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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Strongest Sage, Solidifies the Wall


"Another way?"

"Yeah. The quickest way to gather monsters is by tricking their perception... But that's not the only way. Fortunately, I've got a general idea what the monsters are chasing."


"Yeah. Simply put, they're heading to places where there's a lot of people."

I see one rule as the main driving force of these monsters actions.

These monsters are heading to places with many humans.
Lots of monsters area going to places with lots of people, but only a few are heading to places scarce of people.

It seems distances don't mean much, the monsters are prioritizing densely populated places even though they're a bit far away.
In fact, there's only 10 monsters at most heading toward us, the rest pass right by me.
Though well, considering they're not heading to the royal capital, the most populated place, that one must be too far.

"Places with many people... Doesn't that mean the monsters will ignore adventurers and rush to the city no matter how hard we try to get in their way!?"

"Yep. Moreover, not all the residents of the labyrinth city are adventurers. Gathering people outside the city to lure these monster is not a realistic proposition."

"...If we reinforce part of the outer wall with magic, then rally people close by it, the monsters will gather on the other side of the wall right? We can clean them all up in one fell swoop by setting up traps there... Let's hurry!"

After saying that, I turn back to the labyrinth city.
Fortunately, the majority of monsters can't go fast.
If we run back now, we should be able to prepare everything before the city's wall collapse.

After a bit while.
We've arrived at the labyrinth city's outer wall.
Judging from the mana reaction, only a few monsters have reached the city, so the people are still holding out somehow.

"This is the easiest place to gather people. Let's set up the trap here! Alma and Iris, rout any monster that try to get near us!"


<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Trap... Which magic should we use!"

When I designated the place, Ruli took out a magic stone and threw a question.

Even though those monsters aren't really that strong, there's just too many of them, thus ordinary attacks or magic can't possibly beat them all.
Guess we have to use that magic here.

"Right... Use this one. And not with that small magic stone, but these."

I gave several reasonably sized magic stones to Ruli while drawing a magic circle of a kind of barrier magic on the ground.
If you unleash an attack magic inside the space enclosed by this barrier, its firepower will be contained within, making it more fatal.

"I-I understand!"

I touch the nearby wall while Ruli is magic augmenting.
The city's outer wall is made of wooden frames, reinforced with hardened soil.
As it is now, it'll get easily broken through once the monsters gather.

I observe the monsters' mana reaction once again after thinking this far.
I'm estimating the load on the wall by looking at the state of their mana.
I could reinforce the wall haphazardly if I wanted to, but I'd like to preserve my mana as much as possible here.

"Well, this should do."

I finished reinforcing the wall right as Ruli was done with the magic tools.
I've melted the wall with earth magic once and bonded them together stronger.

This should be enough to withstand the monsters for the time being.
Its surface might be shaved a bit when the attack magic is fired though.

Now then... preparation complete.
Next, we just need to gather people here... Unfortunately, this area isn't spacious enough to hold the whole city.

...Let's move these buildings out the way for now.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-18

16-18. To the Country of Sun (3)


Satou here. A friend insisted that music has power to stir people emotion. That friend used scenes in anime where the theme song got played, but if I have to say, I think that's just a typical case of insert songs.

Ornaments glittering with magical lights are swaying, those lights are reflected on the oiled dark brown skins, emphasizing captivating body lines.
Moreover, matching the dancing moves, the short thin fabric flutter about, instinctively drawing line of sights to it.

--T'was a sight for sore eyes.

"Are ye enjoying yourself Earl Pendragon."
"I am, King of Sania."

Evening of the audience day with king of Sania, we're being welcomed with a banquet held by the king.
Zabuton-sized cushions are laid out on top of the soft fluffy carpet where we're sitting.

Authorities of Sania Kingdom are sitting on the carpet in such a way to create a circle, and dancer-sans are performing a wonderful dance in the center space of the circle.
The exposure rate of people in this country is scarce for both men and women, but these girls are practically half-naked, looking sensual.

"It's truly a magnificent dance."
"Umu, 'tis a traditional art older than our country itself."

--Hohou. What a wonderful culture.

"The temple folks scorn it, vulgar they say, but it is nothing to be ashamed about."

Sania king left a weak impression on me, but he looked a bit cool at this moment.
As expected of the bearer of the hidden titles, [Cultural Guardian] and [Mentor of Traditional Art].


Cheers erupted at the opposite side of the circle where the [Clan of Sword] gathered.
It doesn't look good, like they're drunk.

"Get out of the way! This great me will show you the real thing."

A huge man carrying a largish scimitar went to the center of the stage, and drove the dancers away.

--What savagery!

My indignation seemed to have leaked through the impenetrable defense of Poker Face-sensei skill, several of the [Clan of Sword] people sitting on the opposite side got hit by the [Coercion] skill and got knocked out.
Would have been nice if the the savage drunk idiot-kun also got hit, but he got off it since it was just right when I turned my gaze aside.

Idiot-kun threw away his coat, drew his sword and began to dance.
It looks to be a sword dance.

"M-Master swordsman Dorito's dance is famous these days. I-I'm sure, Earl Pendragon too--"

King Sania covered for Idiot-kun.
Looks like he got hit by Coercion skill a bit, he tapered halfway through.

Still, that's a master swordsman huh--
According to AR reading, he's a level 45 swordsman and the little brother of the [Clan of Sword]'s head, the clan's number 2.
I'm intrigued by the [Special Move: Golden Sword] and [Secret Move: Sun Slash Sword]. I'd like to see them at least once.

Putting that aside--.

This master swordsman has been glancing here with a triumphant look on his face since a while ago, it's annoying.

The master swordsman's dance aside, the musical performance is exotic and worth listening to.
This tune must be originally for raising fighting spirit though.

Seeing me not reacting, the master swordsman stopped during the music interlude and walked toward me while smiling ferociously.
Forgetting the drawn sword aside, please stop staring at me with sweat all over your muscled body while breathing roughly.

"I hear that Demon Slayer-dono is also an expert swordsman. Shall we dedicate a dance to Gods together?"

Is he talking about sword dance thing?
I'd gladly become a dancing partner if the other party is a beautiful female swordsman, but not really when it's a muscled daruma.

"Or maybe you're scared to expose yourself before my sword even in a performance?"

The master swordsman provoked me while looking down on me.
Does he want to show off that he's better a better swordsman than me?

Liza, who's sitting beside me, has been leaking out killing intent since a while ago.
Looks like she doesn't like this master swordsman's attitudes.

"Master, allow me."
"I am Master's shield so I announce."

Liza and Nana expressed their wish to dance.

"Is the one known as Demon Lord Slayer gonna hide inside a woman's skirt?"

The master swordsman provoked further, Liza and Nana were about to stand up.
I stopped them with a hand.

They would blatantly go at this to beat him if I let these two take care of this.

"I can't exactly refuse your enthusiastic invitation now, can I."

Since I was unarmed, I borrowed a sword from Sania King's escort and walked toward the center space.
A loud cheers erupted from the Clan of Sword for the master swordsman, really magnifies the feeling of being on the away side.


Since the music starts, I faultlessly dance while recalling the master swordsman's sword dance earlier.

The master swordsman's sword almost hit me dangerously several times.
The [Clan of Sword] people cheered every time it happened, but the maids and the dancers screamed.
Liza and Nana were releasing their bloodlust toward the master swordsman, so I told them that I'm fine through [Telephone].

Judging from the fact that no one tries to stop it even though it's dangerous like this, sword dances must be in fashion in this country.
Then I've got to match them.

Right, left, up, down.

The sword dance gradually accelerates.

I thought it would be boring, but it's unexpectedly fun.
The speed is similar to playing cards.

The gallery peanut is frolic to watch the high speed sword dance.
The musical accompaniment also matches the sword dance's speed, gradually raising the tempo, helping heating the place up.

In contrast, the master swordsman is wiping his profuse sweat with a frantic look on his face.

I have no obligation to hold back here, so I'm gonna increase my speed again right when the tempo increases.


The master swordsman disappeared in front of me.
No, he slipped on his own sweat.

Cheers and laughter erupted from people other than the Clan of Sword, the loud yells of the Clan of Swords bunch faded out.

"Did you slip on your sweat?"

The master swordsman was looking at the floor with a dark red face that seemed like he had an apoplexy, so I extended my hand with a smile.

"--No need."

The master swordsman was going to flick my hand, so I lightly evaded it.
The master swordsman whose face got even more redder left the place while perking his shoulders.

His career would have been over if this were in Shiga Kingdom, but it seems to be no problem in this country as no one is criticizing him. Even the Sania King.
No, Sania King is flapping his mouth open and close with a pale face, so it might have been rude by this country's standard too.

"Cheers for Earl Pendragon-sama's wonderful sword dance!"

When a close aide of the Sania King shouted that, the remaining officials and singers gave their applauses.
Immediately after, a bright tune got played and the dancers who were chased away earlier resumed their lovely dance.

This Sania Kingdom has a lot of problem but it appears that there are some tactful people left here.

"Earl-sama, that was a terrific sword dance."
"I'd love to hear about your demon lord slaying saga."

By the close aide's instructions, beautiful women and girls in dancer outfits approached me and poured drink while being glued close to me.
It's a cheap way to entertain someone, but these girls have no sin, so I let myself to be entertained.
After enjoying a soft and fluffy moment and drinking a lot, the pale faced Sania King left his seat, thus I also left the banquet.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"This is a splendid garden."
"Yes, this was relocated from the capital at the end of Furu Empire."

