Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 6

15-Intermission 6. A Peaceful Day [Arisa]


"Po-Pochi lost.... Pochi can't believe it nodesu."
"Fufuhn, this is Arisa-chan's true power!"

I childishly bragged in front of Pochi who was hanging her head down.

"Tama next~?"
"Come at me with all your secret ninja arts!"

I provoked Tama by parodying a line from a super popular beat-em up game, 「Samu☆Tama」.

"Tama, won't lose~?"
"Here I go!"

Tama's sharp kinetic vision catches my high-speed hand-throwing.
Normally, I shouldn't be able to win against Tama who could act after seeing my move.


"Ta-Tama lost noddesu!""

--Tama's excellent kinetic vision became her downfall instead.

"See? This is Arisa-chan's phantasmagoric 『Kaleidoscope』!"
"Amazingly awesome~?"
"Gureat, nanodesu!"

After having beaten Dog Hero Pochi and Ninja Tama, I went to the final stage.

White Fort Nana who has triumphed over Magic Spear Liza and Spirit User Mia is waiting there.

"So you've gotta be the one in the showdown after all. 『Innocent Oppai』 Nana!"
"....Arisa, demanding the change of that name."

Mou, Nana, it's inelegant to complain about your nickname like that.

"Then how about 『Innocent Beauty (Face)』."
"Acknowledged so I tell."

Nana nodded.

"Now then, we've had a bit of distraction, but let's continue."

Nana and I readied ourselves.
Contrary to me who's taking the standard pose, Nana is standing naturally.

"Let's go!"

Nana quietly nodded.

"Rock paper scissors!"

Mine's paper, Nana's also paper.
The starting hands won't decide the winner.

There's only a few people who throw scissor in the beginning.
Thus it'd be either rock or paper.

"Aa, let's, GO!"

Still a draw with both paper.


This time, both are scissors.


And the fourth throw finally determined the winner.

"Aw yiiiiiiiiiiiiis!"
"Arisa's victory~?"
"Victorious nanodesu!"
"Nn, strong."

I receive the praises with the phoenix pose.
Fuffuffu, this means I've secured the winner's right!

"Then Arisa will take the duty of telling Master about dinner."

Liza said that plainly.
But, looking at her tail lifelessly lying on the ground, it seems she's relatively dejected.

"Tomorrow will be me so I tell."
"Nn, winners' turn."

Mia nodded at Nana's declaration.

"Third place play-off~?"
"I won't lose Tama."
"Come on~?"
"Do your best~, nanodesu!"

While listening to Tama and Liza's rock paper scissors match behind me, I went into the teleport gate heading to Master's research lab.

"If he's not here, then he's either at Aze's place or under the tree's shade in the courtyard maybe?"

I couldn't find Master in the study room that looked like an office.
It's been quite hard to find where master is ever since he could went anywhere after learning the Unique Skill [Unit Arrangement].

"--There he is."

Master is sitting on several arranged cushions with his eyes closed under a tree.
His shota-ness which hasn't changed in the least from the time we first met is truly splendid.

Especially this defenseless, eyes-closed figure, awwfully to my liking.

....Guhe. Guhehehe.

J-just a bit okay.

I stealthily tip-toe and slip into Master's side.

I mustn't use space magic even by mistake.
He found me out immediately when I did so back then.

I wipe the drool hanging on my mouth with my sleeve and then I slip onto Master's lap.

--So blissful.

Ehehe~, let's lean my head on Master's chest and then--.

Can't get enuff of this~.

It's so wonderful my Kansai dialect inadvertently came out.
This euphoria is enough to sustain me.

Still, Master isn't reacting eh?

I grind my head on him.


The shota's [This is it!] smell stimulates my nasal cavity.
Ah, I can die happy like this.

Right when I raised my head while laughing like Tama, "Nihehe~", I'm met with Master's black eyes.

"--Mor, ning?"
"Ah, morning Arisa."

There it is, my favorite Shota voice.
Now it's come to this, I've gotta steel myself like a woman would.

I turn around to face Master and hug his neck--.

"What're you doing."
"Sexual harassment?"

I was going to impulsively kiss him, but Master held my forehead back.
Geez, this Cheat.

"'Sexual harrassment?' --Not. You're banned from this prank."
"Yes, I'm sorry."

I obediently apologize and wait for Master's punishment.

"Don't do it again okay."

His fist touches my hair like pomf.


Ow, oww. It reaaally hurts.
The person himself seemed like he was holding back, but it was painful enough to make me reflexively scream.

I roll on the ground like a caterpillar for a while.

Apparently Master thinks my reaction is just an exaggerated act, it seriously hurts you know.
It's a mystery how my health gauge isn't decreasing at all.

Maybe Master has the phantom [Hold Back] skill with him.

"So, what are you here for?"

Master asked with a nonchalant face as I got up with teary eyes.
You really can't tell that he's the same great hero who defeated greater demons and demon lords in his spare times.

"Lulu asked me to go get you since the dinner's ready."
"Oh, it's already that time huh."

Master got up and stretched himself.

This would have been the time for the shota character to show a glimpse of his navel if this were an otome game, but such a wonderful scene didn't come to pass since the hem on Master's shirt was too long.
I should think about that part the next time I'm designing Master's shirt.

"By the way Master, what are you researching?"

I asked Master while we were walking together toward the gate.
Master's pose earlier is the pose he takes when he's researching something inside the PC in his mind with his Unique Skill.
There were times when he was really doing nothing and taking a nap when he did that, but since he didn't react even after I got on his lap earlier, I'm sure of it.

"Ah, I was making anti-god equipment."





"Y-you're not going to fight god next are you?!"

I don't think it's true, but Master might just be able to do it.


Master replied negatively with a gentle smile.

"That's right, you wouldn't--"

--Wait, I remember.

It's not might, he's already beaten the strongest Dragon God.
Master must be telling the truth since he's not the type to joke around about that.

"What's wrong?"
"It's nothing. But, you're making anti-god equipment even though you're not going to fight them?"

Master took the thinking pose when I asked him that.
It's like he's finding the words to answer me.

"Right--You can say that having the power to fight and the intention not to fight aren't necessarily antithetical I guess?"

In other words, even if Master doesn't have the intention to fight, there's a possibility that the other party (Gods) might.

When I confirmed it to Master, he nodded lonesomely.

"Yea, it looks like there are gods who like to fight, and when the times come they challenge me, I'd have a hard time if I didn't have the mean to oppose them."

--[Challenge] and [Have a Hard Time] huh.

I noticed some things that the person himself wasn't aware of in Master's words.

Master isn't concerned about victory or defeat.
It's about whether he could win easily or with a hard fight.

"Was there a time when you had a hard fight?"
"Yeah, in my battle against the Wild Boar King, I only got one mid-class magic, I also barely had any anti-demon lord weapon with me, it was really hectic."

It's rare to see tedium in Master's face, but I've got to tell this to Mito.

"Speaking of, were you able to design those anti-god equipment?"
"Well, the one for me is simple enough, but the size gets too big when I try to make them usable for Arisa, Liza and the others."
"Hee, how big?"
"It gets bigger than the small airship of the tourism ministry."

Master showed a hologram of a twin-frame spaceship-like thing in the air using light magic's [Illusion].

What's this?

What's this! It's so cool!

"Is it like the Staff Warship?"
"Ah, this one's for Arisa. For Liza and the others, something like this."
"It's like a robot, or rather, it looks like a powered exoskeleton that'd appear in a moe battle anime or a light novel."

The powered exoskeleton itself looks like it can be downsized to human size, but it seems the magic furnace and magic device parts are too big to be installed on the frame.
Apparently Master is researching the way to deploy those parts in the Ethereal Plane.

Mounting them here would be difficult.

"Master, you were here."
"Ah, Lulu. Oh yeah, it's already time for dinner huh."

Lulu called when I was talking with Master.
Master looks so gentle, enough to make me envious, whenever he's looking at Lulu.

"Mou, oh Arisa. The meals will get cold if you don't call Master right."
"I'm sorry, Lulu-anesama."

I obediently apologized to Lulu and we went to the solitary island palace's dining room together.
Furthermore, it seems today's dinner will be with the first bonito catch from Ganika Marquisdom.

"Fresh leaves in the eyes--"

Not of mountain cuckoo, but of infant green dragon and God Bird Hisui's chirping, while listening to them, I eat the extraordinary bonito dish Lulu cooked with relish.
<TLN: From the old Japanese Haiku "Me ni wa Aoba, Yama Hototgisu, Hatsu Katsuo" that explains that upon seeing the appearance of Fresh Leaves and the chirping of the Mountain Cuckoo and the Skipjack Tuna (Bonito) is a sign that the early summer days has come.>

Since Master seems like he can change the climate of this solitary island palace at will, maybe I should ask him to change it to early summer for today?

Un, we're having another elegant meal today!

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Doruas the Port Town


A huge port town built on the bank of a large river.

The southern side faces the sea, many big ships are moored along the pier. It seems to be quite deep.
This town acts as a hub for transferring cargo from deep sea ships to river ships to be carried inland.
Thus, it's very lively.

