somehow understood the effective range after Discerning-sensei's level up.
Then I invoke the magic once the three Lostshrooms have gone inside the range.

"Fire Storm!"

Torrent of flames roast the mushrooms. I cancel the magic once they had been burned to cinders. The fact that the Lostshrooms cannot move from the swirling fire was a nice miscalculation.
The 『Filth sterilization!』 plan is very possible with this. In short, I'm just going with <<Search and Destroy>>.

I turned the cluster grounds into scorched earths as I went around the places Eleanor-san marked. Hahaha, filth sterilization! How sad, this is really extermination.
Whoopsie, I got too much into it again. But it feels like I just have to inspire myself like that.
I mean, the eggplant mushroom aren't dropping at all. I've burned more than 40 shrooms now, yet just why. Well, I got myself Hen-of-woods, shimeji mushrooms, Fly Agaric and magic stones though.... hm? There's poisonous ones mixed in them.

The time is nearing evening already. I also need to tread the way back, guess I'll end it after the next cluster ground.
By the way, apparently, Tama-chan receives experience point even if the enemy is killed by my magic. She's growing up nicely. I think she can most likely win against a Lostshroom in a one-to-one fight.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Strongest Sage, Defeats


『Plan B... Close-quarter combats with random movements is it.』

『Yeah. I won't give you instructions anymore, fight like I taught you.』


Looks like the demon plans to fight in close quarter combat.
Close quarter combat against a Disqualified Crest huh, they really underestimate me.

It's true that demons surpass me in pure magic deployment speed.
No matter how fast a Disqualified Crest in that regard, it hasn't even been 20 years since I reincarnated.

That's why they think that they have a winning chance by making random actions with some kind of tricks and remove all foresights, however--.

"This can't be, how are you able to cope with it!"

The actual fight is one sided.
The demon misses all his attacks, all of my attacks hit him.

It's not like I read the enemy movements ahead of time or something.
I simply deploy magic to deal with all possible patterns that can be predicted from the demon's actions and remove the unusable ones.
Of course that means always deploying four to five magics in any one time, but that much isn't that hard with the capability of short range magic control of the Disqualified Crest by decreasing the magic power.


The demon who keeps missing his attack begins to fret.
My sword doesn't have that much power because of having to deploy many magic at once, yet I'm whittling down the demon's health and mana little by little.
Judging from the fact that he's not changing his battle style after all this, these demons probably don't have any hidden cards left.

And then... Dozens of seconds after the battle started, I make a bet.
I squeeze down the multi magic deployments I've been doing up until now to one attack magic on my sword.
The sword this time is an order of magnitude more powerful compared to all the slashes I gave the demon.

When the demon begun the close quarter combat, his attacks had this confidence to win the match.
However, the demon right now doesn't have that.
He's begun to abandon the idea of defeating me.

There's no way he can maintain his focus in such situation.

I evaded the dispirited sword by taking a half a step backward.
At the same time, I crush a magic stone on hand and augment my sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】.

『This is bad, evade that!』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I could hear a flustered voice from the comm magic.
Looks like the commandeering demon noticed the power of this sword.

--However, it's pointless.
Giving orders through comm magic is too slow in this fast tempo combat.
That demon probably stopped doing so because he knew that.


The demon immediately tried to use a barrier to block my sword, but that level of barrier is practically nonexistent before a sword augmented with 【Special Magic Enchant】.
The sword easily penetrated the barrier and chopped off the demon's left arm from the shoulder down.

Of course, I don't have a reason to stop my attack with just this.
I crush a magic stone and augment the sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】 again.
And then I swing horizontally, aiming at the demon's neck.

"Defensive magic--"

The demon tried to block it, but there's no way he can do that after losing his left arm when he couldn't in perfect state.
My sword easily lop off the demon's head.


『I killed the demon.』


『Amazing! I believed that Mathi-kun would win, but for it to be this quick!』

『I could beat it this easily thanks to Ruli's supports on the Dragon Vein. And the two guarding Ruli. ...Alma and Iris, are they alright?』

『Yes! It was bad when the number of monsters suddenly increased, but not even one monster came to where I am! They're fighting right now, but the two are safe!』

Looks like there's a sudden increase of monsters on the floors above.
I guess it's not odd for that to happen after all the interferences on the Dragon Vein.

However--The two will have to guard Ruli for a bit more.

『Ruli, don't leave the Dragon Vein yet... There's still something to be done there.』

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