I stare at the southern paradise-like garden filled with blooming flowers as we walk in the passageway adorned with relief.
I wanted to enjoy the exquisite courtyard a bit more, but it seems that you can find uncouth people everywhere.
I look at two shadows hiding behind a bush.


I gave a consent to Liza's whisper.
Nana casually moved to where she could protect me.

Looks like the two noticed the shadows too.

I won't hesitate to expel them if they are assassins, but since their bloodlust is way too obvious, they're probably people from the earlier master swordsman's clan seeking revenge.

"Who's there!"

Maid-san called out at the man and woman who didn't even attempt to hide their figures.
Maid-san held her breath when she saw the two under the moonlight.

"Zanza-sama? Myufa-sama? What business do 『Clan of Sword』 have with us?"

Looks like the maid is familiar with them.

"This got nothing to do with a mere servant."

The handsome swordsman Zanza ignored the maid after saying that and walked toward me with the beautiful swordswoman Myufa.
Zanza boy is carrying a single-edged scimitar made from monster parts on his back.
While Myufa's is two single-edged swords made from the same material.

"Show us the demon lord slayer's swordsmanship which took down our uncle."

Is he talking about the sword dance?

"We want to fight the strongest swordsman there is."
"Of course, in a serious match."

Myufa supplemented Zanza's line.
They're quite a hot-headed bunch despite their intellectual-looking faces.

"Master, allow me to take care of this."
"I will be their opponent instead Master so I inform."

Liza and Nana got between me and the two.

"I will accept your challenge if you two can win against these two."
"Are you telling me, the next master swordsman, to fight women?"
"This discussion is over if you don't want to."

I told the dissatisfied two that there was no room for negotiation.

I'd like to sleep early today. I got too fired up in the talk with the dancers since the impregnable fortress pair wasn't present so I felt slightly tired.

"I got it, let's end this quick and get you on the stage."

Zanza boy pointed at the courtyard arrogantly.
Is he going to fight in this beautiful garden?

"Zanza-sama! This garden is Sania Kingdom's--"
"Shut up."

Zanza interrupted the maid who was going to scold him with words filled with bloodlust.

"No need to go out to the garden. Just fight in this corridor."
"Hmph, fine then. It'd end with a slash from my golden sword anyway."

Zanza boy agreed with my suggestion and stood before Nana in the passageway.
Nana readied her round shield and one-handed sword she took out of the magic bag.

"Here goes, Special Move--<<Golden Sword>>"

Zanza boy's single-edged sword is clad in golden light.
Zanza boy who's clad in golden light steps forward at a speed that equals Flickering Movement.

I saw Nana lightly pulling back her shield.

Right after, roaring sounds and screams filled the passageway.
Nana is standing with her shield thrust out at the place where Zanza boy was, Zanza boy himself had fainted on a broken pillar at the end of the passageway in an upside down position.

Zanza boy who received Nana's Shield Bash is in critical condition.
His limbs are broken in weird directions and he's coughing dangerous colored blood.


The witness of that disastrous scene, Myufa, screamed sorrowfully.

It'd be bad to leave him alone, so I took out a mid level potion from my bosom and sprinkled it on Zanza.
I healed him after correcting his broken limbs with [Magic Hands] so there should be no problem.

"Trivial, so I inform."

Myufa is glaring.

"Do you want to fight? So I inquire."

Myufa nodded with a pale face at Nana's question.

"Nii-sama's enemy."

Myufa started the fight after shouting like she was the victim here.

Nana fires her Shield Bash at Myufa who's taking the defensive posture.
As if saying that she wouldn't repeat Zanza boy's mistake, she evaded that attack by jumping and did a splendid somersault above Nana.
She went for Nana's head when she was about to leap over her, but Nana who was clad in Magic Edge easily destroyed her magic swords.

"My swords!"

The shocked Myufa was hit by the second Shield Bash before she could land.
Receiving an attack from Nana who doesn't discriminate against sexes, Myufa ended up in the same state as Zanza boy.

"Defenselessly jumping there was a bad move so I inform."

Nana announced her victory while taking her signature pose.
True, not being able to at least do a double jump makes for a good target.

I healed Myufa like I did Zanza boy, and left them alone while they were still unconscious as we went to our room.
I saw their attendants on the Radar, they'd probably collect them anyway.

Naked dancers-san are lying in wait, like it's some honey trap, in the room allocated for me.

"Guilty so I announce."

Nana who went in the room after me drove the dancers-san away after saying that while looking oddly cheerful.
She probably wanted to say [Guilty] like Arisa and Mia did.

"Master Nagasaki! Forgive us for our rudeness last night. Please make me your disciple!"
"I'd like to be your disciple too please! I was keenly made aware of my immaturity from Master's technique."

The next morning, Zanza boy and Myufa intruded on us and asked to be Nana's apprentices.

"Becoming pupils is impossible for anyone but young organisms, so I inform."
"Y-Young organisms?"
"Please don't say that!"

This sibling is quite persistent.

They were quiet during breakfast, but they kept pestering her even after she refused them many times.
To the point that Nana who was usually expressionless emanates her fed up.

The sibling rode on camel and chased after us who rode on a camel carriage, but they had a complex expression on their faces when we stopped in front of Heraruon Temple.
The little sister, Myufa said "I hate temples" and turned the camel's head around, and Zanza boy went after his sister afterward, leaving the temple.

Please don't do those kind of implicative acts.
Well, I guess it's better than having them around, getting in the way.

"Master, the temple's symbol is that of sun so I inform."
"Still, this temple is humongous."
"Yeah, it really is."

It's a very huge temple for being located at a mid-sized country.
According to AR info, the sun symbol isn't only made of colored glass and gems, it also has Light Stones and Light Crystals embedded inside, emitting mystical lights.
This building would have looked even more impressive if we visited by at night.

After going up long stairs at the entrance, a Heraruon Temple priest wearing luxurious vestment was waiting for us.

"We have been waiting for you--"

The priest said that courteously.
It felt a bit hostile for some reason.

"--One who challenges Trials of Gods."

The priest is glaring at me with prickly gazes.
I don't remember having done anything to make the priests here glaring at me though.

Before I could say anything, the priest turned around as if saying, "Follow me", and went into the temple without even looking back.
Since I can't exactly go back here, I shrug my shoulders and follow after the priest with Liza and Nana.

Now then, wonder what's the trial here about?

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Nobusada's Path of Training ②


Putting my spirit into it and resume the training... this is Nobusada who should have done that.
Presently, I've been tied on a wooden training dummy. My upper half is tightly binded you see. How'd it come to this?

"Well then, Nobusada-san. I will be throwing my fists now, please watch them carefully without blinking okay."

That's what she says. My upper half is tied because I might get hit by her fist if I move carelessly.
First, a training to strengthen kinetic vision? done by apparently watching Eleanor-san's fists, getting used to their speed and removing my fear.
I'm already like a carp on a chopping board. Ready to be cooked in any way.
Oops, looks like Eleanor-san is ready while I was thinking that.

"Now then, here I go."

With that, fwoosh, something passed right beside my face.
Eeeee, I couldn't see it at all. I was able to see Gian's fists, even only a little, but her speed is pretty much in a whole different dimension.



Fists passed the sides of my face with each sounds of wind getting cut. And I don't think it's just my imagination. It's gradually getting closer to my face, her fist that is! I don't feel any fear. It's probably because there's no killing intent, and maybe also because I just got punched senselessly the day before yesterday.

After a bit while. Discerning Magic Eye-sama could finally, slightly, catch her fist.
Or to be more correct, I didn't only watch her fist, but her entire body, and then I grasped the timing of her fists by observing the flow of its movements. Staring hard at the sexy Eleanor-san whose training clothes stick to her sweaty body is my ulterior motive though!!

"You've gotten used to this speed already? You have really good eyes. I thought it would take longer. Then maybe I should hasten the pace a bit."

Mumumu, no wait, it was just a tiny little bit... Or rather, Eleanor-san can still go faster? But she's already faster than Gian.

"B-by the way, how much you're holding back right now?"

"Let me see. I think it's around 30% now."

W-whaaaaat! She hasn't even shown 1/3 of her power. It just hits me again how amazing she is.
Eleanor-san was done preparing while I was thinking that.


A wind cutting sound that was more intense than earlier passed my face.
Yup, I don't see anything at all. Not her fist nor her body. I'm scared. The shockwave-like thing is rattling my cheeks.
I'm trying to learn even a bit while desperately fighting the urge to close my eyes. I'm almost losing to the fear, but I motivate myself by convincing myself that this is a training.

And then, I noticed one thing.

Eleanor-san's face is getting to look amorous!

Her cheeks look slightly flush. Her usual cool face turned into an enraptured expression of a woman.
Wonder why my instinct is sounding alarm for danger. Have a dangerous been inadvertently opened inside Eleanor-san?



The speed has obviously gotten faster! And the gap is paper-thin now.

"Fufu, ufufufu."

Wait a minute Eleanor-san, did you lick your lips just now? I don't taste that good you know.
Hyowaaaa, the wind pressure is starting to create marks on my face like it's grazing me? Or rather, isn't it really grazing me?
I stare with desperate eyes at Eleanor-san who's gradually raising her speed. The special training continues on as I stay immobile cause carelessly moving might get me hit. I mean, a fist comes whenever I try to make a sound.
In the end, this went on until Eleanor-san lost her breath. My face is full of welt-like red lesions.

"I-I'm sorry, Nobusada-san. I got too much into it...."