Morning light gently shone upon the townscape with red tiled roof and white mortar walls.
From the balcony, I look down at the main street in the center of the closely packed multi-storied buildings. While using Senrigan.
There's a hill north of the town that spreads along the seaside, a stately mansion has been built there.
I'm on the fourth floor of the inn for purveyor merchants. The room is wide with extravagant decorations, the bed's comfort is as good as a high class hotel's.

I was lost in thought while watching the beautiful scenery.
Because of the horizontal banners of hero Lazan that are put everywhere in the town.
I rest my chin on the balcony rail, continuing to look below.
Sea bird that look similar to sea gulls are riding the winds.
Fragrant sea breeze.

How do I push my way through the fame of this Lazan.
One wrong step and everyone would interpret it as, "It's all thanks to our prayer to Hero Lazan" even if I beat a monster.
I've never thought that the festival would be this grand, this is a cause of worry.

I sensed a presence behind me. A familiar, gentle air.
"What's the matter, Keika-sama?"
I turned around and saw Celica who was only wearing a thin gown.
Her blond hair hangs down behind her, looking beautiful under the morning light, a deep valley on her white skin can be seen on the open chest area.

Her blue eyes shook anxiously.
Looks like she's worried about me.
I involuntarily stretch out my arms and pull her.
Putting soft limbs wrapped in only a piece of white gown in my arms.

I whisper on her ears hidden under the blond hair.
"It's nothing. But I made you worry huh. Sorry for that."
Celica blushed slightly and looked down.

I fiddle her soft body, seeking further healing. The feel was better than usual.
Narrow waist, smallish hips. Smooth back.
And the softness of the big breasts even under the thin cloth.
The curvature is transmitted to my palm.

And then I noticed.
"Huh, your underwear..."
Celica's face blushed.
"I-it's currently being washed..."
"I see, you ran out of change huh."

"Y-yes.... Therefore, um. Please don't feel it too..."
"I know your body line well."
"Uu.... You meanie--hyaa"
I wrapped my arms on her thin waist and pulled her. Our bodies are glued together without a gap.
Flower-like fragrant. Gentle temperature.

My irritated heart is healed.
Celica is pressing her head on my chest. She breathes roughly every time I move my finger.

--Right. Celica is by my side.
Let's think this carefully and construct the best plan. There must be a chance to get me famous and gather believers.
I have to get some info for that.

I stopped my hands.
"We've got money and all, let's go buy some clothes. It should be more than 250 big gold coins even after the handling fee. We should go fetch it."
"Au... that's right. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell Keika-sama. I have the money with me already."
"Is that so. We slept early due to exhaustion yesterday after all. How much did we get?"
"We got five holy gold coins, four big gold coins and several small ones."
"Five huh, one of it worths 50 big gold coins right."
"That's correct. --T-then, we're going to buy clothes today?"
Celica said that restlessly. Smile breaks out on her pretty face, her blue eyes are shining with glee.

Looks like she's quite happy to be able to buy clothes.
--She's been living with a trimmed down budget thanks to a certain jobless someone after all. That's me though.

I speak while patting Celica's head.
"Let's shop for it after getting our breakfast. I'd like to gather information as well afterward."
"What kind of information do you need?"

"The increases of monsters, the location of the sinners and what they're gonna do at the festival. And also, swimmable sea. I want to know those in details. Is there a good place for it? Bars and gambling dens should be good."

"This is my first visit to this town.... How about asking Driad-san?"
"He should be heading to the Royal Capital on the ship pulled by Ieturia first thing this morning, he probably won't come back for a few days."
"I didn't know.... Then how about the bar in this inn? I think there would be a lot of merchants."
"I think all of those merchants have just arrived here if they're staying in an inn."

"Au.... Now that you mention it. As expected of Keika-sama."
"Well, they probably know about the monsters in the sea. Let's try to talk with them while having breakfast."
"Yes, I'll do my best."

I went into the room from the balcony with Celica snuggled up.
A room with a table and sofa. There are books and liquor on the shelves.
There's two doors inside, both are connected to bedrooms.

However, Celica suddenly stopped.
"Ah, my laundry hasn't been back yet...."
"I see. Then I'll be heading out alone--"

Right at that moment, one of the doors opened.
Minya came out of it while rubbing her big black eyes. Patched out clothes and skirt. She's wearing a hat that hides her triangular ears. Her tail is hidden inside the skirt.
She came to my side, caught my Wafuku and stretched her back. And then she yawned, "Fuwaaa" with her cute mouth wide open. The white teeth shined.
She acts exactly like a cat.

And then she speaks.
"Keika-oniichan, good morning."
"Good morning. Wanna grab some food?"
"I'm going."
We join hands. It's small but I can feel wild flexibility somewhat.

I looked back at Celica.
"Then we'll be going. Look after Lapisia."
"Yes, I understand. See you later."
I went out of the room with hands joined with Minya's while hearing Celica's bell-like voice.

The dining room is on the first floor.
It's a hall that can houses around 100 people.
Moreover, all of the tables are wrapped in white cloth, the chairs and the tablewares are also luxurious.
There's a flower arrangement on each table.
It feels like a fancy restaurant.
There's even a bar counter with bottles of liquor on the back shelves.
Guests are sparse, women wearing maid outfits are waiting on the tables.

I sat down on a tall chair on the counter. Minya lightly jumped and sat beside me. Her skirt was rolled up, showing her thin legs.

A slim man wearing a vest on the counter talks to me.
"Hero-sama, good morning. The seats at our tables would be more comfortable, are you sure you want it here?"
"I am. I'd like to have a talk later."
"I understand. We will bring you your breakfast immediately."
The waiter went inside the kitchen.

Minya is restlessly looking around the dining room beside me.
"Completely different than... my inn house."
"Of course it is. It'd be nice if Minya's place gets as big as this one."

Minya looked up at me expressionlessly.
"Cleaning, would be hard."
"That part huh. You can just hire people."
"Not good with, people."
Minya looked at her own hand. Her hat withered down. Her ears probably flopped down.
--She's a beastfolk after all. She must have had a hard life.

Her clothes entered my view. Tattered clothes full of patchwork.
"We're going to buy some clothes today, let's buy some for Minya too."
"I don't have... money."
"Don't worry about it, there's the money from the fish yesterday. We got to sell it higher than the market price thanks to Minya's dismantling after all."
I patted Minya's head while feeling thankful. Her lustrous black hair sways.
She leaned against me comfortably while smiling. The feel of a too slim body. Warm child-like temperature.

However, I thought 'oh?'
She felt a bit different than before.
She was a bit skinny except for her swelling chest back then, but now I could feel the undulation of her tightened muscles. Spring-like flexibility.

--Come to think of it, I haven't seen Minya's stats yet.
I look at Minya with <<Truth Sight>>.

Name: Minya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Race: Catfolk
Class: Thief Lv1 - Cook Lv12
Element: 【Static Storm】
Belonging: Hero Keika's Party

Strength: 28 (2) Growth Limit 05
Agility: 21 (5) Growth Limit 05
Magic: 18 (2) Growth Limit 05
Wisdom: 22 (1) Growth Limit 05
Luck: 12 (4) Growth Limit 05

Vitality: 225
Willpower: 200

Attack: 117 (77+40)
Defense: 80 (70+10)
Magic Attack: 58
Maagic Defense: 62

Nitoryu: Hold two weapons on both hands at once, attacking in free forms. Multiple attacks.
Twinkling Leg Power: Momentarily raises leg power, increasing speed and jumping power. Multiple attacks.

【Passive Skill】
High-Power: Raise ability
Wild Release: Exceed the limit of your body capability, drawing power. Raise ability.
Master Favor: Raise ability when you listen to your master's orders and when you're loved.

Weapon: Butcher's Knife - Atk +17
Dismantling Kitchen Knife - Atk +23
Armor: Leather Clothes +10
Accessory: House Key
Minya should have gotten exp too from me defeating the fish, yet her Thief is still at Lv1?
Is it because her Job is blank?

Rather, why's her Job unset?
Normally it would have been improbable. A person should have had a job of some kind.
Usually it would be Merchant or Farmer, but--.
Maybe she got out of her hometown and migrated to the royal capital the moment she was born.

Perhaps that's the reason why all of her maximum attributes are 5.
No wonder she was thin when we first met.
Her recent tightened body seems to be the result of her 【Passive Skills】.
But this can't be left as is.
--I'd better set her Job.
And it's got to be a Job where the unusual 【Nitoryu】 and 【High Power】 are still effective.

I whisper on the cat ears under the hat.
"Minya, what do you want to become in the future?"
"Nn.... Keika-oniichan's, wife."
"I see... Wait, that's a straight ball."
Minya turned her face at me. Since it's too close, her face that still has childishness on it buries my view. Her black eyes look lovely.
And then she speaks with her arms around me.
"I can't think of anything.... else."
"I'm happy to hear that, but calm down. I'm talking about Job. Something like Chef, or Merchant."

Minya shakes her head. Her black hair swayed.
Minya speaks while pulling my Wafuku.
"Job, Wife. Always Wife. Follow Keika-oniichan.... my whole life. Clothes too, matching Keika-oniichan."
Minya said that while pulling my Wafuku.

I can't help but think that what she said sounded like a slave.
Or is it a peculiar trait of beastfolks?
Is this the effect of 【Master Favor】 skill?
It's nothing but mysteries, but I don't feel any lies in Minya's words.

I ask her while sighing.
"Are you serious?"
Minya brought her face close with her black eyes moist with pain. With her eyes shut, her childish lips approach.
--She's that devoted to me huh.....
However, I have my doubt. Why would she go this far just from getting saved from a villain.

"Why would you go this far?"
"I mean.... I'm a beastfolk that no one wants to protect...."
Ah, I see.
Beastfolks are persecuted as they're suspected to be the demon king's ally.
That's why she wants me to beat the demon king and create a world where beastfolks aren't hated.
I'm the only one capable of doing that.

I made up my mind, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away.
"Got it. You can stay by my side forever if you can keep yourself chaste for my sake."
"I'll arrange your clothes and Job too. That's why, wait for it."
Minya nodded obediently. It seems her tail is swinging happily, her skirt flutters and gets rolled up even though there's no wind, showing her panties.

The waiter came carrying two sets of breakfast.
"Thank you for waiting."
The trays with our breakfast on it are put in front of us. There's bread and fish saute.
Stewed meat and vegetable soup too. Put with grounded fish dumplings.
These fish seem to be Greedriver. The meat is plain white, but it's chewy. Its umami spread with each bites.
There's also flakes with cereals and dried fruits. It's been sprinkled with sugar, there's a pot with milk beside it. Quite a dessert.

I drank the soup. It tasted rich, it probably had been boiled.
"This is good."
Minya groaned mwu expressionlessly after taking a bite.
"Better than ours."
"Thank you very much."
The waiter bowed deeply. But it's a confident bow.

I ask him about a question I've had in mind.
"This inn's building itself is great, how was it built?"
I didn't see gorgeous buildings with stucco even in the Royal Capital, except the Royal Castle.
And then the waiter answers radiantly.
"We called a craftsman from a neighboring country, Fabrica, to have it built. It's a country with developed industry."
"Hou, is that right."
I'm thinking of asking that craftsman to build my temple someday.

After we finished enjoying the breakfast, I talked to the waiter.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Strongest Sage, Notices the Possibility of Magic Revival


That simple problem is an unsolved problem!?

"You must be lying!?"

"No, it's the truth. Moreover, the examiner whom Mathias beat in the swordsmanship test is the Knight Commander of this country, and you'd have gotten full score just by destroying one target with 10 shots in the magic test. We gave your score 75 due to various circumstances, but there were some who proposed that you should get 500."

What's with this situation. Are they trying to deceive me?
Or rather, what's up with giving 500 out of 10. What's even the point of full score then.

However, it doesn't seem like this is a joke looking at the other teachers around.
The magic augment teacher and a man who seems to be a teacher are engraving the magic circle I drew on the magic stone with very serious expressions, and the other teachers around are watching over them earnestly.
In the first place, there's nothing to gain deceiving me like this.
Well, let's hear them out for now.

"Then, assuming what you're telling me is true, what would you do?"

The principal and the teachers must have some kind of objective to call me in this situation.
Dealing with this after knowing that won't be too late.

"You must have your own circumstances to possess that much power at your age. We're not going to inquire you on that.... But, we'd like to ask for your cooperation."


"Yea. To tell you the truth, This Second Royal Academy is actually undergoing an existential crisis.... Though well, it's not like the academy will disappear, it's probably wrong to call it that."

"What kind of situation is it?"

"You know that this country has two Royal Academies right?"

"Well it's called Second Royal Academy after all."

If there's Second Academy, First Academy must also exist.
Unless it's been destroyed or something.

"That First Academy is the problem here. The present noble bunch apparently don't like the way things are run on the Second Academy. So they're trying to force this academy to follow the First Academy's system. They've got better result with their system too."

I wonder if the country intervenes with the education in the Royal University too.

"I don't think it's a bad idea to change the education system if it brings on results."

"You're correct. So long as the result of that education system is assessed through a proper mean, that is."

"....Is it not the case?"

"These papers have the valuation of the First and Second Academies and the list of reason for that valuation. Ascertain for yourself whether it's correct or not."

He gave me several pieces of papers.
The first paper has the cooperators' names, the royalty's and something like a seal.
I turned that paper over and doubted my eyes.

In this country, selected students from the First and Second Academies are to participate in interpersonal combats to compete for superiority once a year.
So far, so good.
For some reason, those selected students are limited to the second year elementary students and below.

We're first year elementary students, it seems the interpersonal combats will be held a month after the school term started, so there's 13 months of time between our enrollment and the interpersonal combats.
It's way too early for those students to be the ones that decide the outcome of the interpersonal combats.

"Isn't this just too hasty?"

"You think so too huh. We teachers are also in agreement. A year after enrollment is not yet the time for students to participate in an interpersonal combat. Even if they have experiences of crossing swords in training, it's just too short of a time to teach them the peculiar techniques in an interpersonal combat."

Even if the current world's common sense is full of mistakes, the thing this principal said is correct.
The basic of combat is against monsters.
After you've learned anti-monster combat, the ways of interpersonal combat is completely different. You could even say that there's hardly anything in common between them.

That's why, it's pointless to teach students the interpersonal combat techniques before the anti-monster ones. Harmful even.
Even if you have countermeasures for the problem, after several years, the ones who've got the anti-monster techniques nailed will win overwhelmingly. What a load of bull.
I turn the page while complaining at the organizer of the interpersonal combat.

The so-called 『Research Results』 of the First Academy are listed on the page. Not one of them comes from the Second Academy.
However, every one of those research results is about chant magic, worthless stuff like slightly increasing the power of the known chant magic, discovery of new ones, or slightly shortening the chant.

Something like those can be done by simply adjusting your mana if you just use normal magic (in other words, without chanting).
These kind of things are 'research results' huh.

"....What do you think?"

"For now, I understand that the ways the First Academy do things are out of question. But why is there no research result from the Second Academy?"

The First School's results being worthless doesn't necessarily mean that the Second Academy is worse than them.
Why the heck there's not even one research result.

"We have them. However, none of them is recognized."

The principal replied with a bitter look on his face. The other magician-type teachers also looked mortified.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Magic research of the current academic society equal research about chant magic. Anything besides that isn't recognized."

"....In other words, the Second Royal Academy is researching chantless magic?"

"That's right. This is the result. ...Isn't the 『Physical and magic mixed combat』 you talked about in the classroom is the objective of what we're doing?"

The principal handed over a thick bundle of paper to me while saying that.
The content was rough but it certainly looked like they were seriously researching about the way to use magic without chanting and its practical use.
And although the method to train for it can't be called efficient at all, it's been polished enough that you can't say that it's off mark either.

If what the principal said is true, this Second Royal Academy is trying to take back chantless magic in this world where chant magic has spread widely.
Yea. The Second Academy is certainly much better than the First.

"I've heard about your chantless magic and seen the earth magic you used to fix the schoolyard myself, that's a feat impossible to replicate with chant magic..... And, the thing we need most for the education of chantless magic is result. We'd like you, Mathias, to be the result."

Judging from the flow of conversation, by result he means for me to enter the interpersonal combat huh. Since the participants are limited to second year elementary students and 『Below』, I can enter it.

Improving oneself can only be done by yourself, but nurturing powerful ally isn't possible if you're alone.
And there are students who haven't been completely entrenched in chant magic in this academy. I'm sure they can quickly learn the proper magic if we start right now.
This isn't bad for me. Or rather, it's just what I ask for.

"I understand the gist of it. But do you mind if I ask for three conditions?"

--However, there are still some things that can be improved upon. I will only nod if they can agree to at least some of those conditions.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Strongest Sage, Gets Surrounded by Teachers


"Now introduce yourself starting from... Well anyone's fine. Alright, Mathias the top grade of the school year! Let's start from you!"

Looks like the principal is calling us by our names.
He's not calling the surname probably because your houses, upbringing and such are irrelevant in this school.

If there's someone with a famous noble name or something among us, the other students will be conscious of that person even if they don't intend to after all.
I'm in agreement with the goal and only tell my given name for my introduction.

"I'm Mathias. Just call me Mathi. Err..."

Come to think of it, I haven't prepared what to say here at all. This is my first self-introduction in hundreds of years after all.
....Well, there should be no need to say superfluous stuff since this school is kinda like a military academy. Guess I should just tell my combat orientation.

"My crest is the Fourth Crest.... I mean. Disqualified Crest. My specialty  is in the short-range magic and physical mixed combat. Nice to meet you."

The crest isn't commonly known as the Fourth Crest in the present age, so I called it as they would.
The classroom rustled a bit after hearing my introduction.

"Magic and physical mixed combat, what's that?"

"Rather, can Disqualified Crest even use magic?"

"I also have Disqualified Crest and I can't use magic you know?"