"No no, this much is nothing. Sorry, but could you untie me for now?"

"Y-yes, of course."

I ran to the toilet at once after getting liberated. I'll take this secret of almost pissing myself in front of Eleanor-san to my grave. It was just that scary.
When I went back to Eleanor-san while sighing in relief, I heard her murmur.

"Haa, I did it again.... Just why can't I hold back when I'm focusing too much. What should I do if Nobusada-san won't come back after this. And father was happy to have a new pupil in a while too...."

Muu, looks like this isn't the first time this happened. It's true that my mind almost broke for a minute there, but I can still go at it! A man has to shut up and endure. I almost shouted out loud though!

"Eleanor-san, thank you for waiting. Now, shall we continue then?"

"Nobusada-san, are you alright? If you don't feel like it now or..."

"I'm completely fine. I can use Heal to quickly cure a little bit of wound, so let's keep at it."

"Y-yes... Since the schedule today is only throughout the morning, let's have kumite until the time is up. Please don't hold back as I won't counter. Maybe, I'll even give you a reward if you can get a hit on me."

What!? I'm all fired up now. I'm weak with reward and stuff, you see.

We take a stance and face each other.
I send out a straight right jab from attack form with all my might. Of course, she easily parried it since there was no feint or anything.
The fact that she won't get any damage from me no matter what I do is relieving in a way. I can go at this with all my might without worrying Eleanor-san getting injured.
I revise my movements little by little by mimicking Eleanor-san's movements earlier. Connected flowing attack instead of one-off shots. Considering my current physique and build, it's probably impossible to end this match in one hit. Then it's a battle of move number. Therefore, Eleanor-san's movements make for a really good reference.
Perhaps Master entrusted the initial training to Eleanor-san for this reason.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

We're in the sixth match now with a break every 10 minutes. This is probably the last considering the time. Even now, I only touched Eleanor-san when she parried me. I still haven't get a hit on her.

I'd like to surprise her a bit at least. Thus, I'm thinking of trying various moves this time.
Imitating boxing jab, one two to smash. Crouching leg sweep continuing to jumping uppercut.
My throwing attempts were in vain as I couldn't even catch her.
Uhahaha, this match is choke full of amateur's shallow thinking.  It's rather refreshing that all of them failed.

In that case, I'll get close to her to the limit.
Eleanor-san is keeping her guard but she's still not moving. Right before I get next to her I draw my hands back.


A loud sound resounded from my hands in front of Eleanor-san. It's the so called Nekodamashi. Even Eleanor-san didn't expect this, her body stiffened.
And just right when I'm going all in to try to catch her clothes' neckline.

Tettere~♪ Acquired Grappling Lv1

Surprised by the sudden noGoddess's announcement which had been absent until now, I inadvertently tripped my leg. And I ended up making a dive onto Eleanor-san.
Eleanor-san who didn't anticipate the Nekodamashi and my dive at all seemed to be taken off guard too and fell.

Ow ow ow, I failed. And it was my chance too.


Monyun? There's something soft on my right hand...
My eyes matched Eleanor-san's when I opened them. The smallish yet nice sensation on my right hand is....




My view was immediately filled with a fist before I blacked out.


I was sleeping on sofa when I came to. Feels like I've been fainting a lot lately.

"Nobusada-san, you've come to!? I'm sorry, I forgot to hold back back then...."

"No no, I'm fine(?) somehow. I should ask for your forgiveness too."

Eleanor-san blushed, seemingly recalling it. I smile wryly while using Heal on my aching face.
I've got to enjoy an unexpected reward. The soft sensation still lingers in my hand even now, thank you for the feast!

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Nobusada's Path of Training ①


『Solomon's Pavilion』's courtyard, early morning.

Huff, puff, haa, haa.

I checked my body by stretching. All those bruises were almost gone, leaving only slight soreness. That Alue leaf ointment sure was amazing.
I'm also surprised at this body's recuperative power. If I were still in the old man's body, I wouldn't want to even move a finger.

But instead, I'm quite eager to move my body. I do practice-swing using my iron sword behind the inn.

Oh right, I got called with some horrible nicknames, like 『Captain Big Win』, 『Mister Undead』 and stuff, they won't stick won't they? Please don't, no seriously. Also, that 『Captain Big Win』, wonder if there was someone who won big on the bet....

I did practice swing for one hour while shaking off my worldly thoughts. That was some good sweat.
And then I care for the sword after wiping off my sweat. I got into a brawl before I could maintain it after returning from the dungeon. Come to think of it, the iron ant gauntlet is also slightly dented. It's that Gian guy's fault.
Boss-san said that it wouldn't get much scratch in the beginner dungeon, which means that that guy must be quite skilled. I think the gap in our experiences is bigger than skills and stuff. His fighting style feels more specialized in interpersonal battle.

I won't lose next time... It's frustrating. It all just come to me now.

I'll set my first Class to Fist Fighter for now. I only noticed now that it would make it easier to obtain martial art related skill.

Alright, let's have some grub and head to the station. Master didn't say the time, but I probably should get there early.

And then, at the western gate station.
The working guards seem busy. Looking outside, I can't find Kyle and Master. Wonder if they're inside the station?

"Good morning. My name is Nobusada, are Kyle-san or Captain-Commander Matda here?"

I found Kyle with vacant eyes when I called inside the station.

"...Oh, s'that you Nobusada. Urp, I feel sick. Sorry bout this, I had to accompany Captain-Commander drinking the day before yesterday and haven't been feeling well ever since."

That time huh. I recall Kyle and his dead eyes. How do I put this, I feel like this guy is destined to bear that fate on his shoulders. Namu.

"You sure have it rough. Here, you can have this."

I took an apple from rucksack and tossed it to Kyle.
The apple drew an arc in the air and Kyle caught it.

"Cheers. Yup, the sourness's just right. That sorta cleared my head. Oh right, the Captain-Commander is visiting lord-sama's mansion, he ain't here right now. He said to wait at his house. Here's the map."

Kyle gave a map with his handwritings. It's pretty detailed. This guy has a skillful side too huh, you can't sell him short.

"Thanks, I'll be heading there then."

"Ou, I'm your senior (?) for once, dontcha forget your respect!"

"I'll give you my respect if you can win in our next match. So we're equal right now."

"Kah, you sure can talk big. Well fine. I'm getting special training from Captain-Commander too. I ain't not gonna lose next time."

"Looking forward to it. Well then."


Now then, let's get to the mansion by looking at the map. But what am I gonna do at the mansion when Master isn't there?
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

There's a mansion with a spacious yard at the place marked on the map. It's bigger than the Solomon's Pavilion. The yard is especially worth mentioning. There's 20 wooden training dummies. They look well used from afar.

Since there's no intercom or such, I cross over the yard.
I arrived at the front door without meeting anyone. Is there anyone home?
I knock the door while calling.

"Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?"

After knocking a while, I could hear someone running inside.

"Yes, who is it?"

"Huh? Eleanor-san."

"Oh my, Nobusada-san. What's the matter? Do you have a business at our house?"

"Um, Master told Kyle-san to tell me to come here...."

"Master? Could it be, Nobusada is my father's new pupil?"

"Yes, I think that's right. Wait, he didn't tell Eleanor-san about this?"

"My father told me, 『My new pupil is coming today. You're off today right, teach him kata until I'm back』. Geez, he should have said that it was Nobusada."

Oh!? Eleanor-san's gonna instruct me! Got a feeling that Kyle would press me hard if he heard this.

"I'm sure Master had no idea that we knew each other. I may be inexperienced, but please guide me well."

"Yes, well then, please wait here for a bit while I change."

A few minutes later, Eleanor-san in training clothes is standing in front of me.

She has ponytail like the usual, but she's not putting her glasses on like when she's on the receptionist desk. Her all black training clothes suppress her usual coolness and kinda makes her look a bit rough.

"Well then, I will explain about Kata. That is, attack form, guard form, and counter form. Three in total. The rest are kumite (paired kata) that you have to think up during real combat, father will teach you things other than that."

Attack, defense and counter huh. Indeed, they're the basic of the basic. I don't really know though!

"In other words, I have to adapt them myself in real combat?"

"That's right. I think Nobusada can adapt these three forms with your weapon choice, one-handed sword too. In fact, father's pupils all have their own varying weapons."

"I see."

"Then I will be showing a demonstration of kata now, please observe it well."

I stare hard at Eleanor-san. Activating Discerning Magic Eyes to memorize all the steps. I noticed when I watched Kagura-san back then, activating the Discerning Magic Eyes would analyze and memorize the movements. My body will then move in the exact way by tracing them. This thing is useful not just for Appraisal but also other things I'm still not sure about.

Eleanor-san performs the demonstration like she's dancing. 【War Princess】 title isn't just for show. Everything like kata transition and such look like they're fluently connected. Enough to inadvertently fascinate me.

"Fufu, what's wrong? Your mouth is hanging open, you know."

Ha, looks like I showed her my stupid face because I got too into it. Not good, gotta pull myself together. I'm here to train.

"Now then, let's try moving your body like I showed you."


Move flowingly like Eleanor-san... not, I move awkwardly chunk by chunk.
Once I can do this fluently to a degree, the next step is polishing kumite. Afterward, it's kumite, kumite, kumite. Nothing but single minded kumite. And then, once you've sublimated them to your own fighting style, that's when you've mastered the school. This school doesn't even have a name in the first place as it's just a fist art Master has refined in battlefields. All the pupils differ in their fighting styles. I also have to refine these kata and create my own exclusive fighting style.