The principal is grinning to see the classroom.
However, it doesn't seem like he's going to explain about short-range magic and physical mixed combat and the Disqualified Crest.

"Next! The runner-up, Ruli!"

After my introduction was over, the principal looked down at the paper on his hand and called Ruli's name.
That paper probably has our grades on it.

"Yes! My name is Ruli. I'm good with magic and a little bit with swordsmanship. I want to become a magic augmenter! Um... Nice to meet you!"

Ruli introduced herself while looking slightly tense.
The classroom rustled again, though not as loud as with mine.
Apparently, it's rare for a First Crest like Ruli to be wanting to become a Magic Augmenter. The First Crest IS the crest for Magic Augmenters though....

The current world values Crests the complete opposite.
It's so bad that I begin to suspect that someone with a malicious intent made it this ineffective.

"Next! Ace!"


The class continues with the introductions.
All the second to seventh ranked people had the First Crest.
And five of them besides Ruli wanted to become magicians.

"The next one's the last. ...Alma!"

"Yes. The name's Alma. I've got the Regular Magic Crest so I'm aiming to become a warrior. Though I can't win in either magic or sword against Ruli.... I've got some confidence with a bow though...."

The introduction was quite unfortunate somehow. Well, I guess it's only natural since the other party is the runner-up of the whole school year. The difference in their swords' performances is also quite huge.
And for some reason she's aiming to become a warrior even with the Regular Magic Crest which is well suited for magic.

"And that's a wrap. Anyone has a question?"

"Sensei, I have a question!"

Alma raised her hand.

"What is it?"

"Mathias-kun's scores on the passing announcement were weird, was that a mistake!"

"Ah. That huh. The weird one here is Mathias, not the scores. How he is weird, you can check for yourself during the practical lesson. For the time being, S class and A class will have joint lessons. I've got talk about that with you, Mathias, come to the principal office later."

After such and such, our first homeroom ended and I was taken to the principal office.
What do they want from me I wonder.

"Alright. I see that everyone is here."

A lot of adults were already inside the room when we entered.
They're most likely this school's teachers. Several faces look familiar from the exam and the entrance ceremony.

30% are of scholar type, 40% are of magician type and 30% are of warrior type huh.
The fact that there's not even one mixed physical and magic combat type slightly bothers me, but they have good balance if we put that aside.

"Sorry for being so sudden, Mathias, please solve this problem. And this too."

The principal said that and handed me a paper with two problems.
And then, the scholar-type teachers begin to observe me as to not miss even a beat of my hand movement.
One of the problems is the same problem from the entrance exam back then.
Perhaps they're doubting me of cheating.

Fortunately, both of the problems are of rudimentary magic circle mathematics. The first problem can be solved in 20 seconds as long as you know Pythagorean theorem. The next problem is a bit more complex, but three minutes are enough to finish it.
I write the formula on the provided paper and derive the answer while being careful with mistakes.

Well, I can do it with my intuition without calculations for this level of magic circles.
Rather, magic circle maths are the basic for magic augmenters, they won't be able to do even fivefold augmentation if they can't do this much.
I finished solving the problems while thinking that.

" instant...!?"

"Oy, is this correct?"

"It's an unsolved problem. There's no way we can make sure of it unless we construct the magic."

"But I can't see anything contradictory at the very least. Perhaps this is...."

"The teacher in charge of magic augment should be able to test and confirm it shouldn't he?"

"P-please wait, I'll bring back magic stones for experiments!"

The principal office clamored the moment I finished the problems, some teachers even ran off somewhere.
Huh? This seems different from them doubting me of cheating somehow.
'Did I do anything wrong', I looked at the principal with that in mind.

"Principal-sensei, this is--"

"Mathias, do you know what you just solved?"

"The problem in the entrance exam of this academy and the extended version of that problem right?"

The principal grinned when he heard me.

"That is certainly a question in the Second Royal Academy's entrance exam. ....Under the assumption that it won't be solved that is."

"Assumption it won't be solved?"

"Yea. It's there for us to see how far would the participants think it through, even if they can't solve it. ...You seem to have done it though."

Such a simple problem is assumed to be unsolvable, what a weird thing to say.
If magic augmenters can't even construct this level of magic circle, that means no one in this world can make a proper magic sword.
Don't tell me that the magic swords in Bass's store are treated as proper ones, there's no way, nuh uh.

"Let me tell you the correct answer. The first problem is a question in the Royal Magic University entrance exam, the second problem is an unsolved problem that hasn't been solved even after the country gathered the entire magic scholars."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Strongest Sage, Gets Targeted


The day of the entrance.
I left the inn I had been staying at up until now and went to the academy.
The academy has a dormitory, I'm planning to live in there from today on. My luggage is inside the Item Box.
I'm a bit worried about my weird classes though.... Well, I should be able to manage somehow.

A lot of students who appear to be freshmen have gathered at the academy's entrance.
We haven't been given our uniforms though so I wouldn't know even if there were other party in it.

"Lemme see, was there going to be an entrance ceremony or something?"

I checked out the board near the gate, it had an announcement for the entrance ceremony to be held in the schoolyard.
There's really one, entrance ceremony. Honestly I'm not good with long speech, I've got no choice but to bear with it.
Let's ignore what the big-wig's saying by coming up of an idea to better improve Fourth Crest magic usage efficiently.

I went to the schoolyard while thinking that
However, my expectation was betrayed in a good way.

The principal who was standing on the stage during the entrance ceremony didn't look like someone who had been assigned to be the principal of a royal academy.
A scarred face and tempered muscles. He's a war veteran no matter how you look at him. There's probably no one in this world who would think of him as a 『Principal』 when they saw him. They must have a screw loose in their head if there's one.
By the way, his name seems to be Edward.

"I don't like long speech. I'll leave this and that formality stuff to the bunch at the First Academy."

And that was the first thing the principal who was standing on the stage uttered.
Wonderful. Including my past life, this might be the first time I've seen a big-wig who doesn't talk too long.

"Ability is everything at the Second Royal Academy! Unlike the First Academy, your households or crests hold no merit here! If there's anyone bringing anything needless here, I'll go and fix their guts myself! ....And unfortunately, 10% of the students at the Second Academy lost their life during the enrollment. You've got to be strong if you don't want that happens to you! This school will provide the right environment to make that happen. Young chicks, polish your power! ...That is all!"

....Was the Second Royal Academy a military academy?
The entrance ceremony ended with that question in my mind.
There was no roll call, and no other big-wigs that came out besides the principal.
Judging from the calm attitudes of the other students, the second royal academy might have always been this kind of place.
It's convenient for me personally.

"Students of Class A, please gather here!"

"Class B over here! Come at once!"

After the entrance ceremony was over, people who seemed to be teachers came to the schoolyard and began to gather the students.
By class, they probably refer to adventure class, I guess I'm going to the class A.

"Alright, everyone's here. Class A's classroom is over there. Follow me!"

We're all following the teacher from behind. I think there's around 20 people in Class A.
I saw familiar faces in the form of Ruli and Alma among them, but after seeing that militant speech, no one seems to be in the mood to chatter pointlessly, everyone is silent.
That principal would probably hit you if you did that in front of him. Well, I think I can evade it though.

"Here's your classroom. Your homeroom teacher will come not long after this, wait inside until then."

Apparently, the teacher who guided us wasn't the homeroom teacher.
We get left behind in the classroom and wait for the homeroom teacher.
Just when the mood turned delicate as we weren't sure how long we should wait, the classroom's door was powerfully opened.
And the man who mightily entered the open door declares loudly.

"I'm the one in charge of this class, Edward. Nice to meet ya."

...Huh? Our homeroom teacher is the principal!?
First time I saw a principal working as a teacher. Wonder if it's common in this present time.

"O, yea. You probably know already, I'm the principal here. There are times when I'm busy, the assistant teacher will take care of you then. By the way, the idiot over there is the assistant teacher."

The principal pointed at the man slightly behind him.
There's a fist-like mark on his face.... Putting that aside, feels like I've seen his face somewhere.

"This guy is an idiot who abandoned his post during the exam to buy a sword, but he's good enough with a sword. Ask this guy anything whenever I'm absent."

I see. I thought he looked familiar, he was the examiner from that time huh.
I looked at his waist to ascertain whether he was able to buy the sword in the end, but the sword he's carrying seems to be a different one.
Well, the sword I augmented should get an eye-popping price after all, I'm not surprised that he couldn't buy it.

"Also, I've got to apologize for one thing. There was a mistake in my entrance ceremony speech."

Mistake? Is he going to tell us that 10% is actually not the mortality rate but the survival rate?

"I said young chicks at the end of my speech, but that doesn't apply to all of you. There's a guy who obviously isn't a chick mixed among the new students this year. I'm not gonna say who that guy is.... Well, you'll probably find out soon."

The principal grinned at me after he said that.
I feel like I'm being targeted somehow.
Perhaps he's holding a grudge at me for destroying the schoolyard. And after I repaired it and all.

"By the way, our school encourages teachings between students. You're free to pick a fight with anyone you find interesting. That's the quickest way to probe each other's ability."

....Can you really call that teachings.
Even though I was a loner in my past life, I still understand that a communication that's born from a fight is weird y'know.

"Well, you guys are going to form parties often as long as you don't drop out to Class B. Introduce yourself at that time. We can lend you the combat training ground if you need it...."

Do not want.
I felt like I could hear the whole class saying that together.

....Or rather, you can drop out of the class huh.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Strongest Sage, Ponders the Term 'Perfect Score'


The next day after the exams full of happenings.
I went back to the school to check the result.
Looks like it's ordered by scores.

Since I didn't prepare anything at all for the written test, my name would probably be on the end of the list even if I passed.
With that in mind, I check the name from below.

Looks like the lowest passing mark this time is 27.
Since it's a bit lower than my father, Castor's score, I should pass if that Gayle old man could pull some strings.
But I couldn't find my name no matter how many times I look at the list.
I see. I failed....
Looks like I got deceived by that Gayle old man. I thought he looked like he could be trusted so I put my hope in him....
But I'm a loner after all. It seems I don't have the ability to judge someone's character.

"Ah, Mathi-kun! Did you see the notice!?"

I heard a familiar voice while I was wallowing in despair.
No, there's no way I can mistake this voice. It's Ruli's.

"....Notice? No. It seems I've failed the exam, so I'm going back to my home--"

"You didn't fail! Mathi-kun, you're the top scorer!"

Saying that, Ruli pointed at another paper stuck slightly above the announcement paper.
Titled, 『List of Scholarship Students』.
The very first one is my name.

"Oh.... I passed! I passed!"

Don't tell me, this notice.... The notice for scholarship student is separated from the normal ones!?
How incomprehensible! I almost misunderstood I failed here and went back home!

"And we're in the same class! Class A!"

Ruli gleefully held my hands after she said that.
Even though I seemingly made her mad in our first meeting, it seems we've reconciled somehow.
Apparently she hasn't noticed that she's holding my hands, but I'll be keeping my silent for this happy occasion.

Leaving that aside, I see that the classes are written next to the name of the scholarship students.
However, they're written rather unintelligibly.

There are four classes written next to your name, 『Adventure Class』, 『Magic Class』, 『Swordsmanship Class』, 『General Study Class』 and each has an alphabet next to it.

By the way, Ruli's are, 『Adventurer Class A』, 『Magic Class A』, 『Swordsmanship Class A』, 『General Study Class A』, while mine are 『Adventurer Class A』, 『Magic Class S』, 『Swordsmanship Class S』, 『General Study Class: Blank』.
The adventure class seems to be from the total score divided in two, but the other classes are apparently separated in accordance of each scores.... Except for me.
Or rather, what the heck is blank.

"By the same class, are you talking about the adventure class?"

"Yes! The second royal academy's adventure class is--"

"*whiste*. Oh they're holding hands~. I'm heating up here~. Ah, I'm also in class A, be kind to me too okay~!"

"Hands...? Ah, I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking...."

Alma broke in when Ruli and I was talking, and pointed out our hands.
And then, Ruli noticed her hands holding mine and separated them. Dang it, Alma.
....By the way, what did she mean by 『Heating Up』, I wonder. Did we start talking about flame magic while I wasn't paying attention?

"So, what were you two talking about? Maybe, I really was in the way?"

Yeah. You are in the way. I know a magic driven by rage from my past life, I feel like I could activate it right here and now.

"Y-you're not! I'm glad that Alma passes and we're in the same class!"

Right. No one would want to grasp the hand of a loner like me, Alma who noticed must look like a savior to her....
....Not good. The trauma from my past loner life is about to be revived.

"By the way, don't you think Mathi-kun's class scores are weird somehow?"


"I've never seen Class S or blank space, and all your scores exceed the limit!"

I haven't seen the scores themselves since I was preoccupied with failure misunderstanding.
As pointed out by Alma, I look at the column where my scores are.

Total Score 257 of 50
Swordsmanship 120 of 10
Magic 75 of 10
General Study 62 of 30

These scores are weird indeed.
I mean, every one of them exceeds the full score.
By the way, the second place is Ruli with 47 score. I would have been able to pass even without the sword if it was like this.

"...What the heck is that. A misprint?"

"This is too much for a misprint.... Most of them even way exceed the limit!"

"The swordsmanship score is probably well justified."

I was perplexed, Alma was shouting, Ruli muttered.

"Is that Gayle old man really that strong?"

He's certainly stronger than my father, Castor, but I'm not sure if defeating him is enough to make the score went from 10 to 120.
Even if we consider the fact that my father got 30 for beating up the examiner, beating him should only get me 50 at most.

"Gayle.... Don't tell me, Gayle the knight commander?"

"I'm telling you exactly that! Knight commander-san who came to inspect the exam took the examiner's place who went somewhere to buy a sword! And then Mathi-kun beat up knight commander-san!"

Eh, that old man was the knight commander!?
No. There's no way. Knight commander should have been stronger than that.
If the knight commander is only that strong, one dragon would be enough to destroy this country.

"I thought Ruli wasn't the type to joke around, I really wanted to retort many things there..... Well, since your name is written here, they probably won't revoke you passing anyway, all should become clear on the entrance day!"

Ah, this girl stopped thinking about it.
Un. I'll do just that too. That's it.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Strongest Sage, Giving up Hitting the Target with Magic


"Next, Ruli Abendroht!"


The practical test for magic seems to be about hitting a target.
We have to hit five targets 30 meter away in any order.

From the explanation given before the test, you're given 10 chances to shoot at them all, and the less you use the chances to hit them and the higher the damage you give to the targets, the higher your score will be.
It's an orthodox method to test the basic of long-range attacks. Something similar to this existed in my past life.

However, the targets are quite big. Enough that it's harder to miss them instead.
As long as the output suffices, you'd quickly learn how to hit non-moving targets like these. I wonder if the presents age puts more importance to the mean rather than the end.
By the way, my turn is after Ruli yet again.

"Hit the targets with Fire Arrows."

"Yes!  ...Fire mana that dwells in my body, become a straight arrow and pierce the enemy before me!"

Following the instructor's order, Ruli chanted and then a fire arrow hit one of the targets.
I think her power and efficiency are a bit better than Biffgel's. Well, I suppose it'd be difficult to put a lead over someone else when both use chant magic that automatically controls your mana.

Ruli repeated the chant afterward, hit the five targets and then she declared that she was done.
The rules states that you can shoot the targets up to 10 times, but it seems she's going to stop here.
None of the target was destroyed, but it seemed Ruli was satisfied with the result as she went out of the exam ground with a satisfied look on her face.

"Next, Mathias Hildesheimr!"

One of the two examiners called my name.


"Hit the targets with Fire Arrows."

I've been thinking about it since Ruli's test, why should it has to be fire arrow I wonder.
I'm quite sure they didn't state anything about the type of magic you have to use during the explanation of the exam.

"Is using other magic than Fire Arrow not allowed?"

"That is not the case, however, it's the easiest magic to control, therefore--"

The examiner saw my crest halfway through and then his face changed to that of a pitying look.

"....Please don't lose hope. You might still be able to pass if your other tests went well."

For some reason, he's already assuming my failure.
I'm planning to clear this test though.

"I just have to destroy the targets right?"

"That's right.... Can you reach it?"

"I can't."

The Fourth Crest does have a short range for magic.
Let alone 30 meter, it can barely reach even 1/3 of that.

The other crest would have no problem hitting a target 30 meter away, you can say that this test has the worst compatibility with the Fourth Crest.
However, that doesn't mean that I can't pass this test.
There's no need to hit the targets with the magic just because they're targets.


"I can destroy the target even if I can't reach it.... By the way sensei, you'd better get away a bit. I will control the direction but it won't be perfect."

I began to construct a magic while saying that.
A powerful and complex magic incomparable to magic like 【Mana Strike】 and other lesser magic I had used up until now in the current world.


"I think you'd be safe if you step another five meter back."

It's not a magic that can be used in an actual combat since it takes too much time to construct.
Being able to talk like this during the preparation means it'd been over if this were a battle.
In addition, one shoot of this magic will exhaust most of the mana the current me has.
However, it's more than enough to pass this exam.

I completed the magic construction right when the examiner went outside the range while looking dubious.

"Then, I'm going.... Hmph!"

A gigantic magic circle appeared in front of me when I activated the magic I had constructed.
The magic circle began to rotate right after, and explosive flames started to gush out of it.
An explosive blast that possesses enormous amount of heat devastates the surroundings, dyeing my view red.

It's obviously overkill just to destroy those poor targets.
However, this is fine. The main part of this magic won't reach the targets after all. The maximum range of this magic is 10 meters.
I'm going to destroy the targets using the shockwave of the magic.

Now then. And the result is---

"....Huh? Did I overdo it...?"

I didn't know what the targets were made of so I constructed the magic with the assumption that they were of mithril alloy just in case, but I might have raised the power a bit too much.
The ground where the targets were placed have completely disappeared, you can't even tell where the targets were originally located.

The schoolyard where the exam is held is even worse off.
One part of the ground has evaporated into a vitrified crater.
It's still at the level where it can be quickly repaired with magic, but this looks a bit bad.