I repeat the kata movement while recalling Eleanor-san's steps. I trace it back while taking the difference in body build into account. By the way, Eleanor-san is about 15cm taller than me right now. Hey Gune, just when is my third growth period anyway. Oops, focus focus.

After about one hour, I think my form has gotten reasonably good. Eleanor-san has been coaching me all the while.

"You've gotten quite better. I did not think that Nobusada-san would get it this quick. Now it's a good time, let's have a break ."

"Yes, phew. That was tiring."

"Fufu, you won't get tired from this much once you've gotten used to it. Nobusada-san is still in your growth period, I'm sure it'll progress well."

"Thank you very much."

Phew, contrary to me who's all sweaty, Eleanor-san is looking completely fine. Wonder how long did it take for her to get this far?
I take out some mango from the rucksack and ask her while peeling the skin.

"Eleanor-san, how old were you when you started the training? Ah, please have this."

Eleanor-san smiles while receiving the peeled mango.

"Yes well. I was already training with my father and mother when I was aware of things around me. Ah, this is nice and sweet. I was active as an adventurer for a little while and stood in battlefields with my father before I took employment in the guild."

So she got the War Princess title from then. Even so, already training when she gained awareness huh... No wonder she's strong.

"After that, father worked his pupils really hard. There were many people who applied for apprenticeship, but only a few could call themselves his pupils. There were many who fell out on the way. Presently, I think he's only giving crash courses to Kyle-san sometimes, at most. It really had been quite a while before Nobusada-san's apprenticeship."

Eleanor-san told me many things.
Presently, there are nine people who can truly call themselves Master's pupils. They are people whom Master personally gave approval for their mastery. Three of them are working as generals, commanding officers or such in each countries. Four are making splashes as adventurers, and everyone is rank A, amazing. One is employed by a noble somewhere. And the last one is missing in action. That's because the person in question is a vagabond and tends to wander everywhere without getting in touch.

How do I put this, it feels like they all have strong individuality.
Amusingly enough, among the nine pupils, only one is using fist art. Which proves just how flexible these kata are huh... It's not cause the pupils are all weirdo, is it?

"By the way, did Eleanor-san not receive the full mastership?"

"Yes, I retired as an adventurer and took up clerical work when my mother passed away. I do work out like this once in a while, but it's nothing compared to my heyday. Now then, let's resume the training."


Alright, let's put some spirit into it and continue!

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Strongest Sage, Meets Unusual Monsters


A few minutes after Eiku escaped.

"Huge crowds of monsters around the city!"

"The western road is done for! What about the east! If there's a few monsters, we'll force our way through--"

"The eastern highway is full of monsters too! Impossible to break through!"

The city is in uproar.
It's full of news about monsters that have occupied the area around the city.

There are some adventurers who are looking for escape routes, but it seems they can't find any.
Even if they do find one, only a few dozens of people could possibly escape.

We go out of the city while watching that.

"How are we going to end the outbreak in two hours!?"

"We'll gather them in one place and annihilate them all in one go! Once they're bundled together, we can blow them away with ranged magic!"

The biggest issue this time is the fact that the center of the outbreak is the city.
If we didn't have to worry about the city getting rolled up in it, we could just use ranged attack magic (or have Iris shoot her breath in dragon form if the firepower isn't enough) after the monsters had gathered in the center.

We ran past the city while thinking about that.
The place where the monsters gather has to be far away enough from the city.

However... there's something amiss.
I feel that the movements of normal monsters and these outbreak monsters... or rather, their actions seem too different.

Monsters basically attack humans whenever they see one.
However, the monsters in front of us now seem different.
Many of the monsters that obviously had us inside their vision ignored us.

"...Let's give it a try."

I tried using 『Enforced Detection』 after saying that.

My hunch was proven correct.
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"...『Enforced Detection』 can't lure them. Or rather, they aren't even reacting at all."

『Enforced Detection』 is a magic that pour hostile mana onto the monsters in order to lure them.
It consumes little mana and since it's not really a magic but a kind of mana manipulation, even a Disqualified Crest can affect a wide area.

However, the monsters didn't show any reaction at all to 『Enforced Detection』.
I also tried hitting them with an amount of mana enough to make normal monsters running away in terror instead, yet they didn't even seem like they noticed.

"Then, how about..."

Ruli made a magic tool from a magic stone in her pocket and immediately activated it.
It's a spell I taught her before to lure monsters.
The range isn't that wide, but its strong point is the fact that it doesn't need mana to maintain the effect, being a magic tool.

However... The monsters don't look like they're coming together.

"There's no effect! Maybe I made a mistake somewhere!"

Ruli took out another magic stone after saying that.
However, from what I saw, Ruli didn't make any mistake.


I went forward and used several types of magic on the monsters I encountered.
Mana, sound, light, infrared rays, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration....
All kind of stuff that normal monsters utilize to detect humans.

However, none of them had any effect.
Magic that physically pull them seemed to be effective, however none of the magic succeeded luring them voluntarily.
There were even monsters who completely ignored me and tried to slip pass me instead.

This is.... The problem lies not in Ruli's spell, it's something that's even more fundamental.

"These monsters probably move with a different principle than normal..."

"Different principle!?"

"Yea. These monsters aren't seeing things through mana, sound or light! ...We have to look for another mean if we want to gather them..."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-17

16-17. To the Country of Sun (2)


Satou here. Apparently, internal squabbles have always existed in various era and scales. From my subjective point of view, the way you tactfully handle the aftermath is more important than who the winning side is.

"You referred to them as rebels earlier, however as far as I'm aware, they should belong to Sania Kingdom's army. Did the army revolt and kill the king?"

I urged the daughter of [Clan of Wand]'s head to explain the situation while gazing at the black warships that showed up.

"The king has been tricked. The country cannot be held together without the Cland of Wand yet, he was deceived by the Clan of Sword and threw us the 『Clan of Wand』 to prison..."

Were they defeated in a political struggle <physically>?

"In other words, were you captured by those guys, you would be 『thrown in prison and executed』?"

Haifa shook her head to deny it.

"--Like I said before, the country cannot be held together without us, 『Clan of Wand』."

I'm intrigued by why it can't be held together, but since that's not the issue here, I wait for her to continue.

"Thus, they will most likely lock us up in the prison and make us run in battlefields as living weapons. I do not care if the foolish king and the ignorant masses die off even if the country is destroyed, but we cannot go against them because they've held our family hostage."

Okay, I can greatly sympathize with her putting her family first, but her use of words are too intense, it feels like conceit, or rather, haughtiness.
I wonder if this is what you'd become if you were raised with the idea of being the elites?

"If you don't care about your country and populace, how about having the 『Clan of Wand』 run away to a foreign country?"
"Are you telling us to show our back to the 『Clan of Sword』 who can't even act like proper meat shields!"

Oh, she snapped.
Kinda feels like we can't come to an agreement even though we can understand each others?

Haifa looks like a graceful secluded lady outwardly, but she seems to be quite self-righteous and violent.

"My wand is a blade to defend our country--"

Haifa smiled abnormally and put her mana into her wand.
The exquisite golden colored wand emits red light.

"But let me alter the rule just for today. Carry us on your airship if you don't want to be killed by my wand. We cannot afford to be caught by traitors in this place."

Now she went with a threat.

Un, let's quickly part ways with her.
Got a feeling that having her around would only lead to piled-up stress.

This would be problematic if it were a trial from gods, but it probably isn't.

I have no intention in the least to ally with them and settle the conflict, however that also doesn't mean that I'm going to hand them over to the warships and let them be used as living weapons, thus I've decided to help them escape.
It's not because I think it's troublesome and want to throw them away somewhere far, not at all.
I pretend that I'll help them escape for now.

"Do you think this is just a threat? I am being serious."

Liza and Nana sent their glances, asking, "Should we seize her?", I gestured them to wait.

I open the Map and look for some handy-looking monster to disturb the warships.
Found a worm-type level 30 monster called Sand Demon in the vicinity, so I caught it with 『Sand Manipulation』 and threw it near the warships.


The part that came out of the sand is huge enough to swallow a Blue Whale.
This thing being level 30 is such an extreme sham.


Haifa sounded surprised.

"Sa...Sand Demon. You there, get Haifa-sama on board the airship! Quick while the warships act as scapegoats!"

The lady maid-san said something brutal as if it was only natural.

"I'd love nothing more but to do that, however we have our own Trial of Gods we need to absolutely accomplish."

I bow to her like a stage actor.
I create two [Acceleration Gates] at the bow direction of the medium airship, opposite of the warships.

"Allow me to pray for your success in accomplishing your own trial."

I told them some prayer that didn't really come from heart, directed the medium ship toward the [Acceleration Gates] I produced, and used wind magic [Wind Pressure] to propel the ship forward.
Haifa and the others hold their faces and clothes due to the sudden wind pressure, the medium ship's captains and crews made a commotion.

I float away with Sky Drive from the speeding ship that's going toward the [Acceleration Gates], and take Liza and Nana along with me using [Magic Hand].

"W-wait! What are you--"

The ship reached the Acceleration Gate and made a sudden acceleration while she was speaking, and Haifa's words were lost in the winds.
I was wary of possible magic attacks during the sending away, but fortunately, it ended without any problem.

We watched over the medium ship and Haifa that disappeared on horizon of the Small Sand Sea while floating above the sand.

Please live on toward your rehabilitation.
And if possible, at somewhere far away from me.

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"--We're indebted to you."
"No no, it's just right to help each others in times of needs."

The warship's captain said his thanks to me who saved the warships from the Sand Demon.
It might seem hypocritical coming from the one who made the situation in the first place, but I couldn't exactly leave warships sinking before my eyes so I intervened.

This warship's captain and officers are wearing Arabian-like clothing.

A crew with sharp-looking eyes whispered something to the captain's ear.
It's the guy who was controlling mini gargoyles awhile ago.

"Your excellency, those drifting ships were the sand pirate where Belbe and the others had snuck in."
"Just as we thought, so where's Belbe and the others?"
"We couldn't find a survivor inside."
"Which means, we should consider that the medium ship earlier had Haifa-dono on board..."

Attentive Ears skill caught their conversation.

Afterward, the captain turns toward me.

"Earl Pendragon, about the sand ship that was attacked by those sand pirates--"
"A girl on board of it wielded her wand, and then they escaped from the Sand Demon with some kind of magic."

She did wield the wand when she insisted to get on our airship, but I'm the one who used the [some kind of magic] part, therefore it's not really lie.
The officer with sharp eyes has God Urion's gift [Eyes of Condemnation] so I'd like to avoid telling lies here.
I don't think the gift is capable of distinguishing lies, but I'm still wary of the intuition of people who have this kind of gift to see through criminals.

"Who'd have thought that Ha--the 『Clan of Wand』 possessed such hidden technique..."
"Were they your acquaintances?"

The captain stopped speaking when I asked him.
He reworded her name to the clan itself, but I don't think there's any point in doing that.

"No, my subordinate reckoned that they might have been the gang who stole the kingdom's treasured wand..."

The wand Haifa carried with her belonged to the [Clan of Wand] so he's not telling the truth here.
Of course, there's also a possibility that the [Clan of Wand] possessed the national treasured wand due to their influence.

"I see, that sounds terrible."

I replied like it was none of my business.

"We will only get in the way if you're going to pursue that ship. We will be on our way then."
"P-Please wait."

Not wanting to get involved in something troublesome, I was going to leave as soon as possible, but the warship captain stopped me.

"Yes, what is it?"
"I'd like to express our gratitudes for your help. By all means, please visit Clan of Sword during your time in Sania Kingdom. Our clan will gladly welcome you."

Looks like this captain is a direct descendant of the [Clan of Sword].

"I'll be looking forward to that."

I can't promise that I'll go.
I mean, I can just feel trouble brewing there.

I climb up the rope ladder hanging down the airship and leave their ship.
And saw one mini gargoyle flying toward Sania Kingdom.

It appears to be a mini gargoyle functioning like a carrier pigeon.

"Master, lots of mushroom houses around, so I report."
"They rather look like snails instead."

Nana's and Liza's impressions are reasonable.
Peculiar shaped buildings are lined up at the royal capital of Sania Kingdom.

"Master, there are flying objects approaching us."

Some men riding on magic tools shaped like flying carpets with legless chairs installed on board are flying toward us.
It looks like a magic carpet, but if I have to say, it looks more like the time machine a certain cat robot from the future rode.

The magic carpets got near the airship and flew parallel to us while gesturing that they weren't hostile.

"We assume that you're Earl Pendragon-sama of Shiga Kingdom. We will be your guide, please follow us."

Looks like the mini gargoyle was to prepare for this.
I'd have liked them to come after we toured the royal capital from above once.

Chances are high that they'd be attacking us with magic and magic artillery if we really did the tour though.

"Thank you for guiding us."

I shouted that to reply them and informed the brownie in control of the ship.

"Someone's watching from there~?"
"Tama's right nanodesu. It's like, flash flash, nanodesuyo."

Tama and Pochi were dangling on the airship's handrail before I knew it.
I call the two while folding my arms.

"Tama, Pochi?"
"I-it's not like that nodesuyo?"

Pochi shook her head buzzingly.
It seems she doesn't like the cheek squash punishment.

"Break time~?"

Tama asked me with flopped ears.

Fumu, I guess it's fine if it's break time.
I'm not sure if I should really give my consent here, but since I'm intrigued by what Tama and Pochi found, I look at the direction in question.

There's a palace in the center of the capital, boys and girls who look like Haifa are in one of the spires there. The gazes seemingly come from them.
They're probably Haifa's relatives, but they look so similar like they're either twins or clones.

Judging from the intensity of their gazes, I'm guessing that their personalities are also similar to Haifa, I should try not to get involved with them.

"--Trial of Gods?"

I'm having an audience with the king in the well ventilated Sania Kingdom's Palace.

Even though the king is only in his thirties, he looks like a weak-spirited middle aged man.
The military officers from the [Clan of Sword] standing by in the audience room look more important instead.

I'd better deliver a gift one ranking lower than what I gave the king earlier to these [Clan of Sword] people.

"Yes, King of Sania. I came here to Sania Kingdom in order to take a Trial of Gods."

I honestly told him my business since there was no particular need to hide it.

"What kind of trial is it?"
"That will be up to gods. It should be revealed by the gods at Heraruon Temple."

That's why, let me off this already.

"You ought be tired from the long journey. We shall send a messenger to the temple, have some rest in mine own palace tonight."

Well, guess that's only natural.

"This Pendragon shed tears of gratitude for Sania King's kindness."

I ended up using some weird speech due to the old fashioned speech of the king here.
No choice, let's accept the hospitality today.

I just hope that there won't be any weird flag getting raised.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Strongest Sage, Helps Escape


"...Demons, in the dungeon...? Could the demons' goal be magic stones?"

Eiku asked a question.
Oh right, the world in this age sees dungeons as magic stones.
It's true that dungeons are important resources, but that's all not there is to them.

"Their interest lies not in the magic stones... but the Dragon Vein."

"...Dragon Vein... is it?"

"If they want to cause a global level disaster, the most efficient method is by inserting magic to a large-scale Dragon Vein."

Eiku still doesn't look like he gets it.
Ruli and the other girls who knew about Dragon Vein from the matter with barrier seem like they've got it somewhat though.

"Do you mean that it's possible to cause a disaster by inserting magic to the Dragon Vein?"

"That's about right."

I predict that they've inserted the magic long before though.
And that was quite a while ago.

The movement of the Dragon Vein during the monster outbreak was inexplicably unnatural unless there was a trick behind it, yet the mana didn't look unstable.
It should have been more unstable if the magic was inserted in the Dragon Vein recently.

Those demons mostly came here probably to finish that magic.

For now... We need to contact the Royal Capital.

"Please bring this back to the capital."

I took a paper out of Storage magic, magically wrote something on it and gave it to Eiku.
Of course, I've secured it with magic too.
This letter would look like a reward to a demon trying to peek on it.

"...Understood. I will definitely deliver it!"

"Please do. ...And you might want to make it fast."

The demons must know about the city ruler's defeat.
Which means, the demons who are hiding here will naturally make their next move.
They'd probably try to shift our attentions elsewhere or erase the entire dungeon city--

--The ground shook right when I thought that far.

"...Earthquake? That's unusual..."

Iris sounded puzzled at the sudden shaking.
However, Ruli and Alma... in other words, people who can use 【Passive Detection】 reacted differently.

"W-what's with this mana reaction!?"

"...It's as if monsters have surrounded the city outside..."

I see. It comes to this huh.
Looks like our opponents made their move a bit quicker than us.

Judging from this reaction... They probably interfered with the Dragon Vein and summoned groups of monsters in the vicinity of the dungeon city.
They won't have to worry about us meddling if the entire dungeon city is destroyed after all.

And even if that were not the case, it'd still buy them time.
Those demons probably intend to finish the magic in the meantime.
They didn't make their move until now was probably because they were thoroughly preparing to win the game... it was difficult to act while the city ruler was in power here after all.

"...For now, you should flee from the dungeon city following this route and deliver the letter to the capital."

I drew a route on a paper and gave it to Eiku.
The dungeon city might be surrounded by monsters, but there are gaps in the formations summoned with mana.
The route I gave him will make it possible to slip through those gaps.

"Understood! Then please excuse me!"
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Eiku ran off after saying that.

I predict our enemy's moves while watching that.
It should be safe to assume that the time they'd gain from this would be enough to finish the magic they had inserted.
I've already gotten a rough idea of the type of the magic in question.
The problem is how to stop it.

Might as well shave down the effect of the lodged magic, not just simply stopping this.
That means, the right timing to put in the jamming is....

"...Two hours."


I reply to Ruli who looked dumbfounded.

"We'll clean this outbreak up in two hours. Afterward... Let's pay those demons a visit."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-Intermission 1

16-Intermission 1. Royal Capital Then


"Arisa, which?"
"Shortcake is nice and all, but it just has to be mont blanc in fall!"

Mia took the plate with shortcake while looking like she didn't really understand.


The cakes Lulu made really are superb.
Eating something sweet and tasty just blows away the fatigue from class.

"Hey, Mia."
"Whaf (what)?"

Mia whose mouth was filled with shortcake tilted her head at my question.
Kuh, cute. This kind of gestures suits Mia well.

"What kind of incidents do you think Master encounter right about now?"

Mia frowns.

"--World crisis."
"Ah, you think so too?"

Master's rate of encounter with incidents almost seems like he's been cursed by some god of pestilence.
He blew it all away with his cheat power every single time though so the person himself doesn't seem to be aware of his own misfortune.
I mean, it's at a level that'd normally make people cry out, "Such misfortuuuuuune."

"What kind of person do you think brought about the world crisis?"
"....Cute girl."

Mia replied unwillingly.