"....Huh? How strange. What's happening here....?"

I turned at the examiner to ask for the result, but he rubbed his eyes, hit his own head and did some doubtful gestures while muttering weirdly.
I made sure that the shockwave was mainly directed at the targets and barely reached the examiner though.... Did I make a mistake somewhere?

"Err, are you alright?"

I approach the instructor while preparing to use healing magic.
And I investigate his condition by looking at the mana reaction in his body.... I don't see anything odd.

"It doesn't seem that I'm alright. I'm seeing a hallucination. I'm seeing a hallucination where a Disqualified Crest blew away all the targets and created a crater in the schoolyard. And he wasn't chanting. Or is it my eyes. My eyesight must have gone bad."

"Sensei, it's not a hallucination."

"Reis-sensei, I heard a huge sound just now, what just--what the hell's this!"

The other examiners who came after hearing the sound didn't put the situation under control, it raised more confusion instead.
It took another hour for the uproar to settle down and for the result of my exam to be decided.

By the way, I didn't get punished or anything.
『Do Not Destroy the Schoolyard』 was fortunately not written in the exam rule.

I felt bad to leave the schoolyard as is so I quickly mended it with my remaining mana.
I had a feeling that the examiners who saw that had an astounded look on their faces, but I'm not going to mind it.
I had run out of mana, I would be helpless if I said something unnecessary and had to redo the exam.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Strongest Sage, Defeats an Unfamiliar Person


"You're Castor's son huh. His exam was terrible.... You're not gonna tell me that you're trying to pass the exam with only the practical test are you?"

This Gayle old man seems to know my father, Castor.

"That's exactly it. And so, what would you do?"

"Haahaahaa. Figured as much. Then I'll let you pass the exam regardless of the other results if you can put up a good fight against me. If you can do that much, the school higher-ups shouldn't have any complain.... If you can put up a good fight that is."

Gayle showed a smile like he was really enjoying it while saying that.
That said, it's not the same sarcastic smile that Biffgel occasionally showed.
If I have to say, it's closer to the smile this race of people called battle junkies show when they're up against someone they can have fun fighting against.

Well, the real combat addict would have attacked first before attempting to talk, so it's a little rude of me to call this old man a combat addict.
Still, a good fight huh. Apparently, he's severely underestimating me.
Ah. I forgot another term.

"Sorry. I forgot one thing, I can't just pass the exam regularly. I've got to pass as a scholarship student."

"...Is it money problem? I can see that you're reasonably capable just looking at your body. There're ways to pay for your tuition while you're attending the school y'know?"

"If I want to attend the school at my age, I have to enter as a scholarship student, that's the condition."

When he heard that, Gayle nodded like he understood.
Well, in reality, money was the biggest reason for it though.

"Aa. That sure is something Castor would say. Normally, this school accepts 15 year old children after all. Ordinary 12 year old can't apply, but there's no problem if they're extraordinary. Well, even if you don't get the scholarship, I'll talk to Castor about it depending on this fight.... Now then, are you ready?"

I still don't know the identity of this Gayle old man, but it appears he holds quite the authority with him.
He's been saying 'good fight' all this time, I wonder what'd happen if I beat him up.
....I should try it.

"I've always been ready."

"That seems to be the case. Then, allow me to--start!"

Gayle plunged at me while saying that.
Looks like he's holding back quite a bit since the other party is a 12 year old. I can see that he's considerate enough to not injure me.
If I make use of that, it's easy to decisively and quickly end the match.

However, that'd be meaningless. This isn't an actual fight, but an examination.
I'll win this head-on and make him recognize me. I'm pretty sure the current me has the power to realize that.

"Aren't you underestimating me too much?"

With these words, I used Physical Reinforcement and activated 【Mana Strike】 while blocking Gayle's training sword.
By the way, you're allowed to use magic that strengthen your body and sword in the swordsmanship test.
This rule must be in consideration of magic swords.


Gayle had his sword repelled and his body lost its balance.
However, he immediately regained it and took some distance away.

"Castor was quite dangerous himself, but you're even more of a monster huh.... Alright. I won't hold back either. I'm not gonna tell you to get out of this unscathed, but at least try not to die, you got it?"


The instructor who was in charge of recording shouted in bafflement, but Gayle didn't mind it at all.
The fact that the record keeper doesn't try to stop Gayle at all even though the situation clearly deviates from an exam probably shows that this Gayle person holds quite the authority.

Gayle fiercely plunged at me while I was thinking that.
There is no more shred of holding back in his movement. He's most likely stronger than my father.

I block his his sword head-on.
I can barely surpass Gayle's strength by using both Physical Reinforcement and Mana Strike together.

No. Even though he's doing it unconsciously, he's circulating a portion of his mana on his body, strengthening it, so his power is slightly higher than mine.
However, I can easily overturn this small difference with skills.

I slightly retreat while blocking and ward his sword sideway.
Gayle was trying to push ahead.... I activate 【Mana Layer Lubrication】 while matching his movement.
Just as the name suggests, 【Mana Layer Lubrication】 is magic that creates a layer of lubrication made of mana on the surface that makes a sword slips easier, but only for an instant.

However, the effect is huge in a sword-locking contest where even a small difference of strength could tip the balance.
Gayle's center of gravity got slightly weakened because his sword was suddenly slipping.
I didn't overlook that chance and stepped in at once, thrusting the tip of my sword on Gayle's neck.

"....I give."

Gayle declared his defeat.
I put my sword away when I saw that.

"Ga-Gayle-sama, lost? ....He held back didn't he....?"

"Gayle-sama looked like he was serious halfway through the match.... My eyes could barely catch up with it, I wasn't even sure what happened...."

It seems the record keepers haven't grasped the situation yet--well, Gayle will probably do something about it. Or rather, why's there a lot of magicians working as record keepers in the swordsmanship exam?
My practical swordsmanship test ended with that question in my mind.
The next one is the practical magic test.

...By the way, I still don't know Gayle's position even now. I wonder if he's the vice-principal?
Well, I'll probably find out once I get enrolled.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Strongest Sage, Get Left Behind by the Examiner


"You have 60 minutes for this exam! Begin!"

There would be written and practical tests and the written one was the first.
Probably due to the amount, the test isn't divided by subjects, everything has to be done in 60 minutes.

To be frank, I didn't prepare anything for this test. Or rather, I didn't know what kind of subjects would be in the test.
Thus, I'm completely improvising on-site.

From what I've seen, the test is about national language, magic circle math, and simple geography. And also combat arts.
The first two were all rudimentary so I didn't have any problem.
One of the question for the magic circle math was obviously on a whole different level than the rest, but well, it's still within the elementary level.

The map was also shaped like the one I was familiar with in my past life, so I didn't have any problem regarding the topology.
Well leaving aside the fact that the map was quite inaccurate, and that the drawn part was quite narrow with rest blackened out.

The problem was with the combat arts. Of course, it was my main field of expertise in my past life, but I'm not familiar with the arts used in this era.
'Write about Loita style swordsmanship', you ask. Hell if I know that.

....Let's just write some random things.
Conveniently enough, I had a sword nerd acquaintance with the same name in my past life. I just wrote the combat art she talked about and her way of fighting as is.
I abridged it though since it wouldn't have fitted the answer column if I wrote the whole thing.

The written test ended like such and the practical test is finally starting.
First, it's of swordsmanship. Just as I've anticipated, it's a practical battle against an instructor.

"Next, Ruli Abendroht!"


My turn is right after Ruli.
Ruli went into the exam room with the magic sword I augmented yesterday.
The instructor who's in charge of the test is carrying a common sword. The blade part has been ground out, probably as a safety measure.

"Swordsmanship examination, begin!"

With the signal, Ruli stepped forward and thrust her sword at the instructor.
It's an extremely basic move for a lightweight magic sword user. Of course, the instructor had predicted that too as he leisurely blocked Ruli's sword.

With a clank sound, Ruli's sword was flicked away, creating an opening on her. The instructor aimed at that moment and tried to thrust his sword at Ruli--but he did not succeed.
The instructor did try to thrust his sword. However, the instructor wasn't holding a sword, but the remain of a sword that had been broken on the middle.

Well, I guess this is the obvious result when a common sword clashes against Ruli's magic sword.



However, the two people in questions didn't expect this themselves.
The atmosphere in the exam room stiffened along with the dumbfounded voices.

The instructor pulled himself together first. He doesn't seem to be a swordsmanship instructor just for show, he swings his shortened sword at Ruli while still in confusion.
However, this time Ruli reacts properly and blocks the instructor's sword.
With a clink sword, the instructor's sword got even shorter.


Ruli thrusts at the instructor once again.
The instructor blocked it.... however, his sword broke again, completely losing its blade. The grip is the only thing left of the instructor's sword.
The instructor looked at his own sword with an amazed expression and held his hands up afterward.

"I give up. I heard that the sword passed down in Abendroht house was powerful, but this was too much...."

"This is not that sword though...."

"It's not?"

"The sword passed down in my family was broken recently. This one is a new sword."