Un, I think so too.

"For the creativity time, you are free to let out your passions to your heart's content."

Teach said some difficult things.

"Pochi is writing~?"
"Of course nanodesu. Today Pochi is writing 『A Stroll with Lyuryu』 nodesu."

Pochi declared while taking the shupin pose.

"Tama is going to draw a picture nodesu?"
"Of course~"

Tama draws pictures.
Pictures are drawn by Tama.

That's the natural order of things. Arisa said.

"What's Tama drawing nodesu?"

There's too many things Tama wants to draw.

"Pochi thinks Tama should draw the food she wants to eat for dinner nodesu."

Pochi is a genius.
But she doesn't like vegetables. Cause they're a bit bitter.

Tama's favorite food is meat.
She'd like to eat hamburg steak today.
A piping hot cheese-filled hamburg steak that gushes out flowing cheese when you cut it with a knife.

She also likes one covered in flowing cheese and potatoes.

Cheese and hamburg steak are justice.

Tama puts her passions on the brush.
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"--Tama-san, the class is over."

Teach swayed Tama.
The class was over while she was spacing out.


The other kids are looking at Tama.
It feels a bit embarrassing.

"Pochi, drool~?"

Pochi who's peeking at the picture from the side is drooling badly.
Looking closer, even China has drools on the corner of her mouth.

"Ta-Tama-san? Would you be willing to sell this picture?"
"Not for sale~?"

China asked.
This picture is for Master.
Tama's sure Master would praise Tama like, 'Well done, Tama.'

Perhaps, Master might even let Tama sleep on his lap while patting her head.


Tama smiled unintentionally.
Gotta ask brownies to make a frame when Tama got back.


I heard about this store's fame in the capital, but it was even better than the rumors.
It's just a simple tofu nabe, yet it has the umami of the dashi even without condiments and broth added.

"Getting a passing mark from Lulu, that's amazing desuwa."
"But Karina-sama, this nabe really is delicious, you know?"

Karina-sama and Zena-san who came to this shop with me have only been talking while watching me, not touching tofu with their chopsticks.

"You two, this nabe is really good, you should have yours too."
"Yes, you're right, it'll be a waste if the taste spoils because they get overcooked."
"That's true desuwane. It's not as good as Satou's dishes, but it's still really good desuwa."

Karina-sama, Master's dishes are a class on its own.
I mean, Master is the [Miracle Chef] after all.

"Fhy fhe fway (by the way), Zena."
"Yes, what is it?"

『Karina-dono, it's bad manners to speak during meals.』
"Im fowwy"

Raka-san scolded Karina-sama who spoke with her mouth full.
Karina-sama continues after swallowing the tofu.

"What is her highness Sistina doing?"
"It seems like she's currently running about to prepare the ceremony for we--no, for when Satou-san and the others come back."
"U-umm, I'm not really sure either..."

I wonder if it's the thing Arisa and her highness talked about?

"I don't really get it myself, but Arisa said that it was something like a celebration."

I supplemented with what I thought since Karina-sama looked puzzled.

"Is that true?"
"Y-yes. She's making dresses for everyone for that celebration."

It's something that doesn't really have anything to do with me.

"For Pochi and the girls too?"
"Yes, Sistina-sama said that everyone in the Solitary Island Palace will get a dress."

...Which means, me too?

I quietly touched my stomach and felt sweat running down my spine.

"Oh my? Lulu, are you done already?"
"Yes, I've grasped the taste--"

--And it's dangerous for my waistline.

I have to slim down my waistline a bit more if I were to stand next to Liza-san and Nana-san.
I've got to the labyrinth city through the solitary island palace and get some exercise.

In order to compensate for my face handicap, I've got to build a beautiful body line!!
It's essential for the upcoming maiden fight.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Strongest Sage, Hypothesizes


"The reason why this raid was found out...?"

Eiku seemed dumbfounded to hear me.

"Yes. Do you have anything in mind yourself?"

"I do not. I never even took the letter out of the mithril case until I met Mathias. The only possibility is if the information was leaked in the capital, and someone brought it here to the dungeon city faster than me..."

Eiku took the paper from the king to me in his hand.

"No, I don't think that was the case. The fact that this was sent through a secret agent means that this entire matter was treated as an absolute secrecy, right?"

"That's right."

"Then, if there was someone who stole this information, that someone must have infiltrated quite deep into the kingdom's inner circle.... And I really don't think someone like that would take the risk for the sake of this small fry."

If that someone had enough intelligence gathering capability to know the inner workings of the kingdom, they would have known that that level of blockade was meaningless.
Thus, that capital mole would have told the city ruler to escape instead of barricading himself.
How would anyone profit from this fool after he lost all power.

"That's certainly true... Then, what did Mathias-sama think have happened?"

This room is very luxurious for a hidden room.
There's expensive looking chairs, desks and even a fireplace.
It must have been used for all secret meetings they had done so far.


I took a letter from the fireplace.
The corner is slightly burnt, but the content can still be read.

"Letter... Is it. The content is..."

"Looks like I guessed right."

I opened the letter I got from the fireplace.
The letter pertained to the matter of the city ruler's execution and that the executor would arrive either today or tomorrow.

And the last passage is an instruction to burn the letter once it's been read.
The sender probably wanted to hide the existence of this letter.
Unfortunately, looks like the city ruler wasn't even capable of burning things, the sender's consideration is in vain.

"I see... But where was it leaked..."

The sender's name isn't written on this letter.
However... there's enough other info to pinpoint the culprit.

"Rather than leaked, it'd be more correct to say that the letter had been spied on."

I observed the mana reaction--of the burnt letter.
Yup, no mistake about it.

"Spied on? Through the mithril case?"

"It's relatively easy to do that if the case isn't magically protected."

"...Is that true in Mathias-sama's case?"

"I can do it sure... but not this time. There's no doubt, it's demons. ...Since I can sense demon's mana from this letter."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I activate detection magic once again.
...It really is demon's mana.

"...It can't be, demons were giving orders to the city ruler!?"

Eiku asked me in blank amazement.
He must know how the demons were lurking in the kingdom's inner circle considering he's a secret agent of the kingdom, he's probably worried that it might be the case too here.
However, fortunately or unfortunately, his conjecture is wrong.

My expectations of demons had all been betrayed so far, but I'm pretty confident this time.
I'm sure that demons aren't that stupid.

"They would have advised a better plan if that was the case."

"In other words...?"

"Demons were close by the dungeon city for other purposes, and they helped the city ruler as an extra while they were here. Of course that means they have a main objective... And there's only one reason anyone comes to a dungeon city."

I pointed at the ground as I said that.
To be more precise, at the dungeon below the ground.

"Looks like those demons have some business in the dungeon."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Strongest Sage, Arrests


"Wha... Who are you?"

"Did we have this guy in the security?"

The city ruler was perplexed to see me who suddenly showed up.

The reaction is not what I expected.
And I've gone all the trouble of coming here myself as a target of his attacks.

Don't tell me...

"...Don't tell me, you were sending assassins without even knowing my face?"

"Assassins? What are you--no wait, a brat wearing adventurer clothes with Disqualified Crest... Could it be, you're Mathias Hildesheimr!?"

...Seriously. He really didn't know how I look.
Yet he wanted to take me hostage huh.

"Yeah. You got that right."

"...Where's the women?"

"Ruli and the others are in the back. Oy, everyone, come on out."

The four showed up with Iris in the front.
I'm in the center of the room while the four are at the entrance.
Seeing that the city ruler sneers at us... and shouts out loud.

"Kuku... All hands, surround him! ...Fool! Straying away from the women on your own!"

With those words, hidden doors on the floors and ceilings opened and the city ruler's underlings came out of them.
...It's way too crude for an ambush.
At least try giving the signal without us noticing.

I threw out magic and fists at coming underlings while thinking that.
The attackers crumbled down without a sound.

Befitting of a bunch under this city ruler, their movements were also really crude.
The most difficult part was preventing myself from killing them by mistakes.
I'd like to squeeze info out of them after all.


<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
...Well, such consideration seems to be irrelevant to Iris as an underling who was going to get pass her got blown off into the wall.

The city ruler was watching that in blank amazement.
Thus, his underlings were annihilated in under 30 seconds.

"Ho... How are you fighting! Weren't you a healer, the weak point of the party!"

Ruli and the others are looking at the roaring reddened city ruler with pitying looks.
They've ceased recognizing him as a threat anymore.

"He really believed that Mathi-kun is in charge of healing..."

"He'd have known that it was a mistake simply by looking at his equipment and stuff...."

"...I mean, did we ever get hurt to need healing anyway?"

Now that you mention it... I don't think we ever did.
We should have some training to cope against injury to prevent inactions in case of emergency... but it's been getting postponed.
Well, putting that aside for now.

"Dogiel Melkia, you're under arrest."

I took a rope out of Storage magic as I said that.

"Wha... Me, under arrest!? On what authority!"

Don't tell me, he really didn't know.
Then why would they hunker down in this place.
I made an eye signal at Eiku while thinking that.

Eiku took out the document from the king and thrust it before the city ruler.

"Your apprehension has been ordered by His Majesty the king's decree. With my presence, the executive proxy, Mathias has been endowed with the authority to arrest you."

"Wha, it's fake! This must be a mistake--gah"

I shot magic at the screaming city ruler and tied him with the rope.

"Now then... Now we can leave it to you right?"

I asked Eiku.

"Yes. Mathias-sama could also execute him if you wished so, however... The kingdom administration would be grateful if I could bring him back alive."