"Now that you mention it, it does look newly made.... rather, isn't that a sword from Bass's store. Is it a new product?"

"It's not exactly a new product, but there's another sword with the same augments at that store... Huh? Where's the instructor."

"I'm gonna buy the sword right away! Yakato, do the rest!"

The instructor abandoned the exam and ran to the school's gate immediately after he said that.
The other examiners tried to bring him back in a hurry, but none could catch up to him.

The instructor ran off somewhere just like that.
Only Ruli, the examiners who's in charge of recording the result and me are left.

"....What should we do now?"

If the instructor in charge of the recording were a warrior, he might be able to act as a stand-in but his movements and build suggest that he's a magician.
Whom should I beat up now?

"Err, I'm a magician so I can't step in as the examiner...."

"In that case, I will take up the role."

The one who came forward was a man at the prime of his life who had been watching the exam at the corner of the room since awhile ago.
His build isn't too bad. He should be a good match against my father Castor.


"You've got no problem with me right?"

The instructor was going to say something when this Gayle-san made an eye signal, then he looked like he understood something and went silent.
Who the heck is Gayle.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 5

15-Intermission 5. At Muno Earldom (2)


"Has it come into view?"
"Yes, Satou-sama."

I received a report as the airship was about to arrive at Muno Castle and went to the airship from the Solitary Island Palace.

This airship isn't the property of the Tourism Ministry, but my personal one, it has been disguised to look shabby outwardly.
I've also reduced the maximum speed, it can only move as fast as a scooter.

The brownies who are in control of the airship said, "It has a taste that can't be found in the light ship and the newest model, nice", to me about the ship.

"Been a while since we were here hasn't it."

Mia nodded at Arisa who went out of the Solitary Island Palace after me.

"I wonder if the earl would be pleased with the souvenir?"
"It's awright~?"
"That's right nanodesu! There's no one--not many people who don't like meat nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi assured the worried Lulu that it'd be alright.
Pochi probably changed her words midway since Mia was in her view.

"Let's dismantle it immediately once we arrive there."
"Yes, Liza-san."

Lulu replied Liza's suggestion with a nice smile.
Liza had a serious expression on her face, but since her tail is swinging rhythmically, there's no doubt that she's looking forward to the meat dish that follows after the dismantling.

"So this is Karina-sama's home town."
"I've been wondering, is that an orchard?"

Zena-san is looking at the surroundings, Sera spoke while gazing at an orchard in the distant.

"Yes, we've opened a Lulu orchard with the cooperation of Viscount Emlin."
"Viscount Emlin's--"

Sera put a serious look on her face when she heard my reply.
My Attentive Ears skill picked up her mumbling, "To think they'd use that tactic to send their daughter in...." for some reason.

Viscount Emlin's seccond daughter, Lady Lina came to the earldom to work as Earl Muno's eldest daughter, Soruna's lady-in-waiting. She's currently working as a representative of viceroy in Brighton city, the city I'm in charge with.

She got to somehow become the representative due to the course of events, I don't think her father had that schemed.
Sera is probably just worrying too much.

"By Lulu fruit, do you mean that high class fruit?"
"Yes, that's right."
"I never knew that there was another Lulu orchard than the ones in Oyugock Dukedom."
"That's because it won't bore fruits yet for another two years."

The princess tilted her head with her hand on her cheek.
Since she loves Lulu cakes, she's probably aware of the producing area and such.

"Master, we have a report from the brownie so I inform."
"They want us to go to the passenger cabin since the ship will be descending soon desuwa."

Nana whose report was stolen by Lady Karina wore an aura of disappointment while still being expressionless.

We'd be fine here with my [Magic Hand] but we still went back inside.

"Satou-san, the brownie at the observation deck reported that they saw a row of carriages."

I thanked Zena-san who reported with a cheerful look and opened the map.
Apparently, the row of carriages belongs to Orion-kun the eldest son of the earl, and Lady Karina's little brother.

Since it's about time for him to graduate his school at the Duchy Capital, he probably comes back to start the study to become the next head of the family, not as a temporary vacation.
In addition to his, there are more than 10 carriages reflected on the radar, and every one of them has a young noble of Oyugock Dukedom inside.

--I guess even Orion-kun has friends whom he can bring home with.

Such a rude thought flashed in my mind, but I lightly shook my head to dispel my prejudice away.

"He's waving at us nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi who found Earl Muno waving from the castle window looked up at me while pointing at him.
I assented and praised them, "Good work finding him", but the two of them misunderstood that, they rushed to the deck and jumped to the castle's window.

Their sounds of landing differed, 'Shutat' with Tama, and 'Bitaan' with Pochi but they arrived at the window where the Earl Muno was without any injury.

"M-me too!"
"You cannot Karina-sama."

I grabbed the nape of Lady Karina who was going to rush to deck, stopping her.

Good grief, she really doesn't think like a blooming noble daughter she is.

"Ooh, I'm glad to see Pochi-kun and Tama-kun looking as lively as always."
"Nihehe~? Wer back~?"
"We're back nanodesu."

I heard the conversation between Earl Muno, Tama and Pochi.

"Welcome back, what is the hydra that's hanging on the airship?"

Earl Muno asked Pochi and Tama when he saw the meat souvenir.

"That's right nanodesu. It's the tastiest of hydra, the three-headed hydra nanodesu."

Just as Pochi's said, among the kind of hydra that are all delicious, the three-headed one is the tastiest.
The two headed one has this strange bloodiness to it, the four headed one's meat is too hard, there's only a few way to cook it.
Liza herself thinks that it doesn't have the chewiness of a five-headed hydra, but I don't think that viewpoint is shared by many people.

"Satou-sama, we will be dropping the hydra over there."
"Yeah, I'll leave it to you."

I left it to Brownie without meddling.

After dropping the hydra at the backyard, the airship landed in the courtyard of Muno castle.

"Welcome back, Satou-kun, Karina."
"We have returned Earl Muno."
"Father, onee-sama, I'm back--!"
"My my, oh Karina."

I bowed like a noble to Earl Muno who met us in the courtyard himself.
Lady Karina ran up to her family and hugged her older sister and father.

After the princess and the other girls went down and greeted them lightly, we're changing place to Earl Muno's private room.
Liza and Lulu went to the backyard to dismantle the hydra.

Along the way--.

"So that's Pendragon--Damn treacherous fiend and his usurpation plot."

--There was a young man muttering that misguided accusation.

He's not a citizen of Muno, but of Dalgan city that's located at the northern end of Oyugock Dukedom.
I'm not sure why a citizen from another fief is inside the Muno castle, but since the guards inside are only looking at him with troubled looks without asking his identity, it doesn't look like he's a suspicious person who lost his way here.

Since he said it in a volume that wouldn't get heard without the Attentive Ears skill and he was a commoner without an official position, so I ignored him.
I memo'ed his name at least since it'd be troublesome if he spread some strange rumor about me.

"Ceremony for ennoblement of honorary chevalier?"
"Umu, Hauto-kun has passed his etiquette test. I think it's about time to appoint him as a honorary chevalier and get him to marry Soruna."

The first topic we had when we got to the private room was about the former fake hero Hauto turning a honorary noble.

Of course, many things, like how Lady Soruna was surprised with her eyes wide open when she met the princess for the first time and how the castle employees were peeking at the princess and Sera while hiding also happened, but let's omit that.

"Earl, we should get Zotor to be a honorary chevalier too while we're at it."
"Would they allow it?"

Earl Muno replied anxiously at Ms Nina's suggestion.

"His atonement period is about to end soon, it should be fine."

Is the [Atonement] she mentioned is in regard to how he left the army due to his dissatisfaction toward the lesser demon posing as consul and acted as a chivalrous thief?
I don't think it's a big enough sin that he ought to make up for, but I still don't really understand the value system in this world even now, so I accept it as is.

"When will the wedding ceremony be held?"

The only wedding ceremony I had attended in this world was of Tisrad, the eldest son of Duke Oyugock and Sera's elder brother.


Lady Soruna tilted her head quizzically.


Maybe it's something that only family attend?

"Only the pedigreed noble at the Royal Capital hold a reception for their children other than the heir. Other nobles aren't going to come unless it's for the heir even if you invite them."

Ms. Nina said that like she couldn't believe me.

Come to think of it, traveling in this world was dangerous wasn't it.
The one inviting and the one coming would need to mobilize the army to clean up the highway, it'd cost them quite a bit.

Moreover, this world adopts polygamy so people have a lot of children, no wonder they won't hold a ceremony for every one of them.

"But isn't it too sad if we don't do anything?"
"That's true. It might be a good idea to hold something like a festival that also serves as an announcement to the populace."

At Arisa's appeal, Ms. Nina spoke while stroking her chin.

"And we've got more than enough hydra meat here, how about using it for Soruna-sama's wedding ceremony?"
"Are you sure? That much meat would net you quite a sum y'know?"
"Yes, it's always been a souvenir for the earl."

Besides, turning hydra meat into jerky makes it too hard, it's not well suited for long-time preservation.
In the first place, we hunted the hydra to hold a meat festival and also strengthen Muno Earldom's army anyway.

"Then, since Orion-kun will also come home within half a month, let's hold a wedding for both."
"Soruna is a bride-san nanodesu!"

Lured by the excited Earl Muno, Tama and Pochi who were single-mindedly nibbling baked sweets beside him took up happy poses too.
Looks like they heard us talking even though they seemingly didn't.

"Ufufu, oh father, you're too hasty."
"Really. Let's say the bridal dress, that won't be ready in just half a month."
"We also need to decorate things."

Lady Soruna chided Earl Muno while looking like she wasn't at all dissatisfied with it, Ms. Nina and Yuyurina the civil official with braided hair told him the reasons.
The jewels that will be used as adornment seem to come from the tribute that the kobolds from the abandoned mine town gave.

"Doing an ennoblement ceremony during Orion-sama's absence! What's your objective, Pendragon!"

The young man I saw earlier snarled at me while I was heading to the ennoblement ceremony room together with Sir Zotor and Hauto-kun.

"Oy, watch your mouth."

Sir Zotor rebuked him with a scowl.
Not sure if the timing is good or bad, it's just right as Earl Muno and Ms. Nina have gone to the ceremony room.

"What'd you say you Pendragon's dog! Are you going up against this Gira-sama whom Orion-sama has entrusted to be the territory's inspector!"

I see, a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger huh--no, a rat that borrows the authority of a cat I guess?

"What is this about?"
"Our apologies, Sir Pendragon."

It seems Sir Zotor and Hauto-kun can't rebuke the young man strongly, in honor of Orion-kun the next family head.

"Hmph, if you know your place--"
"What if I do?"

I release a concentrated [Coercion] that would even bind a lesser demon up at the unpleasant young man.
It was only for an instant, but the effect was tremendous, he forgot to breathe and passed out.

"Did I overdo it?"
"No, he, a commoner, did verbally abuse a noble. Normally, he'd have been enslaved into a crime slave or executed."

Ms. Nina who came out of the corridor denied the question I asked at Sir Zotor.

"Geez, I wish Orion-dono sent someone better than this guy to inspect things."
"It seems he's a childhood friend of Orion-dono, he probably appealed to him using that?"

Hauto-dono who had been silent for a while replied Ms. Nina's grumble.
I see, he can't use his friend as a spy in the Duchy Capital after all, I can understand the situation.

Though I agree with Ms. Nina, he should have first thought it through when choosing personnels.

While we were talking, she ordered the guards who was watching us at a distance to imprison the unconscious young man in the jail.
I have no interest in his fate, so I'm going to leave the punishment to Earl Muno and Ms. Nina.

Regardless of that trivial matter, Sir Zotor and Hauto-kun ennoblement proceeded smoothly, and Muno Earldom got new nobles.
It seems Sir Zotor will be elevated into Honorary Baron and Hauto-kun into Honorary Baronet at the next Kingdom Conference, though they haven't told the two yet.
It seems their ennoblement is urgently needed since Muno Earldom is lacking viceroy and governors.

"Father, I'm back!"
"Welcome back, Orion."
"Have you grown again?"
"Soruna-neesama, it hasn't been that long since we last met."
"You're getting cheeky for Orion."
"Karina-neesama, please stop with your hugging habit. My retainers are watching."

After the ennoblement ceremony, we greeted Orion-kun's party that had just arrived.
Muno family sure has a lot of skinship.

Orion-kun's eyes that were softened from meeting his family turned grave when he saw me.


He seemed normal despite his bursting sister complex when he went with us to Brighton City and during the liberation of the abandoned mine town, I wonder what happened?


The young man Gira who should have been detained earlier rushed here together with some men with unpleasant looks who seemed to be his friends.
Orion-kun looked nostalgic somewhat, but it seemed he couldn't remember their names as he didn't speak of it at all.

Gira and his cohorts didn't seem to notice that as they stood in front of him with their hands pointing at me to condemn me.

"Really now, they look like underlings who'd be crushed doing domestic administrations."

I agreed to Arisa's muttering.

It'd be annoying if this guy left a bad taste on our reunion at Muno Earldom.
I look for the highly stealth mind magic [Stun Hand] in the Magic Column.

"Lots and lots of noble person nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who saw the young nobles getting down from their carriages reported.
It seems these two have completely forgotten about it, but you girls are also nobles with peerage now you know?

"There's a lot of pretty ones."
"You're right. You can make an otome or a girl game with this line up."

There's a lot of women among Orion-kun's friends.
I'm thinking that they might be candidates to be Orion-kun's mistress.

"Hahhahha! The heaven is on our side!"

The young man Gira triumphantly said that.

A young nobleman stepped forward beside him.
It's a refreshing handsome young man who'd be high in the class caste somehow.

The young man Gira grinned at the entry of his comrade.


"Hey, you're in the way."

The young noble man lightly pushed the young man Gira away, came before me and lightly bowed.

"Nice to meet you, Viscount Pendragon-sama. I'm the grandson of Marquis Lloyd, Izo Llyod. I have come to visit the earldom as a candidate for Orion-sama's retainer. I would love to hear about Muno Earldom from Viscount."

He's acting all friendly for some reason.

"Hold on, Izo! Stop stealing the march. Viscount Pendragon-sama, I'm Marimo from Baronet Fukke house that's related to Earl Houen--"
"Too long! My name is Myumir, daughter of Baron Jitbelt. By all means, would viscount please teach me as a senior retainer, if possible at night in a private room--"
"I'm Batts of Baronet Henz--"

Starting with the young man, the young nobles introduced themselves to me one after another.
Some carnivorous women also mixed among them, but I pretended to not notice them as I ignored them.

"T-this is...."
"They thought that they would be able to get acquainted with Sir Pendragon if they became my retainers."

Orion-kun replied the young Gira's question.
I can see that they're really childhood friends looking at them.


One of the maids whispered to Orion's ear.
She looked familiar, turned out she was Pina, the head maid who served Lady Karina back then.

According to Attentive Ears skill, it seems the content is about the quarrel that led to the young man Gira's imprisonment earlier.

"I do cherish the memories of us playing together when we were little."

The young man Gira looked puzzled at Orion-kun who suddenly spoke like he was "bidding farewell."

One of his friends that helped him escape the jail realized the situation and ran away into the crowd.
It's good that he's perceptive, but it wouldn't do me any good to leave someone who might hold an unjustified resentment alone, so I pulled his legs with [Magic Hands], letting him fall before the guards.

"I will ensure that you keep your life at the very least."
"Orion-sama.... B-but! Ori--"

The young man Gira's mouth was blocked and he got taken back to the dungeon.

"Viscount Pendragon-sama, I'm sorry for the trouble my childhood friend caused you. I will be sure to make up for it."

Whoa, he would have snarled at me together with his friend if it was the same Orion from before, but for him to apologize for his friend's impoliteness like this, looks like he's grown up in this short period of time.

"And you guys! I understand that you admire Sir Pendragon and all, but have some modesty and restraint. Don't forget that outwardly, you're candidates to become my retainers."

In a sense, what he said was servile, but there wasn't a shred of envy in Orion-kun's eyes even if it seemed like he found them unbelievable.
Even though it's of a different type than Earl Muno, it appears he's establishing his own style as a territory lord.

Wonder what changed him?

"Pregnant woman-san nanodesu!"

The answer was at the end of the eagle eyed Tama and Pochi's line of sight.
The stomach of Muse, Orion-kun's fiancee is swelling.

According to AR, it seems she has a boy and a girl twin.

The thing that has changed him must be his readiness to be a husband and a father, I'm sure.

That reminds me, the president who offered a marriage meeting to Mr. Metabo said this, "It's an environment that will promote a man to be responsible."
I still don't really understand, but that might be it.

"I think she's already in her fourth month?"

Arisa followed up with 'I know, I've got a lot of parent friends'.
Is it just my imagination or did she seemed like she ridiculed herself.

"Ara ara, my my."
"Nice job, young master."

Earl Muno was surprised, Lady Soruna's face was overjoyed, Ms. Nina muttered in admiration.
Lady Karina is like a broken record.

Shotgun marriages are nothing news for me, but perhaps premarital sexual relationship is unusual in this world.

"I've prepared myself to get passed over by Karina, but I never thought that Muse-dono would too."
"No worries, we're gonna catch up to them real quick."

Hauto-kun leisurely smiled at Lady Soruna.

"Now then, let us celebrate the birth of the next successive Earl of Muno this night. Lulu and I will show our skills."
"Hee, looking forward to that."

I brought along the young nobles who offered their helps and started the preparation for the barbecue festival.
Of course, I did not only prepare meat, but also salad and jelly made from sour citrus for the mother.

I was all smile before I knew it, probably because the unexpected auspicious occasion and the growth of the family of my friend were happening right before my eyes.

While watching over Mia who was singing a tune for the meat festival and Tama and Pochi who were dancing to that tune, I continued to cook in front of the wire mesh with an unusually pleasant feeling in my heart.

Celebration really is nice!

※ The next update is undecided.
Lately, the company I work at has been at its busiest yet....

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