Well, I guess that's so.
Even this foolish city ruler might spit out some useful info with some tortures.

And he probably would get it easier if he died here.
However, I personally don't have any reason to let this guy die off so easily.

"I understand, I'll leave the rest to you... We've got something we ought to do ourselves after all."

"Ought to do?"

"Yeah. ...I've got an idea about how our raid here got leaked."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-16

16-16. To the Country of Sun


Satou here. I think the cause of internal squabbles is rooted on piled-up disgruntlements. Even if it looks a meaningless venting from ordinary citizens' point of view, it might be a policy to prevent the subversion of state from the leaderships' perspective.

"Master, I wonder what is that?"
"It looks like both black cloud and haze so I report."

Liza and Nana asked me when I was gazing at the Small Sand Sea from the deck.
I could see black haze-like thing on the far horizon of the Small Sand Sea.

"A sandstorm maybe?"

I opened the map and checked it out.

This place is located to the west of the Great Desert where Labyrinth City Selbira is, beyond the southern central mountains, it's a desert where the sand is smooth like water.
It's called Small Sand Sea, but its total area is as vast as three Japanese islands bundled together.

It seems there's a dead dungeon called Sandstorm Labyrinth at the place where the black haze the two found is located.

Looking with space magic [Distant View], there are several tornadoes, with the dead dungeon in the center, as if they're protecting it.
This must be the reason it looks like black haze.

I'm a bit intrigued, let's get the airship near it.

"Looks like it could get dangerous if we got too close to it."

When the airship came to a certain distance, several of the tornadoes approached like they were watchdogs.

"Tornado typhoo~n?"

Tama was already looking at the tornadoes on top of the deck's handrail before anyone noticed.
She probably crossed through shadows with ninjutsu.

"Tama, you shouldn't cut class."
"It's okay~?"

Tama laughed nihehe and continued, "I'm not playing hooky~?"
Confirming with space magic, I could see Tama's figure taking the class in the royal capital's childhood school.

"Shadow clone~?"

Shadow clone isn't for that kind of ninjutsu.

"You're not allowed to use ninjutsu during classes."

I punished Tama with the [Cheek Squash] while saying that.

Tama burst into laughter, "Nyahahahahaha~"
This is fun.

"Master, a sand ship is being attacked by bandits."

Quite a bit beyond the dead dungeon, a medium sized ship is being attacked by more than 10 yacht-like small ships.


I catch Tama who was going to investigate there and put her down the shadow.

"Nevermind here, go back and take the classes."

Tama sunk into the shadow while saying "Nin nin" even though she looked disappointed.

Now then, shall we go and do some ally of justice-like stuff?

"--I guess there was no need to help them?"

We were going to save the medium ship that was being attacked by a group of yacht-like small airships, but huge fireballs shot from the medium ship had begun to annihilate the small ships one after another.
Doesn't seem like they need help, so I tell the brownie in the cockpit to circle around it from a distance.

"Master, are the small ships seafaring pirates? So I ask."
"No, looks like they're called sand pirates."

There's no doubt that those guys are outlaws, so I don't intend to stop the one destroying them.

"Oh looks like they don't have it easy either?"

The medium ship has been sinking one small ship with each shot, but it seems that's not from the ship's armaments, they're relying on one magician on board.
Judging from the information on the AR reading, the magician is fast losing their mana.

The sand pirates seem to be aware of that too as they don't seem to be fleeing even though several of their allies have been sunk.

"Master, should we go and dispose of the sand pirates?"

I gave an affirmative to Liza.
For some reason, Liza and Nana are looking at me with eyes full of expectation about something.

"Go and punish them a bit."
"Launching catapult so I inform."

One part of the deck split and a catapult rail stretched out of it.
Four stacks of Acceleration Gate magic circles appear above the rail.

Liza and Nana take out surfboard-shaped float boards and head to the catapult.
Those float boards are playing tools I made for the Acceleration Gate experiment in the Great Desert back then.

The medium ship had sunk half of the sand pirate ships right before our eyes, but the magician seemingly had exhausted their mana, as the remaining six pirate ships approached the medium ship to raid it.

"Here I go."
"Master, I'll be going so I gallantly announce."

Liza and Nana took off from the catapult, glided with the float boards and landed on the last pirate ship on the line.
Liza's magic spear neutralized the sand pirates one after another, Nana's sword and great shield infringed upon both the pirates and the ships.

"Have the airship pass over the medium sand ship."
"Yes sir~"

I gave an instruction to the brownie pilot and checked the ship from above.
One of the sand pirate ships has successfully gotten next to the medium ship, and a battle has already started on board the medium ship.

Among the sand pirates, three of them including the captain are unusually strong.

"I'll be going for a bit."
"Good luck!"

I jumped off onto the medium ship right when the airship passed above it.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
>[Sania National Language] Skill Acquired.

It's a language of a country I'm visiting.
Might as well allocate skill points and activate it now.

I do have force magic [Translate] but the skill for a particular language is better at deciphering subtle nuances.

"The hell are you!"
"Just a meddling tourist."

The striking sand pirate captain with an eye-patch asked for my identity.

"Allies of the Clan of Wand are our enemy."
"Receive the special move of the Clan of Sword with your body."

It's two of the three unusually strong sand pirates I saw from above.
There's lots of unfamiliar terms, but it appears they're no mere sand pirates.

"Special Move--<<Shell Breaker>>"
"Special Move--<<Hair-splitting Pierce>>"

The moves seem to make use of Physical Reinforcement as the two charge at me with weird aura covering them.
I'd like to see what kind of techniques they are, so I stand by with the fairy sword covered in magic edge in position to parry them.

The eyepatch captain earlier will bring about bloodshed on the deck if I'm occupied by these two, so I use [Magic Hand] to get in the way of the eyepatch captain and other pirates.

The [Pierce] swordsman on the left is unusually fast and sharp.
He's only level 30, but he's not inferior to Shiga Eight Swords if we're only talking about the speed of his sword.


"--It's too straightforward."

I thought it was a feint, but it really was a single blow finisher, so I parried it just like that.
There might be other techniques chained from this, so I let him off without countering.


The [Breaker] swordsman on the right swung down his sword while screaming out loud.
Whirling wind is coiling about the sword, like it's been enhanced by magic.

Getting hit by that looks like it'll hurt, but avoiding it might break the deck.

But well--.

"--Too slow."

I jumped to his bosom, caught the hand with the sword and threw him down.
I thought of a technique that could break the wrist bone while doing the throw, but since even thinking about that sounded painful, I refrained from doing so.

I turned toward the swordsmen anticipating for their next move, but they don't seem like they're coming.

"This cannot be, he evaded the certain-hit 『Hair-splitting Pierce』 that absolutely can't be evaded?"
"This guy evaded the 『Whirlpool』 of 『Shell Breaker』 in his first try."

They began to leave comments like in some kind of battle manga somehow.
They're a bit too relaxed.

"Belbe, we're goint to use that."
"However, the Secret Special Moves are to never be shown outside. Doing that in a place like this--."
"That thing is a monster. We cannot accomplish our secret order without using it."

Ah hey, do that kind of confidential talk elsewhere.

"Can I say one thing?"

The swordsmen turned their exasperated gazes at me.

"If you're too relaxed--"

I was going to say it'll be dangerous, but SQUASH and THUD sounds reverberated on the deck before I could finish.
Needless to say, Liza and Nana who jumped on from other ships knocked down the two swordsmen.

"Master, pardon us for our tardiness."
"Master, we have suppressed the other ships so I report."
"Thank you for your hard work."

Half of the sand pirate ships have their sails destroyed, while the remaining half have the crews knocked out so they've all begun to drift away.

"Throw away your weapons!"

That cliche line roared on the deck.

Looking there, the sand pirate captain is holding a magician girl wearing a luxurious-looking robe.
Most people in the countries around here have tanned skin with black hair, yet the girl has white skin almost like she's an albino and golden hair.

"I said throw them away now!"

The sand pirate captain points his curved sword on the girl's neck.
I see, looks like he's saying that he won't guarantee the hostage's life if we don't throw away our weapons.

I put the fairy sword into its sheath.
The sand pirate captain grinned when he saw that.


Liza lowers her magic spear.
During the interval Liza swung down her magic spear, a red light ball--Magic Edge Cannon shot out of its tip.

The light ball shot out so fast it couldn't be chased by eyes, pierced through the sand pirate captain's shoulder, and blew him to the deck with the after-wave.
I've constrained the sand pirate captain's curved sword with [Magic Hand] to prevent it from injuring the girl.

"Haifa-sama, are you injured anywhere?"
"No I'm fine, these people have saved me."

A woman who seems to be her lady attendant went out of the inboard and helped the girl called Haifa.

Coincidentally enough, the girl called Haifa seems to be one of the ruling classes of the country we're heading to, Sania Kingdom.
She belongs to [Clan of Wand], and apparently, she's the daughter of the clan's head.

"Young master! Five warships are coming from southwest."

The brownie in the sky above us reported with a loudspeaker.

"Looks like they're our pursuers."

Haifa and her lady attendant exchanged words of unrest.

"This damaged ship can't hope to outrun them--"

The flustered lady attendant caught sight of the airship standing by in the air.


The lady attendant appealed while pressing her voluptuous breasts on me.
It feels great, but I just can smell trouble.

"You appear to be a visitor from another country. Please save Haifa-sama from the rebel's clutch."

I peel off the seducing lady attendant, and look at Haifa.

I could see black warships on the sand dune behind Haifa.
Those warships are furnished with organic looking armor. Wonder if they're using materials from monsters.

Saving Haifa is trivial, but that's not the problem here.
It's the fact that those ships belong to Sania Kingdom, our destination.

Now then, what to do here.

This can't be one of the imposed trials by the gods, can it?

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 23

Chapter 23 24-Hour Lifesaving Inn


Chirp chirp chirp

A bird that looks like a sparrow is chirping near the window.
I'm awake but my eyelids won't open well. Huuh? What happened to me?
Mirrors are expensive so of course there's none of that here in a room for adventurers. No choice, I try to move my aching body... I can't!?
Huuh? I'm wide awake but I can't move my limbs at all like they've been bound....

I managed to somehow move my head and looked below to see that I had been tied in a rope.
How did it come to this? I went straight to bed after feasting on Donur-san's memorable Paella and I don't remember anything at all afterward.

Knock knock knock

Someone knocked on the door.
And then click, it opened.

"Huh? Are you awake now, Nobu-san~"
Minerva-chan came carrying a tray.

"fea I fuf fof uf "
(Yea, I just got up)

I was aghast when I tried to talk. Just what happened to me really.

"Ah, you shouldn't force yourself to talk~ It's just as Matda-san said, you've really swelled up~"

She fiddled with something on the tray while saying that. Master said that? Which means my face is so swollen I can't speak well right now. For it to be this difficult, does it mean it's really swollen so much?
As much as an**nman?
<TLN: Anpanman.>

"I was told that since it was Nobu-san, he might force himself to move around, so I took it upon myself to tie you up in the bed~"

She's saying that with all smiles... So that was why I couldn't move at all.
Then Minerva-chan put some gel-like substance on tree bark-like stuff. And then she put them on my face.


It stiiiiiiiiiiinks! Several of these things that are orders of magnitude stinkier than a poultice are pasted on my whole face.

"These have been applied with salve made from Alue leaves~. The swelling should be gone by tomorrow if we use this many~."

This stuff is folk remedies that don't rely on magic and are so effective guards and adventurers carry it around with them. Apparently this smell will disappear when it loses its effect. And the reason why I'm this swollen is a backlash of forcefully overlapping heals. It varies by people, but apparently Master said that the backlash was this severe in my case since I overlapped the heal after getting hit that bad. And he even saw through my personality and made sure that I wouldn't be able to move.... Kuuh, I feel like Son Goku who got toyed with in the palm of Buddha.

No choice, let's spend today resting.

"Fhanf fou, mifefa-fhan."
(Thank you, Minerva-chan.)

"Yes, well then, please rest well okay~"

After finishing putting the poultice-like stuff, Minerva-chan left in a hurry.

Still, it's been a few days since I came to this world. It really was like surging waves.

I was thrown into a forest, met beauty sisters, got attacked by a wild boar, had a mock battle with Kyle, met a Goddess and then got beaten to a pulp. It's been really stormy when you lay it all down like this.
I also met kind and reliable people.
Mitama and Futsuno-san. Eleanor-san, Master, and Kyle. Minerva-chan, Donur-san, and Bell-san. Boss-san, Storm-san and Sefi-san.

Oh there's also the muscled bikini pants and stuff, oh right, the no-Goddess too.

I think... I'm glad... to have come to this... city....

...Stop it, nee-san...


"Ufufu, he really looks cute when he's sleeping like this. It's nice when he looks gallant, but this kind is nice too."

"...He's fast asleep, you shouldn't tease him."

"Geez, Mitama you're so serious. You can do many stuff on this defenseless Nobu-kun...."

At that time, my eyes met Futsuno-san's who was peering.

"A-araa, yer' awake? Morning, Nobu-kun."

"W-w-w-what are you doing Futsuno-san."

"Y'know, we heard you got into a fight. After hearing some others rumors, we decided we might as well come to visit."

"...We heard from Storm. And that you were in this inn too. You're as rash as always, Nobu."

Mitama said that a bit critically.
Un, I feel sorry to have worried them.


Uwaa, how did they know about that too. Hearing that from someone's else mouth really makes it sound embarrassing and itching.


"Well, there were a lot of witnesses and it got quite lively 'rite? And many people have been talking about it you know. Was quite the hot topic in the diner earlier too."

Nuoooo, it's gotten so big. I didn't expect this.

"....You shouldn't be rash. You were like that with the wild boar too, Nobu, you drove your body too hard."

Mitama had a really worried expression as she said that. We haven't known each other that long, yet she's this worried about me, it makes me happy.

"Don't worry. I'll get stronger now that I've become a pupil of the 【War Fist】. Next time will be different."

The two looked shocked when they heard me.
Eh? Did I say something bad?

"W-war Fist!? That War Fist, the so-called Ultimate Weapon of Gramada? No-Nobu-kun... You shouldn't be so quick to jump to your death."

"....You went and did something rash right after we told you not to, geez."

"Eh? Eh? What's going on?"

"Don't tell me, you went and became his pupil without any knowledge?"


"Achaa~, that's right. Nobu-kun just arrived recently. No wonder you don't know."

According to Futsuno-san. Apparently there were countless people who went under Master's tutelage but only a few that managed to safely graduate. But, those few people went on to assume important positions like a general that protect an entire country or a high ranking adventurer.
However, the training was something those with half-assed resolution could not endure and numerous youngsters were left dejected.
Wow, Futsuno-san is really well informed.

"And that's that. Like we said Nobu-kun, you've gone and become a pupil of someone outrageous."

"...Nobu, don't die."

No no no, I won't die. Please don't kill me off, Mitama.

"I-it's alright. I'm not going to die just like that...."

Uu, now I'm feeling the nature's call after hearing that story. I can't move because of this rope though.

"Fu-Futsuno-san. Sorry, but could you maybe untie this rope. I'd like to go to the toilet for a bit."

And the thing I said this time became a regret I carried until death.
The moment I said that. Futsuno-san grinned and smiled. There's no doubt, that's her face when she's thinking of something bad!

"Ufufufufufufu. Futsuno onee-san gotta observe this real closely. Now then, Nobu-kun, let onee-san take care of you."

She had an earthenware of some kind on her hand. Where'd she get that from!? The shape looks... like... an... urinal.

No way!? I call for help from Mitama while having the worst premonition in my chest.

"Mi-Mitama. I beg of you, please untie me!"


Even though Mitama answered my call and tried to untie the rope, it doesn't look like it's getting unfastened at all, just what kind of knot is it. Futsuno is fast approaching my lower half in the meantime.
She turns over the blanket with a cheerful look on her face and extends her arm toward my lower half.

"It'll be over in a jiffy if you stay still, don't struggle okay. Ufufu, it's my second time meeting Nobu-kun's stuff now."

No no no, sure she did saw it once, but even then, I don't know about letting a young girl to take care of that.
Mitama! Please untie me asap! No wait, just stop Futsuno-san pleaseeeeee.

Futsuno-san's hands hang on my trousers.
Sto...wai...aa...where are you touching!??
The chilly earthenware got between my groins.

"No need to endure it anymore. Leave it to onee-san. Now, let it all out nice and easy."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>


Uuu, I can't be a groom anymore, sniff.
In the end, Mitama couldn't make it in time and nature's call prevailed. This was the first time a woman took care of my lower half since I had never been hospitalized before. I feel like I've lost various things.

Mitama was downhearted for not making it in time, Futsuno-san looked like she had accomplished something.
The contrasting two went home after they were done with their business.
It was already evening by the time it was over. It's gotten dark.

The rope has been unfastened and I'm free to move my body now.
I sit on the bed, roll up my shirt and see bruises here and there.
I was hit so many times that I got backlash from using heal, just how badly was I beaten anyway.
In fact, I don't really remember the stuff after I was blown away. Really, I'm surprised I survived.


I heard a reserved sounding knock from the door.

"It's open, you can come in."

"P-please excuse me."

The one who opened the door and entered was the bunny ear girl from before. Now that I think abou it, I don't know her name.

Name: Fou - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Animal Folk - Moon Rabbitkin
Class: Waitress Lv7 - State: Nervous
Title: None
Dagger Lv1 - Housework Lv2 - Serving Lv2 - Good Luck Lv 2 - Life Magic
Three Size - B: 61 W: 47 H: 62

Ah, yup. Please cut off the three size already. Don't you have on/off function, Discerning Magic Eye.
Fou-chan huh. She's younger than I thought. Still, she has Good Luck huh. I sure would like one.
She looks like a striking little girl with pink hair and ears. She may look feeble, yet she's working as a waitress among those rowdy bunch, she's incredible.

She's shaking and looks really nervous though.
She trotted and came next to me.

"U-um, um, thank you very much for saving me yesterday. Err, you were hit really bad, are you okay?"

"I just did what I wanted, you really don't have to worry about it. See, I look fine right. I was so uncool getting all beat up thought."

I swung my right arm and joked about it. I'm still feeling a bit sore, but I've gotta do this much lip service at least.

"Umm, my name is Fou. What you said back then was really cool. This is, umm, my thanks."

And then she stood on tiptoe and kissed my cheek very fleetingly.

"Minerva-chan said that men would be happy if I did that.... I'll come back later with something to eat, please rest well okay."

The girl went straight out of the room with a red face. Is this what they call a startled hare. <TLN: Adverb that means lightning speed.>
But really, what are you teaching her, Minerva-chan... What a precocious kid she is.

Even while feeling slightly embarrassed, I felt a bit proud that I was able to protect this daily life.

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